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Division of Purchasing


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Division of Purchasing

Division of Purchasing Materials Management

Study Commission for Consolidation of Services
Purchasing Committee Briefing
Monday, August 29, 2005
Presentation Outline
  • Comparison of Services
  • Who We Are
  • Cooperative Purchasing
  • What We Do
  • How We Do It
  • Cost of What We Do (Budget)
  • Selected Performance Measures Quality of
  • Public Works Responsibilities

  • Purchasing Materials Management Division
  • General Services Administration Department
  • Manager Jon Mead
  • Total Staff FY 2004-05 38 ( 2 appointed, 2 non
    bargaining, 34 SEIU)
  • Budget FY 2004-05 2,545,809
  • --------------------------------------------------
  • Services Provided
  • Purchasing of goods services incl. professional
  • services / Contract Administration / Develop
  • and establish standards specifications for all
  • city departments / Provide interoffice
  • mail services / Operate city stores warehouse
  • delivery service / Operate vehicle equipment
  • parts warehouse incl. pick up delivery. /
  • Maintain 23 fuel distribution centers incl. 3
  • centers / Conduct auctions of city vehicles,
  • equipment, and other surplus items / Provide
  • supply support for Facilities Management
  • ORANGE COUNTY Purchasing
    Contracts Division Administrative Services
  • Manager Johnny Richardson
  • Total Staff FY 2004-05 29
  • Staff covered by Collective
  • Bargaining None
  • Budget FY 2003-04 1,819,956
  • --------------------------------------------------
  • Services Provided
  • Procurements Specifications /
  • Encumbrances Releases / Contracts
  • Administration
  • Where Services Provided
  • Internal division servicing all Orange County
  • Departments
  • Agreements with the City
  • YES

  • Division Purchasing Materials Mgmgt.
  • Department General Administration
  • Manager Kevin Walsh
  • Total Staff FY 2004-05 Four ()
  • Covered By Collective Bargaining 4
  • Budget FY 2004-05 255,999 ()
  • () -- These figures are included in Purchasing
    Materials Management
  • --------------------------------------------------
  • Services Provided
  • Field Investigations
  • Contract Compliance
  • Business Assistance
  • Marketing Outreach
  • M/WBE Certifications
  • .
  • Where Services Provided
  • All city departments
  • Agreements With Orange County NO
  • Division Business Development
  • Department Administrative Services
  • Manager Fitzhugh Long
  • Total Staff FY 2004-05 9
  • Staff covered by Collective
  • Bargaining 0
  • Budget FY 2003-04 716,529
  • --------------------------------------------------
  • Services Provided
  • Field Investigations
  • Contract Compliance
  • Business Assistance
  • Marketing Outreach
  • Where Services Provided
  • Internal division servicing all Orange County
  • Departments

Purchasing Division -- Who We Are
  • The mission of the Office of Purchasing and
    Materials Management is to purchase, rent, lease
    or otherwise acquire goods and services at the
    lowest possible cost, consistent with the quality
    needed to provide the best possible service to
    the public, utilizing the taxpayers money most
    efficiently, through increased competition

Purchasing Materials Mgmt. Organization Chart
General Administration Director201
Purchasing/Materials Mgmt. Director160
163 - Property Control(3)
161 -- Minority/Women Business Enterprise (4)
160 -- Purchasing (16)

165 -- Fleet FacilitySupply/Support (9)
164 - City Mail Services(2C3SC)
166 -- City Stores (4)
Purchasing Division -- Who We Are
  • Purchasing Ordinance
  • The City of Orlando Purchasing Code, Chapter 7 of
    the City Code, governs the
  • purchase of goods and services by the City. This
  • Places authority and responsibility for all city
    purchases under the General Administration
    Department. Purchasing develops policies,
    procedures, and rules to fulfill the requirements
    of the law.
  • Permits Purchasing to delegate authority for
    purchases to other city departments.
  • Ensures that fair and open competition exists in
    all procurement activities in order to avoid the
    appearance of and prevent the opportunity for
    favoritism and to inspire public confidence that
    contracts are awarded equitably and economically.

Purchasing Division -- Who We Are
  • Received the prestigious Achievement of
    Excellence in Procurement Award in 2000, 2003,
    2004 and 2005 from the Institute of Supply
    Management. Only 61 of 2000 organizations
    received this accreditation four times.
  • First local government procurement entity to
    receive the National Institute of Governmental
    Purchasing (NIGP) Outstanding Agency
    Accreditation Achievement Award for the period
    of September 28th, 1999, through September 28th,
    2005. While the NIGP membership represents over
    2100 governmental agencies throughout the United
    States and Canada, only 58 governments have
    attained this distinction.
  • Achieved performance ratings in the top 20
    percentile of the ICMA Annual Survey of
    Governmental Agencies..

Purchasing Division -- How We Cooperate
  • To take advantage of the cost savings achieved
    through high volume
  • purchasing power, the Division participates in
    cooperative purchasing
  • programs with other governmental agencies
    including GSA, State of
  • Florida, Orange other counties, SICOP and
    School Boards. This
  • cooperation significantly lowers the cost of
    goods and services and
  • increases efficiency. In recent months, the
    Purchasing Division has
  • cooperated with other governmental agencies in
    over 65 contracts. Some
  • examples are shown below.
  • GSA City utilizes GSA Technology contracts
    which are the only
  • ones GSA allows for use by other agencies.
    However, the City has been
  • successful in negotiating GSA prices terms for
    the purchase of heavy
  • construction equipment and other items.

Purchasing Division -- How We Cooperate
  • SICOP This is a cooperative purchasing group
    comprised of government
  • agencies within the six surrounding counties in
    Central Florida. Examples
  • of cooperative contracts include Bulk Gasoline
    purchase, Agricultural
  • Chemicals, Chlorine, and Asphalt Products. In
    some of these,
  • the City is the Lead Agency.
  • State of Florida Contracts
  • Computer Equipment, Networking Equipment,
    Software, Police Vehicles,
  • Office Paper, Office Equipment, Carpet, Police
    Ammunition, Body
  • Armor, Ice machines, Park Equipment, Cellular
  • Traffic Signals, Time Clocks, Tools, Street
    Surfacing, Excavator
  • Purchases.

Purchasing Division -- How We Cooperate
  • Orange Other Florida Counties Contracts
  • Lot Cleaning, Job Order Contracts, Building
    Envelope Consultants,
  • Furniture Movement, Road Base Material, Portable
    Office Equipment,
  • Disaster Recovery Services, Polyurethane
    Materials, Safety Shoes, Radio
  • Accessories, Coarse Aggregate, Tires.
  • In addition, we cooperate with OUC for Copying
    Equipment and Tree
  • Maintenance. With the School Board, we
    cooperated in Life
  • Accidental Insurance, Dental Insurance, Bus
    Service and Short Term
  • Disability Insurance contracts.
  • Examples of City contracts used by Orange County
    include Lumber
  • Plywood , Electrical Supplies and Herbicides.

Purchasing Division What We Do
  • The Purchasing Office purchases a variety of
    commodities and services, including equipment,
    materials and supplies for all City departments
    by the most efficient and cost effective means
    while maintaining rigid quality standards set by
    the end users.
  • The latest technologies (e-bid, Internet) are
    utilized to improve customer service, efficiency,
    and quick response. .
  • Provide decentralization of authority by
    effective use of Pro Cards.
  • Initiate and administer over 700 Annual Contracts
    covering everything from nuts and bolts to
    technology services, operational and professional

Purchasing Division What We Do
  • Develop and establish industry accepted standards
    and specifications for supplies, equipment and
    services, to ensure quality products and services
    from vendors.
  • Ensure Minority and Women-Owned Businesses have
    the maximum feasible opportunity to participate
    in the performance of City contracts.
  • Operate a City Stores and Vehicle Parts warehouse
    to provide customers readily available, commonly
    used parts and supplies.
  • Provide support to Citys Facilities Division by
    maintaining and managing commonly used parts
    inventory, processing order entries, including
    pick-up and delivery of supplies.
  • Provide timely and cost effective mail services
    to all City departments including inter-office
    mail service and U.S. mail services, shipping and
    courier services.

Purchasing Division How We Do It
  • Purchasing Contracts
  • This Program is currently authorized sixteen (16)
    positions including two appointed positions,
    primarily responsible for management of various
    programs, purchasing services and supplies for
    all city agencies and administering annual
  • Procurement methods used by this office include
    competitive sealed bidding, requests for
    proposals, telephonic and electronic quotations.
  • Purchasing has completed transition from a
    paper-driven process to a fully capable
    e-procurement environment.
  • Procurement Card purchases (up to 5,000 limit)
    expedites and streamlines the process of
    purchasing and provides delegation of authority
    to end user departments.

Purchasing Division How We Do It
  • Purchasing and Contracts Administration
  • A new purchasing information on demand system
    was implemented by Purchasing in an effort to
    lower the cost of purchasing and to streamline
    the bid process. The new web site provides
    24-hour access
  • to the latest Purchasing Office information.
  • Citys Internet web site was enhanced by adding
    document images of over 700 active annual
    contracts including contract terms, amendments,
    pricing and renewals.
  • Improved customer service by placing bids, bid
    notices, bid awards, vendor applications and
    quotes on the Internet, to provide a quicker
    response to user need, vendor satisfaction and a
    reduction in paper flow.
  • The City is a member of SICOP and we utilize
    State of Florida term contracts, Federal Supply
    Schedules, Orange County and other governmental
    agency contracts.

Purchasing Division How We Do It
  • Minority / Women Owned Business
  • The M/WBE Program is currently authorized four
    (4) positions and is primarily responsible for
    ensuring that the City meets its goal of awarding
    at least twenty-four percent (24) of the Citys
    annual monetary value of contracts and
    subcontracts for supplies, services and
    construction to city certified minority and women
    owned businesses.      
  • Through consistent educational and outreach
    efforts to increase M/WBE participation, the City
    realized an increase of 73 in the number of
    certified M/WBEs in the last 10 years, while
    awarding over 250 million in contracts to M/WBE
  • Due to outreach efforts, more minority firms are
    responding as prime consultants or partnering and
    joint venturing with non minority firms.
  • Over 600 M/WBE applications for certification and
    over 700 compliance audits and site visits were
    processed during FY03/04.

Purchasing Division How We Do It
  • Fleet Facilities Support
  • The Fleet/Facility Supply Support Program is
    currently authorized nine (9) positions five (5)
    to operate the Fleet Management parts warehouse
    on a two-shift basis and four (4) to provide
    procurement and supply support to the Facilities
    Management work crews.
  • A total of 3,416,000 was purchased for the Fleet
    operations this past year including 1.9 Million
    for fuel purchases. This section also maintains
    the Citys 22 fuel centers and a car wash
    facility at the Orlando Police Headquarters.
  • In an average 6 month period, this program
    processes six thousand six hundred forty-one
    (6,641) facilities maintenance requisitions with
    a value of 2,838,627.

Purchasing Division How We Do It
  •   Property Control
  • Property Control is currently authorized three
    (3) positions primarily responsible for annually
    inventorying over 20,000 capital asset items
    worth more than 225 Million and conducting
    auctions/sales of surplus property which result
    in an average of over 1 Million dollars per year
    in revenue for the City.
  • Expanded use of on-line auction services to
    advertise and sell the Citys surplus property
    through the Internet, has resulted in achieving
    better sales prices for the Citys assets.

Purchasing Division How We Do It
  •   City Stores
  • City Stores is currently authorized four (4)
    positions primarily responsible for stocking and
    issuing common supplies to City agencies. Sales
    this past year were over 900,000 and the latest
    market basket survey found that prices charged
    by City Stores were over 17 lower than prices at
    selected retail stores.
  • City Stores initiated a wireless sales order
    system supported by the Citys financial software
    system reducing the time needed to complete sales
    transactions, inventory transfers and year-end
    inventory. Stock availability has gone up to
    ninety-five (95).

Purchasing Division How We Do It
  •   Mail Services
  • City Mail Services is currently authorized two
    (2) City positions and three (3) contracted
    positions. An average of 20,400 pieces of
    interoffice mail and 42,500 pieces of incoming
    U.S. Mail are processed monthly.  
  • Utilizing automation for production mail,
    folding/inserting equipment, address
    management/mailing software and inkjet printing
    capability, Mail Services has reduced the burden
    of mass mailings on clerical staff and assisted
    offices in reducing overall postage costs.
  • Extensive security measures have been implemented
    since the 911 tragedy including screening of all
    incoming mail. The screening process involves
    scanning all incoming mail, packages parcels
    using an x-ray scanner and a quarantine
    workstation for bio-agent containment. This
    service was recently expanded to include all
    deliveries to the CNL Financial Services Group.

Purchasing Department Cost of What We DoTotals
By Program

FY04/05 Budget FTEs 160
1,202,223 16 161 M/WBE
255,999 4 163 Property
167,493 3 164 Mail
216,738 2 165
Fleet / Facility Support 476,193
9 166 City Stores 202,778
4 995 Auctions . 24,385
TOTAL 2,545,809 38 salary, benefits
operating supplies included in above figures
Selected Performance Measures
Selected Performance Measures
Selected Performance Measures.
Public Works Responsibilities
Develops, advertises, awards and provides project
management services for all contracts in the
following categories .. Major construction
projects including buildings, roads, bridges,
and other projects that involve public health and
safety . Architectural and Engineering
services . Land surveying services . All
Wastewater Division Construction and Engineering
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