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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ?????

? ? ? ?
? ????????
????????????? ??????????????????? ????
? ?????????????
Part 1 (4-5minutes) Whats your full name
please? May I have your ID card, please?
Now, in the first part, Id like to ask you some
questions about yourself. Lets first talk about
your hometown. What kind of city is your
hometown? Whats it famous for? What do you like
about the city? What do you dislike about it?
Ok. Lets move on to the topic of driving.
Do/Can you drive? What age do you think is the
best for getting a driving license? Do you think
school should provide driving lessons for
students? Now, lets talk about something else.
Do you prefer writing by hand or writing using
the computer? Do you think handwriting is still
important today? How can children today improve
their handwriting?
  • ??
  • ?????????,???????,??,????,????????????????
  • one-word answer???????????????????,??????????
  • ?????????,????????????,???????,????????????

Part 2 (3-4 minutes) Describe someone you know
who is good at cooking You should say who this
person is how you know him or her what kinds of
food s/he cooks and explain how (you think) this
person became so good at cooking.
  • ??
  • ???????,?????????
  • ??????,?????????????
  • ???????????
  • ????????????????
  • ???????,?????,?????????
  • ??????,?????????????
  • ????????,???????
  • ????,???????????????,?????????
  • ???????,???????,??????

Part 3 (4-5 minutes) Subtopic 1 Chinese food
and western food How does western food like KFC
impact (on) traditional Chinese food? Do you
think traditional Chinese food will be more
popular in the future? In your view, how is
western food different from Chinese
food? Subtopic2 eating at home In your country,
do family members often eat at home together? Do
you think it important for people to eat at home?
Subtopic3 food safety Is food safety a serious
problem in your country? Do schools and
universities provide healthy food for students in
your country?
  • ??
  • ?????????????????,?????
  • ??????????????????,?????????????
  • ?????????,?????????????????,????????????
  • ??????????????????????????????,??????????????????
  • ???????????,????????,?????????,?????,???????,?????
  • ???????????????????,?????????,??????,??????????,??
  • ?????????,??????????????,??????????????????

? Top FAQs about IELTS Speaking Exam
1.????????,???????? 2.???????,????????? 3.????????
??????? 4.?????????????????? 5.???????????????? 6.
????????????????? 7.?????,????????? 8.???,???????
10.????????? 11.????????? 12.??????????????
13.??????????? 14.?????,????? 15.
?????????????? 16. ?????,????????
???? 17. ??????????
? ??????????
(?)???????? ???????????9??????,???????????? ?????
???????????????????? ??????????? 9?
???? ???????????,??????????????????? 8?
???? ????????,???????????????????????????,????????
???????? 7? ???? ???????,????????????????????????
???????,?????????? 6? ???? ?????????,?????????????
5? ???? ???????,????????????????????????,?????????
?????????? 4? ???? ????????????????,????????????,?
???????? 3? ????? ??????????????????,????????? 2?
???? ?????????,?????????????????????,?????????????
??????? 1? ???? ?????????,?????????? 0?
???? ???????
(?)????????? 1. ??? 7???????????????,?????
??,?? ???5?????,???????????????
?????????? 5 ?????????????????????,???
??????? ?????????????????????
2. ?? 7?????????????,??????????
??,??????,????????? 5????????????,????????
????,? ???????????????,????,?????
3. ?? 7????????????????,??????,???
????????????? 6????????????????,????,?????
??? 5????????????,???,????,?????
??????,?????????????????? ?????
4. ?? 7????????,??,????????
  • ??????????????,??????,???,??????????????,?????,???
  • In my view, eating at home is healthier cos you
    control what goes into the food.
  • 2. Eating at home is also a lot more
    economical. With just 20 RMB, you can cook a
    decent meal at home, but i20 RMB is just enough
    to buy you only one dish in a restaurant.
  • 3. Additionally, eating at home is much more
    hygienic. You know, the dining room at home is a
    private place whereas a restaurant is a public
    place. If you eat in a public place, youre more
    likely to expose yourself to health risks, like
    infectious diseases or whatever.
  • 4. I think its important for parents to
    share meals with their children on a regular
    basis, whether at home or in a restaurant. Its a
    great opportunity for communication and
    strengthening family bonds.

beaches cause low no invite library
lightnight saidsad likelack thick-sick busboss
betbat comfortable economy famous roses
quietquite quit kind linenine clothes thought
through looselose view--few temperature pilot
vegetables polite pain-pen pepper-paper pass-path
atmosphere gorgeous unique photography celebrity
original necessities competitive bathing suit equally
quarterly journalist employees Enormous electronic
(?)?????????????? ???????2008???,????????2
(?)????? ??????????5.5,6.5,7.5????
?????????????????? ???7 ??6 ??5
??6 ?????????24,???4,??????????6?
(?) ????
Your hometown Your Studies Your hobbies Your home
Your job Personal habits Music Sport
Computer Internet Swimming Cycling
News Drawingpainting Cooking Parties
Shopping Birthdays Reading Writing
Fruits veggies Weekend Holidays Travel
Gifts Communication (phone, email) Flowers advertisements
Newspapers magazines Transport driving Clothing Films
????????????,???????????,?????????,????? ???????
???????? ?,?,?,?,??,??,??(??,??,??),??,??,??,??(
(?)??????????????? ????????????????,?????????????
????? 1. Do you? 2.Do people in your country
do? 3.What type of do you like? 4.What type of
do you dislike? 5.What do you like
about? 6.What do you dislike about? 7.What do
you like to do ??? 8.What do you dislike to do
??? 9.Is it easy/difficult/convenient/safe/danger
ous to do? 10.When did you first do ? 11.Did
you dowhen you were a child? 12.When did you
last do ? / Tell me about your last experience?
13.When and where do you? 14.Do you like
doalone or with friends? 15.Do you prefer A or
B? Why? 16.Do you think its necessary/important
for children/schools to do? 17.What do you
think about..? 18.What do you think is the
benefit/advantage of ?
??????????????????,??????????? Cycling --Is it
popular to ride the bike in your country? --Do
you often ride the bike? --Is it safe to ride
the bike in your city? --What do you think is the
advantage of biking compared with other forms of
transport? Cooking --Who cooks in your
family? --Do you like cooking? Why or why not?
--Do you think schools should provide cooking
lessons for students? Shopping --Do you like
shopping? --Where do you like to go shopping?
--Do you like to go shopping alone or with
friends? --Do you prefer big shops or small
ones? Why? --Tell me about your last shopping
experience. Travel --Do you like
travelling? --What places do you like to visit?
--Tell me about your last travel? --What do you
think is the benefit of travel?
?????????????????????? ????
?????????? ?????? ? ????? ???
??? ????????? ????????
???? ????
(?)????????????? 1. ???????????? 1)???? 2)???????
(yes. No. I dont know.) 2. ??????????? Whats
you full name? or Can you tell me your full
name, please? How shall I call you?
Can I see your ID card please?
3. ????????????????????? 1)??????,????????????????
?? 2)???????,?????????????,?????,??
? 3)??????????????????????? 4)?????????,??????????
?????? 5)????????,?????????? 6)??????,????????????
4. ???????????????,?????? ?????5??????????????????
,??,?????like, ??????because, ?????good for
health, ??????beautiful, ??????????,??????????????
?????,??????????????,???,?????????,???????? ??????
???Yes, I do No, I dont ???????
???? ??
Sure Thats for sure Absolutely (not) Definitely (not) Certainly (not) No doubt about it Not necessarily Well, actually Well, obviously, Well, honestly Well, to tell you the truth Um, to be honest, As a matter of fact, Well, Im not really sure, but I guess so, cos 15. Well, it really depends. 16. Well, it obviously varies from person to person. 17. Well, its difficult to say, cos 18. Not really/exactly 19. Not much. 1-6 ????????,????,??????????? 7 ????,??? 8-13 ????????????????????? 14 ????????????????,????????? 15 ?????????????,????? 16. ?????? 17. ?? ???????? 18. ?? ???? 19. ?? ????(??),???????(??)
????? I like I dont like ???????
????(????-??????) ??
is my biggest passion in life. Be obsessed with Be addicted to Be hooked on Im crazy/mad about Im a huge/great fan of I absolutely adore I absolutely love Im into Im not very much into Im not a big fan of I dislike is not my thing. I really hate I cant stand Basketball is my biggest passion in life. Lots of children and teenagers are obsessed with computer games.. Im crazy about LV bags. Im huge fan of him. I absolutely adore you. I absolutely love Sichuan food. Im into Korean songs. Im so into you. Unlike most girls, Im not very much into shopping. Im not a big fan of photography. I dislike anything thats oily and spicy. Dancing is just not my thing. I really hate travelling by train. I cant stand the smell of it.
???how often?
????(????-????) ??
I .all the time I almost every day I whenever I want I a lot I dontvery often Ionce in a while I rarely I hardly ever I never I use the brand all the time. He complains all the time. I eat it almost every day. I go shopping whenever I want. I dine out a lot. I dont go to the cinema very often. I only go to the cinema once in a while. I rarely borrow money from my friends. It rarely rains here in summer. I hardly ever go to the restaurant/go to the cybercafé. I never drink or smoke.
???why or why not?
I like it mainly because I like it simply because Well, there are a variety of reasons. First, second One reason is that another reason is that The primary/main reason is that Its primarily because I like it mainly because its a great way to relax. I like the major simply because its my interest. Well, there are a variety of reasons. First, Ive been interested in it since I was a child and its always been my dream to be a . Second, I think it suits my personality. You see, Im extroverted and I love meeting new people. Thats exactly what the job requires. You see, everybody wants to have a car. I think one reason is that a car does make life easier and gives your more freedom. Another reason is that an expensive car is a status symbol, so rich people use it to show off their wealth. I think the primary reason is that our university education focuses too much on exams and too little on practical skills. Its primarily because we are selfish and short-sighted.
Its primarily due to Its mainly due to the fact that Its the result of It may be because Im not sure, but I guess one possible reason is For one thing for another Its primarily due to our selfishness and short-sightedness. Its mainly due to the fact that people today are under heavy pressure from work and life, especially financial pressure. Its the result of a long-time sedentary lifestyle. Well, it may be because theyre not happy about the pay. It may be because theyre too busy or too tired too cook at home, you know, modern life is really stressful. Im not sure, but I guess one possible reason is that they rush into marriage and after a while they find that they are not actually right for each other. I dont like cycling. For one thing, when I cycle along the road, I have to breathe the dirty air. For another, cycling is dangerous cos theres so much traffic on the road.
Its a great way to keep fit/boost your fitness. Its marvelous exercise. Its got great physical benefits. Its beneficial for health. Its really healthy/wholesome. Its really nutritious. ?????
Its economical. It doesnt cost much/it cost much less. Its inexpensive. Its money-saving. It saves (you) lots of money. ???
Its a marvelous way to release/relieve stress. Its a great stress reducer/stress killer. Its a great way to let off steam. Its a perfect way to wind down after a hard day at school/work. It helps me to wind down. Its a wonderful way to relax. Its a wonderful relaxation. Its really relaxing. ??,???
Its eco-friendly/environment-friendly. It does no harm to the environment. Its harmless to the environment It doesnt pollute/contaminate the environment. ???
Its really useful skill. ???
It really makes life easier. ???????
Its a wonderful family activity. It helps to strengthen family bonds. It allows me to spend more time with my family. ?????
It helps to develop my independence/team spirit/ interpersonal skills/communication skills/ability to manage my time/self-control/self-discipline/ problem-solving skills/life skills/imagination/creativity/ ?????
It really enriches your life and expands your horizons. ????,?????
Its eco-friendly/environment-friendly. It does no harm to the environment. Its harmless to the environment It doesnt pollute/contaminate the environment. ???
Its a really useful skill. ???
5. ?????????????? 1. ????????????????,and, but,
so, also, because, if ???????? 2. ??? cos ???? 3.
??? like ?? 4. ?????,?well, eh, um, ?? you
know,??? 5. ??? or whatever, and stuff like that,
and something like that ???? 6. ????? actually
,basically, obviously, unfortunately, ???? 7.
Most of the time, , but sometimes ???????? 8.
It depends, but generally ????????? 9. It
varies. If ., I, but if, I ?????????? 10.
??????,??mate/buddy ?? 11. ????????flick/flicks
???? watch/see a film, ???catch a flick ??? 12.
??????,?tasty ?yummy ??? 13. ??????,? amazing,
awesome, incredible, marvelous 14. ? ?????,?
really pretty,attractive ? gorgeous 15. ?
?????,? terrible/awful.
  • 16. ? ?? ???,? really unattractive/hideous
  • 17. ? ?? ???,? fake
  • 18. ? ????,? pricey/dear.
  • 19. ? ?????,? a smash hit.
  • 20. ? ????,? catch some zs. or catch forty
  • 21. ? ??, ? take it easy/wind down.
  • 22. ? ???,????,? a while
  • 23. ? ?? ? go up, ?? ? go down.
  • 24. ?????, ? realistic.
  • 25. ? ?????, ? materialistic
  • 26. ? ??,??, ? in, ???,???,??? innest?
  • 27. ? ??,? out of date/style, ????? out.
  • 28. ? ????,? state of the art .
  • 29. ? ?????? ? we really had a marvelous

30. ?? ????,??? look for kicks. 31. ??
?,??, ?? really. 32. ?? ??,??,??,??
?,absolutely, totally. 33. ?? ??,??, ?
down. 34. ?? ???, ? let sb down. 35. ??
??,? pick me up. 36. ???, ?
exhausted/dead beat/worn out. 37. ??
????,??,? get 38. ?? ???????,? it takes me
ages. 39. ?? ???????, ? hang out with my
mates. 40. ?? ??????,? is great fun. 41.
?? ?????,? a good laugh ?? hilarious. 42. ??
??,? outrageous ?? ridiculous. 43. ??
????????,? the best thing of .is 44. ??
????????,? The biggest problem withis
  • 45. ????,??,??,??????, ? stuff.
  • 46. ????? lot of ?? loads of
  • 47. ?? ??,???, ? well off?
  • 48. ?? ????,? loaded,? have money to burn.
  • 49. ?? ?,? broke.
  • 50. ?? ??,?? ? the haves, the have-nots.
  • 51. ?? ???,???,? be fed up with?? have had
    enough of?
  • 52. ?? ????????,? the rat race.
  • 53. ?? ????,? have 10 days off.
  • 54. ?? ???????2?,? our birthdays are just 2
    days apart.
  • 55. ?? ??????????, ? Christmas is just half a
    month away.
  • 56. ?? ????? ? give money/blood?
  • 57. ?? ????,?????,?to put it simply.
  • 58. ?? ????,?????,? to put it another way
  • 59. ??????? ????,? how shall I put it?
  • 60. ?????,???????,? a big headache? a real
  • 61. ? ????,? kill time.
  • 62. ? ??,??????,? a real drag.

  • 63. ? ??,? a drag on sb.
  • 64. ? ????,? put on/gain weight.
  • 65. ? ??, ? lose a few pounds ?? shed a few
  • 66. ? ??,? get exercise? work out.
  • 67. ? ??,? get slim/thin.
  • 68. ? ??,? idol.
  • 69. ? ??,? idolize.
  • 70. ? ???,? showbiz.
  • 71. ? ??, ? showy.
  • 72. ? ??,? a big name.
  • 73. ? ????,? a good/bad name.
  • 74. ? ???????????????????, ? the name of the
  • 75. ? ????,? you name it.
  • 76. ? ????????,? Our dog answers to the name
  • 77. ? ???,? scary.
  • 78. ? ??,? disgusting.
  • 79. ? ???,?????????,????,? catchy.
  • 80. ? ??,? tourist spots?
  • 81. ? ??,? spots?

  • 83.? ??????,? something is wrong with the
  • 84. ? ???,???, ? awesome.
  • 85. ? ?????????,?????????,? it takesto do
  • 86. ? ????,????,? stunning.
  • 87. ? ???????,? not teacher material.
  • 88. ? ????????????,? Sometimes, I just want
    some time alone.
  • 89. ? ??????????,,? I really enjoy their
  • 90. ? ?????,? spend more time with them.
  • 91. ? ?????????,? Hes a terribly nice guy.
  • 92. ? ???,? packed out.
  • 93. ? ??,??,?,? lousy
  • 94. ? ???????,? get me wrong.
  • 95. ? ???,? groovy.
  • 96. ? ??,? smart.
  • 97. ? ???????????,?Nothing beats my mums
  • 98. ? ????,? skip breakfast.
  • 99. ? ??????,? night owl.
  • 100. ? ????,? turn in. ??? ? sleep in.

  • (?)????????????????????
  • 1.Your hometown
  • l    a/an industrial/coastal/inland/tourist/capita
    l city
  • l    metropolis
  • l    international atmosphere
  • l    cultural diversity
  • l    over-crowded
  • l    a huge population
  • l    well-known
  • l    numerous historical sites/tourist
  • l    heavy traffic
  • l    traffic congestion
  • l    delicacy
  • l    snacks
  • l   pace of life
  • l    pleasant climate
  • l    gorgeous landscape

  • l    shopping/entertainment/sport facilities
  • l    high-rise buildings
  • l    skyscraper
  • l    infrastructure
  • 2. Your studies
  • l    compulsory/optional subjects/courses
  • l    curriculum
  • l    extra-curricular activities
  • l    associations
  • l    exam-oriented/exam centered
  • l    rote learning
  • l    force-feeding
  • l    exam machine
  • l    memorize/learnby heart
  • l    heavy pressure from exams
  • l    do a good/bad job in the exam
  • l    fail

l    kill our imagination and creativity l    cant
een/cafeteria l    dormitory/hall of
residence/dorm room l    boarding school l    a
day student l    school uniform l    cheat in
exams l    thesis/dissertation l    paper
qualifications degree/certificate/diploma l   
practical experience/skills l    theory/theoretic
al/academic l    intern/internship l   
postgraduate/post graduate school l   
science l    arts l    engineering
  • 3. Your job
  • l    resume/CV
  • l    HR department (human resources)
  • l    find employment
  • l    employer/employee
  • l    be out of work/out of a job
  • l    fire/hire
  • l    work overtime
  • l    overtime pay/double pay/triple pay
  • l    pain annual vacation
  • l    sick leave
  • l    maternity leave
  • l    compassionate leave
  • l    related to/have nothing to do with my major
  • l    get on well/badly with my colleagues

  • l    working environment
  • l    company culture
  • l    office politics
  • l    pays me well/gives me a decent
  • l    lots of opportunities for business travel
  • l    good promotion prospect
  • l    fair performance assessment
  • l    perks/benefits
  • l    bonus
  • l    flexible working hours
  • l    get to work
  • l    leave work
  • l    change my job
  • l    resign/quit

  • l    good job security
  • l    stressful
  • l    monotonous
  • l    be in charge of
  • l    my main responsibility
  • 4. Your home
  • l    downtown/suburban flat/house
  • l    on the second floor
  • l    a duplex flat
  • l    decorate/decoration

  • l    wallpaper
  • l    ornaments
  • l    coffee table
  • l    sofa
  • l    cushions
  • l    LCD TV
  • l    fish tank
  • l    electrical appliances
  • l    spacious
  • l    tiny
  • l    light
  • l    get/doent get the sun
  • l    stuffy
  • l    depressing
  • l    airy
  • l    cozy
  • l    study

  • l    living-room
  • l    bathroom
  • l    dining-room
  • l    balcony
  • l    French window
  • l    bay window
  • l    curtain
  • l  get a very good view of the city from the
  • window/balcony
  • l    get a very good birds eye view of the city
  • l    watch the sunrise/sunset
  • l    houseplants
  • l    vase filled with lilies
  • l    wedding photo
  • l    family photo
  • l    a landscape painting
  • l    calligraphy

  • 5. cooking
  • l    economical/money saving
  • l    healthier
  • l    more hygienic
  • l    heart-warming
  • l    a lot of trouble
  • l    do the washing-up/do the dishes/wash the
  • l    do the cleaning up
  • l    wipe the table
  • l    mop the floor
  • l    do the cooking
  • l    do the shopping
  • l    learn cooking from my mum
  • l    help my mum with the washing.
  • l    serve the dishes onto the table
  • l    cooking books
  • l    cooking schools
  • l    a great cook/chef

  • l    my mums cooking
  • l    home-style dishes like KungPao chicken
  • l    its real delicacy
  • l    cooking programs on TV
  • l    recipes
  • l    share meals with my family
  • 6. Shopping
  • l    shopping malls/department stores
  • l    the chemists/florists/green grocers
  • l    a bakery/stationery
  • l    a paper shop/gift shop/shoe shop/book shop
  • l    a supermarket
  • l    convenience store
  • l    24 hours open
  • l    a discount store

  • l    24 hours open
  • l    a discount store
  • l    boutiques
  • l    a wide range of products
  • l   reliable quality
  • l    better environment/service
  • l    shop assistants/sales clerks/sales girls
  • l    the checkout
  • l    receipt
  • l    pay by credit card
  • l    discount
  • l    hunt for discounts
  • l    holiday sales
  • l    50 discount/off/half price
  • l    giveaway/freebee/freebie
  • l    window shopping
  • l    a great pastime

  • l    a shopaholic
  • l    shop till drop
  • l    cost me 200
  • l    bought lots of stuff
  • l    a rip-off
  • l    browse in an online shop
  • l    a shopping website
  • l    e-shopping
  • 7. sport
  • work out
  • get exercise/get regular physical exercise
  • sedentary
  • overweight
  • obese/obesity
  • back and neck trouble
  • a decline in fitness
  • keep you away from diseases
  • keep fit
  • boost your fitness

  • a perfect way to let off steam
  • a marvelous stress reducer/killer
  • a great way to meet new people and make friends
  • a great way to expand your circle of friends
  • Health is your biggest wealth.
  • Get a slim figure
  • Shed a few pounds
  • build up your body/get muscular
  • sport facilities
  • basketball/volleyball/tennis/badminton court
  • football field/pitch
  • yoga club
  • dancing club
  • fitness center/gym/gymnasium
  • treadmills/exercise bikes
  • Natatorium
  • sport center where we can play badminton and
    ping pong.
  • sport gear

  • tennis/badminton racket/ping pong bat
  • exercise structures around the
  • gentle exercise like swimming and jogging
  • strenuous and competitive sports like
    basketball and football
  • adventurous/extreme/risky sports like rock
  • bungee jumping scuba-diving, sky-diving,
  • parkour, rafting, skateboarding,
  • aggressive roller-skating
  • get lots of kicks from such sports.
  • Its really thrilling.
  • physically stronger
  • physically challenging
  • exhausting/exhausted
  • Girls dont like to sweat a lot.
  • team sports/individual sports
  • Team sports help us to develop a team spirit.
  • Individual sports help us to discover our own
    value and potential.
  • Individual sports is also a great way to boost
    our self-confidence.

  • 8. Swimming
  • aquatic sport
  • go for a swim
  • go for a dip
  • Natatorium
  • bathing in the sea
  • bathing/swim suit
  • Trunks
  • swimming goggles
  • ear plugs
  • swimming cap
  • swimming coach
  • life guards
  • swimming ring
  • life ring
  • life jacket
  • Lane
  • swim a few laps

  • a 5-meter diving platform
  • swimmers and divers
  • Its marvelous exercise and also great fun.
  • In summer, its the best way to beat the heat.
  • Swimming is perfect way to help you cool down
    and wind down.
  • Swimming is a great stress killer.
  • Its really refreshing.
  • swimming lovers/enthusiasts
  • water slide
  • water play activities
  • swimming strokes
  • do the freestyle
  • back stroke
  • breast stroke
  • Butterfly
  • dog paddle
  • swimmable river/lake
  • no-swimmer

  • 9. Cycling
  • ride the bike
  • bike/cycle
  • biker/cyclist
  • biking/cycling
  • cycle to work/school and back home
  • Cycling is a great way to get around,
    especially for short trips.
  • economical, eco-friendly and great exercise
  • bike-friendly, with excellent road conditions
    and bike lanes
  • Cycling could be dangerous in some parts of the
  • where the traffic is heavy and often messy.
  • So, cyclists have to watch out and stay alert
    all the time.
  • In China, bikes are mainly used as a means of
  • Not many people ride the bike as a sport.
  • Sometimes, riding a bike is considered to be a
    symbol of having
  • no money.
  • I think the government should encourage people
    to bike more
  • instead of driving anywhere, for the sake of
    their health and also

  • 10. Driving
  • get a drivers/driving license
  • Ive been driving since I was 18.
  • the make of your car
  • drive to work/school
  • I love to get around by car.
  • Having a car does make you life much easier.
  • You get to have your own timetable.
  • You are free to make your own decisions about
    when to go and
  • where to go, and how to go there.
  • Its fast, comfortable and private.
  • go for a drive in the countryside
  • go travelling in your own car
  • I hate driving in Beijing. The traffic jams
    could drive me mad/crazy.
  • under-age driving/drive under-age/teenage
  • Teenagers like to drive fast for kicks.

  • They lack experience and patience.
  • So, theyre more likely to get into a car
  • drink and drive/drunk driving
  • drive while drowsy/drowsy driving
  • fine sb heavily
  • pay a fine of 200 RMB and lose p2 points
  • traffic police
  • Garage
  • car wash/wash the car
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Petrol
  • Toll
  • Tax
  • speed limit
  • surveillance camera

  • 11. TV
  • TV shows/programs/channels
  • cable TV/satellite TV
  • talent show
  • quiz show
  • reality show
  • variety show
  • sports show
  • news programs
  • Sitcoms
  • game show
  • Documentary
  • host/hostess
  • online TV
  • HD TV
  • viewing rate
  • Episode
  • the 2nd season

  • I just watch TV once in a while now. I spend
    more time on the
  • computer and Internet.
  • From Monday to Friday, I watch very little TV,
    but on the weekend or
  • during holidays, Im a bit of a couch potato.
  • Well, actually, Ive got no particular
    preference for TV shows. I just
  • flick through the channels and watch anything
    that attracts me.
  • What I like most is entertainment shows, cos
    theyre really
  • entertaining. You know, after a hard day at
    work/school, a good
  • laugh is exactly what I need to relax.
  • One of my favorites is an entertainment show
    called Happy Camp,
  • which is one of the best-liked shows among
    young people. Most of
  • my friends are loyal viewer of the show.
  • One big attraction of the show is the hosts and
    hostesses. Theyre
  • young, smart, cool, stylish, and amusing.
  • Every time, they invite a celebrity in the
    showbiz to share their
  • success stories with the audience and also
    give a live performance.
  • Theres applause and laughter all through the
    show. I just love the
  • atmosphere.
  • Some TV shows are educational and entertaining,
    no doubt about it,

  • 12. Advertisements
  • advertise
  • advertising
  • advertiser
  • place/put an advert/ad
  • commercials
  • non-profitable advertisements
  • commercial break
  • prime time
  • advertising revenues
  • do adverts for big companies
  • pay big stars to endorse their products
  • commercials tend to exaggerate and mislead the
  • Commercials are important cos this is a
    commercial society.

  • Commercials serve as a bridge connecting
    consumers and
  • manufacturers.
  • But on the other hand, they could be really
    annoying cos they
  • always show up at the time you least want
    them to.
  • deceptive advertisements
  • Some adverts are just an insult to my
  • be conned into buying fake products
  • I dont trust what they say in adverts.
  • I just believe my own eyes and judgment.
  • And I trust name brands.
  • Name brands cannot afford to sell fake
  • TV adverts are just like mini-films, so they
    are more attractive and
  • impressive.
  • Some advertisements are classic and great works
    of art.
  • I love advertisements that dont exaggerate but
    really give you
  • a strong visual impact and pleasure, and have
    very catchy
  • advertising words.

  • 13. Free-time activities
  • indoor/outdoor activities
  • Im an indoors man/woman
  • go singing Karaoke
  • go dancing disco
  • go clubbing/go to a night club
  • go to a bar to have a few drinks
  • go the cinema to watch the latest blockbusters.
  • catch a few flicks on the computer
  • go shopping downtown
  • doing sport
  • work out in the gym
  • go swimming
  • surfing the Net
  • playing computer games
  • playing poker
  • playing billiards
  • watching TV

  • 14. Weekends
  • have a good sleep
  • hang out with my friends, singing or playing
  • My favorite weekend activity is shopping.
  • Sometimes, I just want some time alone, so I
    stay home, reading
  • books or catching a few flicks.
  • go for a drive in the countryside
  • The most popular weekend activities in China
    are shopping, playing
  • mahjong, singing Karaoke and playing on the
  • I think weekends now are more interesting, cos
    theres so much I
  • can do, watching TV, shopping, doing sport,
    singing, you name it,
  • whereas in my childhood, the only thing I did
    was just watching
  • cartoons.
  • I think weekends in my childhood are more
    interesting, cos I was
  • totally care-free, and I didnt have much
    homework to do, so I could
  • spend most of my time playing with other
    children. We liked to play
  • some simply games like hide and seek, but
    they gave us enormous
  • pleasure, now, we had more things to do on
    the weekend, but they

  • 15. Music
  • Music is magic.
  • Music is my passion.
  • hit songs
  • download the latest tunes
  • RB/rap/rock/pop/blues/heavy mental/symphony/cla
  • rhythm/beat
  • Lyrics
  • song-writer/singer/musician/instrumentalist
  • an accomplished/excellent pianist
  • Composer
  • Tune
  • The music is great to dance to.
  • choir/band
  • go to a concert
  • signature song
  • the charts
  • album record

  • Music is really important for me. I really
    cannot imagine my life
  • without music.
  • Without music, my life would be so dull.
  • For me, music is just like a loyal friend, who
    is always there
  • when you need him/her. He gives me comfort
    when Im sad,
  • gives me passion when Im high, and gives me
    company when
  • Im lonely.
  • Actually, Ive got no particular preference for
    music. I just listen
  • to anything thats pleasant to my ear. And in
    fact, what I listen to
  • really depends on my mood. Say, when Im in a
    bad mood, I
  • usually choose something thats slow and
    soothing, whereas
  • when Im in a good mood, I prefer something
    fast and strong and
  • passionate.
  • musical instrument/instrument
  • the guitar/bass/clarinet/violin/cello/piano/flut
  • traditional Chinese musical instrument, like
    Guzheng, which is a
  • string instrument, something like zither.
    Its got about 20 strings,
  • I dont know exactly how many, and you play
    it with both your
  • hands, the left hand plucking the strings and
    the right hand

  • I used to learn the piano for a while when I
    was in primary school,
  • and then I had to stop it because of the
    heavy study pressure.
  • They say playing instruments makes kids more
  • imaginative and creative.
  • Playing a musical instrument is a marvelous
    hobby that can continue
  • for a lifetime, and also its highly
    desirable skill.
  • If youre really good at playing an instrument,
    you can make a living
  • out of it if you like.
  • And its a really useful social skill, like you
    can show it on a party to
  • entertain your friends, and you will be star
    of the party.
  • And if you can play an instrument, you have a
    unique way of
  • expressing your feelings. Like, you can play
    music to express your
  • love to someone without actually say I love
    you. Its special and
  • romantic. And it always works wonders.
  • Learning to play a musical instrument takes
    time and energy, and lot
  • of money as well.
  • Im not very musical, so learning an instrument
    is really a tough job
  • for me.

  • 16. Reading and writing
  • sci-fi/kung fu fictions
  • fantasy novels, like Harry Porter
  • some on-line fantasy stuff
  • biographies/autobiographies of celebrities or
    successful CEOs or
  • entrepreneurs, or politicians.
  • story books/picture books/fairy
    tales/fables/ancient poems
  • best-sellers
  • Books that teach you how to become more
    attractive, how to become
  • successful and make big money, how to manage
    your money and
  • invest your money, and books about
    celebrities, theyre always the
  • best sellers.
  • Im into historical stuff. Im really curious
    about what happened in
  • the past. It always fascinates me.
  • I dont read much in my free time.
  • I just do some light stuff, like newspapers and
  • And I also read some interesting news and blogs
    on the Internet
  • almost every day.

  • 17. Fruits and vegetables
  • Veggie
  • cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, green beans,
    leek, water spinach,
  • lotus root, eggplant, broccoli, cucumber,
    mushroom, green pepper
  • fruits and fresh fruit juice
  • Im a meat eater. I just couldnt live without
    meat. And Im not a big
  • fan of veggies and fruits.
  • I know its not a healthy habit, but I just
    cannot resist meat.
  • I love fruits that are sweet, juicy and meaty,
    like water melon, and
  • oranges.
  • Vegetables and fruits are low-calorie but
    highly nutritious, so theyre
  • well-liked by people, especially girls who
    want to lose weight.
  • In China, we eat lots of veggies, cos theyre
    healthy/wholesome and
  • theyre cheap to buy. This is quite different
    from some western
  • countries where vegetables are more expensive
    than meat.
  • And also veggies are ingredients for lots of
  • Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins,
    minerals and dietary fiber.
  • And lots of them are helpful in preventing and
    curing diseases.

  • 18. Travel
  • travel agency/tour guide/tour leader/lecturer
  • (take) package tour
  • independent travel/travel independently
  • self-drive travel/travel in your own car
  • backpackers
  • tour around a place
  • see the sights
  • do sightseeing
  • sightseer
  • This place is packed with travelers
  • tourists/travelers/holiday-makers
  • holiday resort
  • The best way to explore the place is on foot.
  • show sb around a place
  • enjoy the local delicacies
  • shopping paradise/buy name brand stuff at lower
  • take photos of the gorgeous view/scenery

  • get some souvenirs, like local specialties and
    some artifacts.
  • Package tours are safer and less trouble but
    they are less fun, cos you
  • just follow the tour guide and you dont have
    much freedom.
  • Independent travel could be dangerous and more
    trouble but theyre
  • more exciting and enjoyable, cos you are free
    to make your own
  • decisions, and do what you really like to do.
  • In China, the best-liked travel destinations
    are either places of great
  • natural beauty or historical importance. And
    more and more people
  • choose to travel overseas.
  • Travel enriches our life cos we go to new
    places, see and do new
  • things and get new experiences.
  • Also, when youre fed up with your day-to-day
    life, travel gives you the
  • chance to get away from it all and totally

  • 19. Holidays
  • spend ones holiday/vacation
  • holiday-makers
  • have 7 days off
  • public holidays National Day holiday/May
  • traditional festivals
  • annual vacation
  • What I do actually depends on the length of the
  • Of course, I want to go travelling during
    holidays but the problem is
  • everywhere is packed with tourists, and I
    really hate that.
  • And also, transport is a big problem cos train
    tickers and air tickets
  • are hard to get, cos the demand is too big.
  • During holidays, what I do most is get together
    with my friends and
  • have a good time, shopping, singing Karaoke,
    having a big dinner
  • together and chatting.

  • And of course, I love to sleep during holidays,
    you know, to sleep as
  • long as I want, without anybody disturbing
    me. Its awesome.
  • What I hate to do most is of course having to
    work during holidays.
  • You know, everybody else is having a good
    time with their family or
  • friends and youre working, which really
    makes me sad.
  • I have lots of holidays, all the public
    holidays, like National Day and
  • May Day, plus two long vacations, the 2-month
    summer vacation and
  • one-month winter vacation, but the problem is
    that I have to spend
  • most of my holidays on the school stuff or
    taking extra lessons. That is
  • the last thing I want to do. I really hate
  • Holidays are important, cos they give us the
    chance to slow down and
  • relax, and be with our family and close
    friends, and do something I
  • really want to do but dont have the time to
    do, so I think holidays are
  • really important.

  • 20. Computer
  • computer-literate/computer-illiterate
  • Computer-literacy is a must for modern people.
  • Everybody is supposed to be able to use the
    computer, you know,
  • word, excel, ppt, and stuff.
  • laptopadaptercableUSB stick/USB port
  • connect A to B/disconnect
  • plug in/unplug
  • the keyboard/touch pad/mouse pad
  • click/double-click
  • icon
  • switch on/offreboot/crash
  • save/store/create/open/close/cancel/delete/exit/
  • copy/cut/paste/drag/insert/edit
  • make changes to the text
  • computernik/mouse potato

  • play on the computer
  • My job/work involves using the computer a lot.
  • I type lots of stuff on the computer.
  • I also use it for entertainment, like listening
    to music, watching films
  • and playing games.
  • Ive been using the computer since I was very
    young, probably 7
  • years old.
  • I learned it myself. Its really a piece of
    cake for me.
  • take apart the computer and reassemble it
  • If something is wrong with my computer, I can
    get help from the
  • Internet, you know, there are lots of
    websites providing professional
  • help about how to fix all kinds of computer

  • I can use the computer quite well, but when it
    comes to fixing
  • computer problems, Im totally hopeless.
  • Too much game playing is of course a bad thing.
    It ruins/damages
  • your eyesight, harms your health, and affects
    your work/life.
  • However, if you can control yourself and dont
    overdo it, playing
  • games could be really fun. Some computer
    games are educational
  • and entertaining. Some are just entertaining,
    maybe, in a bit violent
  • or erotic way, but theyre great fun, no
    doubt about that. Thats why
  • so many people are crazy about playing
    computer games.
  • All in all, playing computer games is no
    different from other forms
  • of entertainment. If we dont do it too much,
    it would do us more
  • good than harm.

  • 21. the Internet
  • the Web/the Net
  • netizen/Internet users/Net surfers/cyberholic
  • Theres no Internet access in my dorm room.
  • Theres wireless Internet access in the café.
  • Internet addiction/obsession
  • be addicted to/be obsessed with the Internet
  • Internet addiction is an increasingly common
    and serious problem
  • among teenagers.
  • information age
  • enter/tap in your password and username
  • website/webpage/home page
  • visit a website/visitor
  • It gets tons of hits every day.
  • the best-liked website among young people
  • email it to me
  • check my email/answer an email

  • junk mail
  • download/upload
  • transmit/transmission
  • transfer
  • attach/attachment
  • server
  • file package/compress
  • BBS/forum/post
  • blog
  • update/upgrade
  • I love to Google it.
  • I did a search for it on the Internet.
  • use the Net for searching for information
  • cybercafé/net bar
  • net pal
  • cyber crime/cyber friends/cyber romance/cyber
  • dating
  • e-books/e-shops
  • hackers/viruses

6. ???????????? ???free time activities
?? What do you like to do in your free time?
--Definitely sleep. You see, right now, Im
working very hard to improve my English and I
have so many things to do, so I just dont get
enough sleep, and when I have time, I love to
catch some zs or have a long sleep, which is the
best relaxation for me. Anything else? --Yes,
if I dont sleep, I love to play computer games.
Its one of my favorite pastimes, and its a
marvelous stress reducer for me. And apart from
computer games, I also play basketball. Do you
prefer to go out or stay home in your free time?
--Well, most of the time, I like to go out with
my buddies to have some fun, playing basketball,
or singing Karaoke, but sometimes, when Im
really exhausted, Id prefer to stay home, be
alone and relax by watching TV, surfing the Net,
or having a good sleep.
??????????????????????????????????????????? ???
?????? ???? ????????? ??????????? ????????,?????
?? ??????? ????? ?????,????? ??????? ????? ????,??
?????,???????? ???/????
7. ???????????? (??2010?2?) ????????????????2-3
???,?????2??????????? ??? (SchoolLanguage
Learning) Are you working or a students? Why did
you choose the school/university youre studying
now? What was the first school day like? Do you
think the first day at school/university is
important? Do you like the school? / Do you
enjoy studying at the school? Do you like to
study alone or with a group of classmates? Is
learning English difficult for you? Is there any
other language youd like to learn apart from
English? Why do you want to learn it?
??? (Where you liveNewspapersMagazines) Do you
live in a house or an apartment/a flat? Describe
it to me, please. Whats your favorite room in
the house/flat? Is there anything you want to
improve about your home? What are the
surroundings like around your home? Is it
convenient for transport? Do you read magazines
in foreign languages? Is it helpful for your
language study? What kind of magazines do you
like to read? Why? What kind of news are you
interested in? Why? ??? (JobFashionClothes)
Whats your job?/What do you do?/What do you do
for a living? Could you describe me your job,
please? Do you like the job? What kind of job do
you enjoy?
Do you like fashion? What do you think about
fashion? Do you like shopping for clothes?/Do you
like clothes shopping? What kind of clothes do
you like? Do you think there are some changes in
fashion in your country these yeas? Or Do you
think there are some changes in what people wear
in your country? ??? (MajorTV) Whats your
major? Why did you choose it? What is your
favorite subject/course? What can you learn from
it? Do you like watching TV? What kind of
shows/programs do you like watching? Do you like
to watch TV alone or with others? Do you watch
any English TV shows? Do you think its helpful
for English study?
??? (Friends Time) Do you like to hang out
with your friends? Where do you like to
meet? What do you like to do together? Do you
like to hang out with a group of friends or just
one or two friends? Do you wear a watch? Why or
why not? Do you think people wear a watch just
for the time? Do you think its important to be
punctual? Have you ever been late for
something? If your friends is late for an
appointment with you, what would you do? Do you
think people in China have a strong sense of
time? ??? (TravelReading) Do you like
travelling? What is the benefit of
travelling? Tell me about your last travel?/Tell
me about your most memorable travel? Have you
ever travelled abroad Is there any foreign
country you would like to visit?
Do you like reading? How often do you read? What
do you think is the benefit of reading? What kind
of stuff do you like to read? What are you
reading at the moment? How long do you read it a
day? ??? (CookingSport) Who cooks most in
your family? Why is it usually mothers who does
the cooking? Have you ever learned cooking? (If
not, would you like to learn it?) Do you think
its necessary for children/students to learn
cooking at school? How do people usually learn
cooking? What do you think is the best way to
learn cooking? What is the benefit of being able
to cook? What sports are popular in your
country? Do you do any sport? How often do you
do it? Why do you like it?
Is there any other sport you want to learn? What
do you think is the benefit of doing sport for
children? ??? (NoisesSoundsCollection) Whats
your favorite sound from nature? Or what kind of
sound do you like? What is the noise you hate
most? Is it noisy where you live? Do you like to
work/study in a quiet or noisy environment? Did
you collect anything in your childhood? (If yes,
do you still do it now?) Is collection popular in
your country? What do they like to collect?
Why? If you had a lot of money, what would you
buy and collect? ??? (AdvertisementsweatherClim
ate) What do you think about advertisements? Whe
re can we see advertisements? Which do you
prefer, adverts on TV or magazines?
Have your ever bought anything because of its
advertisement? What products have most
advertisements in your country? Why? Are there
any advertisements targeted at children? What
kind of climate do you like? What is the climate
like in your country? Do you prefer to live in a
place that has the same climate all the year or a
place that has four different/distinctive
seasons? Which do you prefer, hot weather or
cold weather? How does weather affect our
life? How do you get weather reports?
???(HometownFilms) Where are you from? How
has your hometown changes over the past few
years? Have you ever lived in any other city?
Why? (If not, is it good to grow up in your
hometown?) Is your hometown good for children to
live? Is your hometown good for retired people
to live?
Do you prefer to watch films at home or in the
cinema? Why? What type of films do you like? Did
you watch any film of that type recently? What
type do you dislike? Why? What films did you
watch when you were a child? ????(DrivingVegeta
blesFruits) Do you like driving?/Can you drive?
(If yes, when did you get your driving
license?) When do most people start learning
driving in your country? At what age would you
allow your child to get a drivers license? Is
safe driving important? Do you think driving is
an important skill to learn? Do you like eating
fruits and vegetables? Did you like them when you
were a child? Do you think its important to eat
them? What fruits and vegetables are well-liked
in your country? Is it convenient to buy fruits
and vegetables where you live?
???? (Flowers Neighbors) Do you like flowers?
Why? Have your ever sent flowers as a gift? Have
your ever received flowers as a gift? What else
can we use flowers to do apart from as gifts and
decorations? Do many people grow flowers in your
country? What about you? What are your
neighbors like? Have your neighbors ever helped
you? Have you ever helped them? Do you think its
important to establish a good relationship with
neighbors? How? Many of my Chinese friends told
me that they dont know their neighbors? Why is
that? Do you prefer young people or old people
to be your neighbor? ???? (LettersEmailsWritin
g) Do you often write letters and emails? (If
not, why not?)
When do you write emails? And what do you write
about? To whom? When was the last time you wrote
an email? Do you like to write something every
day? (If yes, what do you write? If not, why
not?) Do you think writing is an important skill
to learn? How did you learn writing at
school? What do you think is the relationship
between reading and writing? ???? (Handwriting
vs. Writing on the computer Painting ) Which
do you prefer, writing by hand, or writing on the
computer? Do you think handwriting is still an
important skill? What is the benefit of having
good handwriting? How can we help children to
learn handwriting? Have you ever taken any
painting lessons? Do you think children should
learn painting? Why do Chinese people like to buy
?? ?? (future job computer) What kind of job
would you like to get in the future? Do you think
it will be difficult or easy to get it? What do
you need to do for getting such a job? What jobs
are popular in your country? What jobs are not
well-paid in your country? How often do you use
the computer? What do you use it for? How has
the computer changed your life? When do
children start to learn the computer in your
country? Do you think its good for them to learn
the computer at a young age? What can we do to
prevent computer and Internet addiction among
young people?
  • ?????????
  • What is Part Two
  • In Part Two, the examiner gives you a topic
    card. You have one minute to
  • prepare and make notes. Then youll be
    required to talk about the topic for one to two
  • ???????,??????,??????????????????,??????????,
  • ??????????,????????
  • Example
  • Describe a film you enjoyed watching (either
    at home or in the cinema)
  • You should say
  • What type of film it was
  • when and where you watched it
  • What it was about
  • And explain why you enjoyed the film.

2. Part Two ????
People Cards What he/she looks like What is his/her personality like. His/her hobbies His/her past experience Or his/her achievement His/her relationship with you My feeling about him/her Or His/her influence on me. Place Cards What the place looks like Its scenery/natural beau
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