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Ethics First


Ethics First Then Customer Relationships Chapter 3 Sleazy Salesperson Exhibit 3-4: What Is Your Level of Moral Development? Preconventional - What can I get away ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Ethics First

Ethics FirstThen Customer Relationships
Sleazy Salesperson
Exhibit 3-4 What Is Your Level of Moral
  • Principled - What is the right thing to do?
  • Conventional - What am I legally required to do?
  • Preconventional - What can I get away with?

Exhibit 3-5 Moral Development Bell Curve
Are There Any Ethical Guidelines?
  • What Does The Research Say?
  • American adults said by a 3-to-1 margin that
    truth is always ______ to a persons situation
  • People are most likely to make their moral and
    ethical decisions based on
  • Whatever feels right or
  • _________ in a situation

How Do You Make Your Moral-Right or Wrong
Choices? (Choose One)
  • Whatever will bring you the most pleasing or
    satisfying results
  • Whatever will make other people happy or minimize
    interpersonal conflict
  • ______ taught by your family
  • Primarily from religious principles and teaching
    or bible content
  • Other

What Does One Do?
  • What if you found a bank bag containing 125,000?
    Would you return it to the bank?
  • Is it fear of being ______?
  • Not the right thing to do?

Sources of Significant Influence
  • Do factors influencing our decisions include your
    friends, family, or things you see on television
    or in the movies?
  • Barna has found that the leading influences on
    American ethics are movies, TV, the Internet,
    books, music, public policy, law, and family

Will The Golden Rule Help?
  • The ______ ____ concept is present in virtually
    all faith-based principles
  • The Golden Rule does not involve reciprocity
  • Could the Golden Rule serve as a universal,
    practical, helpful standard for the
    businesspersons conduct?
  • Would you consider your faith a fixed point that
    is separate from you and never changes?

Exhibit 3-7 Examples of World Religions Which
Embrace the Golden Rule
  • Hindu Mahabharata, Do naught unto others what
    you would not have them do to you.
  • Confucius, Do not do to others what you would
    not like yourself.
  • Buddhist UdanaVarga, - Hurt not others in ways
    that you yourself would find hurtful.
  • Rabbi Hillel, That which is hateful to you do
    not do unto your neighbor.
  • Jesus Christ, Do to others as you would have
    them do to you.

Managements Ethical Responsibilities
  • Ethics is the code of moral principles and values
    that govern the behaviors of a person or a group
    with respect to what is right or wrong
  • Ethical behavior refers to treating others ____

Ethics in Dealing with Salespeople
  • Five ethical considerations faced by sales
  • Level of sales pressure
  • Decisions affecting _______
  • To tell the truth?
  • The ill salesperson
  • Employee rights
  • Termination-at-will
  • Privacy
  • Sexual harassment

Salespeoples Ethics in Dealing with Their
  • Misusing company assets
  • __________
  • Cheating
  • Affecting other salespeople
  • Technology theft

Ethics in Dealing with Customers
  • Bribes
  • Misrepresentation
  • Price ___________
  • Robinson-Patman Act
  • Selling the same quantity of the same product to
    different buyers at different prices
  • Tie-in sales
  • To buy a particular line of merchandise, a buyer
    may be required to buy other, unwanted products
  • Clayton Act

Ethics in Dealing with Customers, cont
  • Exclusive dealership
  • _________
  • Buying a product from someone if the person or
    organization agrees to buy from you
  • Sales restrictions
  • Cooling-off laws
  • Green River ordinances

Answers to Blanks
  • 1. relative
  • 2. Comfortable
  • 3. Values
  • 4. caught
  • 5. Golden Rule
  • 6. fairly
  • 7. territory
  • 8. Moonlighting
  • 9. discrimination
  • 10. Reciprocity