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Sacramento City College Associate Degree Nursing


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Title: Sacramento City College Associate Degree Nursing

Sacramento City College Associate Degree Nursing
  • Program Information

SCC Nursing Program Focus
  • To prepare nurses with knowledge, skills and
    attitudes necessary to continuously deliver
    quality and safe patient care in accordance with
    Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN).
  • QSEN Competencies are
  • 1. Patient-centered care ? recognize the
    patient or designees the source of control full
    partner in providing compassionate and
    coordinated care based on respect for patients
    preferences, values and needs

Nursing Program contd
  • 2. Teamwork and Collaboration ? functions
    effectively within nursing and
    inter-professional teams, fostering open
    communication, mutual respect, and shared
    decision-making to achieve quality patient care
  • 3. Evidence-Based Practice ? integrate best
    current evidence with clinical experience and
    patient/family preferences and values for
    delivery of optimal health care

Nursing Program contd
  • 4. Quality Improvement ? use data to monitor the
    outcomes of care processes and use improvement
    methods to design and test changes to
    continuously improve the quality and safety of
    health care systems
  • 5. Safety ? minimizes the risk of harm to
    patients and providers through both system
    effectiveness and individual performance
  • 6. Informatics ? use information and
    technology to communicate, manage knowledge,
    mitigate error, and support decision-making

What is SCC ADN Program ?
  • Associate of Science Degree 2 year program
  • Many units transfer to 4 year colleges
  • Accredited by the California Board of Registered
  • Solid reputation high NCLEX pass rate
  • Excellent clinical facilities
  • Check website FAQs

Prerequisite Courses
  • Bio 430 431 Anatomy Physiology
  • Bio 440 General Microbiology
  • EngWr 300 College Composition
  • Psych 300 Intro to Psychology
  • Communication 301 and/or 331
  • (Public Speaking or Group Communication)
  • Soc 300, Soc 321 or Cultural Anth 310
  • Qualifies for multicultural requirement

Additional information
  • Chem 305 is required as prerequisite for Bio 430
    Bio 440, but not a nursing program prerequisite
  • No in progress courses at time of application
  • No recency requirement for courses
  • Proof of eligibility for EngRd 310
  • Once a passing grade is achieved in a course
    taken within LRCCD, it may not be repeated you
    may repeat courses outside of LRCCD

Program Requirements
  • Graduation requirements
  • Highly recommend completing all before starting
  • Highly recommend taking Nutrition and Growth
    Development they are no longer required
    pre-requisite courses
  • For more details go to SCC website and click
    Counseling in quick link menu

Proficiency/Graduation Requirements
  • English 300 satisfies writing requirements
  • English 310/312 passed with C meets graduation
  • Math competency may be met with passing Math 100,
    Beg. Algebra or Math 120, Inter. Algebra
    (Depending on your catalog rights)
  • BS/BA degree meets all Graduation Requirements
    and Competencies

Design of Program
  • Simple to complex over four semesters
  • Fundamentals
  • Medical Surgical in each semester
  • Maternal Child
  • Psychiatric-Mental Health
  • Crisis and Multiple Patient Care

Clinical Facilities
  • Dignity Health/Mercy General
  • Kaiser South
  • Sutter Medical Center Sacramento
  • Memorial
  • General
  • Center for Psychiatry
  • Sutter Roseville Medical Center
  • Sutter Davis Hospital
  • Sutter Auburn Faith
  • Shriners Hospital

Career Opportunities
  • Acute Care Facilities
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Outpatient Clinics Doctors Offices
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Public Health Community Agencies
  • Occupational or Industrial Nurse
  • Home Health
  • Teaching Research
  • Leadership Positions

Financial Requirements
  • Background check, drug screen, immunization
    tracker 115
  • CPR with AED Health Provider 50
  • Books, uniforms, shoes, Nurse Kit, supplies
  • BRN application, IP, NCLEX, graduation, stole
  • Malpractice insurance (30), Healthstream (14)
  • LiveScan fingerprinting 40
  • Physical Exam, Immunizations, PPD, flu shot
  • Tuition (46 x 48 units- nursing) 2208
  • T O T A L (estimate) 5357
  • (plus access to computer, Internet, printer,
    ink, paper)
  • Payment for malpractice, badges,
    supplies at SCC Business Office

Financial Aid
  • Students with a baccaulaurate degree or 72 units
    are no longer eligible for financial aid
  • Go to SCC website Financial Aid for FAFSA
    application and more details
  • Dollar amount varies based on number of units
    taken per semester
  • Many scholarships are available posted on
    bulletin board in Nursing Department

Assessment Testing
  • Must take TEAS V before applying cost (35)
  • HIGHLY recommend studying for the test
  • If a passing score is not achieved, there is a
    required 3 month wait before being re-tested
  • ATI website to
    purchase TEAS V Study Manual (42) also
    available in Learning Resource Center

Assessment Testing contd
  • TEAS can be taken at any available test site
    including ARC, CSU, Samuel Merritt
  • Test dates at Main and Extended campus student
    purchases test on day of exam
  • ATI website to find additional
    testing dates and times
  • Higher TEAS scores earn more points on new
    enrollment program criteria only the first
    passing score will be accepted

Time Commitment
  • N407 4 days/week (26 hours class/clinical and 40
    hours studying/preparing)
  • N417, N427, N437 4 days/week with varying times
    for theory and clinical some clinical on evening
  • Students must achieve 75 or higher in each ADN
    class for progression in program

Criminal / Conviction History
  • May not be allowed in a clinical facility
  • May not be qualified for nursing license
  • BRN has the right to deny any graduate
    opportunity to take NCLEX
  • Prior to getting into the ADN program, if
    criminal history is a concern, please check with
    the BRN

Application Process
  • SCC ADN program uses an online
    application process
  • Must apply to the district at
    in order to obtain a student ID
  • With student ID the student can access
    application through eservices account

Enrollment Criteria includes
  • Previous degrees, health care licenses,
    certification, direct patient care experience
  • Grade point average (GPA)
  • Life/special circumstances, veteran status
  • Second language proficiency
  • Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)
  • Application online must reapply each semester
  • Check website carefully

Total Possible Points
  • All nine criterion yields possible 100 points
  • 67 points needed to be placed into random
    selection pool
  • Below 67 points not eligible to apply to the
    registered nursing program
  • Class selected from random selection pool

How Does the Student Benefit?
  • Higher GPAs and TEAS scores increase odds of
    getting into the program
  • Work and life experiences can add points
  • Grades earn point values
  • Will know if eligible to apply to the program
  • No wait lists

  • Application timelines have changed
  • Fall and spring classes chosen during one
    application period
  • When completing online application you will learn
    whether you qualify for the pool
  • If eligible to apply, start gathering supporting

Need To Submit Supporting Documents
  • Verification of Program Enrollment Criteria
  • Support documents confirm responses
  • Must submit all documents with online application
    cover page at the same time
  • Incomplete applications are not processed
  • Will not be notified re missing documents
  • It is the responsibility of the student to make
    sure there are no missing documents

  • Tattoos may not be visible
  • Mandatory nursing orientations
  • Can be dismissed for excessive absenteeism
  • Expected to take the seat in semester offered
  • ADN program has no waitlists
  • Follow online application instructions carefully!
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