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Creating a PowerPoint Presentation


Begin creating s Create a Slide State ... PowerPoint will do much more than I can show you today. PowerPoint shows are a very effective way of teaching and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Technology Team Leader
  • Training

Just the Basics
  • This slide show will show you just a few of the
  • PowerPoint will do much more than I can show you
  • PowerPoint slide shows are a very effective way
    of teaching and communicating with groups.

Open the program
  • Start, Programs, PowerPoint
  • File, New, Choose either blank, from Design
    Template, AutoContent wizard, depending on what
    your needs are.
  • Begin creating slides

Create a Slide
  • State the main ideas youll be talking about
  • Enter the text directly on the slide or in the
    outline pane.
  • Format your text and add graphics if desired.

Make your show interesting.
  • Formatting Text
  • Changing Layouts
  • Changing Designs
  • Changing Backgrounds
  • Adding graphics and sound

Enhancing the show
  • Add Clip Art
  • Change Font and Size
  • Change Style of Text
  • Change Color of Text

Add text effects
To Add Sound to your presentation
  • Download sound clips.
  • From the menu choose Insert.
  • Movies and Sound.
  • Sound from File.
  • Choose sound file and double click.
  • Decide if you want the sound to be played
    automatically or on mouse click.

Add Graphics or Pictures to your Slide
  • From the menu choose Insert
  • Picture
  • Choose either Clip Art if you want to use clipart
    or From File if you want to use a picture or clip
    art you have saved.
  • Choose the graphic you want and double click. It
    is that easy!

Moving Text and Graphics
  • Moving Text
  • Edit cut or copy
  • Edit Paste
  • Moving Graphics
  • Click on object
  • Drag to desired spot
  • Release

  • Change colors of graphics
  • Click on graphic. Picture Menu will appear.
  • Click on Recolor Picture.
  • Select color and click.

Using a Photo as a Background
  • Insert the photo
  • Drag the resize boxes until the photo fills the
  • Right click on photo. From the menu, choose
    order, then send to back.
  • Select a text color to contrast with the photo.

Animate Slides
  • Custom animate objects on slide
  • Set up a animation theme for the entire show
  • Add slide transitions

  • To add animation to your graphics, do the
  • Place the graphic.
  • Right click on the graphic.
  • Choose custom animation.
  • Add effect.
  • Choose the effect you want to add.
  • Youre cool!

  • To add transitions to your show (how the slides
    come in and go out) do the following
  • Go to Slide Show
  • Slide Transitions
  • Choose your favorite transition or Random
    transition for a different one on each slide.
  • Decide the speed, if you want to add a sound and
    whether the slide will advance with a mouse click
    or automatically after a certain amount of time.
    You can apply this to all slides or only the one
    you are working on.

Creating Hyperlinks
  • To go to a website from your presentation, you
    can add a hyperlink to your presentation.
  • Type in your link name. EX. Go to Yahoo
  • Highlight the part of the name you want to
    hyperlink. Ex. Yahoo
  • Right click and choose hyperlink.
  • Type in the URL Ex. Http//
  • When you show your presentation you can click on
    the underlined link and it will take you to
  • Go to Yahoo

Importing a Chart
  • From the menu choose
  • Insert
  • Object
  • Create from File
  • Browse
  • Select File
  • Double Click

Importing a Spreadsheet
  • Follow the same instructions as importing a

Adding a Word Document
  • From the menu choose
  • Insert
  • Object
  • Create from File
  • Browse
  • Select File
  • Double Click

View the Show
  • Start Powerpoint
  • Go to Click on First Slide in the show, go to
    Slide Show, View Show
  • OR click on first slide and click on the screen
    at the bottom of the preview pane.

Moving through the Show
  • Use the space bar or click with your mouse on the
    slide to move forward.
  • To return to a previous slide, click backspace.

End the Show
  • Press esc.
  • At the end of the show, click on the end of show