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Unit 10 American literature


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Unit 10 American literature

Unit 10 American literature
Teaching Aims
  • learning and master the following words
    garbage,maid, prince, outcome
  • Do some listening
  • Do some speaking to talk about American
    literature .

  • Teaching important points
  • 1.improve the students listening ability.
  • 2. Improve the students speaking ability by
    discussion , talks and so on.
  • Teaching Difficult Points
  • How to improve the students listening ability
  • How to finish the task of Speaking.

Warming up
Do you know what kind of text is the one you
  • Good, better, best!
  • Never have it rest!
  • Till good is better!
  • And better, best!

It is a rhyme
A limerick
  • People laugh and people cry.
  • Some give up, some always try.
  • Some say hi while some say bye.
  • Others may forget you but never I.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet,
And so are you.
Read the text and answer the following questions.
  • 1. What is it about and what does it mean?
  • 2. Can you tell something about the writer?
  • 3. Why is this probably American literature?

It is about the way African Americans talk about
their ancestors. What the author wants to say is
that black people always say that their
ancestors were kings, but that cannot be true.
Instead, he says black people should be honest
and proud of their ancestors, no matter whether
they were rich or poor.
Yes. The writer is probably African American.
Because the experience of slavery has not existed
in any other English-speaking country in the same
way as in America.
5.Think about the history and life in the United
States . What Special themes and sort of stories
would you expect to find in American literature?
Oh, Captain! My Captain!
Enjoy the Poems
A Red, Red Rose.
5.Think about the history and life in the United
States . What Special themes and sort of stories
would you expect to find in American literature?
Oh, Captain! My Captain!
Enjoy the Poems
A Red, Red Rose.
(No Transcript)
1.Are you a member of any club or taking part in
activities that help you practise your
English? 2. Have you ever been to an English
Corner? What were your experience? 3. What other
clubs or activities could you think of to
practise English in a way that makes it fun?
  • Listen to the tape and answer the following
  • What activity are Ben, Ann and Lily organising?
  • Why is this activity successful, while the
    English Corner is not? Give two reasons.
  • 1_____________
  • 3. What are the advantages of their club
    activities according to Ann, Ben and Lily?

They are organising a Reading Club.
No foreigners are needed
It has more variation in topics
Ann Ben Lily

interesting useful can learn about life and
literature in foreign countries
no foreigners are needed can talk about many
can read things which are not read in school
As we know , the major themes in the literature
of a country Reflect important events or
periods in the history of that country .
Important themes
American literature
???????, ????????????
? ? ??? ??????? ? ???
??? ??????????  ?   ???????????????,????,
??????? ?????????. ?????????????
????????????,???????????????? ???????????????????
????????? ??????????,?????????
(No Transcript)
1.Do you know the Chinese name of the book? who
is the writer?
???????Uncle Tom's Cabin ????(Harriet Beecher
2. What is the book about ?
3.what kind of contribution does the book make?
1852 ??????????????????????, ?????????(????????)?
Have you read the book yet?
What is the background of the book?
(No Transcript)
Period 2 Reading A Sacrifice For Love 1
Teaching Aims
1.learn and master the following phrases
attend to ,worthy of , do up .
  • 2.Learn and mater the following sentence
  • .and she had only 1.87 with which to buy Jim a
  • Down flowed the brown cascade .
  • With that Chain on his watch Jim might be
    properly anxious
  • about the time in any company .

3. Train the students reading ability.
Teaching important points
1.understand the passage well.
2.Master the pharases and sentence patterns above
Teaching Methods
1.Fast reading to get the general
idea. 2.careful reading to get the detailed
information 3. Question-and answer activity to
make students understand Text better.
(No Transcript)
Short summary of O. Henrys life
O. Henry (1862-1910) was originally born William
Sydney Porter in Greensboro, North Carolina. As
a young man, he once worked as a bank teller, a
newspaper columnist and so on.
Memorial to O. Henry
Short summary of O. Henrys life
In 1896, he was charged with embezzling money
from the bank where he had worked, and later was
put in an Ohio prison for three years. While in
prison, he began writing short stories and it is
there that he took the pen-name O. Henry for his
writings. After his release from prison in 1901,
he moved to New York, which is the setting for
many of his stories.
Short summary of O. Henrys life
He is the author of over 250 stories and is most
famous for his use of surprise or 'twist'
endings, especially to The Last Leaf, The Green
Door, and perhaps his most famous story, The Gift
of the Magi. And he has contributed to American
literature with other great stories such as The
Four Million, The Voice and the City and Cabbages
and Kings,etc.
Step 1 Lead-in
Which day is Christmas day?
Its December 25th.
What do you think of when you hear Christmas?
Gifts, Father Christmas, Christmas trees and
gathering and happiness
If you were very poor, how can you Spend your
Christmas Day And what will you send to your
Step 2 Fast -Reading
1.When does the story take place? 2.What are
Jims wages? 3.How much is the rent of the flat
per week? 4. How much does Della sell her hair?
What price does Della pay to buy her
present? 5.What are the couples two most
precious possessions?
The day before Christmas
20 a week
8 per week
20 21
One is Jims gold watch, the other is Dellas
  • Decide whether the following sentences are true
    or false.
  • James Dillingham Young was a rich young man.
  • 2. Della lived in a neighborhood with many trees
    and flowers.
  • 3. Jim and Della had two possessions.
  • 4. Della thought having a haircut will make Jim
  • 5. Della decided to have her hair cut out of her
    love for Jim.

Para.1 Della wept because she had little money
to buy Jim present this
Para.2 Della and Jims living condition.
Para.3 Della wanted to buy Jim a Christ mas
present, which was worthy of being owned by
Para.4 The young couple owned two precious
things, one was Jims gold watch, and the other
was Dellas hair.
  • Para.5 Dellas beautiful hair
  • Para.6 Della decided to sell her hair.
  • Para.7 Della got twenty dollars and then she
    began to buy Jim a Christmas present.
  • Para.8 She spent 21 dollars on a gold watch
  • Para.9 Della decided to sell one of the two
    precious things-her hair because she loved Jim.

Careful reading(2)
  • What s the meaning of the word bargaining in the
  • It means trying to ask the seller to get the
    price lower
  • What s the meaning of the word expension in the
  • the cost in money
  • What s the meaning of the word hesitation in the
  • It means pause or wait for a while thinking
    whether one should do something

1. Why did Della cry after counting the money
she had been saving?
She wants to buy his husband a good present on
Christmas day, but the money she has saved hard
is not enough. She is worried and helpless.
2. Why did tears fall form her eyes while Della
was standing in front of the mirror?
Because her hair is valuable to her family. She
has been always taking it in great pride. But
there is no other choice. She must give it up for
her husbands present. I mean, for her love.
Step 3 Language points
1.Sacrifice ??,?? ??
(1)??? vt. ?????? sacrifice ones life to do
sth ??????????
He sacrificed his life to save the child
(2) ??? n. ?? ?? make sacrifices for sb
??????? ???????????.
Parents often make sacrifices for their children
2.What are Jims wages?
Wage ????,?????,??,????
??income,pay salary,wages,fee
Income ??,??
Pay ??,??,??? money paid for regular work /
pay-day ???
Wagesregular (usu weekly)payment made or
received For work or services??(?????)
fee ???,??(???????,????)
Time ???
  • at a time ???? 2. all the time ???
  • 3. at times ??? 4. at one time ??
  • 5. at the same time ??? 6. at no time ??

bargain vi. ????? ????,??,?? He bargained with
the salesman about the price.
????????, ???????????? ??? ???? ???
bear ??? ?????,??,??,?? bearing ???? a card ???
??? ?? ??, ???
  • 4.Della finished crying and attended to her
    cheeks with the power rag.(Para.3 p84.)

Eg. Attend carefully to what she is saying.
You must attend to your work. He has a
great deal to attend to today.
attend to pay attention to, deal with, look
after ????,????,??
She has two nurses attending (on/upon) her.
attend (on/upon) sb./sth??,??,??
  • attend vt.
  • attendance n.

Did you attend the meeting yesterday? Your
attendance at the meeting would be very welcome.
The nurse is in constant attendance on the
attend school /church /the meeting /the wedding
n. presence ??,??
  • 5. Twenty dollars a week does not go far.
    (Para.3 p84)

go far (??)??,???(??????)
Although he earns 1000 yuan a month, It doesnt
go far for his family.
  • 6.And then she quickly did it up again.
    (Para.2 p85)

do up ?,???,????,??
Make sentences ???????? He did up the shoelaces
the wrong way. ?????????????? Can you do me the
favor to do up the room? ?????????????? She has
done herself up for the party.
  • Some other phrases

do up the buttons do up the furniture do up
the rooms do up presents
Compare do with / deal with I dont know _____
to deal with the problem with the washing
machine. The new teacher didnt know ____ to do
with the naughty boy in his class. ______
have you done with the papers for the
how ??
what ??
What ?,?
7.weep v.??,??(wept, wept) ????????,?????,
They wept over/for their failure.
Many happy hours had she spent planning for
something nice for him. Something fine and
rare--- something worthy of the honor of being
owned by Jim.
???????????????????,???????,???????-- ???????????
?????????, ????? She had spent many happy hours
9.worthy be worthy of sth/ being done/ to be
done worthy ????,???????, ???,
??? ????,???????, ???, ??? be worthy of sth/
being done/ to be done
He is worthy of your trust.
1. ???????
Your advice is worthy of being considered.
Your advice is worthy to be considered
10.She pulled down her hair and let it fall to
its full length.(?5?) ??????,????????
  • 11 with that chain on his watch,
  • with n./pron. ????/??/adj. / adv. / to do
  • ???????????
  • He broke in with a gun in his hand.
  • ??????????????
  • Dont stand with your hands in the pockets.
  • He sleeps with the window closed.
  • They like walking with the leaves _____(fall).
  • He was lying on the grass with his eyes _____
    (look/fix) at / on the stars.
  • They have to stay at home at the weekend with a
    lot of work _____ . (do)

Looking /fixed
to do
Down flowed the brown cascade. ??????????(?7?) ???
????, The brown cascade flowed down.
If Jim doesnt kill me. she said to herself,
before he takes a second look at me , hell say
I look like a Coney Island choir girl.
a Coney Island choir girl ??????????????????????
  • Multiple choice

1.He is a patient needing ___. A.attending
B.attending to C.attending on
D.all of the above 2.They had a quiet
wedding---only a few friends ___it.
A.attended to B.attended
C.joined D. joined in
3.She was carrying a parcel of books ___ in
brown paper. A.doing up B.done
up C.doing with D.done with 4.---Can
you lend me some money? ---Certainly. Will 10
___? A.make B.OK C.do D.go 5.On
the door was pinned a note, which ___ Thank
you for your help. A.read B.say
C.wrote D.was read
6. When the famous scientist was making a
speech, many eyes were ___ on him. A.set
B.centered C.fixed D.aimed 7.---What
Tom said was to point out your mistake as
well as apologizing to you. ---___. A.Oh,
thats all right. B.Oh, its nothing.
C.Forget it. D.Really?
as well as ???????????,???? ???point out your
8.I cant save more money because 1000 yuan a
month doesnt ___ far. A.go B.walk
C.last D.spread 9.Our school is a
beautiful and famous one. I took ___ in being
a member of it. A.glory B.honour
C.pride D.pleasure 10.She is a girl who
likes to show her beauty . Look, she is ___
herself up again. A.making
B.doing C.picking D.taking
11.She is a very promising girl I think she will
never ___ us down. A.get
B.set C.let D.put 12.As far as I
know, he pulled through all kinds of
hardship ___ length. A.in B.at
C.on D.by
13.___ production up by 60 percent, the company
has had another excellent year.(NMET2000)
A.As B.For C.With
D.Through 14.It was a pity that the great
writer died ___ his works unfinished.
(2004??,30) A.for B.with
C.from D.of
( with ????????,????? as
(with???????, ????????)
Step 4
Write a short description of Della
  • Della, who is a beautiful young woman, lives
    a poor life. She has no good housing conditions
    or valuable possessions, but she owns a loving
    husband and long beautiful brown hair. She loves
    her husband so much that she even cuts her unique
    hair to buy her husband a Christmas present. She
    is a nice woman, and she has a simple but warm

Step 5
Predict what will happen in the second part of
the story
Her husband, Jim, will feel angry because Della
looks ugly without her beautiful hair. They will
have a quarrel in the evening because Jim thinks
it isnt necessary to buy an expensive gift. And
he just buys a cheap present for Della. Della
will feel very sad and regret selling her hair.
She will cry for a long time
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
A Sacrifice For Love 2
  • Period 3
  • Integrating skills

Fast reading the general idea of each part
Della was anxious to wait for Jim and was afraid
that Jims love would go out.
Para1 Para2 Para3 Para4 Para5 Para6 Pa
ra7 Para8 Para9
Jim was burdened with the family and had no money
to buy even a new overcoat or gloves.
Jim stared at Della with a strange expression on
his face.
Della explained why she had her hair cut off.
Jim was still confused.
Jim was awake and expressed nothing could make
him love Della any less.
Della was so happy when she saw a set of
beautiful and Expensive combs Jim bought her.
Della showed Jim her gifta gold watch chain that
was Worthy of his gold watch.
Jim told Della he sold his watch for her combs.
  • How did Della expect Jim react when he saw her?
  • What was Jims reaction? Describe his feelings?
  • Why did Della burst into tears when she opened
    the package?

Della thinks he will either be very angry or
disappointed (or both) and not love her any more.
Jim is shocked when he sees Della, and he doesnt
know what to say.
She cries because she is reminded of her
beautiful hair, and the combs which she so much
wanted are now of no use to her.
  • 4. Where did the story take place?
  • 5. Explain the title of this short story. What
    does it mean?
  • 6. Is the story humorous or not? How would you
    describe the story?

The story takes place in a city in America.
The title means that both Della and Jim give up
their most precious possession for the love of
each other.
I think the story is humorous in a way, but also
with some irony. It is hard to say the story is
funny, but the story is surprising.
Step 4 Discussion
1.    Were Della and Jim both foolish to sell
their favorite possessions? O.Henry want to
tell us that they were not foolish. They were
wise because they had each sacrificed their most
valuable possessions for the person they loved.
They were like the three wise menthe Magiwho
brought presents for Jesus Christ after he was
born. Keep in mind, that this is why Christians
still give presents on Christmas Day to remember
the gifts the Magi brought Christ on that very
first Christmas.
  Graphic representation of the text
A Sacrifice For Love
Della Jim
gold watch chain
a set of comb
  • Look at these English sayings. Can you translate
    them easily into Chinese?
  • 1.    Love is the greatest gift of all.
  • 2.    Money can't buy you love.
  • 3.    A gift must come from the heart.
  • 4.    Beauty comes from within.

Language points
burden b?dn n. 1) a source of great worry or
stress weight ?????? eg. He could not carry
the burden alone. The burden of economic
sacrifice rests on the workers of the
plant. 2. a responsibility or duty??,?? eg. The
burden of organizing the campaign fell to me. vt.
to load or trouble??????? eg. I will not
burden you with a lengthy account. He
is burdened with heavy taxation.  
fix fiks vt. 1)to direct steadily???,??? She
fixed her eyes on the road ahead. 2) to make
stable or firm Campers fixed the tent poles in
the ground. 3)to capture or hold ??,?? The man
with the long beard fixed our attention. 4) to
agree on arrange???? Later, we fixed a time to
meet next time. fix on ?? Weve fixed on the 14th
of April for the wedding. fix sth on / upon
???? Thousands of eyes are fixed on the Tian An
Men rostrum. She fixed her eyes on the road ahead.
approve v vt. 1) to consider right or good
think or speak favorably of ??, ??, ?? My
parents don't approve of me smoking cigarettes.
2) to consent to officially or formally
???? The resolution was approved 82 to 16 with
18 abstentions. vi. 3) to show, feel, or express
approval????,?? (??of??) I don't approve of
wasting time. I don't approve of smoking.
at length 1)    after some time eventually??,??
eg. At length, the bus arrived, forty minutes
late. 2)   for a considerable time
fully??????? eg. The judge spoke at length
about the court ruling The professor
asked his students to treat this subject
at length.
tear at 1. to pull at or attack violently ??
???????? eg. The dog tore at the meat. 2. to
distress greatly???? eg. Their plight tore at
his heart
Discussion 1. what is a summary?
It is a fairly brief restatement IN YOUR OWN
WORDS--of the contents of a text.
2. Steps to write a summary
1) ????,????
????( Setting ),??( Character ),??( Plot )
2) ??? ???????,??,?????????????
3) ?? ?????????,?????????????
The description of each picture
Della, poor, bargained when buying necessities in
Daily life to save money for the present for Jim.
Proud of here beautiful hair, fought with her own
mind before finally decided to sell it to get
some money
Jim, sold the watch to get the money to buy the
combs For Della.
Both of the presents couldnt be used, but they
got real love
How a novel goes on
Time Place Persons Event Reason and
result Your comment
Before Christmas
Della, Jim -- a couple
To buy each others Christmas presents
No money sell their own best things Presents
for their lost things-- love
They lose their own possessions but gain real love
Sample summary Della is the young wife of
Jim. They have been married for a few years, and
they love each other very much. They are very
poor. Every day Della bargains at the market and
in the shops to save money. Dellas life is very
boring, and they havent much fun. The only thing
that gives her pride and happiness is her long,
brown hair. To give her husband a wonderful
present for Christmas, she decides to sell her
most precious possession, her long, brown hair.
Jim also loves Della very much and wants to
surprise her with a beautiful gift. He knows that
she would be happy if he would buy the beautiful
tortoise shell combs which she longs for. But Jim
doesnt have any money, either. So in order to
buy Della the Present, he decides to sell his
most precious possession, his gold watch. Both
Kim and Della love each other so much that they
sacrifice the possession they love most to buy a
present for each other. The story ends, of
course, with a great disappointment for both of
them. Della has bought a watch to buy her a
present. And Jim has bought Della the combs she
wanted to put in her long hair, but she no longer
has that hair.
1.The volleyball match will be put off if
it____.(NMET91) A. will rain B. rains C.
rained D. is raining 2.Mary ____ a dress when
she cut her finger. (NMET 91)   A. made B.
is making C. was making D. makes 3.Tom ____ into
the house when no one ____ . (NMET 92) A.
slipped, was looking B. had slipped, looked
C. slipped, had looked D. was slipping,
looked 4.If city noises ____from increasing,
people ____shout to be heard even at the
dinner table 20 years        from now. (NMET 92)
A. are not kept, will have to B. are not kept,
have to C. do not keep, will have to D. do
not keep, have to 5. Do you know our town at
all ? (NMET 92) No, this is the first time I
_____ here. A. was B. have been C. came
D. am coming 6.The last time I _____ Jane she
____ cotton in the fields. (NMET 92)A. had seen,
was picking B. saw, picked C. had seen,
icked D. saw, was picking
7.We could have walked to the station, it was so
near. (NMET 93)    Yes, a taxi ______ a tall
necessary. A. wasnt B. hadnt C.
wouldnt be D. wont be 8.How long ____ each
other before they _____ married ? (NMET 93)
For about a year. A. have they known, get B.
did they know, were going to get C. do they
know, are going to get D. had they known, got
9.My dictionary _____ , I have looked for it
everywhere but still ___ it. (NMET 93) A.
has lost, don't find B. is missing, don't
found C. has lost, haven't found D. is
missing, haven't found 10.We were all surprised
when he made it clear that he ____ office
soon. (NMET 93) A. leaves B. would leave C.
left D. had left 11.Tom ought not to ____ me your
secrete, but he meant no harm. (NMET 93)
A. have told B. tell C. put D. passed 12.The
pen I ___ I ___ is on my desk, right under my
noise. (NMET 93) A. think, lost B.
thought, had lost C. think, had lost D.
thought, have lost
13. Can I join your club, Dad? (NMET 94)
You can when you  ___ a bit older. A. get
B. will get C. are getting D. will have got 14.
Im sorry to keep you waiting. (NMET 94)
Oh, not at all. I ___ here only a few minutes.
A. have been B. had been C. was D. will
be 15.How long has this bookshop been in business
?(NMET 94) ---- ___ 1982. A. after B. In C.
From D. Since 16. Do you like the material?
(NMET 94) Yes, it _____ very soft.  
A. is feeling B. felt C. feels D. is
felt 17.I don't really work hereI ____ until the
new secretary arrives. (NMET 94) A. just help out
B. have just helped out
C. am just helping out D. will help
out 18.Dont forget to come to my birthday
party tomorrow. ______. (NMET 94) A.I
don't B.I won't C.I can't D.I haven't
19.I need one more stamp before my collection
______.(NMET 94) A. has completed
B. completed C. has been completed
D. is completed 20.As she ___ the newspaper,
Granny ____asleep. (NMET 95) A. read, was
falling B. was reading, fell C.
was reading, falling D. read, fell 21.You
dont need to describe her. I __ her several
times. (NMET95) A. had met B. have met C.
met D. meet 22.I dont think Jim saw mehe
______ into space. (NMET 95) A. just stared
B. was just staring C. has just
stared D. had just stared
Good bye
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Dudley Randall (born in. 1914). Washington, D.C.
  • Randall worked and then as a carrier and clerk
    for the U.S. Post Office in Detroit
    (1942-1946)and graduated from Wayne State
    University (B.A., 1949) and the University of
    Michigan (M.A.L.S., 1951).
  • He was a librarian at several universities, and
    founded the Broadside Press in 1965 "so black
    people could speak to and for their people."
  • His works include On Getting a Natural (1969) and
    A Litany of Friends New and Selected Poems
    (1981). He edited The Black Poets (1971), an
    extensive anthology of poetry, from slave songs
    to the present.

(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Oh, Captain! My Captain! --- By
Walt Whitman   Captain! my Captain! our fearful
trip is done, The ship has weather'd every rack,
the prize we sought is worn, The port is near,
the bells I hear, the people all exulting, While
follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and
daring But O heart! heart! heart! O the bleeding
drops of red! Where on the deck my Captain
lies, Fallen cold and dead. O Captain! my
Captain! rise up and hear the bells Rise up--for
you the flag is flung--for you the bugle
trills, For you bouquets and ribbon'd
wreaths--for you the shores crowding, For you
they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces
turning Here, Captain! dear father! This arm
beneath your head It is some dream that on the
deck You've fallen cold and dead. My Captain does
not answer, his lips are pale and still, My
father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse or
will The ship is anchor'd safe and sound, its
voyage closed and done From fearful trip the
victor ship comes in with object won Exult, O
Shores! and ring, O bell! But I, with mournful
tread, Walk the deck my Captain lies, Fallen cold
and dead.
(No Transcript)
A Red, Red Rose by Robert
  • O my Luves like a red red rose
  • Thats newly sprung in June
  • O my Luves like the melodie
  • Thats sweetly playd in tune
  • As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
  • So deep in luve am I
  • And I will luve thee still, my dear,
  • Till athe sees gang dry
  • Till athe sees gang dry, my dear,
  • And the rocks melt wi the sun
  • I will luve thee thill, my dear
  • While the sands o life shall run
  • And fare thee weel, my only luve!
  • And fare thee weel a while!
  • And I will come again, my luve
  • Tho it were then thousand mile!
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