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Thoughts, words & deeds Winning the knowledge game Changing rules Patent regimen -Effectively enforces a paradigm shift towards a knowledge economy. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Thoughts, words

Thoughts, words deeds
  • Winning the knowledge game

Changing rules
  • Patent regimen -Effectively enforces a paradigm
    shift towards a knowledge economy.
  • Stop infringement
  • Respect products patents.
  • Transform from replication to innovation
  • Quicken the pace of innovation
  • Patent indigenous ideas
  • Hoping to attract more global investments into

Stealing the mind
  • In a Knowledge Economy
  • Knowledge is a tangible asset.
  • Knowledge is power
  • Knowledge paves way to wealth.
  • Stealing new ideas/thoughts/knowledge amounts to
    a legal offense
  • There are no Rights to copy.

Knowledge Creation
  • Expensive yet rewarding
  • Knowledge creation is rewarded by an exclusive
    right to commercial benefits on the product for
    15- 20 years after the invention is validated.
  • India to be at par with the knowledge cartels
    of the world.

Owning Knowledge
  • Patents assert technology growth
  • Companies with IP assets are valued higher grow
  • Attract investors and generate funds
  • Creates entry barriers for tech pirates
  • Certifies ownership to knowledge created
  • Fingerprints technology
  • Awards sole rights to the holder over commercial
  • Spurs FDI in the sector
  • Safeguarding intellectual property

  • Rights to knowledge entails
  • India neither infringes nor allows infringement
  • Fighting global battles to protect indigenous
  • Assist in reaping economic benefits from products
    with expired patents
  • Validating patentability of new knowledge
  • Assisting research by tracing patent paths.
  • India now needs knowledge keepers, to enforce
    rights to knowledge.

Patent AgentsKnowledge Keepers
  • Patent Agents are
  • Technocrats/scientists/engineers
  • Well versed with the law governing knowledge
  • Are responsible for guarding IPR created in India
    and to help in gainfully utilizing knowledge that
    is free for all.
  • With 10,000 patents awaiting examination and
    the number filed expected to grow by 40/annum
    (modest est.), Patent agents are
  • in great demand.

Patent Agent
  • The US has 30000 and India only 745 registered
    patent agents
  • A patent Agent is required to have
  • A basic bachelors degree in science/technology/
  • Passed a patent bar exam held by the Ministry of
    Industry and Commerce.
  • Preparing to take the Bar Exam is the most
    challenging aspect for a Patent Agent.

CREST hones Patent Agents
  • CREST Bio Consulting Private Limited (CREST)is
    committed to
  • To develop a talent pool for Life sciences in
    India that matches industry needs,keeps pace with
    changing technology and is at par with research
    talents in the evolved markets of the world.
  • CREST is assisted by leading industry experts in
    their efforts to design and teach the top of the
    line patent law course.

CRESTRide the new wave
  • CREST BIO Consulting Private Limited
  • CREST is a supplementary training centre that
    aims to bridge the gap between academics and
  • The man power needs of the KM economy has changed
    drastically and CREST is instituted to train in
    emerging skills in the pharma and biotech sectors
  • IP management is the biggest need for these
    knowledge driven sectors
  • For more info about crest please visit

  • Hands- on experience in the industry.
  • With competent and experienced members
  • Experts in special areas
  • From all over the country
  • With Multi disciplinary knowledge pertaining to
    patent laws,rules ,amendments,procedures and
  • With a thorough understanding of current industry
    needs to impart hands-on training.
  • Serve both corporate and individual
  • Offers services in India and abroad.
  • Making intellectual value profittable.

  • The principle faculty Mr. Rama sarma is an
    academically inclined successful patent attorney
    who has written books and regularly writes for
    leading publications. He also teaches at the,
    Symbiosis , school of management at Pune.
  • Associates/partners from other successful law
    firms will also be teaching.
  • Experts in various aspects of innovation
    management will render specialized topics.

  • The curriculum targets current needs of the
    industry and has been designed in to a 100 hour
  • A comprehensive overview of IP laws pertaining to
    India, procedures , trade and treaties related
    information along with documentation training.
  • Specialized content giving a working knowledge of
    patent laws in EU,US and Japan are also being
  • The art of drafting for a patent
  • The most important area involving finance and
    Intellectual property law- IP audits is also
    being addressed through special faculty.
  • The module is suited to empower students
    competence in multiple areas .

Adding Value
  • The IP course offers
  • A complete perspective of patents and laws
    governing the area.
  • A working knowledge patents , which enables
    understanding of patent management.
  • Specialized awareness of patent laws in more
    evolved lucrative market.
  • Search techniques to ascertain pertinence for
    patent application
  • And Much more.

Becoming a patent agent
  • The basic requirements for a patent agent
  • An Indian citizen completed 21 years of age
  • Graduate of science/engineering/technology
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Comprehend and recall from a large pool of data
  • A thorough understanding of their chosen areas of
    scientific study
  • Combined with CRESTs IPR course produces a top
    class, Patent agent.

Unique proposition
  • Knowledge compiled from hands-on experience
  • Taught by experts with more than 25 years of
    industrial experience
  • The faculty have industrial experience in
    international markets.
  • Drafting , a difficult and section , being
    taught like no other course in India
  • Course is at par with global standards
  • The IP course by CREST is, One of a kind, in

  • The course offers Students of CREST a
  • Rare,unique and Invaluable opportunity
  • to master the art of drafting a patent
  • Learning to draft
  • Requires students to be thorough with the first
  • Requires excellent communication skills
  • A thorough understanding of Module-I
  • Priceless Study.

Who should enroll
  • Anyone who wants to
  • Move into the knowledge band wagon.
  • Escape from the drudgery of the BPO industry
  • Enjoy a work-life balance
  • Fast forward personal growth
  • Open more sectors for employment
  • Innovate
  • Be in demand and get paid more for their time.

Opportunities In the new regime
  • Patent Agents, the most happening people.

  • The new regime needs specialists who can
  • Examine
  • Understand
  • Research
  • Draft
  • File
  • Manage
  • Patents and patent related issues.

  • Patents are a measure of the innovative Growth
    potential of a Nation.
  • RD based sectors are most in need of patent
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotech
  • IT
  • Financial Institutions (that lend funds for
  • Banks
  • Music and media industries.
  • Indias patent growth is the third fastest in
    Asia (210 growth in 03).

Patent or perish
  • All Research Scholars need patent knowledge
  • Obtain more funding at better valuations
  • Obtain strategic partnerships with larger
  • Obtain time for slow growth without danger of
    loosing idea
  • Have a fallback strategy of licensing and/or
    selling the patent(s)
  • Have a better positioning for an IPO
  • Every Indian innovator needs IPR

  • Patent offices need experts to enforce regime
  • Four Zonal Patent offices have been set-up in the
    major cities. Over Rs. 75 crores have been
    invested by India.
  • Currently there are more than 7000 patents in the
    mail box that await attention
  • Have a backlog of 40,000 patents to be examined
  • 10 Lakh applications are expected in the next
    five years.
  • There is a rapidly growing need for examiners.

Public sector Jobs
  • Public sector labs undertakings
  • CSIR has filed 2000 patents
  • Agri research labs
  • Medical research labs
  • 200 universities where research is done
  • Premier institutions like the IITs,IISC etc.
  • A patent cell is being instituted everywhere
    research is done.

IPR-Pharma Industry
  • The Indian pharma industry spurred IPR
  • As
  • Patent Infringement losses, USD 1 billion/annum
    and therefore forced the IP regime into India.
  • In Response to the IP Regime patent applications
    forIndian pharma industry have filed
  • 1,312 patent applications for pharmaceutical
    products, becoming second to the US in the
  • The race begins

Jobs in Life Sciences
  • The Life Sciences sector attracts the maximum
    patent battles world over.
  • In India
  • 80 of the patent applications in India are from
    the pharma sector.
  • Nearly 300 pharma companies have an RD section
    and almost 250 Biotech companies have in-house
  • RD spending from less than 1.0bn/yr to reach
    6bn in 2010.(Mckinsey)
  • RD spend increased by 30-neeed to patent

(No Transcript)
Patent IT
  • Indian Engineers have contributed towards filing
    of gt1000 patents for US Companies.
  • Thousands are employed as Research engineers.
  • More than 2000 patents have been filed in the
    year 2004
  • Texas instruments has 225 patents
  • 1/3rd of Intels RD team is in India
  • Phillips has filed 1200 Invention Disclosures(ID)
    from Indian centre
  • INTEL-125 patent disclosures
  • Patent agents are the life-line for IT research
    in India.

Legal Outsourcing
  • Legal jobs moving offshore would increase from
    6,000 in 2003 to 79,000 by 2015
  • US charges of 10,000 to 12,000 vrs Indian
    charges of 6,000 per application
  • A minimum extra revenue of USD 50,000-60,000
  • Patent applications in the US - 120,000 per annum
    and growing.
  • The volumes are huge. KPO in legal outsourcing is
    here to stay.

Out sourced jobs
  • Some popular outsource requests
  • Legal research and brief writing
  • Patent proof reading
  • Prior arts and paralegal search
  • Briefs
  • Research memos
  • Document review
  • Legal research
  • Forrester Research Inc., Mass.-based market
    research firm, predicts that more than 489,000
    U.S. lawyer jobs, will shift abroad by 2015.
  • India can be the major beneficiary.

For the free-spirited
  • Start an independent patent advise firm
  • Free-lance legal research
  • Participate in legal battles
  • Patent law firms
  • As part of a consultants team
  • Drafting agent
  • And many more interesting options

A career as a Patent Agent
  • A patent agent
  • A virgin ground to prove mettle
  • Growth can be governed by the individual
  • Interesting
  • Lucrative (A freshers initial pay pack can be
    Rs. 3 Lakhs per annum)
  • Work in multiple sectors
  • Own your own ideas for life.

The most happening career in the job market
We will assist you
  • CREST offers placement assistance through,
    Mind-quest Management Consultants, Chennai.
  • Your resumes will be forwarded to prime movers in
    the market .
  • Passing the bar exam would help better
    positioning for the candidate
  • CRESTs exam is valuable and passing our exam
    would be favourable in the job market.
  • All you need is ATTITUDE for 100

One reason why you will
There are many reasons why you should become a
patent agent
The pay scales
Thank you
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