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Simulated Job Interview Training and Learning Based Recovery


Simulated Job Interview Training and Learning Based Recovery USPRA Boston, MA June 14, 2011 Morris Bell, Ph.D., ABPP & Andrea Weinstein, MA, CRC Yale University ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Simulated Job Interview Training and Learning Based Recovery

Simulated Job Interview Training and Learning
Based Recovery
USPRA Boston, MA June 14, 2011
Morris Bell, Ph.D., ABPP Andrea Weinstein, MA,
Yale University School of Medicine Department of
Veterans Affairs E-mail, An
Research Support
Rehabilitation Research and Development,
Department of Veterans Affairs National
Institute of Mental Health
Learning-Based Recovery Center Mission
Statement Exploring Ways to Restore Cognitive
and Work Capacity
Job Interviews The first hurdle to getting a
competitive job
Simulated Role-Play to Train Job Interview Skills
Do Job Interviews Matter?
  • How important is a good job interview to your
    client getting a job?
  • How important is it to prepare your client for a
    job interview?
  • How confident are your clients about going on job

  • What's different about our simulated
  • SIMmersion's simulated people
  • Are different every time you talk with them
  • Can hold a conversation for up to an hour or
  • Have simulated emotions so they behave like real

For more

Simulated Job Interview Training
  • Role-Play is one of the most effective training
  • It takes advantage of implicit learning
  • It is limited by the quality of the role-play
    trainer and the amount of time available.
  • Many people feel awkward performing role-plays in
    front of others.
  • SIMmersion has produced software that allows
    individuals to role-play with an actor on the
    computer screen.

Development of the Role Play
  • In collaboration with SIMmersion,
    ( we are creating simulated
    role-play software that allows an individual to
    practice job interview skills over and over again
    on their own time and in a safe environment.
  • The first step is to create an job interview
  • It should be generic, have a variety of positions
    and be realistic.

The Scenario
  • The scenario we created A new department store
    is opening and has advertised for a number of
  • You fill out an on-line application, you need to
    select the type of job youre interested in, and
    you are told that you must negotiate your
    schedule for Thursday afternoons off because you
    have a fixed appointment.
  • You can select from customer service, inventory,
    cashier, stock clerk.

Role Play Script
  • Once the scenario is created, we need to develop
    a script with as many variations in responses as
  • To create this script requires practicing the
    role play over and over with different types of
    clients in mind.
  • So lets try it.

Molly at Wondersmart
  • Molly from Human Resources is your interviewer.
    You can choose to have a friendly Molly or a
    serious Molly
  • Molly responds to the rapport you have
    established. She becomes friendlier or more stern
    as the dialogue progresses.

Scoring the Interview
  • Making a good first impression
  • Maintaining rapport throughout the interview
  • Telling the interviewer about personal strong
    points for the job
  • Asking questions to learn more about the job.
  • Negotiating the best arrangements (e.g. schedule)
  • Making sure that the interviewer knew what job
    the interviewee wanted to do
  • Concluding the interview in a positive way.

The Coach in the Corner
  • As the conversation progresses, Molly reacts to
    how well you are doing. If you have established a
    good rapport, she gets friendlier. If not, she
    becomes more curt.
  • There is a coach in the corner who lets you know
    how youre doing. You can ask her for help as
  • When its over you get your scores. You can
    replay the whole conversation and you can start
    all over.

  • Welcome to Wondersmart

Feasibility Study (n 10)
  • 5 males and 5 females between the ages of 24 and
    60 (mean 42.3, sd 10.0).
  • Six were African American and 4 were Caucasian
  • 8 were single, 1 was married and 1 divorced.
  • They ranged in education from 12 years to 16
    years (mean 13.2 sd 1.2).
  • 8 were work experienced
  • Typical of this population, in the past 3 years
    only 1 had had full time competitive employment,
    6 had held some part-time work,
  • Participants had significant barriers to their
    returning to full time employment including
    serious mental illness, vulnerability to
    substance abuse and criminal histories.

Participant Ratings
  • Very high ratings on ease of use
  • Very high ratings on overall value of training
  • 9 out of 10 found the simulation entertaining,
    which may be important for maintaining interest
  • 8 out of 10 said that they would be curious to
    try the simulation again
  • All 10 agreed that this simulation was a
    comparable alternative to a live role play

Qualitative Responses
  • I learned a lot from this simulation about
    myself and job interviewing.
  • It kept me interested and focused.
  • It portrayed accurately what might be said in a
    job interview.
  • I felt the interactions were life-like.
  • It stimulated my brain. I thought it was very

What Do You Think?
  • How useful do you think this simulated role play
    software will be for your clients?
  • How willing do you think the clients will be to
    use it?
  • Assuming it is competitively priced, how likely
    is it that you or your agency would obtain this
    software once it is commercially available?

Many Thanks for Your Kind Attention