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1 Day Workshop on the Engineering Technology Path-Blueprint for a Highly Competent Engineering Workforce; at the Best Western Premier Seri Pacific, – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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1 ½ Day Workshop on the Engineering Technology
Path-Blueprint for a HighlyCompetent Engineering
Workforce at the Best Western Premier Seri
Pacific, Kuala Lumpur29-30 May 2007
Issues on the future Engineering Teamby Ir.
Rocky H.T. WongChairman IEM pro-ETI BureauAER
Head Commissioner
  • Engineering is performed by not just an
    individual but by a team an Engineering Team.
  • For the traditional ECP delivery system of
    bricks mortar types of engineering services
    (CPC 8672)
  • at the design stage, the team consists of
    engineers, designers and drafters whilst
  • for the construction stage, the team is
    supplemented by resident engineers,
    site-inspectors, Cows etc.

  • When it comes to Integrated Engineering Services
    (CPC 8673), we have to consider both the Demand
    and Supply sides of the Equation of the Delivery
  • On the Demand Side, Integrated Engineering
    Services will be performed by Engineering lead
    and Technology Innovation (ETI) driven
    Programme Management or Project Management Team
    or Consultancy generally referred to as either
    PMT or PMC.

  • On the other hand, at the Supply End, Integrated
    Engineering Services as ETI professional services
    can be supplied either by EPCC contractors or
    EPCC Management Consultants.
  • The Engineering Team is now an ETI team
    Engineering lead and Technology Innovation
    driven team consisting of skilled engineers,
    technologists and other specialist technicians
    etc whose skill-expectations and knowledge are on
    higher datum.

  • PMT or PMC ETI team, the equivalent of the
    Engineering Team, consists of engineers,
    engineering technologists and technicians of
    various disciplines (besides the usual CS, ME
    disciplines) shall be equipped with
    sector-specific skills.
  • Similar demands of the ETI team tasked to deliver
    Engineering, Procurement, Construction
    Commissioning i.e. EPCC Works, which also
    include Operational Maintenance (OM) skills
    especially when proprietary processes have been
    incorporated in the delivered works.

  • ETI teams with specific knowledge and skills
    manage the life-long OM of plants and facilities
    they rightly are responsible for assets
    management and they (when properly trained
    funded) are capable to establish a first-world
    maintenance culture befitting our first-world
    infrastructures and facilities such as those of
    power energy plants and Transmission
    Distribution (TD) systems networks, Oil Gas
    and Petrochemical Chemical plants, Water
    Waste-water treatment plants, etc..

  • Other sector-specific ETI teams perform the
    professional tasks of engineering and scientific
    testing analysis services such as electrical
    electronic testing commissioning, power
    turn-on, non-destructive tests,
    soil-investigation tests etc
  • With the ASEAN MRA on Engineering Services
    (explicitly for CPC 8672) already in place since
    9 December 2005, but still awaiting to be
    operationalised cross-border trade in
    traditional engineering services is singularly
    centered on the natural person the engineer,
    who in the Malaysian context, must-

  • be a P.Eng of minimum 7 years experience
  • must have been certified by BEM to be free from
  • be registered by the ACPECC Register as an ACPE
    (after having paid a prescribed fee)
  • then apply to the targeted host ASEAN- countrys
    PRA/MC to be a RFPE (another fee?)
  • identify a local ACPE which whom to work in
    cooperation in the host ASEAN-country and
  • his/her commercial presence (Mode 3) is to be in
    the natural person capacity and is limited to 30
    for now, then to 49 by 2010improving to 70 by

  • Should the ASEAN MRA on Engineering Services be
    amended (in due course?) to also cover Integrated
    Engineering Services (CPC 8673), than besides the
    natural person - the Engineer the ETI team and
    legal persons (for Mode 3) shall also be
    considered for the cross border Trade in Services
    as mandated by the ASEAN Leaders Decision as
    spelt out in Bali Concord II.
  • Should that be the reality-and frankly we have no
    choice due to the ASEAN Economic Integration
    agenda, then the ETI team shall have the
    recognised standing for our Engineers,
    Engineering Technologists, and Technicians who
    should rightly be bench-marked to international
    best- practices accreditation levels of the WA
    the SA and the DA respectively.

  • Being realistic of a domestic perspective in the
    globalised and borderless market, it is important
    to adopt an attitude of Think-Global, Act Local
    approach e.g. the issues of the CCC which came
    into force 13 April this year, call for
    registration of not just Professional Engineers,
    but other para-professionals in the Construction
    Industry, especially those on the Demand Side of
    the Delivery System, viz. the ECP delivery.
  • To complete the picture on the Issues on the
    future Engineering Team, it is important to
    appreciate the various WTO/GATS defined services
    which are ETI centric delivered by engineer-lead
    teams such as-

  • Engineering Services
  • Integrated Engineering Services
  • ICT
  • Technical testing analysis services
  • Services incidental to-
  • Mining,
  • Energy generation, distribution, efficiency,
    renewal, etc
  • Communication Services
  • Construction related engineering services
  • Education services
  • Environmental services
  • Transport services, including among others-
  • Pipeline transport
  • Energy distribution services, etc and
  • Logistic services.

  • The priority services as being encouraged and
    promoted by the IMP3 fall within the foresaid
    WTO/GATS defined services which when applied to
    the Hi-tech industrial sectors (also being
    promoted by the Government) should best be
    delivered by ETI teams which shall consist of
    knowledge based skilled professionals,
    para-professionals and talents rather than
    trade-based skilled and semi-skilled workers.
  • For reasons as given herein above and elsewhere
    earlier, it is my belief that the Report on
    Engineering Technology Path provides a blueprint
    for a highly competent engineering workforce.
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