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Title: Genomg

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Genomgång av Nortels produktutbud
  • Bo Westling
  • Account manager
  • Norrköping, oktober 2007

Certain statements in this presentation may
contain words such as could, expects, may,
anticipates, believes, intends,
estimates, targets, envisions, seeks and
other similar language and are considered
forward-looking statements or information under
applicable securities legislation. These
statements are based on Nortels current
expectations, estimates, forecasts and
projections about the operating environment,
economies and markets in which Nortel operates.
These statements are subject to
important assumptions, risks and uncertainties,
which are difficult to predict and the actual
outcome may be materially different. Nortel has
made various assumptions in the preparation of
its financial outlook in this press release,
including the following company specific
assumptions no further negative impact to
Nortel's results of operations, financial
condition and liquidity arising from Nortel's
restatements of its financial results Nortel's
prices increasing at or above the rate of price
increases for similar products in geographic
regions in which Nortel sells its products
increase in sales to Nortel's enterprise
customers and wireless service provider customers
in the Asia Pacific region as a result of
Nortel's joint venture with LG Electronics Inc.
improvement in Nortel's product costs due to
favorable supplier pricing, offset by higher
costs associated with initial customer
deployments in emerging markets cost reductions
resulting from the 2007 and 2006 restructuring
plans increased employee costs relative to
expected cost of living adjustments and employee
bonuses and the effective execution of Nortel's
strategy, including implementation of its
Business Transformation initiatives in 2007.
Nortel has also made certain macroeconomic and
general industry assumptions in the preparation
of its financial guidance including a modest
decrease in the growth rate of the gross domestic
product of global economies which is lower than
the growth rate in 2006 global service provider
capital expenditures in 2007 reflecting mid to
high single digit growth as compared to high
single digit growth in 2006 global growth rate
to remain stable with investments in next
generation products and services to offset
declines in purchases of legacy equipment and a
moderate impact as a result of expected industry
consolidation among service providers in various
geographic regions, particularly in North America
and EMEA. The above assumptions, although
considered reasonable by Nortel at the date of
this press release, may prove to be inaccurate
and consequently Nortels actual results could
differ materially from its expectations set out
in this press release. Further, actual results or
events could differ materially from those
contemplated in forward-looking statements as a
result of the following (i) risks and
uncertainties relating to Nortels business
including significant competition, competitive
pricing practice, cautious capital spending by
customers, industry consolidation, rapidly
changing technologies, evolving industry
standards, frequent new product introductions and
short product life cycles, and other trends and
industry characteristics affecting the
telecommunications industry any material,
adverse affects on Nortels performance if its
expectations regarding market demand for
particular products prove to be wrong the
sufficiency of recently announced restructuring
actions any negative developments associated
with Nortels suppliers and contract
manufacturing agreements including our reliance
on certain suppliers for key optical networking
solutions components potential penalties,
damages or cancelled customer contracts from
failure to meet delivery and installation
deadlines and any defects or errors in Nortels
current or planned products fluctuations in
foreign currency exchange rates potential higher
operational and financial risks associated with
Nortels efforts to expand internationally
potential additional valuation allowances for all
or a portion of Nortels deferred tax assets if
market conditions deteriorate or future results
of operations are less than expected a failure
to protect Nortels intellectual property rights,
or any adverse judgments or settlements arising
out of disputes regarding intellectual property
any negative effect of a failure to maintain
integrity of Nortels information systems
changes in regulation of the telecommunications
industry or other aspects of the industry any
failure to successfully operate or integrate
strategic acquisitions, or failure to consummate
or succeed with strategic alliances Nortels
potential inability to attract or retain the
personnel necessary to achieve its business
objectives or to maintain an effective risk
management strategy (ii) risks and uncertainties
relating to Nortels liquidity, financing
arrangements and capital including any inability
of Nortel to manage cash flow fluctuations to
fund working capital requirements or achieve its
business objectives in a timely manner or obtain
additional sources of funding high levels of
debt, limitations on Nortel capitalizing on
business opportunities because of senior notes
covenants, or on obtaining additional secured
debt pursuant to the provisions of  indentures
governing certain of Nortels public debt issues
Nortels below investment grade credit rating
any increase of restricted cash requirements for
Nortel if it is unable to secure alternative
support for obligations arising from certain
normal course business activities, or any
inability of Nortels subsidiaries to provide it
with sufficient funding any negative effect to
Nortel of the need to make larger defined benefit
plans contributions in the future or exposure to
customer credit risks or inability of customers
to fulfill payment obligations under customer
financing arrangements or any negative impact on
Nortels ability to make future acquisitions,
raise capital, issue debt and retain employees
arising from stock price volatility and any
declines in the market price of Nortels publicly
traded securities and (iii) risks and
uncertainties relating to Nortels prior
restatements and related matters including any
negative impact on Nortel and NNL of such
restatement legal judgments, fines, penalties or
settlements, or any substantial regulatory fines
or other penalties or sanctions, related to the
ongoing regulatory and criminal investigations of
Nortel in the U.S. and Canada the significant
dilution of Nortels existing equity positions
resulting from the approval of its class action
settlement any significant pending or future
civil litigation actions not encompassed by
Nortels class action settlement any
unsuccessful remediation of Nortels material
weakness in internal control over financial
reporting resulting in an inability to report
Nortels results of operations and financial
condition accurately and in a timely manner
Nortels inability to access, in its current
form, its shelf registration filed with the
United States Securities and Exchange Commission
(SEC) or any breach by Nortel of the continued
listing requirements of the NYSE or TSX causing
the NYSE and/or the TSX to commence suspension or
delisting procedures. For additional information
with respect to certain of these and other
factors, see Nortels Annual Report on Form10-K
and other securities filings with the SEC. Unless
otherwise required by applicable securities laws,
Nortel disclaims any intention or obligation to
update or revise any forward-looking statements,
whether as a result of new information, future
events or otherwise..
Nortel Solutions
Wireline Operators
Small and Medium Businesses
Cable Operators
Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering
communications capabilities that help eliminate
today's barriers to efficiency, speed, and
performance by simplifying networks and
connecting people with information
Lösningar kommer från teknologier
Enterprise Solution Areas
Our portfolio
Lösningar - produktområden
  • Vad använder er organisation?

Lösningar - produktområden
CS 1000 Portfolio Product Offerings
  • CS 1000E for new VoIP customers
  • Scalable up to 22,500 IP users
  • Redundant and non-redundant configurations
  • Flexible deployment configuration options
  • Lead product in our VoIP offering

CS 1000E (IP Signaling Server running on COTS)
  • CS 1000M for evolution of existing TDM base
  • Evolution of our Meridian 1 to support VoIP
  • Scalable up to 15,000 IP users
  • Supports up to 16,000 digital or analog users
  • Leverages existing hardware for low cost
    migration to VoIP

CS 1000M (Option 61)
Nortel IP Clients Current Portfolio Offering
  • Key Messages
  • Broad portfolio offers choice in client type
  • Seamless, Reliable, Robust Feature Rich
    Clients offer added value

CS 1000 Telephony Manager
  • CS 1000 Telephony Manager
    (previously called Optivity Telephony Manager )
  • Mixed Web and Windows application suite with
    network level navigation
  • Touches all FCAPS
  • Configuration all customers,
  • Faults target 50 systems or less,
  • Accounting small to medium customers
  • Single point of access including Element Managers
  • Windows OS

Telephony Manager
Application Gateway 1000/2000
  • Delivers optimized content and applications to IP
  • Pre-packaged applications with Voice Office
  • Express Directory
  • Visual Voice Mail
  • Broadcast Alerts
  • Zone Paging
  • Transformed applications
  • Leverage existing vertical applications
  • Easy to use point-and-click Design Studio
  • Custom applications
  • API level integration

Unified Messaging Drives ProductivityCallPilot
and Nortel Unified Messaging 2000
  • What is Nortel Unified Messaging?
  • Voice, fax, email and video messaging within a
    single interface
  • Access to messages from the desktop e-mail
    client, Web interface or telephone
  • How does Nortel Unified Messaging work?
  • Two architectural approaches
  • Integrated Architecture
  • Unified Architecture
  • Reduce communications overhead by minimizing LAN
    and WAN traffic, decreasing user training,
    operating independently of the corporate email
    server and supporting a variety of clients

Contact Center 6.0 Feature Highlights
  • Report Creation Wizard
  • Generates custom reports without third party
    report writers
  • Increased Resiliency
  • Standby Server with automatic or manual fail-over
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Single DVD Software Installation for CC6.0 Suite
  • Simplified Multimedia Deployment
  • CCM/CCT Co-residency
  • Innovative SIP Contact Center
  • Supports new and emerging media including video,
    3G wireless video and 3G wireless chat
  • Unified Agent Desktop
  • Provides a single agent interface for the
    management of all contacts regardless of media
  • Corporate Software Licensing
  • Reduces cost of ownership by centralizing control
    of software licensing

The SIP Contact Center and the Converged Agent
Desktop enable the Expert Anywhere Solution
IVR MPS500 Self Service and Speech
  • Provide reliable, convenient and cost effective
    access for customers wherever they are, 24 hours
    a day
  • Make customers happy - offer the extra
    convenience and expanded options they like using
    natural speech capabilities
  • Automate routine tasks to relieve your service
    reps, allowing them to focus on more complex
    customer interactions
  • Reduce average call length to speed service
    delivery and lower operating costs

Nortel Contact Recording
Customisable Shortcuts
Click speaker to replay
  • Capture customer intelligence to help serve
    customers better
  • Quickly resolve disputes
  • Clarify customer instructions
  • Assess up-selling opportunities
  • Assist in training (best practices calls)
  • Quickly search retrieve calls
  • Browser-based for easy access
  • Graphically see call and identify points of
  • Prolonged silence, higher volume, raised voice

Ability to email secure link to call
Detailed Search Criteria
Right click here to save as WAV
Real and elapsed time shown
Multimedia Communication Server 5100
  • Reducing communications costs
  • Enhancing mobility for the virtual enterprise
  • Improving productivity and enhancing the human
    communications experience
  • Tight integration of applications with telephony
  • Choice in adaptive client interfaces

Nortel Application Center
MCS 5100
Instant Messaging
Conferencing AdHoc Meet Me
Collaboration Application Sharing Chat
IP Telephony
Mobility Personal Agent
Employee Productivity
Nortel Microsoft Integration Advantage
  • Software only integration
  • No hardware or gateways required
  • Less complexity, less cost of ownership
  • Tightly integrated
  • CS 1000 redundancy mechanisms for Microsoft
    connectors so if one server / system fails,
    another server/system takes over control and
    provides Microsoft connectors
  • Active Directory integration
  • Nortel Multimedia Convergence Manager (MCM) s/w
    loaded on LCS/OCS to translate SIP addresses to
    CS 1000 dial plan

Microsoft LCS/OCS
Nortel CS 1000
Direct SIP SIP CTI Interface
Voice Communications (SIP) Remote Call
Control (SIP CTI)
Multimedia Client For IBM Lotus Notes
  • Combines the collaboration capabilities of MCS
    with IBM Lotus Notes in an easy to use interface
  • MCS Access provided via plug-in to IBM Lotus
  • No need to launch a separate application or
    window for the client
  • Enables quick and easy access to MCS
  • One click access from Notes to many functions
  • Provides a single tool for all communication

Secure Multimedia Controller 2450 Securing
Services Resources
Media Gateways
Signaling Servers
Secure Multimedia Zone
Perimeter Firewall
Call Server
SMC 2450

Enterprise Network
Threat Protection System (IDS/IPS)
Multimedia Services
Contact Center
Unified Messaging
IP Phones
Secures your VOIP Communication System from
Internal Threats
Enterprise Core Networking
High performance with high availability
Nortel WLAN 2300 Series
  • Ready for Mainstream WLAN Connectivity
  • Designed for high-quality IP Telephony,
    multi-media and data
  • Service resiliency with wireless threat
    protection and no single point of failure
  • Smooth scaling on all dimensions
  • A Perfect Fit for any implementation
  • Broad product portfolio meets specific needs of
    common topologies
  • Flexible policy management fits with existing
  • Can be partitioned into many unique service
  • Streamlined deployment operations
  • Accurate planning tool
  • Self-provisioning access points
  • Dynamic RF management

Nortel Secure Network Access (NSNA)LAN Solution
Tunnel Guard applet pushed to the PC for
compliance checking.
Tunnel Guard reports non-compliant PC to SNAS.
SNAS moves PC to a Green VLAN with appropriate
access level to the corporate network.
SNAS moves the PC to the Yellow (quarantine)
VLAN. PC downloads patches for remediation.
A PC tries to connect to the corporate network.
After repair is complete, Tunnel Guard reports to
SNAS that the PC is now compliant.
Corporate Network
PC connects to the Red VLAN (untrusted).
User and PC must be authenticated (Login).
Ethernet Routing Switch 5500 stack
Secure Network Access Switch (SNAS)
Remediation Server
Nortels Router Portfolio
  • Nortel Secure Router 1000 series
  • Enables secure end-to-end converged solutions
    whilst providing high performance WAN access for
    enterprise branch offices and remote sites.
  • Nortel Secure Router 3120
  • Powerful modular system that converges routing,
    security and multimedia traffic forwarding in a
    single cost-effective platform for enterprises.
  • Nortel Secure Router 4134
  • High-end performance and capacity addresses the
    routing and connectivity needs of enterprise
    branch, regional or headquarters sites
  • Nortel Business Secure Router 222/252
  • Converged broadband access routers that provides
    a high-speed, always-on secure connection to the
    Internet .

UC Integrated Branch Secure Router 4134
  • First integrated branch office device with
    embedded Microsoft intelligence
  • Superior Quality of Experience for all UC
    applications over any type of WAN connection
  • Ability to turn on multiple functions
    simultaneously (QoS, security, VoIP) and maintain
    wire-speed performance
  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX consolidated functions
    into one device

Enterprise Policy manager
What is It?Nortel Application Switch
  • A high performance Ethernet Switch with added
  • Performs Layer 4-7 switching to balance,
    accelerate and secure traffic
  • Makes intelligent decisions based on content (not
    just addressing) using deep packet inspection
  • Integrates routing and switching by forwarding
    traffic at layer 2 speed using layer 4-7
  • Deploy in data center, POP or at network edge

Application Availability, Performance and Security
Why is it Needed?Nortel Application Switch
  • Drive to reduce costs in the data center
  • Too many physical servers in the data center to
  • Inefficient and inflexible use of servers
    resulting in wasted capacity
  • Increasing network traffic complexity and
  • Businesses require continuous availability of
    critical applications
  • There is an essential need to secure these
    applications while increasing business efficiency
    and performance

What is It?Nortel Application Accelerator
  • Data Centre appliance used to accelerate the
    delivery of any web-based applications over the
    Internet and across WANs
  • Delivers benefits to end-users everywhere without
    the need to deploy specialised equipment on the
    user side
  • Employs techniques like compression, caching and
    protocol optimisations to reduce the amount of
    data, significantly improving delivery times
  • Asymmetrical acceleration product

Why is it Needed?Nortel Application Accelerator
  • Data Center consolidation
  • Server and application centralisation
  • Distributed workforce continues to rise
  • Critical business applications supported over the
  • Web Services are significantly on the rise with
    virtually all Enterprises at least investigating
    web services
  • Largest driver address the challenge of
    delivering this increasing amount of content to
    remote users in a cost-effective and manageable

What is It?Nortel Threat Protection System (TPS)
  • Enterprise-class Intrusion Detection/Prevention
    System (IDS/IPS) to monitor, analyze, identify,
    alert and block network attacks
  • Key element of a Layered Defense architecture
  • Utilizes SNORT open source rule base
  • Consists of up to four components
  • Intrusion Sensors to inspect traffic, identify
    and alert on potential threats
  • Defense Center to manage the sensors,
    co-ordinate, prioritize and analyze alerts, and
    initiate a response
  • Threat Intelligence (RTI) Sensors to passively
    identify network assets and reduce false
    positives by providing behavioral context
  • Remediation devices to block attacks

Why is it Needed?Nortel Threat Protection System
  • Protection of IT assets from growing number and
    sophistication of attacks
  • Defence against attacks from within
  • Zero day attacks and alerting of strange network
  • Understanding the nature, severity, origins and
    targets of network threats
  • Keeping up to date on new threats and
  • Too many False Positives are preventing the
    deployment of automated Intrusion Prevention

What is It?Nortel VPN Gateway
  • Remote access security appliance that extends the
    reach of enterprise applications to remote
    employees, partners, and suppliers
  • Uses native SSL capability of web browsers and
    traditional IPSec access to offer the industrys
    most flexible and cost effective remote access
    VPN solution
  • Supports all applications optimized for VoIP
  • Deployed at central site for
  • Individual and managed Remote Access VPN
  • Mobile application gateway
  • Application acceleration

Why is it Needed?Nortel VPN Gateway
  • Increasingly virtual workspace
  • Home and Mobile Workers
  • Extension of Supply Chain Management
  • Suppliers
  • Business Partners
  • Protection of confidential information
  • Internet
  • Wireless Networks
  • Adoption of managed services
  • Risk from non-compliant or infected devices
  • Limitations and high support requirements of
    IPSec VPNs
  • 2006 Global SSL VPN Market (Infonetics)
  • worth 188 Million
  • 2006-2010 CAGR 22

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