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Critical Issues in Human Resources


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Critical Issues in Human Resources

Critical Issues in Human Resources
  • Presented by
  • Melissa Aguero Ramirez
  • February 20, 2014

Welcome, Introductions, Announcements
  • New?
  • Retirements
  • EPP representatives
  • Project P.a.C.E. Naomi Arnold
  • Teacher Builder Dr. Noe Sauceda

EPP Roundtable Discussion
  • New Teacher / Principal Survey
  • Fingerprinting of candidates
  • TEAL support for new teachers
  • Issuance of Probationary certificate for
    Bilingual Generalists
  • EPP Questionnaire

No Child Left Behind Update
  • 6th grade Secondary teacher
  • Effective immediately
  • Use secondary method for HQ determination
  • This change is solely to add flexibility to HQ
    determinations.  It takes nothing away.  An EC-6
    test still makes you HQ for EC-6 subjects.  4-8
    still works for 4-8.  1-8 never worked for 7 or
    8, and it still doesnt.  But it did work for
    6th, and it still does.
  • No changes to current submission required
  • Forms will be updated for 14-15

Institution of Higher Education
Paraprofessional Requirements
  • admits as regular students only persons having a
    certificate of graduation from a school providing
    secondary education, or the recognized equivalent
    of such a certificate
  • is legally authorized within such State to
    provide a program of education beyond secondary
  • provides an educational program for which the
    institution awards a bachelors degree or
    provides not less than a two-year program that is
    acceptable for full credit toward such a degree
  • is a public or other non-profit institution and
  • is accredited by a nationally recognized
    accrediting agency or association or, if not so
    accredited, is an institution that has been
    granted pre-accreditation by such an agency or
    association that has been recognized by the
    Secretary for the granting of pre-accreditation
    status, and the Secretary has determined that
    there is satisfactory assurance that the
    institution will meet the accreditation standards
    of such an agency or association within a
    reasonable time.
  • NCLB Section 9101(24)

See Handout for list of For-Profit!
Loan Forgiveness Programs
  • General information
  • http//
  • Viviana Lopez at
  • 2013 2014 Teacher shortage areas
  • Bilingual/English as a Second Language
  • Computer Science
  • Languages Other Than English (Foreign Languages)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Special Education
  • Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness  
  • TEACH for Texas Loan Repayment Assistance (outside
  • Federal Perkins Loan Teacher Cancellation  (outsid
    e source)
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program
  • No date restriction or require you to be teaching
    in a class room you can be working in any
    position within the school or other public
    service job category.
  • http//

State Mentorship Survey
  • Required by HB2012
  • Effectiveness of school district mentoring
  • Alignment of mentorship activities with
    expectations for new teachers and with teaching
  • Mentorship advisory committee
  • Online survey
  • Disseminated on 1/15/14 through Region XIII

Revised PDAS
  • Domain VII and Domain VIII Criterion 10
  • updated to reflect the approved federal waiver
    and new reporting standards.
  • AYP is no longer used in the reporting
  • only the state reporting is used now
  • Met Standard/Met Alternative 2 or
  • Improvement Needed 0.  

SB9 Update
Statutory Authority- TEC Chapter 22, Subchapter C
  • Applicants for Certification Certificate
  • TEC 22.0831 obtain evaluate criminal history
    record information (CHRI) for all certified
    holders applicants

More Statutory Authority
  • Other School District and Charter School
  • TEC 22.0832 - obtain evaluate CHRI for all
    non-certified charter school employees working in
    a job that would require certification in a
    traditional school district
  • TEC 22.0833 - obtain evaluate CHRI for all
    non-certified employees hired after 1/1/08
  • TEC 22.0836 - obtain evaluate CHRI for all
    substitute teachers

The TEA Fingerprinting Team
April Carmichael, Jeannie Tomasek, Pamela Coy,
Baerbel Repella, Beatrice Avalos
What TEA does..
  • Access to the Educator Certification Online
    System (green screen)
  • Problems with uploads
  • Issues with the Fast Fingerprint Pass
  • Notification of rejects
  • FBI Name Searches
  • No fingerprint result showing on green screen
  • Training for new district HR employees on the TEA
    upload process

What DPS does..
  • Secure site eligibility
  • Criminal History Record Information (CHRI)
  • Clearinghouse Problems and Questions
  • LEE Fast Fingerprint Pass/Volunteer Fast
    Fingerprint Pass
  • Training for the Secure Site/CHRI
  • CHRI Related Laws
  • Security Audits

Who fingerprints through TEA?
  • Individuals are fingerprinted through TEA for
    different purposes including
  • Applicants for Certification - Application
  • Recent college graduates or those completing an
    alternative certification program
  • Interns participating in an educator preparation
  • Newly hired educational aides
  • Previously certified educators (new hires) -
  • Non-certified employees (new hires) - Upload
  • Substitute teachers (new hires) - Upload

How does applicant fingerprinting work?
  • Educator applies for certificate
  • If educator has not previously been printed
    through TEA, system prompts for fingerprinting
  • Once applicant pays for fingerprinting, educator
  • e-mailed a Fast Fingerprint Pass
  • Educator makes appointment with MorphoTrust and
    is fingerprinted
  • TEA receives results from DPS and FBI
  • Fingerprint process completes
  • Certification is issued

Previously fingerprinted applicants
  • Senate Bill 9 fingerprinting may overlap
  • Many applicants for certification may have
    previously been fingerprinted as a non-certified
    employee or substitute
  • These applicants are most times prompted by the
    system to fingerprint again
  • Applicants should NOT pay for fingerprinting
  • Results will transfer to educators file within
    48 hours of application submission

(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
The SB9 FP process in short
  • ISD hires a new employee or substitute
  • ISD uploads employee/sub information to Educator
    Online system, or checks FP status on green
  • TEA emails ISD response data
  • Employee/substitute is fingerprinted prior to
    beginning employment
  • ISD subscribes in DPS Clearinghouse to any
    employees that were already FP Complete
  • Fingerprinting results are received by TEA
  • ISD reviews results in the DPS Clearinghouse
  • ISD unsubscribes to employees in the
    Clearinghouse as they leave the district

Categories of ISD employees for fingerprinting
  • Certified - A certified employee includes ANY
    employee of the district who holds an active or
    inactive certificate or an active permit issued
    by State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC)
    regardless of the role they are serving in.
  • Non-certified - A non-certified employee is any
    school district employee that does not hold
    certification issued by SBEC/TEA.
  • Classroom Substitutes - A teacher who is on call
    or on a list of approved substitutes to replace a
    regular teacher and has no regular or guaranteed
    hours. A substitute teacher may be certified or

Categories of ISD employees Continued.
  • Applicants for Certification An employee who
    has recently applied for certification, or will
    be required to do so for their current position.
  • All new hire information must be uploaded to the
    Educator Certification Online system to determine
    if the employee is required to be fingerprinted
  • If the new hire is non-certified, but has
    recently applied for certification, or will be
    required to do so for their current position, be
    sure to follow through to make sure the employee
    fingerprints will the fast pass issued to them
    during the application process
  • Employee information must be uploaded on the
    appropriate Excel template and converted to a csv
    file before uploading

Hiring a new employee/substitute for a school
  • To determine which upload category a new hire
    belongs, ask yourself
  • Is this person a classroom substitute?
  • If YES upload on substitute template (both
    certified and non-certified subs)
  • Does this person hold an SBEC/TEA issued
  • If YES upload on certified template
  • If you answered NO to both of the above
  • Upload on the non-certified template
  • Remember to allow non-certified new hires that
    are applicants for certification to receive their
    FAST Fingerprint Pass through the certification
    application process, not through the upload

Upload Reminders
  • Uploading must take place on an ongoing basis as
    new employees and subs are hired! This should be
    a part of your hiring process!
  • All newly hired employees and substitute teachers
    are required to be fingerprinted before beginning
    work with your district No one has 80 days to be
  • If you make an error on your upload, you must
    contact TEA to correct the error re-uploading
    the correct information will not result in a
    corrected Fast Fingerprint Pass being sent
  • Dont upload letters in the SSN field If the
    SSN has a leading zero, remember to format the
    column to text
  • Uploads can only be done using a PC a successful
    upload cannot be done using a Mac

Why subscribe?
  • For each employee with an FP Complete status,
    the district must log on to the DPS Clearinghouse
    and subscribe to that employee in order to
    receive subsequent HIT notifications
  • Uploading to the TEA Online system alone does not
    subscribe the district to that employees record
    the district/charter will not receive rapbacks
    unless they are subscribed to the employees

Scheduling an appointment to be fingerprinted
  • Once an employee receives his FAST Fingerprint
    Pass, an appointment should be scheduled with the
    DPS contracted vendor, MorphoTrust USA
  • At the appointment, each employee will receive a
    receipt that contains a TCN number used to track
    their prints it is important that this receipt
    be retained as proof that the employee was
  • Prints are retained by MorphoTrust for 14 days
    only, so tracking by MorphoTrust using a TCN
    number is only possible for 14 days after

  • Fingerprints may be rejected for poor print
    qualityMorphoTrust notifies employees of the
    need to re-print.
  • In the case of certified rejections, TEA also
    emails the educator, as well as the contact
    person at the ISD, with information regarding the
    rejection and the need for the educator to
    schedule an appointment to be re-printed.
  • In the case of non-certified rejections, TEA
    emails the contact person at the ISD that
    uploaded the employee with information regarding
    the rejection and the need for the employee to
    schedule an appointment to be re-printed.
  • Rejected prints in no way suggest that the
    educator may have a criminal history.

Adjudication of Criminal Histories
  • There should always be someone at the district or
    charter school with an active account with DPS
  • As results appear in the Clearinghouse, the
    criminal histories should be reviewed by someone
    at the district level
  • Pay attention to subsequent arrest notifications
    called rapbacks.
  • TEA receives rapbacks on certified educators, but
    not on non-certified employees if you arent
    looking at those, no one is!!!

Student teachers (university students)
  • Under TEC 22.0835, student teachers and those
    serving in internships are required to undergo a
    name-based criminal history check only
  • Many districts are choosing to fingerprint
    student teachers as substitutes of the district
    before allowing them on their campuses
  • Since the onset of Senate Bill 9 fingerprinting,
    statistics have shown a decline in the number of
    applicants for certification being fingerprinted

Use of the Generic Fast Fingerprint Pass
  • Local Education Entity fast pass
  • Issued by DPS
  • Also known as the Generic Fast Pass
  • Should NOT be used to fingerprint any employee or
    substitute that is required to be uploaded and
    fingerprinted through the TEA process
  • CAN be used to fingerprint
  • Non-certified employees hired BEFORE 1/1/08
  • Certified educators previously printed using the
    card and ink method

Covered contractors
  • School contractors hired 1/1/08 or after who meet
    the following criteria must be fingerprinted
  • Work on a contract for services
  • Have continuing duties related to the contract
  • Have direct contact with students.

Contractor/District responsibilities
  • Contractor should certify to the school district
    or charter school that they are compliant with
    fingerprinting their employees.
  • Districts may subscribe to the records of
    contractors/subcontractors employees that are
    subject to fingerprinting.
  • District should unsubscribe to records in the
    FACT Clearinghouse when the contract or the
    employment has terminated.

DPS Contact info
  • Contractors must contact DPS to be set up with a
    secure site account.
  • Access and Dissemination Bureau
  • Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Crime Records Service
  • P. O. Box 149322
  • Austin, Texas 78714-9322
  • Email
  • Phone (512) 424-2365

Employees previously printed as contractors
  • TEA will accept fingerprint results for new
    district employees and substitute teachers
    previously printed as school contractors or ESC
    employees when possible
  • If the employee was subject to an FBI Name Search
    when printed as a contractor , DPS may not be
    able to provide results from the name search

Employees previously printed as contractors
  • District/charter must upload the employee to TEA
    online system according to the role they will
    serve in
  • District/charter must email TEA contact the name,
    date of birth and the DL number for the employee
  • TEA will manually subscribe to the employee in
    the DPS FACT Clearinghouse, manually update
    fingerprint results in the TEA system, and email
    DPS to flag the employee with TEAs ORI
  • In the event that FBI results cannot be obtained
    from DPS, TEA will notify the district/charter
    that the employee will need to be printed again

Annual Compliance Certification
  • On an annual basis, superintendents of districts
    and chief operating officers of open-enrollment
    charter schools are required to certify that the
    district or charter school has complied with TEC
    Section 22.085.
  • This certification will most likely take place in
    October each year to coincide with School Safety

Monitoring and Enforcement
  • TEA has recently begun a comprehensive review of
    all school districts and charter schools to
    determine compliance
  • New position at TEA responsible for monitoring
    and enforcement
  • TEA staff will work with the district to bring
    the district/charter school back to compliance

Audit Triggers
  • Normal cycles of auditing
  • 3 school districts and 1 charter per region in
    approximately 6 week cycles
  • Failure to return Compliance Certification
  • Complaint received by TEA

Components of the Audit
  • Intent to Audit Letter
  • Pre-Audit Questionnaire
  • Audit of Upload Data by TEA Staff
  • Results sent to the district/charter
  • District/Charter Response
  • Findings Letter sent by TEA
  • Response by district to Audit Findings

Audit Findings
  • Official letter of audit findings sent to the
    district/charter specifying areas of
    non-compliance and required action.
  • A finding of non-compliance may result in
    further compliance review, which may include
  • Desk Audit
  • Special accreditation investigation

FP staff contact info
  • Jeannie Tomasek, Manager
  • 512-463-5415
  • April Carmichael, Program Specialist
  • Baerbel Repella, Program Specialist
  • Pamela Coy, Program Specialist
  • Beatrice Avalos, Program Specialist
  • Customer Service 512-936-8400, Option 3

Clarification on Bilingual Target Language
Proficiency Test (BTLPT) and TeXES Supplemental
  • Impacted exams
  • Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test
    (BTLPT) and
  • any of the TExES Supplemental tests (Bilingual,
    English as a Second Language, Gifted and
    Talented, and Special Education)
  • need further clarification in State Board for
    Educator Certification (SBEC) rule
  • There will be opportunities to provide feedback
    on the proposed revisions as well as testimony at
    board meetings.
  • Until further notice from the agency, educator
    preparation programs and school districts should
    advise candidates that while the BTLPT and TExES
    Supplemental tests are not required for issuance
    of the Probationary Certificate and/or emergency
    permit, the testing requirements remain in place
    for issuance of the five-year Standard Certificate

Update on the new Generalist EC-6 and Generalist
4-8 tests
  • House Bill (HB) 2012, 83rd Texas Legislature,
    Regular Session, 2013,
  • more rigorous examinations are being developed
    for the new Generalist certificates that will
    independently assess the four core subject areas
    English Language Arts and Reading, Mathematics,
    Science, and Social Studies.
  • Slated for implementation in January 2015.
  • Educational Testing Service (ETS) working on
    procedures to allow candidates that pass subject
    areas of the new Generalist tests to retain that
    passing performance and only be required to
    retake sections on which they are not successful.
    More information about this process will be
    shared as it becomes available.
  • Current Generalist EC-6 and Generalist 4-8 tests
    administered through August 2015.
  • will have two additional years to use the passing
  • all remaining requirements for those certificates
    must be completed by August 31, 2017.
  • An application and a recommendation must be
    received by October 30, 2017, in order to issue
    the current Generalist EC-6 and Generalist 4-8

(No Transcript)
Resources for BTLPT Candidates
  • Spanish Content Vocabulary Academic
    Vocabulary for Fifth- to Seventh-Grade English
    Language Learners in Texas http//
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in
    Spanish Spanish Language Arts and Reading,
    Mathematics, Science and Social Studies
  • Spanish Writing Real Academia Española
    Diccionario panhispánico de dudas
    Accent information
  • Bilingual Education Resources in Spanish,
    Region One Education Service Center
  • Lectura en Español y estrategias con recursos,
    materiales, apoyo y sugerencias (LEER MAS)

(No Transcript)
Educational Aide Certification Requirements
  • Educational Aide I - An applicant must
  • be a high school graduate or hold a General
    Educational Development (GED) certificate and
  • have experience working with students or parents
    as approved by the employing superintendent.
    Experience may be work in church related schools,
    day camps, youth groups, private schools,
    licensed day-care centers, or similar experience.

Educational Aide Certification Requirements
  • Educational Aide II - An applicant must
  • be a high school graduate or hold a General
    Educational Development (GED) certificate
  • have satisfied one of the following requirements
  • have two creditable years of experience as an
    educational aide I or
  • have a minimum of 15 semester hours of college
    credit with some emphasis on child growth and
    development or related subject areas or
  • have demonstrated proficiency in a specialized
    skill area as determined by the local school
    district and
  • have experience working with students or parents
    as approved by the employing superintendent.

Educational Aide Certification Requirements
  • Education Aide III - An applicant must
  • be a high school graduate or hold a General
    Educational Development (GED) certificate
  • have satisfied one of the following requirements
  • have three creditable years of experience as
    either an educational aide I or II or
  • have 30 semester hours of college credit with
    some emphasis on child growth and development or
    related subject areas and
  • have experience working with students or parents
    as approved by the employing superintendent.

Educational Aide Assignment Requirements
Staffing Tools
  • Student Enrollment Trends
  • 5 year enrollment comparison by campus type
  • 5 year enrollment by district
  • Staffing guidelines
  • Student Teacher ratio (courtesy Walsh Anderson)
  • TEC 25.111
  • 1 teacher 20 students in ADA districtwide
  • TEC 25.114
  • 1 teacher 45 students in PE
  • Otherwise identify manner in which student
    safety will be maintained

(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Special Education Staffing Guidelines
  • Factors for consideration
  • Districts must provide a continuum of services
  • Individual needs are determined by ARD committee
  • Services are to be provided in the least
    restrictive environment
  • Increase services in the general education
    classroom requiring collaboration
  • Students must have access to general curriculum
  • Levels of support vary per individual student
  • Gender may be a factor when students needs
    include behavioral restraint and/or personal care
  • IEP meetings and data management
  • Transition of 3 year olds with disabilities into
    public school as of 3rd birthday
  • Indirect services (medical management, case
    management, parent training, teacher training)

Implications of Staffing Decisions
  • Contracts
  • Letter of reasonable assurance
  • Unemployment Compensation Liability

Getting more bang for your buck
  • Various uses of funds
  • Special Education
  • Bilingual
  • NCLB
  • Reimburse teachers for passing Generalist 4-8
    and/or multiple subject area certificates
  • Stipend for multiple preps
  • Hiring criteria
  • Bilingual
  • Generalists

Employment Contracts / Notifications
  • Contract administration cycle?
  • Reminder Employee Notifications TEC
  • Policy Code Policy Title
  • DA series Equal employment opportunity,
    genetic nondiscrimination,
  • criteria for personnel decision
  • DBAA Criminal history and credit reports
  • DBD Conflict of interest
  • DC Employment practices
  • DCB Term contracts
  • DEA series Salaries and wages incentives and
  • DEC series Leaves and absences
  • DF Termination of employment
  • DFA series Termination of, or return to
    probationary contract

Employee Notifications Continued
  • Policy Code Policy Title
  • DFB series Termination of term contracts
  • DFD Hearings before hearing examiner
  • DFE Resignation
  • DFF Reduction in force
  • DFFA Reduction in force due to financial
  • DFFB Reduction in force due to program change
  • DG Employee rights and privileges
  • DGBA Employee complaints/grievances
  • DH Employee standards of conduct
  • DHE Searches and alcohol/drug testing
  • DI Employee welfare
  • DIA Freedom from discrimination, harassment,
    and retaliation
  • DK Assignment and schedules
  • DN series Performance appraisal

Texas Teacher of the Year http//
  • Due to Region One ESC (HR office)
  • 5 p.m. on Friday, June 13, 2014
  • ENCOURAGE electronic submission
  • Application
  • Picture
  • 2 district representatives (1 Elem / 1 Sec)
  • Clarifications
  • 2 year commitment
  • FT employees can be PT teacher (minimum 4
    hours/day) BUT other duties NOT administrative

Job Descriptions
  • Why they are necessary
  • Federal fund requirements
  • Evaluation purposes
  • Workmans compensation / FMLA purposes
  • Screening when hiring
  • ADA
  • FLSA
  • Differentiating jobs (pay grade purposes)
  • NEW recommendation
  • Identify method / test for determining Exempt
  • See TASB sample

Rules of Engagement Determining Employment
  • Date March 4, 2014
  • Time 900 330
  • Workshop 42026
  • Fee No fee for up to 2 participants from Region
    One PSS cooperative member district 125
    additional participants
  • Non-PSS cooperative member districts
  • Topics Covered
  • Understanding employment statusincluding full-
    and part-time, independent contractor,
    temporary, and substitute
  • Defining the terms of employment and contract
  • Understanding benefit entitlement (TRS
    membership, health insurance, and leave)
  • Determining exemption status under the Fair Labor
    Standards Act
  • Handling special cases including employment of
    retirees and student workers

More..Upcoming Trainings
  • TxBESS Mentor Teacher training
  • March 20th
  • 830 430
  • Workshop 42592
  • Texas Notary Public training
  • March 27, 2014
  • 130 430
  • Conference for Administrative Professionals
  • April 11th
  • 99 fee includes lunch
  • Workshop 39972

Job Fairs
  • April 3, 2014 - University of Texas
    Brownsville April 3, 2014 University of Texas -
    San Antonio  April 4, 2014 - University of Texas
    Pan American April 8, 2014 University of Texas
    at Austin April 9, 2014 - Texas AM University -
    Corpus Christi April 10, 2014 Texas State
    University - San Marcos April 15, 2014 - Texas
    AM University - Kingsville April 16, 2014 -
    Texas AM International University
  • June 5, 2014 Region One ESC Educator Fair

Comments, Concerns, and Solutions
  • Staffing Efficiency Studies
  • HR Activities
  • Preparing for TWC hearings TASB webinar
  • PLC5

Comments, Concerns, and Solutions
  • Substitute Teacher Trainings
  • Introducing