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Hunger Games Review 1


Title: Hunger Games Review 1 Subject: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Author: Tracee Orman Description: This review game is for classroom/educational purposes only. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Hunger Games Review 1

Hunger Games Jeopardy Round One
Characters Themes Symbols Setting Events The Capitol
10 10 10 10 10
20 20 20 20 20
30 30 30 30 30
40 40 40 40 40
50 50 50 50 50
Characters 10 points She has to fend for her
family in order to survive.
A Katniss Everdeen
Characters 20 points He is the District 12
A Haymitch Abernathy
Characters 30 points Her name was called at
the District 12 Reaping.
A Primrose Everdeen
Characters 40 points He taught Katniss how to
make snares and traps.
A Gale Hawthorne
Characters 50 points She has pink hair and is
from the Capitol.
A Effie Trinket
Themes Symbols 10 points By giving her two
loaves of bread, this character gave Katniss and
her family the chance to live survive.
A Peeta Mellark
Themes Symbols 20 points We think of this as
a weed and a nuisance to Katniss, it represented
survival hope.
A Dandelion
Themes Symbols 30 points Suzanne Collins
expressed fear that our country was becoming
this--which means to make someone less likely to
feel shock or distress at scenes of cruelty,
violence, or suffering by overexposure to such
A Desensitized (or desensitization)
Themes Symbols 40 points Katniss used these
toward the end of the book to try to challenge
the Capitol they represent rebellion.
A Nightlock berries (or poisonous berries)
Themes Symbols 50 points We learned from one
of its tributes that this districts Peacekeepers
showed inhumanity toward the workers.
A District 11
Setting 10 points The country in which The
Hunger Games takes place.
A Panem
Setting 20 points This is Katnisss
A The Seam
Setting 30 points The Capitol is set in this
mountain range.
A Rocky Mountains
Setting 40 points Katniss grew up in this
mountain range.
A Appalachain Mountains
Setting 50 points This is where you can go to
sell the squirrels you shot illegally in the
A The Hob
Events 10 points This yearly event decides who
will participate in the Hunger Games.
A The reaping
Events 20 points Katniss Peeta wore black
unitards with capes and head pieces that looked
like they were on fire at this event.
A Opening Ceremony for the Hunger Games
Events 30 points Katniss damaged this while
blowing up the Careers supplies.
A Her left ear or lost hearing in her left ear
Events 40 points While in the cave with Peeta,
Katniss shares which happiest day memory with
Peeta (and the viewers)?
A How Prim got (or how Katniss bought) her goat,
Events 50 points One of the reasons scoring a
high score in your private Gamemakers session is
important is to gain sponsors. The other reason
is this.
A For betting odds for the district and Capitol
citizens who will be betting (or not betting) on
The Capitol 10 points These are Capitol-made
things that may look like a similar species, but
theyve been altered to have menacing attributes.
(Do not want a specific species, just the overall
word used to describe any of them.)
A Muttations (or mutts)
The Capitol 20 points If you are a traitor to
the Capitol, you may end up as one of these.
A Avox
The Capitol 30 points He is the President of
A President Snow
The Capitol 40 points This Capitol designed
thing back-fired on the Capitol, so they were
left to die. However, they instead mated with
mockingbirds to form a new species.
A Jabberjay (NOT mockingjay)
The Capitol 50 points These three characters
make up Katnisss prep team. (Must name all
A Venia, Flavius, Octavia
Answers - Round One
Characters 10 Katniss Everdeen 20 Haymitch Abernathy 30 Primrose Everdeen 40 Gale Hawthorne 50 Effie Trinket Themes Symbols 10 Peeta Mellark 20 dandelion 30 Desensitization (or desensitized) 40 Nightlock poisonous berries 50 District 11 (learned from Rue) Setting 10 Panem 20 the Seam 30 Rocky mountains 40 Appalachian mountains 50 the Hob Events 10 the Reaping 20 the Opening Ceremony (on the streets of the Capitol) 30 her left ear 40 when she bought Prim her goat, Lady 50 For betting odds--so the citizens of the Capitol and in the districts get odds for betting purposes. The Capitol 10 Muttations (Mutts for short) 20 an Avox 30 President Snow 40 jabber jay (NOT mockingjay!) 50 Octavia, Flavius, and Venia