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Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron (the famous poet), John Polidori, and others gathered during the summer of 1816 Due to bad weather, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Frankenstein

  • Amone Linsamouth
  • Eva

  • It was a dark and stormy night in Geneva,
  • Plans of an outdoor adventure became derailed for
    a group of writers in the Alps. They find shelter
    in a nearby manor, but finding refuge from
    boredom was another matter. The writers, inspired
    after poring through German ghost stories,
    decided to have a contest to see who could write
    the best horror story. Among the group of writers
    was a nineteen year old named Mary Shelley.
  • Little did she know, her work spurred from that
    fateful night would influence works of horror for
    future generations.

The author
  • Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
  • Born in Somers Town, London
  • Both parents, William Godwin and Mary
    Wollstonecraft, were celebrated writers.
  • In 1814, she married Percy Shelley.

  • Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron (the
    famous poet), John Polidori, and others gathered
    during the summer of 1816
  • Due to bad weather, they were confined indoors
    most of the time
  • Lord Byron suggested they have a writing contest

Geneva, Switzerland
Maison Chapuis
Located in Montalegre on Lake Geneva near village
of Cologny. Rented by the Shelleys in 1816
Villa diodati
The manor that Lord Byron rented during the
summer of 1816
  • Victor Frankenstein
  • The main character of the story. Hes a gifted
    scientist that discovers the secret of life.
    However his experiment disgusts him, and fills
    him with guilt and shame.
  • The Monster
  • The monster is the creation of Frankenstein. He
    is intelligent and capable of kindness, but after
    being rejected by his creator and by the world,
    he kills in the name of revenge.
  • Robert Walton
  • A ship captain that has a romantic view of life
    like Frankenstein once did. He was exploring the
    Arctic ocean in search of scientific discovery,
    when he discovered Victor Frankenstein.

  • Elizabeth Lavenza
  • Victor Frankenstein grew up with Elizabeth. He
    marries her later in the book and is the light of
    his life.
  • William Frankenstein
  • Victor Frankenteins little brother. The monster
    murders him in revenge against his creator.
  • Justine Moritz
  • The monster framed William Frankensteins murder
    on her by planting evidence.

The story
  • The story begins Captain Walton sailing in the
    Arctic ocean in hopes of making scientific
  • He spots an enormous man being led away by sled
    dogs in the distance while his ship stalls
    between sheets of ice.
  • Later, he sees another man almost dead from
    exposure and exhaustion. Walton rescues the man
    and brings him aboard.
  • It turns out that the man is Victor Frankenstein.
  • The whole story of the monster is then revealed
    to the captain by Dr. Frankenstein.

The Story Cont.
  • Victor studied chemistry and philosophy and
    obsessively attempted to create a monster with
    dead body pieces.
  • Once his creation was done, he was shocked. He
    found the monster disgusting.
  • The monster escaped while Victor was ill.
  • The monster killed William, Victors younger
    brother, in revenge against Victor. The monster
    was lonely and begged Victor to create him a
  • Victor didnt comply and escaped. The monster
    swore vengeance.

The story cont.
  • Victor dumped the females body in ocean and was
    accused of the murder of Henry, his friend.
    There was evidence that his monster killed his
    friend and that drove Victor crazy.
  • Victor came back to Geneva to marry Elizabeth.
    The monster killed Elizabeth, and Victors dad
    died with sadness.
  • From then on, Victor wanted revenge against the
  • The monster and Victor fight at sea. Then they
    lose each other.
  • When Victor died from illness, the monster wept
    over his dead body. The monster then left to
    kill itself in the northern iciest part of the

  • The pursuit of knowledge can be a treacherous
    path when morality isnt considered in the

  • In the end, even escaping to nature to enjoy
    spiritual renewal cant ease the pain/fear of
    what an individual did in the past.

  • A monster isnt just one with a grotesque
    appearance. A monster can live inside just
    anyone and create more monsters.

  • Secrets can plague ones mind when that secret is
    shrouded in darkness, such as it did with

  • Women are idle in the novel.
  • Women such as Caroline Beaufort, the mother who
    ends her life taking care of her ward, a daughter
    thats no even hers, and Justine, innocently
    convicted then killed, stand by idly in the story
    in order to further have Victors
    self-destruction stand out in the book.

  • Abortion is another motif of the story once
    Victor decided not to complete the creation of
    the female monster.

  • One predominant symbol in the story would be
    light. Light can be found in many ways in the
    story. Victors own faith can be considered
    light. Victors own mastery of science is also
    Victors goal of seeking out the light of
    ultimate science.

  • A similar symbol to light would most definitely
    be fire. Fire is dangerous and fire arrives in
    the same pursuit of light. Fire can build or
    fire can destroy.
  • The symbol of fire can be compared to the story
    of Prometheus, a Greek god who granted the tool
    of fire to humans then was harshly disciplined
    for it.

  • Book
  • Movie
  • Frankensteins monsters creation was quick and
    written in quite a flowery passage.
  • The movie, as most movies in general, spend a
    great deal of time on the creation of
    Frankensteins monster. By that, the movie would
    be more exciting. Displays of electricity are
    also quite common in the shots.

  • Mary Shelleys Frankenstein can be considered the
    epitome of what science fiction should be. She
    was always a writer first, as she did not learn
    seek out science to be part of her education
    while in school. Most would say that if she
    wrote out the story as a scientist, it wouldnt
    have the same emotional impact for readers when
    they read about Dr. Frankensteins creation.

  • Mary Shelleys work would continue to inspire the
    work of others, such as Tim Burtons
    Frankenweenie. Not only that but remakes of her
    original work, such as the Young Frankenstein
    comedy, would be created over and over again
    especially by Hollywood. One might think to the
    same resilience as Dr. Frankenstein himself.

Note I, Frankenstein is a recent remake that
comes out in theatres next year, 2014.
Thank you!
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