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Title: B R _ main

B R _ main
About the Author
English Poem The Wasted Tears
Origin of Workaholic
Gap Filling
Table Completion
Listening Comprehension
B R _ English Poem _ main
English Poem The Wasted Tears
Enjoy a Poem The Wasted Tears
Questions and Answers
B R _ About the Author 1
About the Author
Ellen Goodman (1941 ) was born in
Massachusetts and graduated from Radcliffe
College. She worked for Newsweek and the Detroit
Free Press before joining The Boston Globe in
1967. Her column At Large has been widely
syndicated since 1976. As an essayist and
television commentator, Goodman has discussed
feminism, changes in family life, sexual
harassment, and male and female relationships.
Her essays have been collected in several books,
including Close to Home (1979), Turning Points
(1979) and At Large (1981).
B R _ About the Author 2
In 1980, Goodman received the Pulitzer
Prize for Distinguished Commentary. Among other
awards she has won are the American Society of
Newspaper Editors Distinguished Writing Award and
the Hubert H. Humphrey Civil Rights Award. The
National Womens Political Caucus gave her the
Presidents Award, and the Womens Research and
Education Institute presented her with their
American Woman Award.
B R _ About the Author 3
B R _ About the Author 4
B R _ About the Author 5
B R _ About the Author 6
B R _ The Wasted Tears 1
The Wasted Tears
by Rajaram Ramachandran
They were newly married couple,A few days went
on with no .As days passed on, he
never turned,While for his love, her heart
.She wore daily the best of
robes,Diamonds in her ear
lobes,But he had his mind on his work.And
wasnt to have a look.
B R _ The Wasted Tears 2
Her heart, one day, nearly ,But it was
saved from a stroke.With tears she stood before
him,He saw her face-glow gone dim.Deeply
in his work,He was up to his
desk.Elsewhere was his mind The reason for
tears to find.Suddenly, his mind woke up.He
, drop by drop,In a test tube all
her tears,And mixed some .
B R _ The Wasted Tears 3
Oh, I found out, my dear, It is nothing but
saline water. So said the
husband,Still tied up, work bound. 
B R _ Answer questions
Questions and Answers
1. Why did the newly married wife feel very sad?
Her husband was so engrossed in his work that she
felt neglected and lonely.
2. What is her husbands job?
A scientist.
3. What did the husband do with her tears?
He collected all her tears drop by drop in a test
tube, mixed some powders and finally found out it
was nothing but saline water.
4. Is the husband a workaholic?
Yes, of course.
B R _ Origin of Workaholic 1
Origin of Workaholic
Time Development
In 1891
In the 1960s

Alcoholic was first attested.
A whole new category of taking -holic as a
suffix meaning addict followed.
In 1968
Workaholic was first announced.
B R _ Origin of Workaholic 2
Time Development

The use of workaholic prompted many writers to
start using the suffixes -aholic, -holic, or
-oholic to describe all-consuming obsessions.
In 1971
In the 1970s
More holic words appeared.
B R _ Blank Filling 1
Gap Filling
B R _ Blank Filling 2
1. Definition of workaholic If a person is
a workaholic, hes got
to be driven to things. In the
workdays, they just keep going, keep
themselves. And a lot of stress leads to many
problems, and diseases. 2.
Suggestion to deal with workaholism If you
are not able to work, and the work
you, you may be a
workaholic and you may need to seek some outside
. Youd be able to
in your career world and to deal
with other issues. Not let workaholism steal the
joy of living.
compulsive need
let go of
holds onto
professional help
keep balance
B R _ Table Completion 1
Table Completion
Type Name Characteristics

self-sacrificing workaholic
Type 1
They put themselves last and will go to any
extreme to please and impress a dominant,
parent-type person at work.
They do not care if they are liked, but must be
seen as competent. They can be aggressive and
arrogant. They seek respect.
Type 2
dominant workaholic
B R _ Table Completion 2
Type Name Characteristics

Type 3
withdrawn workaholic
They prefer to work alone. They work hard and
want to be needed and approved of as well, but do
not want to be controlled or dominated. They
prefer to keep their emotional distance from
B R _ Listening Comprehension 1
Listening Comprehension
Answer the following questions after you listen
to the passage.
1. What is the distinction between working hard
and being a workaholic?
Working hard involves being organized, focused,
getting a lot of work done, knowing when to stop
and having a life other than work. Workaholics,
on the other hand, are often disorganized, always
find reasons for working more.
B R _ Listening Comprehension 2
2. Why are workers willing to burn midnight oil
at risk in most companies?
Most employers want their employees to work
longer hours and reward them with higher pay and
lots of benefits.
3. When has workaholism become an evident problem?
Workaholism is a problem thats been evident
since the Stone Age.
B R _ Listening Comprehension 3
4. How many types of workaholics are there and
what are they?
There are three types. First are people with high
energy that needs discharging. Second are very
competitive people who have a strong need to
prove themselves and tie their self-worth to
their work. Third are people who use work to
escape from something and they keep themselves so
busy working that they have no time or energy to
deal with their real problems.
B R _ Listening Comprehension 4
5. What are same traits these three types have?
They cant stand not being active. They find it
hard to go on vacation. They are more comfortable
being with fellow workers than with family and
friends. They equate self-worth and success with
hard work.
G R _ main
Part Division of the Text
Further Understanding
G R _ Further Understanding _ main
Further Understanding
For Part 1 2 True or False
For Part 3 Table Completion
For Part 4 Questions and Answers
G R _ Part Division of the Text 1
Part Division of the Text
Parts Para(s) Main Ideas
1 13
2 46
One of six vice-presidents, Phil worked himself
to death.
Phil completely tied up himself in work
regardless of his health.
G R _ Part Division of the Text 2
Parts Para(s) Main Ideas
3 712
4 1316
A typical workaholic, Phil totally neglected
those closest to him his wife and three
Phils boss said one thing at the funeral and did
quite another soon afterwards.
G R _ True or False 1
True or False
1. Phil was one of the six vice-presidents of a
large corporation and one of the three promising
candidates who might succeed to the position of
the president.
( )
2. The company had extended the four-day week for
everyone in the company.
( )
The company had extended the four-day week for
everyone but the executives.
G R _ True or False 2
3. In order to have some physical exercise, Phil
played golf each month.
( )
The monthly golf game offered him a good
opportunity to talk or do business.
4. Phil was overweight by 20 or 25 pounds and he
did not realize that he was a heart-attack
( )
G R _ Table Completion 1
Table Completion
List all the details to show a typical workaholic
Phil in terms of his relation with his family
Family Member Details
His wife
1. She had given up
trying to compete with
his work years ago when the children were small.
2. She must have given up
part of
herself which had cared too much for the man.
G R _ Table Completion 2
Family Member Details
His eldest son
His daughter
He researched his father in the neighborhood
before the funeral, but found the neighbors knew
very little about his father.
Whenever she was alone with her father, they had
nothing to say to each other.
G R _ Table Completion 3
Family Member Details
His youngest son
He tried to grab at his father, and tried to mean
enough to him to keep the man at home.
2. It was only over the last two years that Phil
began to worry about his youngest son.
G R _ Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
1. Why did Phils wife hide her bitterness in
face of the company president at the funeral?
Because she would need him to straighten out the
finances the stock options and all that.
2. Why is it very easy to identify Phil from a
Because Phil was a Type A, a typical workaholic,
a heart-attack natural.
3. What did the company president do as soon as
Phils funeral was over?
The company president began choosing his next
victim as soon as Phils funeral was over.
D R _ t1
The Company Man
Ellen Goodman
He worked himself to death, finally and
precisely, at 300 A.M. Sunday morning.
The obituary didnt say that, of course. It said
that he died of a coronary thrombosis I think
that was it but everyone among his friends and
acquaintances knew it instantly. He was a
perfect Type A, a workaholic, a classic, they
said to each other and shook their head and
thought for five or ten minutes about the way
they lived.
D R _ t2
This man who worked himself to death
finally and precisely at 300 A.M. Sunday morning
on his day off was fifty-one years old and a
vice-president. He was, however, one of six
vice-presidents, and one of three who might
conceivably if the president died or retired
soon enough have moved to the top spot. Phil
knew that.       He worked six days a week, five
of them until eight or nine at night, during a
time when his own company had begun the four-day
week for everyone but the executives. He
worked like the Important People. He had no
outside extracurricular interests, unless, of
course, you think about a monthly golf game that
way. To Phil, it was work. He always ate egg
salad sandwiches at his desk.
D R _ t3
He was, of course, overweight, by 20 or 25
pounds. He thought it was okay, though, because
he didnt smoke. On Saturdays, Phil wore
a sports jacket to the office instead of a suit,
because it was the weekend.
He had a lot of people working for him,
maybe sixty, and most of them liked him most of
the time. Three of them will be seriously
considered for his job. The obituary didnt
mention that.
D R _ t4
But it did list his survivors quite
accurately. He is survived by his wife, Helen,
forty-eight years old, a good woman of no
particular marketable skills, who worked in an
office before marrying and mothering. She had,
according to her daughter, given up trying to
compete with his work years ago, when the
children were small. A company friend
said, I know how much you will miss him. And
she answered, I already have. Missing
him all these years, she must have given up
part of herself which had cared too much for
the man. She would be well taken care of.
D R _ t5
His dearly beloved eldest of the dearly
beloved children is a hardworking executive in a
manufacturing firm down South. In the day and a
half before the funeral, he went around the
neighborhood researching his father, asking the
neighbors what he was like. They were
embarrassed. His second child is a girl,
who is twenty-four and newly married. She lives
near her mother and they are close, but whenever
she was alone with her father, in a car driving
somewhere, they had nothing to say to each other.
D R _ t6
The youngest is twenty, a boy, a
high-school graduate who has spent the last
couple of years, like a lot of his friends, doing
enough odd jobs to stay in grass and food.
He was the one who tried to grab at his
father, and tried to mean enough to him to keep
the man at home. He was his fathers favorite.
Over the last two years, Phil stayed up nights
worrying about the boy.
The boy once said, My father and I only
board here.
D R _ t7
At the funeral, the sixty-year-old company
president told the forty-eight-year-old widow
that the fifty-one-year-old deceased had meant
much to the company and would be missed and would
be hard to replace. The widow didnt look him in
the eye. She was afraid he would read her
bitterness and, after all, she would need him to
straighten out the finances the stock options
and all that. Phil was overweight and
nervous and worked too hard. If he wasnt at the
office, he was worried about it. Phil was a Type
A, a heart-attack natural. You could have
picked him out in a minute from a lineup.
D R _ t8
So when he finally worked himself to death,
at precisely 300 A.M. Sunday morning, no one was
really surprised. By 500 P.M. the
afternoon of the funeral, the company president
had begun, discreetly of course, with care and
taste, to make inquiries about his replacement.
One of the three men. He asked around Whos
been working the hardest?
D R _ He was a perfect
He was a perfect Type A, a workaholic, a classic,
they said to each other and shook their heads
and thought for five or ten minutes about the way
they lived.
What is a perfect Type A?
People exhibiting Type A behaviour tend to be
impatient and highly time-conscious. Often as
high-achieving workaholics, they feel insecure
about their social status and are extremely
competitive and aggressive.
D R _ He was, however, one of
He was, however, one of six vice-presidents, and
one of three who might conceivably if the
president died or retired soon enough have
moved to the top spot.
What is the implied meaning of the sentence?
He was one of the six vice-presidents of a large
corporation and one of the three promising
candidates who might succeed to the position of
the president.
D R _ He worked like the
He worked like the Important People.
What can you infer from the sentence?
He voluntarily worked overtime because all the
executives in the company considered themselves
too important a group to be allowed to ease up.
D R _ He had no outside extracurricular
He had no outside extracurricular interests,
unless, of course, you think about a monthly golf
game that way. To Phil, it was work.
For what purpose did he play golf monthly?
The monthly golf game offered him a good
opportunity to talk or do business.
D R _ He is survived by his wife
He is survived by his wife, Helen, forty-eight
years old, a good woman of no particular
marketable skills, who worked in an office before
marrying and mothering.
Translate this sentence into Chinese.
D R _ A company friend said
A company friend said, I know how much you will
miss him. And she answered, I already have.
Why did Phils wife say so?
Being a workaholic, Phil spent little time at
home before he died. His wife had missed him long
before he died.
D R _ The youngest is twenty
The youngest is twenty, a boy, a high-school
graduate who has spent the last couple of years,
like a lot of his friends, doing enough odd jobs
to stay in grass and food.
What do we learn about Phils youngest son?
His youngest son failed to go in for a college
education and did no more than odd jobs to get
enough money for marijuana and food.
D R _ He was the one who
He was the one who tried to grab at his father,
and tried to mean enough to him to keep the man
at home.
Why did Phils youngest son try to grab at his
The workaholic Phil never paid enough attention
to the growth and education of his youngest son.
His son longed for his love and care.
D R _ You could have picked
You could have picked him out in a minute from a
What can you infer from the sentence?
Based on the use of police lineups from which a
victim identifies a criminal, this is used
metaphorically to emphasize how easy it is to
identify Phil.
D R _ So when he finally
So when he finally worked himself to death, at
precisely 300 A.M. Sunday morning, no one was
really surprised.
Why does the author repeat finally and
precisely three times in the passage?
The tone of this essay is bitter and sarcastic.
It is achieved mainly by the choice of words and
selection of details, which are otherwise
considered unnecessary for the occasion.
D R _ precisely 1
precisely adv.
1. exactly just
Planes fly daily over regular routes with
timetable precisely. 
Scientists do not yet know precisely how insects
can produce their toxic defensive chemicals
without poisoning themselves.
Since his own ideas were in flux, it is difficult
to know precisely where he stood.
D R _ precisely 2
Every lorry indeed is packed with precisely the
articles which each unit will require.
2. quite so
So you think it was a mistake? Precisely.
D R _ acquaintance 1
acquaintance n.
1. a relationship with someone you know, but who
is not a close friend
I have a nodding acquaintance with German.
Our mere acquaintance ripened into friendship.
I have never made his acquaintance.
She recalled the past, trying to bring back to
her memory incidents of their old acquaintance.
D R _ acquaintance 2
2. person whom one knows (less intimately than a
She is an old acquaintance of my sister.
He has a wide circle of acquaintances.
make sb.s acquaintance
drop an acquaintance
have a casual acquaintance
renew an acquaintance
D R _ acquaintance 3
friend, mate, acquaintance pal ???????????
friend ????,??????????????????
Ive known her for years, but she was never a
mate ?????,????????,???classmate,desk
mate,school mate???????????,??????,???????????
The blackbird sat on the nest waiting for the
return of her mate.
D R _ acquaintance 4
acquaintance ?????,???????,??????????????
He is an old acquaintance of my father.
pal ????,???????????
Weve been pals since childhood.
D R _ instantly
instantly adv. at once immediately
Instantly the blood crept warmly over her body.
His manly beauty and more than common
gracefulness were instantly the theme of general
Instantly Dick awoke to the terrors of his
Sometimes he instantly approved a proposal whose
prospect seemed exceedingly bleak.
D R _ workaholic
workaholic n. a person who likes to work too
hard or is unable to stop working
He was a lifelong workaholic, who painted dawn to
dusk seven days a week.
In America, it is generally believed that being a
workaholic is unhealthy and harmful.
A group of Japanese men hope to encourage
workaholic husbands to head home early and show
their wives some appreciation.
?? aholic,-holic,-oholic ???????????,?????????
shop-aholic,golf-aholic,tobaccoholic ??
D R _ classic 1
1. adj. Of the highest quality having a value or
position recognized and unquestioned
It is very interesting for a Chinese to read an
English translated version of the Chinese classic
novel The Dream of Red Mansions.
The 7-Eleven chain is the classic example of
convenience store. 
D R _ classic 2
2. n.
1) writer, artist, book, etc. of the highest class
Charles Dickens is a classic.
2) outstanding example of its kind
My watchband is a classic made in 1960 by
Hes hoping that tomorrows game will be a
D R _ day off
day off day on which one does not have to work
On my day off, Ill fix the tipsy fence.
It felt like a big sick joke when the company
made us work on our day off.
There were many Chinese workers on a day off, all
looking cheerful and healthy.
Ill come over to see you on my next day off.
D R _ conceivably
conceivably adv. imaginably believably
According to some scientists, the disease could
conceivably be transferred to humans.
She brought me a raincoat because she thought it
might conceivably be useful to me.
He couldnt conceivably have meant what he said. 
D R _ retire
retire v. (cause to) stop working at ones
job, usu. because of age (followed by from)
Workers in China can all get a pension after they
The school had to employ the retired teachers to
give classes.
He will retire from his job next year and take
things easy.
D R _ spot 1
spot 1. n. 1) small round mark dirty mark
Which has spots, the leopard or the tiger?
He tried to remove the spot on his sweater with
soap and water.
2) particular place or area
For many years, Spain was a favourite holiday
When the fight started, police and reporters were
soon on the spot.
D R _ spot 2
2. vt. 1) pick out recognize
We spotted a superstar in the crowd.
I spotted one of my old friends when I was
walking on the streets.
2) mark with spots
She has two dogs, a yellow one and a spotted one.
She was wearing a white dress spotted with red.
D R _ executive 1
executive 1. adj. having the power to make
and carry out decisions, esp. in business
He has been given full executive power.
The US Constitution vests the executive power in
the President. 
The President of the United States is the
executive head of the government.
D R _ executive 2
2. n. person with administrative or managerial
Shes an executive in a computer company.
The executive has been making decisions about the
future of the company.
D R _ extracurricular 1
extracurricular adj. outside the regular
course of work or studies in school or college
Sports and drama are the schools most popular
extracurricular activities.
The school encourages students to have rich and
colorful extracurricular life.
Extracurricular activities are an indispensable
part of school life.
D R _ extracurricular 2
extracurricular activities
extracurricular athletics
extracurricular life
extracurricular pastime
extracurricular books
D R _ survive 1
survive v. continue to live or exist live
longer than remain alive after
Will the Lunar New Year survive modern living and
competing influences?
In order to survive and develop in the future, we
must seize this rare opportunity.
?????????????, ???????
It is a narrow escape that the whole family
survive the earthquake.
D R _ survive 2
survive, continue, remain last
survive ??????????,?????????????? continue
????,?????????,????????????????? remain
??????????????????? last ?????????,?????????,?

D R _ survive 3
CF survive, continue, remain last
Fill in the blanks with the words above. Change
the form where necessary.
1. Ten of them the shipwreck. 2.
Little of the building after the
explosion. 3. She is fond of perfume with the
scent that a long time. 4. He
reading when I spoke to him. 5. It is
believed that usually women men.
D R _ marketable
marketable adj. suitable for the demand of
the market that can be sold easily
This new type of camera is a highly marketable
College students should study to make them
marketable when they finally get their degrees or
Looking at the current economic gloom, I even
resent myself for pursuing paper qualification
blindly and ignoring a valuable and marketable
D R _ compete 1
compete vi. try to win sth. by defeating others
who are trying to do the same
Athletes will compete against each other
according to the knockout system.
John competed for a place at school, but he
didnt get in.
We must strive to fully equip ourselves to seize
new opportunities and to compete successfully
in the global market as we enter this new era.
D R _ compete 2
Although there were only four horses competing,
it was an exciting race.
compete against (with) ??? compete
for ??? compete in ????
D R _ beloved
beloved 1. adj. dearly loved
He never recovered from the death of his beloved
This man was beloved by / of all who knew him.
Every lover sees a thousand graces in the beloved
2. n. dearly loved person
I received a dozen roses from my beloved on my
He wrote a sonnet to his beloved.
D R _ firm
firm n. a business company
No employees of the firm are allowed to
anticipate their salary.
They demanded the divorce of the subsidiary from
the parent firm. 
The firm should distribute on the principle of
equal pay for equal work.
The director was careful not to lay the firms
plans bare.
D R _ embarrass
embarrass vt. make (sb.) feel awkward or
Im so sorry to embarrass you in front of your
He was very embarrassed to hear people speak so
highly of him.
Eye contact may convey sincerity and
attentiveness in Western cultures, but too much
eye contact may embarrass people in some oriental
?????????, ?????????????
It was an embarrassing situation, but they
carried it off well.
D R _ odd 1
odd adj. 1. strange unusual
We always meet in odd circumstances.
She gets odder as she grows older.
Dont you think it odd that the famous pop singer
should have committed suicide?
2. separated from its pair or set
There was nothing but an odd shoe under the old
mans bed.
3. (of numbers) unable to be divided by two
1, 3, 5 are odd numbers.
D R _ odd 2
strange, odd, peculiar eccentric

strange ?????,????,????????????????????
The doctor thought her strange behaviour was
caused by stress.
odd ????????????????,????????????
He is rather an odd man.
D R _ odd 3
peculiar ?????????????????????????????????

This food has got a peculiar taste.
eccentric ??????????????

If you go to the party in slippers, you will be
considered rather eccentric.
D R _ grab 1
grab 1. v. take roughly, snatch eagerly
Since the late 15th century, Western colonialists
started to grab and conquer colonies in a big way.
The boy grabbed at any excuse to avoid doing
He grabbed the chance to go to the US.
grab a chance
grab a seat
grab at sb. / sth.
D R _ grab 2
2. n. a sudden attempt to seize sth.
The boy made a grab at the frog, but it jumped
He made a grab at the money on the counter.
D R _ board 1
board v. 1. get into (a ship or public vehicle)
We decided spontaneously to board a train for
Before boarding the plane, Jenny tried once more
to call home.
2. get or supply meals and lodging for payment
I have to board the dog out while Im away on
She arranged to board some students from the
How much is boarding and lodging a day?
D R _ board 2
My uncle is ready to cover my boarding and
lodging as well as other living expenses.
aboard prep. / adv. ?(??????)? abroad adv.
??? board n. ??vt. ??(?????) broad adj.
D R _ board 3
aboard, abroad, board, broad
Put into each gap one of the above words.
  • The job involves working three
    months each year.
  • 2. The minister has views and does not
    insist that
  • everyone believe just as he does.
  • 3. When everybody was on , the ship
  • 4. John has never been a plane.

D R _ decease 1
decease vi. die the deceased n. the dead
The property should be inherited by the children
of the deceased.
The deceased willed his vast estate to his
The goals and purposes for cloning range from
making copies of those deceased to better
engineering the offspring in humans and animals.
D R _ decease 2
die, decease, perish vanish
die ?????,???????????????????

I might as well die as marry him.

decease ????,????????,????????
The deceased left a large sum of money to his
D R _ decease 3
perish ????,????????????
Hundreds of sheep perished that year because of
vanish ?????????????????
Many kinds of animals have vanished from the
D R _ look sb. in the eye
look sb. in the eye look directly and without
fear at someone who is near
There is a saying in English, Dont trust anyone
who wont look you in the eye.
She knew he was lying because he couldnt look
her in the eye.
He is a person of high moral principles, who can
look anyone straight in the eye.
They want to look you in the eye to demonstrate
interest in the discussion and to show that they
are honest and sincere.
D R _ bitterness
bitterness n. feelings of anger, sorrow,
disappointment, etc.
This legendary man has endured almost all the
bitterness of human life. 
When you harbor bitterness, happiness will dock
Ones cry for bitterness is heavenly high.
seek happiness from bitterness
contrast past bitterness with present happiness
Happiness is dashed with bitterness.
D R _ straighten out
straighten out settle (sth.) by removing the
confusions or difficulties in it put right
You should straighten out your confused thinking. 
His business affairs are in a terrible mess they
will take ages to straighten out.
Through the reform, we intend to straighten out
the relationship between the rule of law and the
rule of man.
D R _ finances 1
finances n. the amount of money owned by a
person, government, or business
She refused to answer questions about her
personal finances.
Im afraid my finances wont run to a holiday
abroad this year.
Whether it can be done or not depends, of course,
on your finances.
D R _ finances 2
national / public / state finances
high finance
an expert in finance
the Minister of Finance
D R _ option 1
option n. 1. the right to buy or sell sth. in
the future
With cash, stock options and the promise of vast
resources, Microsoft has attracted faculty elites
to its research center.
Jones has taken an option on that house.
2. sth. you can choose to do
Analysts say that the launch of the euro offers a
new and attractive option.
D R _ option 2
She has the option of entering graduate school or
starting her professional career.
There are various options open to someone who is
well prepared.
option, choice alternative
???????????? option ??????????,?????????
? choice ??????????????
alternative ???????????????,???
D R _ option 3
CF option, choice alternative
Fill in the blanks with the words above. Change
the form where necessary.
  • Now you know all the facts, you can make an
  • .
  • 2. There must be a(n) to people
    sleeping on the streets.
  • 3. They didnt leave him many
    either he paid or theyd beat him up.
  • 4. Id prefer not to work but I dont have much
  • 5. Im afraid I have no but to
    ask you to leave.

D R _ and all that
and all that and similar things
He looked very smart, very gentlemanly, and all
Mary likes to eat fruit strawberries and all
While growing up, I was surrounded with
temptations to commit misdeeds like drugs,
alcohol and all that.
Our apartments are perfect in every detail hot
and cold water, private baths, special hall
service for every floor, elevators, and all that.
D R _ pick out 1
pick out 1. choose
She picked out a bottle of wine that she
particularly liked.
Im going to pick out a few books for my friend
in Shanghai.
2. distinguish from surrounding persons, objects,
At once I picked out my elder sister in the crowd.
His house is easily picked out from the rest for
it has a large black door.
D R _ pick out 2
When walking in the company of other men, there
must be one I can learn something from. I shall
pick out his merits to follow and his
shortcomings for reference to overcome my own.
???, ?????????????, ????????
D R _ pick out 3
pick and steal
pick out
pick up
pick up with
D R _ discreetly
discreetly adv. carefully and sensibly
considerately not too obviously
His utterances were discreetly academic.
A detective was sent discreetly to make inquiries
about Miss Huttons financial situation.
The industrial areas were discreetly apart,
concealed from residential and recreational
portions of the town.
D R _ inquiry
inquiry n. request for help or information
I am making some inquiries about the train
I suggest that you make a careful inquiry into
the damage once again. 
I advise you make thorough inquiry about the
enterprise before you embark on it.
inquiry about
inquiry into
on inquiry
D R _ replacement 1
replacement n. person or thing that replaces
A good deal of old equipment needed junking and
Robot hands are a replacement for human hands,
and wheels from a car are a replacement for human
Our shop sells goods with three guarantees
refund, replacement or compensation.
D R _ replacement 2
replacement worker
replacement ticket
replacement of defective items
A R _ main
Useful Expressions
Sentence Translation
Word Match
Writing Practice
Talk about the Pictures
Proverbs and Quotations
A R _ Writing Practice _ main
Writing Practice
A Brief Introduction
A Sample Letter
A R _ Useful Expressions 1
Useful Expressions
1. ??????
work oneself to death
2. ??
die of / from
3. ??
shake ones head
4. ??
on ones day off
5. ??????
move to the top spot
6. ????
extracurricular interests
7. ?????????
marketable skills
8. ??
give up
A R _ Useful Expressions 2
9. ???
compete with / against
10. ???????
care too much for sb.
11. ??????
a manufacturing firm
12. ????
newly married
13. ???
do odd jobs
14. ????
grab at
15. ????
stay up all night
16. ?????????
mean much to the company
17. ??
look in the eye
A R _ Useful Expressions 3
18. ??????
straighten out finances
19. ?????
stock option
20. ??????
and all that
21. ???
pick out
22. ????
ask around
A R _ Word Match
Direction Match the words in column A with ones
in column B to complete the job titles
Column A
Column B
minder assistant teller attendant designer recepti
onist driver programmer servant instructor
A R _ Debate
Students are divided into two groups to discuss
the following topic
There is an old saying All work and no play
makes Jack a dull boy. What do you think of this
saying? Do you think work and play contradict
each other?
Group A We should do more work. Group B We
should spare enough time for play.
A R _ Sentence Translation 1
Sentence Translation
1. He was, however, one of six vice-presidents,
and one of three who might conceivably if the
president died or retired soon enough have
moved to the top spot.
A R _ Sentence Translation 2
2. He worked six days a week, five of them until
eight or nine at night, during a time when his
own company had begun the four-day week for
everyone but the executives.
3. His dearly beloved eldest of the dearly
beloved children is a hard-working executive in
a manufacturing firm down South.
A R _ Sentence Translation 3
4. He was the one who tried to grab at his
father, and tried to mean enough to him to keep
the man at home.
5. ?????,??????A????,?????,????????,????????
He was a perfect Type A, a workaholic, a classic,
they said to each other and shook their head.
A R _ Sentence Translation 4
6. ???????,????????,??????????????
In the day and a half before the funeral, he went
around the neighborhood researching his father,
asking the neighbors what he was like.
7. ????????????????????
The widow didnt look him in the eye. She was
afraid he would read her bitterness.
8. ?????????????
You could have picked him out in a minute from a
A R _ A brief introduction 1
Write A Letter of Condolence or Sympathy
The best condolence or sympathy letters are
like conversations you would have to the family,
only in written form. The letters are usually
handwritten, under one page in length and are
sent promptly. They can be addressed to the
person in the family you feel the closest to, or
to the family as a whole. A well structured
condolence or sympathy letter usually has seven
1) Acknowledge the loss.  2) Express your
sympathy.  3) Note the special qualities of the
deceased you admired or appreciated.
A R _ A brief introduction 2
4) Recount a memory about the deceased. 5)
Offer assistance. 6) Close with a thoughtful
word or phrase. 7) The ending and sign off.
A R _ A sample letter 1
A Sample Letter
A Letter of Sympathy and Condolence For a Mother
Dear Cathy, My thoughts are with you at this
time. I know how close you and your mother were
and I can only imagine what you must be going
through right now. Your mom was one of the
kindest, wisest, most thoughtful people Ive ever
known. Ill never forget that time, when she came
to my rescue after the car accident. I was so
upset about what my parents would do. Your mom
helped me calm down and deal with the situation
like an adult.
A R _ A sample letter 2
She taught me to take responsibility and I still
carry that lesson with me today. Even though you
and I are thousands of miles apart right now,
please know that Im praying for you. I know that
you have the strength in you to move on and I
want to remind you that Im here for you. Id
like to spend some time with you as soon as
possible, so Ill call you to find out when I can
visit. Take care, Rebecca
A R _ Homework 1
You are required to write a letter of sympathy
and condolence to Phils wife and his family
based on Text A.
A R _ Homework 2
Dear Mrs. Phil, I was deeply saddened to learn of
Phils death and I would like to express my
sincere sympathy to you and your family on behalf
of the senior management team here in our
company. Your husband was highly respected by
managers and employees throughout the entire
company. He was regarded as a visionary leader by
anyone who ever worked with him. Phils
contributions to this company during his over 20
years of dedicated and selfless service were
varied and invaluable. He was a major part of our
initial expansion
A R _ Homework 3
across the country. Believe me, his contributions
to this company will not be forgotten. Please
accept my heartfelt condolences at this difficult
time and I ask you to please pass these
sentiments on to your children. Phil was a
remarkable man. Knowing him personally as I did
for many years, I am well aware of the difference
he made in the lives of many people, both here in
the company, and in his private life. Many will
miss him. With sincere sympathy, Edgar Howard
A R _ Talk about the Pictures 1
Talk about the Pictures
A R _ Talk about the Pictures 2
A R _ Talk about the Pictures 3
A R _ Talk about the Pictures 4
A R _ Talk about the Pictures 5
A R _ Talk about the Pictures 6
A R _ Proverbs and Quotations 1
Proverbs and Quotations
1. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
all play and no work makes Jack a mere boy.
2. Take the rough with the smooth.
3. The first wealth is health.
A R _ Proverbs and Quotations 2
4. Business sweetens pleasure, and labour
sweetens rest.
5. In order that people may be happy in their
work, these things are needed they must be fit
for it they must not do much of it and they
must have a sense of success in it.
John Ruskin,
British writer
?????????? ???? ?????
A R _ Proverbs and Quotations 3
6. To do great work a man must be very idle as
well as very industrious.
Samuel Butler, American educator
????? S. ???
7. We often hear of people breaking down from
overwork, but in nine cases out of ten they are
really suffering from worry or anxiety.

John Lubbock ,
British banker
????? ?????
A R _ Proverbs and Quotations 4
8. One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous
breakdown is the belief that ones work is
terribly important, and that to take a holiday
would bring all kinds of disaster. If I were a
medical man, I should prescribe a holiday to many
patients who considered his work important.

Bertrand Russell, British philosopher
??????? ????? B. ??
S R _ main
Culture Notes
Comprehension Task
S R _ Culture Notes _ main
Culture Notes
About the Author
Introduction to Tory Johnson
Tory Johnson A Live Show on TV
Workaholics Anonymous Meeting
S R _ Comprehension Task _ main
Comprehension Task
Listening and Discussion
A Case Study of Workaholic
Pair Work
S R _ Introduction to Tory Johnson
Introduction to Tory Johnson
Tory Johnson is an American author and life
coach who educates viewers on a wide range of
job-related issues and challenges as a business
and career coach. In addition to her
television segments, Johnson writes a weekly
column for ABC News in which she addresses topics
related to work / life balance, job searching,
and career advancement in all fields. She
provides strategies and solutions for women and
men to find success and satisfaction at work.
S R _ A Live Show on TV 1
Tory Johnson A Live Show on TV
S R _ A Live Show on TV 2
Career Expert Tory Johnson mentions
LivePerson.com during her segment on The View.
What is her topic today?
It is about Stay-at-Home Mom jobs.
S R _ Workaholics Anonymous Meeting
Workaholics Anonymous Meeting
Workaholics Anonymous (WA) is a fellowship
of individuals who share their experience,
strength, and hope with each other that they may
solve their common problems and help others to
recover from workaholism. Anybody with a desire
to stop working compulsively is welcome at a WA
meeting. In 1983, one of the first
formal efforts to create a fellowship around work
addiction recovery began in New York when a
corporate financial planner and a school teacher
met. They formed Workaholics Anonymous to stop
working compulsively themselves and to help
others who suffered from the disease of
S R _ t1
You Might Be a Workaholic If ...

Tory Johnson
Its a frequently asked question Do we
live to work, or work to live? A growing number
of Americans are finding that they live for work,
and some of them are popping up at Workaholics
Anonymous meetings nationwide. Unlike people who
simply work very hard, which quite frankly is
most of us, workaholics never punch out. They
always feel like they are on the clock, 24/7,
physically, mentally and emotionally working.

S R _ t2
They are more genuinely enthusiastic about
work than anything else in their lives, even
family and friends. Theres nothing that person
would rather be doing than working. And
were not just talking about Fortune 500
executives nurses and construction workers,
among others, attend Workaholics Anonymous
meetings to try to kick the habit.
S R _ t3
What Are the Trouble Signs?
If youre a workaholic, you cant stop
thinking about work. Work issues distract you
from relationships and those thoughts speed
through your mind as you lie in bed at night. A
part of you is always longing to get back to
work. Nothing not eating, socializing, sleeping
is as satisfying. Heres a good way to
think of it An ordinary hard worker will be on
the job, thinking about shopping with friends. A
workaholic will be out shopping with friends, but
will be thinking nonstop about work.
S R _ t4
Workaholics are very controlling. They
cant delegate and are not usually interested in
being team players. They are perfectionists and
nothing is ever good enough for them.
Workaholics would rather handle everything
themselves, which doesnt always produce the
necessary results because often we need the input
and help of others. A workaholic also has
a troubled personal life. Typically workaholics
dont have many friends or hobbies. Their
personal relationships are in disarray.
They have difficulty with intimacy because work
is always on their minds. And of course, there is
a ripple effect in the families of workaholics.
S R _ t5
Research done by the University of North
Carolina found that couples in a workaholic
marriage tended to have twice the divorce rate as
those who were in nonworkaholic marriages. We
know that all marriages take work, but thats not
the type of work that a workaholic wants to focus
on. Further, there is the effect on
the children. Research
has also found that children of workaholics have
a higher rate of depression and anxiety mainly
because the workaholic parent has placed severely
high expectations on his or her kids, which links
back to that desire for perfection.
S R _ t6
And there are health concerns for
workaholics, caused by the extreme levels of
stress they suffer. They often eat poorly, dont
exercise, and in short, they take poor care of
their physical and emotional well-being.
Solutions to Kick the Habit
Like any addiction, its challenging to
kick and the person needs a support system to
help. First, a workaholic must recognize and
admit the problem.
S R _ t7
Take this quick personal survey Ask
yourself, on a scale of one to five five being
truly satisfied how youd rate your
satisfaction and happiness in each of these key
areas of your personal life Your family? Your
friendships? Your health? Your hobbies? Your
spirituality? If your total is not 12 or more
points, you have to take a hard look at yourself.
Its probably time to reconsider your priorities
and to replace some of your work time with life
time. On its web site, Workaholics
Anonymous suggests 20 questions to ask yourself
to determine whether you may be a workaholic.
Among them
S R _ t8
  • Do you take work with you to bed, on weekends and
    / or on vacation?
  • Is work the activity you like to do best and talk
    about most?
  • Have your family or friends given up expecting
    you on time?
  • Do you get impatient with people who have other
    priorities besides work?
  • Have your long hours hurt your family or other
  • Do you think about your work while driving,
    falling asleep or when others are talking?

S R _ t9
Answering yes to one or two might not be
the sign of an addiction, but a pattern of yes to
three or more of these questions might mean its
time to make changes. But of course, with all
addiction, making those changes is easier said
than done. Make time to relax. Since
workaholics are so detail-oriented and focused,
they should schedule time off to relax and play.
Use this time to find new ways to find happiness
and approval and satisfaction outside of work.
Look for other benchmarks to measure your
overall well-being such as achieving fulfilling
personal relationships being a terrific,
reliable partner, parent, and / or friend or
even trying a new hobby that offers a complete
diversion from work.
S R _ t10
Learn to delegate. Recognize that none of
us can be successful or productive at work on our
own. This is hard for these perfectionists, so
they can start small, such as sharing small tasks
with co-workers to start, whether its folding
shirts in a retail store or managing the office
staff. Slowly, the workaholic can see that he or
she can begin to let go and still get the job
S R _ pop up
pop up appear or occur, esp. when not expected
Mushrooms tend to pop up overnight.
The film star pops up everywhere, on TV, in
magazines, on Broadway.
S R _ And were not
And were not just talking about Fortune 500
Paraphrase the sentence.
And were not just talking about Fortune 500
executives who are workaholics.
S R _ among others
among others / among other things as well as
other people or things
He moved to England in 1980 where, among other
things, he worked as a journalist.
The guests included, among others, Elizabeth
Taylor and Michael Jackson.
S R _ distract
distract vt. stop (sb.) concentrating on sth.
(used in the pattern distract sb. / sth. from
Tony admits that playing video games sometimes
distracts him from his homework.
Dont distract your father while hes driving.
S R _ relationship
relationship n. links or contacts state of
being connected (followed by with)
Relationships between people of different
cultures are often extremely difficult.
Scientists have established a relationship
between lung cancer and smoking.
S R _ delegate
delegate v. entrust (duties, etc.) to sb. in a
lower position or grade (used in the pattern
delegate sth. to sb.)
A good manager knows when to delegate.
If youre so busy, why dont you delegate some of
your work to your assistant?
S R _ nothing is ever
nothing is ever good enough for them.
Paraphrase the sentence.
There is nothing which is good enough and makes
them satisfied.
Translate the sentence into Chinese.
S R _ input
input n. what is put in action of putting
sth. in
We value the input of everyone who answered the
We listen to our employees and value their input.
S R _ typically
typically adv. representing a particular type
of person or thing typical adj. showing the
main signs and qualities of a particular kind,
group, or class (followed by of)
It was typical of him to get angry very easily.
This painting is fairly typical of his early
S R _ They have difficulty
They have difficulty with intimacy.
Paraphrase the sentence.
They have trouble in having intimate / close
relationships with others.
S R _ focus on
focus on concentrate on
He has focused on the solution of this issue for
years but isnt getting anywhere.
Modern medicine has tended to focus too much on
developing highly complicated surgical
Indeed, always to focus on alcoholism is, I
think, to miss the point.
S R _ link
link v. connect (followed by to / with)
All the PCs in the office are linked to a main
Lung cancer has been linked to smoking
S R _ concern
concern n. worry anxiety matter of interest
or importance to sb. (used in the patterns
concern for, concern about / over / with, concern
They showed their concern for the childrens
I did voice my concern about the firms financial
management, but was told to stay quiet.
There is growing concern about pollution in our
S R _ extreme
extreme adj. of the highest degree or
It is necessary to use extreme caution with
Extreme poverty still exists in many rural areas
in that country.
S R _ in short
in short in a few words briefly
Hes disorganized, inefficient, never there when
you want him in short, the mans hopeless.
We have neither money nor skilled workers. In
short, I dont think we can do it.
S R _ solution
solution n. answer to a problem, question,
etc. (followed by to)
The solution to this weeks puzzle will be
published in next weeks magazine.
There are no simple solutions to the problem of
S R _ survey
survey n. investigation (followed by of / on)
We conducted / carried out a survey of
white-collar workers in the citys joint ventures.
The survey on consumer confidence was conducted
in late December.
The survey showed / revealed that peoples living
conditions are much better than before.
S R _ relax
relax v. become less anxious, worried or
formal in manner (make sth.) become less tight,
stiff, etc.
Her features suddenly relaxed.
A massage will relax your tired muscles.
S R _ detail
detail n. small, particular fact or item
To apply for a loan, first fill in the section
marked Personal Details.
Todd had planned the journey down to the smallest
in detail
This issue will be discussed in detail in Chapter
S R _ schedule 1
schedule 1. n. program of work to be done or of
planned events
The majority of holiday flights depart and arrive
on schedule.
Im going to be working to a very tight schedule.
The jet arrived in London two minutes ahead of
S R _ schedule 2
2. vt. include sth. in a schedule
Her first album is scheduled for release in
The meeting has been scheduled for Friday.
S R _ overall
overall adj. including everything total
We dont want all the details now, just the
overall picture.
Cut down your overall amount of physical activity
and focus on your studies.
S R _ reliable
reliable adj. deserving trust dependable
Jordan is very reliable if he says hell do
something, hell do it.
Eating sensibly and taking regular exercise is a
fairly reliable way of losing weight.
S R _ on ones own
on ones own alone without help
I can manage on my own, thanks.
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