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STAAR Alternate Test Administration Training 2014


... student performance by the test administrator through the Texas Assessment Management System ... administrator may enter student information into the system. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: STAAR Alternate Test Administration Training 2014

STAAR Alternate Test Administration Training 2014
  • DATE, 2013

  • This training does not replace your requirement
    to read and follow all appropriate manuals
    associated with state testing
  • Information subject to change
  • Refer to the TEA STAAR Alternate web site

  • All modules are to be reviewed or completed by
    Oct 30th
  • Window opens January 6th
  • Tasks must be assigned by February 1
  • All evaluations completed and entered into the
    computer by April 4th
  • Students arriving after March 28th will not be
    assessed but do need to be enrolled in TAMS
  • See Special Education Handout for other dates

Features of STAAR Alternate
  • Mandatory teacher training including four
    online training modules (Texas Training Center)
  • Successful completion of qualification
    activities for each module required of all STAAR
    Alternate test administrators
  • Four state-required essence statements that
    summarize the grade-level content to be measured
    with STAAR Alternate per assessed subject
  • Rigorous standardized assessment tasks at three
    levels of complexity developed from
    state-selected prerequisite skills linked to the
    grade-level curriculum
  • Three state-developed predetermined criteria
    for each assessment task designed to measure the
    students performance on the tested skill
  • The ARDC sets the complexity level not the
    teacher. This must be check by the CTC

Standardized defined expectations for the verbs
used in each predetermined criteria Completed
state-required documentation forms recording
student performance as evidence of the reported
score Online submission of the evaluated
student performance by the test administrator
through the Texas Assessment Management System
(TAMS) Online automated scoring based on test
administrator evaluation of student performance
Key Changes
  • Test administrators will be required to record a
    description of the materials/ approach provided
    during instruction on the last page of the
    documentation form
  • A larger space to record the change in materials
    for generalization is also provided on the last
    page of the documentation form
  • A document providing additional information
    regarding the grade-level content being measured
    will be provided when appropriate and attached to
    the beginning of the assessment tasks for each
    grade and course subject

Key Changes
  • Combinations of Complexity Level allowed between
    Level 1 and 2 and Level 2 and Level 3
  • The admission, review, and dismissal committee
    (ARDC) selects the complexity level most
    appropriate for the assessment. Once the
    complexity level or combinations of levels is
    determined, the test administrator will use this
    decision to guide the selection of the assessment
    tasks for each subject
  • Only a total of three observations will be
    allowed for an assessment tasks. Any started
    observation will be counted in the total number
    of three whether it is a completed observation or

Which Students Take STAAR Alternate
  • Only students for whom the ARDC has completed the
    State-required form on can take. If a student
    takes one STAAR Alternate test then all tests are
    done as STAAR Alternate. Be sure the students
    have the current form accomplished . All high
    school students must be in the CO22 course
  • For all students in the alternate testing
    program, the ARDC will assign the complexity
    level for the 2013-2014 testing year

Training Requirements
  • New STAAR Alternate test administrators must take
    and pass with an 80 or better all four modules.
    TAs have two attempts. A third attempt is
    available after supplemental training by district
  • Teachers that passed all modules last year only
    need to review modules this year. If a module
    was failed last year, that module must be
    reviewed and the evaluation taken and passed
  • Failure to pass a module will result in
    supervision during the activities covered by the
  • All teachers are to have reviewed or taken the
    four modules by October 30th
  • All tests administrators must be trained on test
    security and confidentiality and sign an oath
    prior to any observations or access to TAMS

If Supervised for the Test Administration Process
due to failing a module
Test Security Confidentiality
  • Only authorized personnel may have access to
    STAAR Alternate student information and must have
    a signed oath BEFORE handling confidential
    student information.
  • Student performance information used or obtained
    during the administration is confidential
  • Teacher notes
  • State required form STAAR Alternate
    Documentation Form of Student Performance

Test Security Confidentiality
  • Student confidentiality must be
  • maintained at all times!
  • All teacher notes and required forms always
  • No discussion of student performance data

Viewing Documentation Forms
  • PRIOR to observation
  • Supervisors should view and assist teachers
  • Preplanned supports materials (aka
  • Response modes
  • View the Description of Materials/Approach
    Provided During Instruction section

Viewing Documentation Forms
  • AFTER observation
  • Test administrator must secure pages 2 and 3 of
    documentation form at ALL times!
  • Contains actual student assessment data
  • No one but test administrator is allowed to view
    these pages until the close of the ALT window.

Viewing Documentation Forms
  • AFTER online submission of documents
  • Test administrator provides documentation forms
    to the STAAR ALT CTC for storage.
  • Maintained in labeled binder
  • Not stored individually or in multiple locations

Oaths of Test Security Confidentiality
  • Each test administrator participating in the
    STAAR Alternate assessment must complete and sign
    the Oath of Test Security Confidentiality for
    STAAR Alternate Test Administrator BEFORE
    beginning observation.
  • A general oath may be provided to non-certified

TAMS Online System
  • Students have been uploaded into TAMS.
  • Once a student observation is conducted, student
    assessment information is entered into the online
    system beginning January 6th.
  • TAMS user names and passwords are NOT to be
  • ONLY the trained, authorized test administrator
    may enter student information into the system.

Testing Irregularities
  • All persons participating in STAAR ALT program
    are directly responsible for reporting
    immediately to the CTC any violation or suspected
    violation of test security or confidentiality.
  • Failure to report violates 19 TAC
    101.65(d)(7)and can result in sanctions.

Confidentiality and Security
  • Cannot be given access to TAMS until qualified
    and have signed an oath
  • Never share TAMS password with anyone
  • Keep student documentation secure at all times
  • Never let anyone see beyond page 1
  • Never leave the computer once logged in
  • Never allow another individual to input student
    testing information into TAMS

STAAR ALT Standardized Assessment Tasks and
  • Posted resources and assessment tasks on
  • TEAs STAAR Alternate Resources website are NOT
    considered secure.

Confidential Information
  • All student assessment information used or
    obtained DURING STAAR Alternate administrations
    as documented in notes or on the state REQUIRED
    form is CONFIDENTIAL.
  • Each person with access to student information
    must maintain and preserve the confidentiality of
    the information.
  • ONLY authorized personnel may have access to
    STAAR Alternate student information.

Testing Irregularities
  • Eligibility Error
  • Improper Accounting for confidential Information
  • Procedural Error
  • Potential Referral to the Education Certification
    and Standards Division

Testing Irregularities
If a student is enrolled in an alternate high
school course that has a corresponding STAAR
Alternate assessment, the student must take the
assessment .
Students who transfer into the district on or
before March 28, 2014 must be assessed by the
receiving district.
Testing Irregularities
Testing Irregularities
Teachers must check all the evaluation data
carefully before submitting the assessment.
Remember that all the assessment data that is in
the system will be submitted on April 4, 2014.
Testing Irregularities
Incident Reporting
  • All incidents are to be reported to the campus
    testing coordinator (CTC) as soon as possible
  • Investigations and district determination will be
    accomplished by the DTC
  • Teachers must comply with reporting requirements
    in the manual

Penalties for Prohibited Conduct
  • Restriction of education certificate
  • Reprimand
  • Suspension of education certificate
  • Revocation of education certificate

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How can teachers help monitor the test
  • Let CTC know when
  • You have not passed a module after two attempts
  • ARD committees has changed the assessment
  • A student has extended absences and the
    completion of the assessment is in jeopardy
  • A student transfers in or out of the district and
    needs to be registered or unregistered for STAAR
  • Problems are occurring with the documentation
  • You are not seeing the correct student
    information or tested subjects/courses when the
    test administrator first accesses the assessment
    management system in January

TA Checklist
See TA manual page vi
The Big Picture Process
  • Step One Select the assessment task for each
    required essence statement
  • Step Two Determine implementation of the
    assessment task (the document Presentation
    Supports/Material of STAAR Alternate)
  • Step Three Observe and document student

The Big Picture Process
  • Step Four Evaluate student performance and
    enter information into TAMS
  • Cannot have access to TAMS until window opens and
    an oath has been signed
  • First action will be to confirm students
    demographics and grade level
  • TAs are responsible for notifying CTCs for needed
  • Must use and complete state documents

  • Web site
  • http//

Texas Assessment Management System
  • Please see page 73 of the TA manual
  • http//
  • Remember to set the test and save as default
  • Once submitted you cannot change any information
  • If you need to use NRO, you must have DTC
    approval prior to April 4th

Manual and Document Review
  • Review of manual
  • Review of documents
  • http//
  • Reminder Keep documents secure and do not share
    students testing information. All documents must
    be turned in by April 18th

  • Please contact Special Education department if
    you need materials or curriculum assistances
  • Please complete you oath
  • County Bexar
  • County District Code 015-907

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