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Department of English PhD advising Session Fall 2013


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Department of English PhD advising Session Fall 2013

Department of English PhD advising Session Fall
  • Ron Broglio, Graduate Director
  • Sheila Luna, Program Manager

Graduate advising
  • Ron Broglio, director of graduate studies
  • Contact for an appointment
  • Doris Warriner, Rhetoric and Composition
  • Lee Bebout, Literature
  • James Blasingame, English Education
  • Elly van Gelderen, Linguistics
  • Barbara Lafford, Applied Linguistics
  • http//
  • Sheila Luna, Graduate Program Manager

Become Familiar with Policies or ask
  • Graduate students are responsible for
    familiarizing themselves with all university and
    graduate policies and procedures.
  • Communicate with the program manager or DGS to be
    clear on expectations for degree completion
  • Check your MyASU account for up-to-date
    information regarding your status, holds, items
    to attend to and other important information
  • Maintain a working ASU email and check it
  • Check with your dissertation advisors well in
    advance of data collection to ensure compliance
    with university regulations regarding the
    collection of data

Enrollment Stipulations
  • Graduate students MUST remain continuously
    enrolled, otherwise they will be withdrawn by the
    office of Graduate Education and will need to
  • Students taking an oral or written exam, foreign
    language exam, defending in summer must be
    registered for at least one graduate credit
  • If the exam, portfolio, defense, etc falls in
    between terms, registration for the next session
    is required (after spring and before summer,
    students must register for summer).
  • Students must be enrolled in at least one
    graduate credit during the semester or summer
    session that they apply for graduation
  • If defending between terms, you must be
    registered for the following term

Enrollment, continued.
  • Teaching Assistants MUST be enrolled for six
    hours every semester (even if they are done with
    coursework and research/dissertation hours)
  • If enrollment is impossible due to personal or
    medical issues, students can petition for a
    Request to Maintain Continuous Enrollment .
    Return the form with your chairs signature to
    Sheila Luna http//
  • Students who are granted a petition to maintain
    enrollment lose their student privileges (i.e.,
    email, library, etc.)
  • Enrolling in 1 credit of 795, continuing
    registration, can be a place holder
  • A W, an I, or an audit do NOT count as continuous
  • 400-level courses do NOT count as continuous
    enrollment unless they are listed on the plan of

Independent Study Registration
  • Download the Independent Study form
    (http//, complete the
    top portion and obtain the required signature.
    If you are doing research or dissertation hours
    (792, 799) you must get your committee chairs
    signature on the instructor line
  • If you are doing a reading and conference (ENG or
    LIN 790), you must obtain the signature of the
    professor with whom you will be working
  • Return the completed and signed form to the
    English Department main office or to the graduate
    studies office for clearance to register. You
    will be able to register within 48 hours of
    returning the form
  • This procedure must be followed each time you
    want to enroll in ENG or LIN 799, 790, 792, 795,

Graduate Plan of Study (iPOS)
  • The interactive plan of study (iPOS) is a list of
    what you have taken, are presently taking, and
    will take to complete degree requirements
  • Official notification to the office of Graduate
    Education of your committee membership
  • File early in program
  • The iPOS must be reviewed and approved by the
    supervisory committee, the graduation office, and
    the office of Graduate Education
  • Ph.D. students must have an approved iPOS with
    entire committee approved before the portfolio
  • http//

Filing the Interactive Plan of Study
  • Submit electronically, through the MY ASU, iPOS
  • Obtain committee chairs signature on the summary
    page before the Department approves the iPOS
  • Only the chair is needed to submit the iPOS. Once
    an iPOS has been approved by the Department and
    the office of Graduate Education, the student can
    submit a Committee Change Request and create
    co-chairs and members
  • May select entire committee at once, eliminating
    the need to add committee members later
  • http//
    _iPOS_0.pdf How-To Guide

iPOS details
  • Must submit iPOS before 50 of their program is
    completed. Failure to do so may result in a hold
    on registration
  • Choose this option 84 credit hours, oral exam,
    prospectus and a foreign language exam
  • Obtain committee chairs signature on summary
    page and return to Sheila Luna so it can be
    officially approved
  • Committee Change Requests, Petitions, Course
    Change Requests and Masters in Passing
    applications are also submitted electronically.
  • http//

  • PhD plans of study must have 84 hours, 12 being
  • List 12 (and only 12) hours of Dissertation (799)
  • Research (792) can be used as coursework hours
    when applicable and in consultation with the
    committee chair
  • A student with a previously awarded masters
    degree can apply it to the iPOS for a blanket 30
    hours. The student must then list 54 hours taken
    at ASU after admission to PhD
  • The committee chair will review the coursework
    before signing to make sure all requirements have
    been met

Pre-Admission Coursework
  • Twelve hours of pre-admission coursework from
    another institution or from ASU, not applied to a
    previous degree, may be applied
  • The office of Graduate Education must have
    official transcripts from the institution where
    the classes were taken
  • Must have been completed within three years of
    admission to the ASU degree program
  • A grade of B or better is required for all
    transfer and non degree work applied to a Plan of

Foreign Language Requirement
  • Must demonstrate a competent knowledge of a
    natural language other than modern English
  • Earning a B (3.00) or higher in a 400- or
    500-level course
  • Demonstrating native speaker proficiency in a
    language approved by the students supervisory
  • Earning a B (3.00) or higher in both ENG 530
    Old English and ENG 531 Old English Literature or
    their equivalent
  • Holding a bachelors degree in an approved
    foreign language
  • Fulfilled a foreign language requirement during
  • For languages which the School of International
    Letters and Cultures does offer above the 200
    level, two years (4 semesters) of college
    coursework at the 100 and 200 level with a C or
    better, completed no more than six years prior to
    admission to the degree program.
  • http//

Language Requirement Things to remember!
  • The Foreign Language Reading Exam is offered by
    SILC two times per year
  • Must be enrolled in at least one graduate English
    credit during the semester of the exam
  • Exam results must be posted before student can
    take examinations or schedule a defense
  • Fulfill the requirement early in the program so
    it does not hold up graduation.
  • If a student fails the exam, a petition must be
    submitted to the office of Graduate Education to
    retake the exam, including why the student
    failed, what the student will do to prepare for
    the next exam, and why the exam is needed. Note
    Only two retake petitions are allowed. Allow
    three months to study for the next exam.
  • http//

Taking the Foreign Language Exam
  • Select your language on the iPOS
  • Take exam
  • Results received six to eight weeks after exam
  • Results cannot be posted if the student does not
    have an approved ipos with entire committee on

Language Exam dates for 2013/14
  • October 4, 2013 (apply by September 13, 2013)
  • March 4, 2014 (apply by February 4, 2014)

Using Old English to fulfill requirement
  • Select Old English from the drop down list on the
  • Contact Sheila Luna when grades are posted for
    both 530 and 531
  • The requirement will remain incomplete until
    notification of grades is received
  • Cannot post results without an approved iPOS with
    entire committee

If English is your Second Language
  • Choose your native language from drop down list
    on the iPOS
  • When iPOS is approved by office of Graduate
    Education, notify Sheila Luna and she will waive
    the language requirement on your iPOS
  • Cannot waive requirement without an approved iPOS
    with entire committee

Taking a Class to Meet the Language Requirement
  • Student takes an upper division SILC course
    (approved by the advisor)
  • Must be taught in the language
  • After the grade of B or better is posted on your
    transcript for this course, contact Sheila Luna
  • Cannot post language results without an approved
    iPOS with entire committee

Reading Knowledge Classes
  • B or better in FRE 494 French for Reading
    Knowledge ITA 494 Italian for Reading Knowledge
    GER 494 German for Reading Knowledge
  • Do not need background in language to take
  • Fulfills the language requirement
  • Contact Sheila Luna after grade is posted

Other ways to meet the language requirement
  • If you are meeting the requirement in another way
    (BA or MA in approved language, etc) contact
    Sheila Luna AFTER your iPOS has been approved
  • Foreign language requirement results cannot be
    posted without an approved iPOS with entire
    committee on file.

Time to Degree - doctoral
  • Maximum time limit is the shortest of the
  • Ten years from admission
  • Five years from comp exams
  • If more time is required, students may submit a
    detailed petition to the office of Graduate
    Education with the extension request
  • Department of English recommended time to degree
    is 7 years. Average is 6 years. Students are
    given TA eligibility for 5 years

PhD Timeline
  • Five years is typical for those with masters
  • Meet with committee chair or director of program
    annually to discuss progress
  • Failure to submit signed timeline will result in
    a hold on registration for 792/799
  • http//

Satisfactory academic progress
  • Adherence to timeline
  • Timely completion of coursework and exams
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA each semester
  • No more than three Is (Incomplete) on transcript

Choosing a dissertation Committee
  • At least three members on the graduate faculty,
    ordinarily specialists in the area of the
    students project
  • Confer with selected chair about other suitable
    members for the committee
  • Identify committee chair and members early and
    look to them for guidance
  • Petitioning to have a committee chair from
    outside the department's graduate faculty must be
    approved by the department chair in consultation
    with the director of graduate studies

PhD Exams (pHd rcl, apl)
  • Portfolio two scholarly essays and a
  • Oral or Written Exam based on bibliography
  • Colloquy Defense of the dissertation prospectus.
    After completing this step, submit Report of the
    Doctoral Dissertation Prospectus form to Sheila
    Luna for candidacy processing
  • http//

PhD Exams revised exam structure for Literature
  • Essay One scholarly essay and a bibliography
  • Oral Exam based on bibliography and essay
  • Colloquy Defense of the dissertation prospectus.
    After completing this step, submit Report of the
    Doctoral Dissertation Prospectus form to graduate
    program manager for candidacy processing
  • http//

What is Candidacy
  • PhD students achieve candidacy in a letter from
  • the office of Graduate Education upon completion
  • foreign language requirement
  • qualifying examination
  • defending the dissertation prospectus

Doctoral dissertation
  • Based on original and independent
    research/creative activity conducted by the
    student, under the guidance of the graduate
    supervisory committee
  • Demonstrate the candidate's mastery of research
    and scholarly methodologies, theory, and tools of
    the discipline
  • Demonstrate the candidate's ability to address a
    major intellectual problem and to propose
    meaningful questions and hypotheses, as well as
    utilize the methods with which to study the
    proposed research question(s) and related
    hypotheses, and draw conclusions
  • 12 hours of dissertation (ENG or LIN or APL 799)
    are required on the plan of study. They can be
    taken all at once, or split up. 1 hour of
    dissertation can also be taken to maintain

Defense Announcements
  • Dissertation defenses are announced via e-mail to
    the Department of English. A student preparing
    for his/her defense should send an e-mail to which will include student name,
    dissertation title, date, time, room, committee
    chair, committee members, and a brief abstract.
    The abstract should be in the body of the e-mail,
    not as an attachment.
  • Contact Chris Floyd in the main office to
    schedule a room for the defense.

Automated Formatting
  • Run your dissertation through the format tool
  • Make sure you are using the most recent version
    of the Format Manual from office of Graduate
    Education website
  • http//
  • office of Graduate Education Graduation Deadlines
    and Procedures
  • http//

Scheduling a Defense
  • Schedule your defense on your MyASU defense
    schedule tab no later than 10 working days before
    the defense date
  • Initial format review must be performed by office
    of Graduate Education prior to defense
  • After scheduling your defense, submit complete
    draft to for format review
  • Day before defense, student will receive email
    with next steps for the defense of the
    dissertation and submission of final document to

Defense Scheduling, continued
  • Several requirements must be met before the
    defense schedule link will appear on your MyASU
  • Approved iPOS with full committee
  • Minimum 3.0 overall graduate GPA
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA on iPOS
  • No pending course changes, committee changes
  • Satisfied all requirements (written/oral exam,
    language, etc.)
  • Achieved candidacy
  • Active student and currently enrolled

Masters in Passing (MIP)
  • For PhD students who do not hold an MA in English
  • Must complete 33 hours of coursework and pass the
  • MIP iPOS is submitted electronically
  • Student must file for graduation
  • http//

Types of Petitions
  • Graduation Extensions Must be include a
    detailed justification Why petition is needed,
    what happened to cause delay. When do you intend
    to graduate. A detailed timeline on progress
    toward defense such as chapter 1 is due on ___,
    chapter 2 is due on ___. Include student
    statement I understand that there will be no
    further extensions petitioned, failure to meet
    agreed upon deadline will result in dismissal
    from the program. Use paper petition form
  • Retaking Language Exam Must include why you
    failed, how you will prepare for the next exam
    and why the exam is needed. Petition can be done
    online on iPOS link
  • Petitions to Maintain Continuous Enrollment
    Used to discontinue enrollment. The maximum is
    two semesters during entire program. Use the
    paper form Doctoral Request to Maintain
    Continuous Enrollment
  • http//

Dissertation Fellowships
  • Graduate Education Dissertation Fellowships
    (deadline January 15, 2014 for 2014/15)
  • Graduate Education Completion Fellowships
    (deadline October 7, 2013 for spring 2014)
  • Katharine Turner Dissertation Fellowships
    (deadline February 3, 2014)
  • Graduate Travel Awards
  • http//

Graduate Education Travel Awards
  • Presenting papers at scholarly conferences
  • 350 from Graduate Education 350 additional
    funds from English
  • Only three students funded per cycle
  • October 4, 2013 for travel November 15, 2013
    through February 21, 2014
  • January 10, 2014 for travel February 22, 2014
    through May 16, 2014
  • March 14, 2014   for travel May 17, 2014 through
    June 30, 2014
  • http//

Important Department Forms
  • Independent Study Form (to register for
    research/dissertation/reading and conference)
  • PhD Oral Exam Form
  • PhD Report of Dissertation Prospectus form
  • Portfolio Statement of Intent (to accompany the
    portfolio papers)
  • http//

GSEA/English workshops
  • Sept 20th CV and Cover Letters 1130 am LL 316
  • Oct 25th Applying to Conferences/Submitting
    for Publication 300 pm LL 316
  • January 24th Applying for grants/fellowships/awar
    ds 300 pm LL 316
  • March 28 (tentative) Digital Media Workshop
  • Dec 12th Mock Interviews

Upcoming lecture
  • Navigating Your Career in Higher Education A
    Conversation with Beverly Ann Chin
  • Thursday, Sep. 26, 2013 315-430 p.m. LL 316
  • Finishing the PhD, searching for the right job,
    and learning tenure and promotion.
  • Q A with Dr. Chin.

Graduate Education Job Search Workshops
  • Preparing CV part 1, Sept 18, 3 pm MU
  • Creating a resume and cover letter Sept 20th,
    130 pm
  • Academic Job Search Oct. 1 130
  • Preparing CV part 2 Oct 4 300 pm
  • Interviewing for Academic Jobs Oct 14 1030 am
  • http//

Information online
  • The English Department website, graduate student
    page contains many useful links, such as FAQs,
    how to file an iPOS, doctoral exams, etc.
  • Graduate Education website http//
    / Contains information on university policy,
    graduation deadlines and procedures, Graduate
    Education forms, professional development, etc.
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