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S3 Understanding MA730


Title: Lawson - Corporate Template Author: 5241 Last modified by: Judith Cole Created Date: 1/23/2006 1:04:04 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: S3 Understanding MA730

S3 Understanding MA730
  • Thursday, February 26, 2009

Judy Cole Deb Stark Lawson Global Support -
Procurement Judy.cole_at_us.lawson.com Deborah.stark_at_
  • What is a Hot Topic?
  • A hot topic is a regularly scheduled live,
    recorded webinar session that will provide
    technical information and tips on a featured
    support topic to our maintenance customers.
    Lawson Global Support will offer at least 1 M3
    and 1 S3 hot topic per month (additional hot
    topics may added as needed).
  • What is the schedule for Hot Topics?
  • M3 is the last Tuesday of the month, S3 is the
    last Thursday of the month.
  • What is the format?
  • There will be a 35-45 minute presentation with
    15-20 minutes at the end for questions. All
    questions must be entered via the Question and
    Answer on the webinar.
  • What other Hot Topics are scheduled?
  • You can find the hot topic schedule by going to
    Mylawson.com gt Home gt My Announcements gt Customer
    only Webinars from Support.

Understanding MA730
  • Lawson has improved the Match process by changing
    the way the system looks for open receipts that
    are available to match.
  • Instead of looking to a Match Pool, the system is
    now looking to the Purchase Order Receipt line
    for an Open to Match Qty.
  • Do you find the All Rule Group Levels, Match
    Unsuccessful, Missing Receipt Detail, or No
    Receipts Available for Match messages more
    frequently than you used to?
  • MA730 can improve your matching performance.

Adding MA730 to your system
  • MA730 PT 173763 is available to update
    existing receipt lines with an Open to Match Qty.
  • Unix/NT
  • Applications version 8.0.3 CTP 54730 (included
  • Applications version 8.1.0 CTP 54731 (not
    included in MSP)
  • Applications version 9.0.0 CTP 54732 (included
  • ISeries
  • Applications version 8.0.3 PT 173840
  • Applications version 8.1.0 PT 173839
  • Applications version 9.0.0 PT 173838

What does MA730 do?
  • The purchase order line must be open/released.
  • The purchase order receipt header must be
  • The purchase order receipt line Ent-Rec-Qty
    Matched Qty Open to Match Qty.
  • Existing receipt lines that have Ent-Rec-Qty
    Matched Qty gt Zero will have MA730 populate the
    appropriate Open to Match Qty.
  • MA730 will need to be run once in Update Y for
    each company that has invoice matching.
  • MA730 may need to be run in the future when CTPs
    or MSPs are installed.
  • Clients upgrading applications will need to run
    MA730 to be sure all receipts are properly
    updated prior to Upgrade.
  • If you are not sure if MA730 has been run on your
    companies, you can run it now. Running the MA730
    again will not adversely affect your records.

What about new receipt lines?
  • CTPs/patches are provided here for your
  • Please be sure that these changes have been
    installed into your system.
  • Once these changes are installed into your
    system, you should no longer need to run MA730,
    except after CTP install or Upgrade.
  • All future receipt lines should be created with
    the appropriate Open to Match Qty already
  • This is by no means a complete list of all CTPs
    you should have installed in your system.
  • These patches are provided only as a listing of
    favorite CTPs that I recommend to clients.
  • You may find that many of these changes are
    already included in your current code.

8.0.3 Applications Version
  • Unix/NT
  • CTP 54774 (includes PT 173319 and 167074)
  • CTP 56480 (includes PT 176156)
  • CTP 53035 (includes PT 171305 and 169463)
  • CTP 44716 (includes PT 160357)
  • CTP 49388 (includes PT 165831 and 159071)
  • ISeries
  • PT 173841
  • PT 166711
  • PT 161120

8.1.0 Applications Version
  • Unix/NT
  • CTP 54734 (includes PT 167074)
  • CTP 56481 (includes PT 176156)
  • CTP 54775 (includes PT 173319)
  • CTP 55006 (includes PT 172708, 173599, and
  • CTP 43693 (includes PT 159071)
  • CTP 44717 (includes PT 160357)
  • CTP 55006 (includes PT 172708 and 173599)
  • ISeries
  • PT 167073
  • PT 164426
  • PT 172642
  • PT 176598

9.0.0 Applications Version
  • Unix/NT
  • CTP 52527 (includes PT 170095, 169463, and
  • CTP 56482 (includes PT 176156)
  • CTP 54776 (includes PT 173319, 167074)
  • CTP 58199 (includes PT 178426 and 159071)
  • CTP 55045 (includes PT 172708 and 173599)
  • ISeries
  • PT 173837
  • PT 176827

9.0.1 Applications Version
  • At this time, I am aware of no CTPs needed to be
    added for the Open To Match process to work
  • If you find that you have trouble matching an
    invoice to a receipt, and the receipt line is
    missing an Open to Match Qty, please report this
    issue to the Global Support Procurement
    department for further assistance.

Do I still need to run MA310?
  • MA310 will no longer need to be run to update
    matching pool count records.
  • Use MA310 only when there is a need to change a
    Company (MA01) or AP Vendor (AP10) existing pool
  • Using Pool Option 1 will still look to all
    invoices and receipts for a Company and Vendor,
    as being available to be matched.
  • Using Pool Option 2 will still look to invoices
    and receipts specific to one purchase order, as
    being available to be matched.
  • Using Pool Option 3 will still look to invoices
    and receipts specific to one purchase order and
    Ship To Location, as being available to be

Smart Reconciliation (SMR)
  • Please be sure to update your Smart Recon version
    to the latest patch.
  • Open to Match Qty has also changed the way SMR
    looks to receipts as available to be matched.

MA05.1 Handling Code Heads Up
  • MA05.1 Handling Code Please be sure that ALL
    handling codes have the Drop Ship Flag populated
    with N or Y. If you have upgraded from a lower
    version of applications, this flag may be blank.
  • If you see any handling code with Drop Ship flag
    blank, do a Change on MA05.1 and put in a N or Y
    as appropriate.

AP195 New Feature
  • There is now a listing provided of Unposted
    Distributions which are preventing the Month End
    Close from completing.
  • ISeries 9.0 PT 175345
  • Unix/NT PT 170482
  • 803 applications version CTP 52950
  • 810 applications version CTP 52951
  • 900 applications version CTP 52952
  • The new listing will aid in your month end close
    by giving you the invoices which are holding up
    the AP195 from successfully completing.

MA180 Before you Start
  • MA180 can be a useful tool to writeoff and/or
    archive receipts which will not be matched in the
  • Using these steps can improve the writeoff and/or
    archive process.
  • Copy your Production data into a Test system.
  • Run the MA180 in Nonupdate mode in Test system,
    and verify the data to be written off and/or
    archived is correct.
  • Then run a new job name MA180 in Update mode in
    Test system, and verify the data is correct.
  • This allows any problem receipts, found in the
    Test system, to be corrected in Production before
    you run the MA180 in Update.
  • Do not delete or recover an MA180 job in Needs
    Recovery without the assistance of the Lawson
    Global Support Procurement department.

MA180 Tips and Techniques
  • Use small date ranges (3 to 6 months) at a time.
  • Any open receiver or receiver line that has an
    associated closed po line should be addressed
    before running in update.
  • MA180 should be run prior to moving to new
    application versions.
  • Any receivers from prior versions should be
    looked at prior to running MA180 especially if
    they are prior to 8.0 apps.
  • You should not use SQL or quickpaint on any
    transactions connected to receivers when MA180 is
    being run in update.
  • There is no UNDO on MA180.
  • Use the MA180 job parameters with care. It is
    possible to writeoff and/or archive every
    unmatched receipt from yesterday and back.
  • ALWAYS run in Nonupdate mode and verify the
    results prior to running in Update mode.

MA180 CTP/patches
  • Unix/NT
  • 803 Applications Version CTP 47449, 50293,
    51657, 56589
  • 810 Applications Version CTP 39535, 56577,
  • 900 Applications Version CTP 56626, 54026
  • ISeries
  • 803 Applications Version PT 172897
  • 810 Applications Version PT 170177

MA126 Enhancement
  • Unix/NT PT 179243
  • 810 applications version CTP 59839
  • 900 applications version CTP 59045
  • 901 applications version CTP 59106
  • New unmatched listing reports
  • Accounts Payable Issues Report
  • Inv Amt not equal Goods,
  • All Rule Group Levels Match Unsuccessful
  • Procurement Issues Report
  • PO Cost message exists
  • No receipts available

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