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Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP)


Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) Resources & Collaboration Tuesday Tutorial #5 * Do you strongly agree or disagree with the belief? * * * * * * Each logo is ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP)

Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP)
Resources Collaboration Tuesday Tutorial
Introduction of Panel Members
  • CCCS/CTE Lauren Jones
  • CDE- Deb Hodson
  • CDHE/CIC Gully Stanford

  • Belief of ICAP for Colorado
  • Personalized education aligned to curriculum
  • Decrease Drop Out Rate
  • Increase Retention and Engagement
  • Increase students awareness of Career Pathways.
  • Guiding students to becoming PWR

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The ICAP journey
Why Collaboration?
  • Its what we have to do to survive
  • Compared Nationally, Colorado shares very well
  • Role Models for our students
  • Support of initiatives
  • Creates a reason to break down walls, extend past
    silos and applaud innovation
  • Reminds us that we are not alone

  • Real Partnerships
  • Common purpose unites and expands our
    collaborative efforts!

  • Resources at your fingertips!
  • CDE
  • Standards Implementation Tool Kit - Grade Level
    Discipline Concept Maps - http//
  • CTE
  • Career Guidance
  • CCCS
  • Student Cluster Aligned Program Matrix
  • CIC
  • CIC Wiki Site

Why CDE?
  • CDEs role in ICAP/PWR
  • Role of convener and facilitator
  • Provides materials, tools and resources for
    transition planning
  • Technical assistance and training to support
    District Implementation
  • Research and Development UNC (in the works)
  • Track number of ASCENT students and verify

  • CDEs role in ICAP/PWR
  • Planning Seen through the transition lens
  • Provides materials, tools and resources for
    transition planning
  • Technical assistance and training to support
    District Implementation
  • Research and Development UNC
  • Verify eligibility of ASCENT Concurrent
  • Both the ICAP and IEP can tell a student story
  • New Standards Implementation

Why CTE?
  • Vision
  • Colorado CTE delivers proven pathways to lifelong
    career success!
  • Mission
  • CTE ensures a thriving Colorado economy by
    providing relevant and rigorous education that is
    connected, responsive and real
  • Perkins Funded NOT general fund! ?

PWR Standards!
Missing CTSO
CTE Program Directors
Michael Womochil
Laurie Urich
Jennifer Jirous
Katy Blatnick-Gagne
Ben Nesbitt
Cindy LeCoq
Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs)
Hospitality, Human Services Education
Health Sciences Public Safety
Modelo de Grupo de Carreras de Colorado
Agricultura, Alimentación y Recursos
Naturales Ciencia de los Animales Sistemas de
Agronegócios Productos de Alimentos y Sistemas de
Procesamiento Recursos Naturales y Sistemas
Ambientales Ciencias de Plantas Potencia,
Sistemas Estructurales y Técnicos Energía
Generación y Mantenimiento Electromecánico
Distribución y Transmisión de Energía
Eléctrica Eficiencia de Energía y Tecnología
Ambiental Extracción de Energía Fósil,
Procesamiento y Distribución Producción de
energía renovable Trayectorias afiliadas STEM
  • Gestión y Administración
  • Servicios Administrativos
  • Tecnología de Informática de Negocios
  • Corporativo/ Administración General
  • Gestión de Recursos Humanos
  • Gestión de Operaciones
  • Mercadotecnia
  • Comunicaciones de Mercadotecnia
  • Dirección de Mercadotecnia
  • Investigación de Mercadotecnia
  • Comercialización
  • Ventas Profesionales/Gestión de Ventas
  • Finanzas
  • Contabilidad
  • Servicios bancarios
  • Finanzas Corporativas

STEM (Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería y
Matemáticas) También ver las trayectorias
afiliadas STEM marcadas con Investigación,
Innovación y Exploración Diseño, Desarrollo y
Aplicación Artes, Tecnología de Audio/Video y
Comunicación Tecnología De Audio/Video y Cine
Periodismo y Radiodifusión Artes
Interpretativas Impresiones/Editorial Diseño
y Artes Visuales Informática Servicios y Apoyo
de Información Medios Interactivos Sistemas
de Redes y Telecomunicaciones Programación e
Ingeniería de Software
Agricultura, Recursos Naturales Energía
Preparación para Oportunidades Post-Secundarias y
Fuerza Laboral Los conocimientos y habilidades de
fundación para todas las trayectorias de carreras
incluyen Conocimiento de Contenido Académico
Responsabilidad Cívica
Colaboración Comunicación Creatividad e
Innovación Pensamiento Crítico/Resolución de
Problemas Buscar/Uso de Informática Cultura y
Conciencia Global Responsabilidad Personal
Ética de Trabajo Trayectos especializados de
CTE Educación Cooperativa Alternativa (ACE, por
sus siglas en inglés), FACS CORE y Mundo del
Negocios, Mercadotecnia Administración Pública
Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería y Matemáticas
Hospitalidad, Servicios Humanos Educación
Oficios y Ciencias Técnicas
Hospitalidad y Turismo Alojamiento
Recreación, Diversiones y Atracciones
Restaurantes, Servicios de Alimentos y Bebidas
Viajes y Turismo Servicios Humanos Servicios
de Consumo Asesoramiento y Servicios de Salud
Mental Desarrollo Temprano de la Niñez
Familia y Servicios Comunitarios Servicios de
Cuidados Personales Educación e Instrucción
Administración y Apoyo Administrativo Servicios
de Apoyo Profesional Enseñanza e Instrucción
  • Arquitectura y Construcción
  • Construcción
  • Diseño y pre-construcción
  • Mantenimiento y Operaciones
  • Fabricación
  • Salud, Seguridad y Certeza Ambiental
  • Logística y Control de Inventario
  • Fabricación de Productos
  • Mantenimiento, Instalación y Reparación
  • Producción/ Tecnología de Proceso
  • Certeza de Calidad
  • Transporte, Distribución y Logística
  • Mantenimiento de Equipo Móvil e Instalaciones
  • Salud, Seguridad y Gestión Ambiental
  • Logística, Planificación y Gestión de Servicios
  • Planificación, Gestión y Regulación
  • Ventas y Servicio

Ciencias de la Salud, Justicia Criminal
Seguridad Pública
  • Ciencias de la Salud
  • Investigaciones en Biotecnología y
  • Servicios de Diagnóstico
  • Informática en Salud
  • Servicios de Apoyo
  • Servicios Terapéuticos
  • Leyes, Seguridad Pública, Correcciones y
  • Servicios de Corrección
  • Servicios de Emergencia y de Manejo del Fuego
  • Servicios de Aplicación de la Ley
  • Seguridad y Servicios de Protección
  • Trayectorias afiliadas STEM

Revised December 10, 2010 -
Bilingual Plans of Study
Middle School Career Exploration Wheel

Agriculture, Natural Resources Energy
STEM, Arts, Design Information Technology
Business, Marketing Public Administration
  • Postsecondary Workforce Readiness (PWR)
  • Foundation knowledge skills for all career
  • Career Education!
  • Career Exploration in all classes
  • Trimester or Semester long
  • All Students get exposure to all cluster areas
  • PWR skill incorporated throughout
  • ICAP begun and developed
  • Exploratory in nature, Self-Actualizing occurs
    relevance made.

Four-week Introduction
Two-week Introduction
Skilled Trades Technical Sciences
Hospitality, Human Services Education
Health Science, Criminal Justice Public Safety
Program Approval
Revised January 9, 2012
Why Colorado Community College System?
  • Dual Enrollment is a generic term for a program
    allowing a student to be enrolled in two separate
    institutions at the same time
  • Concurrent Enrollment Programs Act is a type of
    dual enrollment program that is explicitly
    defined in statute and provides the opportunity
    for students to earn high school and college
    credit at the same time
  • ASCENT is a 5th year program for the student
    who has completed or is on schedule to complete
    at least 12 credit hours of post secondary
    coursework by the end of his/her 12th grade year

8 Designated CTE schools statewide 4 Dept. of
Why DHE?
DHE/CIC role in P-20 ICAP PWR
DHE (CIC) partners with CDE and CCCS in P-20
  • ICAP is a lifelong process (P-20, at least)
    follow your dream, yes, but the road map applies
    to everyone at every age note how many
    careers a 21st century worker is expected to
  • The Secondary ICAP transfers to Postsecondary. In
    fact, the Higher Ed Strategic Plan recommends
    adopting it for college students.
  • With Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT, the
    historic dividing lines between P-12 and Higher
    Ed have become more like bridges, indivisibly
    linking Secondary with Postsecondary.
  • DHE serves all the variations of Postsecondary
    CTE (Technical Colleges), Certificates,
    Associates, Bachelors and beyond. The ICAP is the
    road map for lifelong learning and success.

Role of CIC in DHE
  • In 2011, Lt Governor Joe Garcia created the new
    Division of Access and Student Services within
  • This Division includes the Director of Admissions
    and Access, GEAR UP, the Director of Financial
    Aid and College In Colorado
  • Tracking, Reporting, Evaluating new inter-agency
    data-sharing agreement between CDE and DHE allows
    CIC users to track students postsecondary
  • College In Colorado functions as the outreach arm
    of the Department of Higher Education

One-Stop Resource Online Portable Free
CIC as a Resource
  • Meets all ICAP requirements
  • Free, Portable, Lifelong, Online Portfolio
  • Career, Postsecondary, fin aid activities,
    resources, curriculum
  • ICAP, Milestones and Plans of Study customizable
    by school
  • Spanish language features and bilingual support
  • Statewide Support Teams Hotline
  • Professional Center to monitor, report, evaluate
    student progress
  • Customized ICAP Creation/Implementation/Assistance
  • ICAP Implementation Workshops Linda Fraser

CIC as a Resource
  • Connects to ONet and LMI (1,300 ONet Career
  • Links to 8.000 HE institutions nationwide
  • 6 Interest/Skills (English/Spanish) Career
    Assessments aligned to World of Work/ASVAB
  • ASCA Correlations
  • Additional Resources for Students with
  • Aligned/sequenced career/college planning
    curriculum Grades 7 12
  • Lesson plans, coursework, planning tools,
    worksheets tracking students progress to
    graduation and PostSecondary and WorkForce

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Additional FREE Website Resources
  • World of Work Map
  • ONet -
  • My Next Move
  • Workplace Gender Balance
  • LMI Gateway
  • For Cost NAVIANCE

  • Colorado Professional Organizations to connect
  • CSCA
  • Guidance Career Development Division Blog
  • CCDA
  • Colorado Council for ACT http//

  • Next Steps
  • Share this archived webinar with your
  • Reconvene ICAP Stakeholder group
  • Presentations at upcoming Summer Conferences PD
  • Attend the Pre-Collegiate Conference (March 30th,
  • Future Tuesday Tutorials
  • April 17th 3- 345pm ICAP and Making
    Meaning for Partnerships

Contact us
CDHE Misti Ruthven
Gully Stanford
Linda Fraser
CDE Deb Hodson
Judy Martinez
CCCS/CTE Lauren Jones