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Title: Joshua God is My Salvation Chapters 13-19 Author: Delisa Lindsey Last modified by: Delisa Lindsey Created Date: 3/11/2009 3:30:44 PM Document presentation ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Joshua

Joshua God is My Salvation Chapters 13-19
  • Old Testament Bible Study
  • True Love Church of Refuge
  • Prophetess Delisa Lindsey
  • March 11, 2009

Assignment of the Promised Land
  • Joshua 13 - 19

Joshua 131-1 Assignment of Land Across Jordan
  • Joshua was well stricken in years, yet the time
    had come for Israel to possess her land. He had
    to designate the territories as God commanded
    Moses for him to do.
  • Sometimes we feel as if just because we have
    serving the Lord for a long time that we should
    retire, there is no retirement plan with the
    Lord. This is a death till ye part service unto
    Him. We cant grow weary in well doing we will
    reap if we faint not.

Joshua 132-3
  • There were portions of land yet to be conquered.
  • They included land extended from Canaan to the
    Philistine territory fo the Geshurites.
  • The Sihor river is actually the Nile River. Sihon
    means the black river. The Nile River is located
    in Egypt.
  • What are the areas in our life that we havent

Joshua 134-6
  • Joshua tells the people that God will drive the
    Canaanites to the north of Sidon. He will also
    drive out the inhabitants from the entering in of
    Hamath the northern border of Israel.
  • Just because our enemies have not been defeated
    doesnt mean we should walk in defeat. If God
    promises to fight our battles, He will do just
    what He said. We should wait patiently on Him and
    occupy ourselves with faithful service until we
    receive our breakthroughs.

Joshua 137-14 Transjordan Tribes
  • The command is given to divide the conquered land
    between the 9 ½ tribes.
  • The Transjordan territory covers land previously
    occupied by the kings of Sihon and Og.
  • The tribe of Levi did not receive an inheritance
    for the Lord was their portion. The Lord provided
    cities for them to dwell in among the tribes.
    They also received of the burnt offerings
    presented to the Lord in the Tabernacle.
  • As a royal priesthood, the Lord is our portion
    also. He is our Provider and our Way-maker .

Joshua 1315-23 Portion to the Reubenites
  • The tribe of Reuben received all the cities of
    the southern plain that once belonged to Sihon,
    king of the Amorites.
  • This also included land previously owned by
    Balaam, the soothsayer, the hireling prophet.
  • The Lord will cause His people to eat what their
    enemies have planted. He will cause His children
    to dwell in cities their enemies have built. They
    will trod them under their foot and eat the fat
    of the land.

Joshua 1324-33
  • Portion of the Gadites
  • Moses gave the tribe of Gad all of the cities of
  • Included also was a city called Succour (booths)
    where Jacob rested after reuniting with his
    brother Esau.
  • Portion of the ½ tribe of Manessah
  • All the kingdom of Og and sixty additional
  • These were the tribal assignments made by Moses
    while on the east side of Jordan.

The Assignment of Canaan
  • Joshua Chapters 14-19

Joshua 141-5 Calebs Portion
  • Eleazar, the High Priest and Joshua assigned the
    land by lot. The Lord used the highest ranking
    spiritual officer and the highest ranking
    military officer to provide for His people. He
    uses those who watch as well as pray.
  • Casting lots ensured the sovereign will of God
    because He would determine the outcome.
  • Saul (1 Sam. 1019-21) was chosen by lot as was
    Matthias, the Apostle in Acts 126.

Joshua 146-12
  • Caleb was the spy, whom along with Joshua and 10
    others, was instructed by Moses to spy out the
    land of Canaan. Only Joshua and Caleb brought
    back a victorious report, the others were afraid
    and spread their poison of fear throughout the
    camp. The fearful and unbelieving died in the
    wilderness. Only Joshua and Caleb survived out of
    their generation.
  • Because Caleb was faithful to the Lord as a bold
    soldier and ready to inherit his possession,
    Moses promised him that the land he declares as
    his, would be given to him.
  • 45 years later, the time came for Caleb to
    receive his inheritance. He was now 85 years old
    as was as strong a soldier as on the day he was
    promised his land.
  • Give me this mountain.

Joshua 1413-15
  • Joshua blessed Caleb and gave him his
    inheritance, Hebron.
  • Hebron was once the city of Giants. Notice that
    the 10 cowardly spies reported that the
    inhabitants of Canaan were as giants and they
    considered themselves as grasshoppers.
  • Have you noticed how God rewards His warriors?
  • It was also the burial site of Abraham (Gen.
    257-10, Isaac (Gen. 3527-29), and Jacob (Gen.
  • Caleb chose the most historic part of Canaan,
    where his fore fathers bones lay.

Joshua 151-12 Portion to Judah
  • The cities and towns listed define the borders of
    Judahs inheritance.

Joshua 1513-19
  • Caleb drives the children of Anak (giants) from
    his land.
  • Caleb waited a long time for his deliverance, yet
    he abideth faithful. God also renewed his
    strength to be able to enjoy fight for his
    blessings and enjoy them.
  • He issues a challenge to anyone who conquered his
    land of Kirjath-sepher would win the prize of his
    daughter, Achsah in marriage.
  • Othniel, a brave and capable warrior who was also
    Calebs nephew, capture the town and won Achsah
    in marriage.
  • She met her father in the fields and pleaded for
    an inheritance for herself. Calebs daughter not
    only received a might man of valor for a husband,
    she also received several springs of water at

Joshua 1520-62
  • The remainder of Judahs inheritance is described
    in geographical detail.
  • 1 Negev 36 cities
  • 2 the Shephela 3 (14-15), 36, and 9 cities
    each, plus Ekron, Ashod, and Gaza
  • 3 the mountains 5(11), 9, 10, 6, 2 cities each
  • 4- the wilderness 6 cities each including the
    city of Salt, later known as Qumran which housed
    the Essenes who copied the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Joshua 1563
  • The Israelites had trouble driving out the
    inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Jebusites.
  • Later in history, the Israelites tried to set
    fire to Jerusalem, but because of its
    geographical location, the Jebusites maintained
  • Ultimately David conquered the Jebusites in 2
    Sam. 56-10 and made Jerusalem, Israels capital.
  • There are certain issues in life which take
    extreme measures to overcome. David was a praise
    worship fanatic. Only David was able to conquer
    Jerusalem and make it bow to Israel as her
    capital. What battles can you win through the
    weapons of praise worship?
  • Joshua was a warrior, and rightly so, but David
    was a worshipper. Worship can take you much
    further than battling with demons.

Joshua Chapters 16-19 Next Week God bless!