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Welcome Activity Funny Faces: Working with Graphic Organizers


Title: Guided Writing Exercise Writing a Bio-Poem Author: Myrna Monllor Last modified by: Myrna Monllor Created Date: 5/31/2005 2:19:55 AM Document presentation ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome Activity Funny Faces: Working with Graphic Organizers

Welcome ActivityFunny FacesWorking with
Graphic Organizers
  • Prof. Myrna Monllor/
  • Prof. Helen Domenech
  • Summer Institute 2007

Pre-Writing ActivityObjectives
  • Getting to know each other
  • Use a descriptive graphic organizer
  • (figure)
  • Practice the four language skills
  • Use individual creativity

  • You will receive a Funny Faces document which you
    will use to represent yourself.
  • Feel free to adapt the features so that they show
    who you are.
  • Color and decorate as you wish.

Instructions 2
  • Surround the drawing with nouns, verbs,
    adjectives and phrases which describe you
    physically and as a person, describe how you
    feel, what you like, what you dislike.
  • Give your drawing a title, the title should
    reflect who you are, without mentioning your name

Guided Writing ExerciseWriting a Biopoem
Guided Writing
What is it? Teacher presents a structured lesson and supervises as students write. Teacher also teaches a writing procedure, strategy or skill.
What for? To scaffold a writing experience, to introduce different types of writing activities
How much support? The teacher provides the structure, but the students do the thinking and writing
Which activities? Class collaborations, class ABC Books, Formula Poems
Writing the BiopoemGrade level (any)
  • Objectives
  • Get to know each other
  • Introduce you to poetry writing
  • Use descriptive words
  • Learn to play with words
  • Discover your voice

Prewriting Activities
  • Share a poem with the same or similar theme
  • Poet by Veronica Cunningham/Chicano writer
  • Fernández, Roberta. (ed) In Other Words
    Literature by Latinas of the United States.
    Houston, Texas Arte Público Press, 1994.
  • Read poem aloud
  • Discuss what attracts the attention of the reader

Poet by Veronica Cunningham
  • i am not a quiet poet.
  • i want to know Truths.
  • Hear the reason of Dreams
  • Hear the wonder of Questions
  • I want
  • to hear words that travel Heart
  • into the World
  • That reflects the lights
  • and darks
  • Escaped, or allowed
  • Disguised or naked
  • Words
  • Reaching your sense of Words
  • Truth or lies, real or trusted
  • Poetry is language
  • The language of Our Lives

Bio Poem Model 1
Line 1 Your first name Line 2 Who
is...(Descriptive words that describe you) Line
3 Who is brother or sister of... Line 4 Who
loves...(three ideas or people) Line 5 Who
feels...(three ideas ) Line 6 Who
needs...(three ideas) Line 7 Who gives...(three
ideas) Line 8 Who fears...(three ideas) Line
9 Who would like to see... Line 10 Who
shares... Line 11 Who is... Line 12 Who is a
resident of... Line 13 Your last name
Biopoem Model 2
  • LINE 1 first name
  • LINE 2 two adjectives describing yourself
  • LINE 3 Sibling of /Mother (Father) of /Wife
    (Husband) of
  • LINE 4 Lover of (name two things)
  • LINE 5 Who fears (name two things)
  • LINE 6 Who would like to see (name two
  • LINE 7 Resident of
  • LINE 8 last name

My Poem
  • Myrna
  • Pleasantly plump
  • Wife, Mother,Daughter, Sister, Teacher, Student
  • Lover of film and travel
  • Who hates violence and injustice
  • Who wishes you peace and happiness
  • Who lives in Guaynabo
  • Monllor-Jiménez

Writing the Biopoem
  • Provide students with enough time to write their
  • In groups have students read their poems to each
    other. Each group will select a person who will
    read his/her poem in the Authors Chair.
  • Each student will prepare his/her poem for
    publishing. Each student will find creative ways
    to present his/her poem for a Gallery Walk.

  • Because the bio-poem is formula, it can be
    changed or adapted to different levels
  • Children can also write a bio-poem about another
    classmate, an admired person, a historical
    figure, a story character, etc.

Example A Story Character
  • First name Snow White
  • Four traits Beautiful, giving, loving, unhappy
  • Related to The Queen, her wicked stepmother
  • Cares deeply for The seven dwarfs
  • Who feels Safe in the forest
  • Who needs The love of a prince
  • Who givesLove to the seven dwarfs
  • Who would like to see Goodness throughout the
  • Resident of The forest

Variations on Funny Faces
  • Select a partner, preferably a person whom you
    have not met
  • Introduce yourselves and have a brief
    conversation in English
  • You will then select the funny features that will
    represent your new friend

  • Draw and color your friend
  • Interview your partner using the suggested guide
    questions ( you may include additional questions)
  • Create a piece of writing to describe your new
    friend (Biography, Descriptive Essay, Article,
    Poem, Letteretc.)
  • Introduce your new friend to the class and share
    your piece of writing

Guide Questions
  • What is your name? What is the story of your
  • Name the animal inside you. Explain your choice.
  • Theres an object inside your heart. What is it?
    Explain its significance.

  • Theres a word written on your forehead. What is
    it? Explain.
  • Theres a person in your mind. Who is it? Why is
    the person significant in your life?
  • Tell me a sound you love. Tell me a sound you
  • Tell me a smell you love. Tell me a smell you

  • What is your favorite time of day? Why?
  • Tell me something you remember from your

  • Educators Reference Desk Lesson plan by Lisa
  • Email lisamkermes_at_yahoo.com
    School/University/Affiliation University of
    Pittsburgh at Johnstown http//www.eduref.org/cgi
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