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Welcome Computer Science Computing Science Information Systems Software Engineering In this talk * We will provide some information about each of the courses and then ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Computer Science

  • Computer Science
  • Computing Science
  • Information Systems
  • Software Engineering

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In this talk
  • We will provide some information about each of
    the courses and then break into groups so that
    you can discuss the courses you are interested in
    with members of staff

What will you learn?
  • It depends what interests you
  • All our students will do some of the same modules
    computing fundamentals which underpin every
    branch of computing
  • Some modules they select for themselves
    depending on award
  • This talk is intended to give you some
    information about the choices you will be able to

Flexibility Choice
A foundation in computing fundamentals
Computer Science
Information Systems
S/W Engineering
Computing Science
Computer Science
  • Study of computers, their hardware, operating
    systems, interface with the outside world
  • And advanced programming skills

Software Engineering
  • Problem Solving engineering software
  • Specifying, designing, writing, testing programs
  • Programming languages and how to use them

Computing Science
  • A generalist degree which gives you an
    underpinning in computing fundamentals
  • And provides a greater degree of choice to allow
    you to develop advanced skills in the areas which
    interest you

Information Systems
  • Will understand how data, information and
    knowledge are essential to the functioning of
    organisations, both in the public and the private
  • They should have well developed problem solving
    skills, be innovative etc

A Typical Year 1
If you are using a mobile phone or the Net or
most file sharing programs or an Apple Mac or any
one of 700 million PCs you have used Java
A Typical Year 1
  • You will study an introduction to programming and
    the hardware and software that make up a
    computer system
  • You will study system analysis and design and
    underpinning maths
  • Depending on your award you will study the C
    programming language Operating Systems
  • And you will study one or more modules that you
    choose yourself from a range of options

Broadly speaking For a career as
Broadly speaking For a career as
  • The placements scheme is a rewarding
    experience and the best opportunity to secure a
    job offer after graduation".
  • Christopher Nixon
  • BEng (Hons) Computer Science

Sent 09 February 2012 2118 In case the
feedback is useful to your current students who
are going to try for direct entry (not via a
graduate scheme), I can tell you that it was my
placement year that interested interviewers most,
and secondarily, that I had specialised in
Android development - even if they weren't
specifically hiring Android developers. They were
also very keen to know that I was interested in
open source projects etc. - that I'm the kind of
person who lives and breathes technology in my
spare time. Apparently it was how I answered one
question that got me this job I was asked what
I expected to spend most of my time doing, and
naturally I said design work/documentation/problem
solving type activities. The other candidates
said "writing code", which really highlights the
advantage that I got from doing a placement. I
hope things are all well at Staffs uni.
Sent 14 February 2012 1223 To KINMOND
Rob M Subject Hello! (10 years on!) hello
Rob!Hope this email finds you well!I thought
it's been around 10-11 years since I wrote to
was high time that I did so again!Well.. the
years have seen me pass through Sun Microsystems
(8 years) and Oracle after that (1.5 years) and
these days I'm doing stuff in a US Startup
witha) Craig Morgan!b) ZFS founding member
Garret D'Amore (of 128 bit Solaris ZFS fame)
recently moved on to different company.I've
found that it is a funny old world in that you do
keep bumping into the same people.My M.Sc
certificate still takes the best position in my
office here - some fond memories of a tough
course!No change in terms of how much I
appreciated the course and the doors it opened
for me.In our own humble way, most of the Staffs
Uni alumni that I know of are taking their small
part in changing/challening the world of
computing at a Global level.Thank you this
could not have been done without everyone in
Computing Dept_at_Staffs Uni.
Accessed Feb15th 2012
Feb 11th 2012 17509 IT Jobs Do you have the
skills? Yet?
What If You Choose The Wrong Award?
  • At Staffs Uni, we know that students will be
    studying topics they have not come across before.
    You can change between awards in this award
    group very easily in the first semester.
    Depending on the modules studied, most students
    will be able to change to computing science at
    any stage in the degree

The Staffordshire Graduate
  • The Staffordshire Graduate represents a set of
    qualities that the University passionately
    believes is necessary for our students success
    in the 21st century.
  • Our students will
  • be reflective and critical learners
  • have a global perspective,
  • be ready to hit the ground running to contribute
    in the world of work
  • These are a set of skills that the University is
    in the process of developing and delivering.

The Staffordshire Graduate
  • Have an understanding of the forefront of
    knowledge in their chosen field
  • Be prepared to be work-ready and employable and
    understand the importance of being enterprising
    and entrepreneurial 
  • Have an understanding of global issues and of
    their place in a globalised economy
  • Be a effective communicator and presenter and
    able to interact appropriately with a range of
  • Have developed the skills of independence of
    thought and (when appropriate) social interaction
    through teamwork
  • Have the ability to carry out inquiry-based
    learning and critical analysis
  • Be a problem solver and creator of opportunities
  • Be technologically, digitally and information
  • Be able to apply Staffordshire Graduate
    attributes to a range of life experiences to
    facilitate life-long learning and life-long

This system will allow for concurrent monitoring
of several patients, logging of patients vital
signs for retrospective viewing and remote
monitoring of patients vital signs via a
Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) device.
A real-time intensive care, patient monitoring
and alert system
The Development of a Networked Financial
Modelling System for Large Organisations
Financial Modelling systems are an invaluable
asset to business. The system provides advantages
over current options and will produce fast,
accurate results within a short time frame
  • RFID Stock Management System
  • The RFID system is designed for management of
    stock and inventories using the latest mobile
    technologies including Radio Frequency
    Identification. It allows increased efficiency,
    productivity and control of stock and also
    integrates other business operations into a
    distributed system.

A Customisable Multi Language Process Management
System. The system is fully customisable for the
user to add and customise processes to their
individual needs supporting a multi lingual
interface to improve the communication between
businesses with offices in different locations.
Project to assist and help medical professionals
with data entry and data retrieval. Mobile
devices are used to retrieve patient details and
allow nurses to wirelessly review medication
and enter simple ward routine daily tests to a
patient database through the use of WIFI.
Mobility in Healthcare
Project allows users to create, share and
collaborate on projects. The application is run
entirely from the web via browser so users can
access their data from any internet connected
Further Information available at
  • The faculty website
  • http//
  • We will now split into groups by award
  • Any Questions?
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