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Combining Aromatherapy with Flower Essences


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Combining Aromatherapy with Flower Essences

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Combining Aromatherapy with Flower Essences
  • To Boost Positive Energy
  • and Emotions

Jennifer Hochell Pressimone, Di.SPE
  • Regional Manager with Natures Sunshine
  • Owner JennScents, Inc.
  • Aromatherapy Custom Blending Bar
  • Holistic Aromatherapy Educational Institute
  • Regional Director and Public Relations
    Coordinator with NAHA (National Association of
    Holistic Aromatherapy)
  • Author, International Educator

  • Aromatherapy The use of essential oils to
    address, alter and shift various physical,
    mental, emotional and spiritual concerns
  • Helps one connect with deep-seated, past
  • Recognize the emotional imbalance, accept it, and
    work through it to achieve emotional freedom
  • Promotes relaxation, energy balances grief,
    anger, fear, etc.
  • How does it work? Olfaction targets thalamus
    (cognition) and hypothalamus (part of limbic
    system aka smell brain)
  • Activates emotions and behaviors

Flower Essences
  • Made from these flower preparations, used to
    address, shift, alter and influence emotional
    concerns on a deeper spiritual level.
  • Activates the bodys own natural ability to
    restore vital energy
  • Helps one connect with emotions to balance them,
    combating stagnation, lethargy and negative
    thought patterns.
  • Redirects the flow of our vital energy in a
    positive direction, and steers it away from a
    negative path.

  • Aromatherapy
  • Flower Essences
  • Promotes mind-body connection
  • Physical
  • Skin, joint, respiratory, urinary, digestion,
  • Mental
  • Focus, concentration, anxiety, relaxation,
    energy, motivation
  • Emotional
  • Grief, anger, fear, depression, guilt, lethargy,
    bitterness, resentment, obsession, worry
  • Spiritual connection
  • Not specific to just one thing
  • Restores overall balance and wholeness within our
    inner rhythm
  • Promotes awareness of self physical, mental,
    emotional and spiritual
  • Promotes courage, purpose, strength, calmness,
    responsible, consistency

Core Emotions
  • Aromatherapy
  • Flower Essences
  • Anger
  • Rage, cranky, irritable, negative
  • Associated with Hepatic heated issues
  • Fear
  • Emotion paralysis, holding back
  • Associated with urinary/kidney
  • Grief
  • Bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma
  • Associated with lung/respiratory
  • Joy
  • Happy, smiling, positive
  • No aches, harmonious movements
  • Associated with spleen-pancreas
  • Anger
  • Vented irritability, frustration
  • Suppressed strength, boundaries
  • Fear
  • Vented confidence, trust in self
  • Suppressed aware, responsible
  • Grief
  • Vented comfort, hope, let go
  • Suppressed unresolved wounds, compassion, heals
    the heart
  • Joy, Harmony, Balance

Combining Aromatherapy Flower Essences
  • Why combine Flower Essences with Aromatherapy?
  • Evokes enhanced, deeper emotional healing results
    that gets to the core of the issue (where true
    healing can take place)
  • Balances imbalances through the connection of the
    mental, physical , emotional and spiritual
    without resistance
  • Create a powerful synergy that opens us up,
    without judgment to facilitate harmony, wholeness
    and balance
  • Connects to an energy pattern, adjusting the Hz
    frequency, which in turn shifts energy flow in a
    positive direction, promoting overall balance and
  • Emotions Anger 6.5Hz Unconditional love
  • Essential oils 52-320Hz
  • Herbs 12-27Hz
  • Human body 62-72 (healthy) unhealthy/unhappy
    below 40Hz
  • Flower Essences higher than essential oils

  • Aromatherapy
  • Use caution with children, elderly and those with
    serious health concerns
  • Keep essential oil bottles out of the reach of
    children and those with dementia
  • Citrus oils are phototoxic.
  • Always use essential oils in a carrier.
  • Use caution ingesting the entire bottle of a
    flower essence, may purge toxic emotions
    quicker than the body can handle. Moderation
    promotes subtle shifts.
  • Flower Essences
  • Generally safe

  • Diffuse
  • Spray Natures Fresh Enzyme Spray
  • Lotion Irish Moss
  • Massage Oil Unscented
  • Roll-on Natures Fresh Enzyme Spray or Unscented
    Massage Oil
  • Instructions
  • 4-6 droppers Flower essence per 2oz. (on average)
  • 18-22 drops total essential oil per 2 oz. (on

Understanding 4 Emotional Categories
  • Anger
  • Excess (vented)
  • Deficient (suppressed)
  • Grief
  • Excess (vented)
  • Deficient (suppressed)
  • Fear
  • Excess (vented)
  • Deficient (suppressed)

Keep Cool
  • Keep Cool (Vented Anger)
  • Anger, frustration, irritability, agitation ,
    liver, heated
  • Essential Oils Historical Documentation
  • Peppermint cooling, febrifuge, opens you up to
    take in new ideas
  • Roman chamomile mother herb, caretaker,
    peacemaker, , nurturing, antispasmodic, promotes
    reduced inflammation
  • Lemon purifier, cooling, febrifuge, immunity
  • Rose liver, anger, peace, beauty, promotes
  • Helichrysum liver, deep scars and wounds
  • Carrier/bases Natures Fresh Enzymes, aloe vera
    gel, jojoba

Find Strength
  • Find Strength (Suppressed Anger)
  • Stand up for self, set boundaries, say no,
    people pleasers
  • Essential Oils Historical Documentation
  • Oregano high in calcium, builds bone/tissue
    strength, security, stability, protection,
    comfort, may combat parasites
  • Neroli digestive, unexpressed anger and
    resentment, stability
  • Cypress (Cellu-tone) core strength, moves
    stagnation, stimulates circulation,
  • Cinnamon safety, security, strength, over-come
  • Niaouli (Breath Free) breathe through the anger
    to release the burn
  • Carrier/bases Natures Fresh Enzymes, avocado
    oil, unscented massage oil, Herbal Trim Skin
    Treatment, Irish Moss Lotion

Be Courageous
  • Be Courageous (Vented Fear)
  • Self-confidence, trust in self, courage to stand
    up and face fears, decisive, confront something
  • Essential Oils Historical Documentation
  • Frankincense dispels fear, nightmares promotes
    spirituality and possibilities
  • Bergamot strengthens will, courage and
  • Pink grapefruit moves stuckness, balances
    rational consciousness
  • Clary Sage connects with wisdom, calms nerves,
    euphoric, just do it, everything will be ok
  • Eucalyptus opens you up, courage, need to be
    freed, desire for change
  • Carrier/bases Natures Fresh Enzymes, jojoba
    oil, Herbal Trim Skin Treatment, Unscented
    Massage Oil, Rosehip oil

Be Response-Able
  • Be Response-Able (Suppressed Fear)
  • Self-defeating/addictive/obsessive behaviors
    break bad habits, self control, responsibility
    avoid fear, run away
  • Essential Oils Historical Documentation
  • Bergamot combats additive behaviors, anxiety,
    nervousness, uplifting
  • Clary Sage combats addictions by releasing
    negative, paralyzing feelings
  • Ravintsara (Guardian) helps one face
    responsibility, lends intellect and wisdom
  • Thyme loss of will-power, mental exhaustion,
    find purpose in life, overcome self-doubt
  • Myrrh suppressed fear, helps one speak up,
  • Carrier/bases Natures Fresh Enzymes, Aloe Vera
    Gel, Herbal Trim Skin Treatment, Irish Moss

Release It
  • Release It (Vented Grief)
  • Grief, loss, feeling like a victim, let go of
    past and strength to move forward with future,
    sluggish, bloated, weight
  • Essential Oils Historical Documentation
  • Patchouli letting go, move forward,
    apprehension, grounding
  • Eucalyptus feeling suffocated, desire for
    change, movement
  • Rosemary encourages movement, feelings of
    betrayal and rejection, releases negative thought
  • Ravintsara (Guardian) fight off whats holding
    you back
  • Myrrh overcome stagnation, rejection grounding,
  • Carrier/bases Natures Fresh Enzymes, unscented
    massage oil, Herbal Trim Skin Treatment

Open Heart
  • Open Heart (Suppressed Grief)
  • Unresolved wounds (love), closed off heart,
    encourage compassion, trust in relationships,
    heart issues, diabetes
  • Essential Oils Historical Documentation
  • Cinnamon big hug, comfort, safety,
  • Rose love, beauty, grief, emotionally cold,
    heals the heart
  • Ylang ylang mend a broken heart, heart
  • Jasmine frigidity, fatigue, mothering, enable
    one to receive affection
  • Pine guilt, grief, adrenal exhaustion
  • Marjoram confront emotional pain
  • Carrier/bases Natures Fresh Enzymes, avocado
    oil, rosehip oil, Herbal Trim Skin Treatment,
    Irish Moss Lotion

Distress Remedy
  • Distress Remedy
  • Balance, harmony, wholeness, connected, joy,
  • Essential Oils Historical Documentation
  • Lavender perfect harmony
  • Geranium balance, uplift, nervous, anxiety, mood
  • Clove destroy invaders, encourage contentment,
    free the mind of negativity
  • Red mandarin adrenal support, vitamin c, energy
  • Bergamot joy, motivation, anxiety, depression,
    fluctuating emotions
  • Carrier/bases Natures Fresh Enzymes, avocado
    oil, rosehip oil, Herbal Trim Skin Treatment,
    Irish Moss Lotion

Achieved Wholeness Balance
  • When we are in balance, connected to self and
    aware (in the moment) we can achieve overall
    vitality, energy and lead with positivity
  • FES/Aromatherapy combinations are one element you
    can integrate with nutrition, lifestyle, herbal
    supplementation and other natural health
    modalities for improved health.
  • Listen to your inner self an get connected!
  • Be well!

  • Choose your purpose
  • Emotional Assessment
  • Compass
  • Choose your Flower Essence Remedy(ies)
  • Choose your essential oils
  • Formulate a recipe (write it down and save!)
  • Blend, shake, label
  • Usage 2-3 times daily
  • Questions

  • Jennifer Pressimone, Di. SPE, CNHC
  • Aromatherapy Certification Courses
  • Aromatherapy Books
  • Tree of Light
  • Herb Allure
  • Sound Concepts

  • Aromatherapy for Emotional Healing, Jennifer
  • Aromatherapy for Body Systems, Jennifer
  • Ailments Their Emotional Connection, NSP
    Education Week, November 2009,
  • NSP Flower Essences Class, Steven Horne,
  • Bach Flower Therapy Theory Practice, Mechthild
  • Flower Essence Society Repertory, Patricia
    Kaminski and Richard Katz,
  • Spiritual PhytoEssencing Repertory, Dr. Bruce

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