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Animal welfare: Introduction ??????


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Animal welfare: Introduction ??????

Animal welfare Introduction ??????
  • Module 1
  • ??1

This module will enable you to ????????
  • Distinguish between animal welfare science,
    ethics and law ???????????????????
  • Become familiar with the concept of animal
  • Understand??
  • the 3 different concepts (physical, mental and
    natural) included in definitions of
  • the relationship between death and
  • the role of anthropomorphism??????

What is the welfare of two pet cats with infected
bite wounds???????????????
  • CAT 1
  • Owners noticed a
    problem two weeks

    ago but did not take
    the cat to
    the vet ?????????,???????????
  • CAT 2
  • The cat was missing for 2 weeks. When the cat
    returned, the owners took her to the vet

Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law????????????
  • Welfare science measures the effect on animals of
    different situations and environments, from the
    animals point of view??????????,?????????????????
  • Welfare ethics concerns how humans should treat
  • Welfare law concerns how humans must treat

Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law????????????
  • All three aspects are important for welfare
  • Some presentations focus on 1 aspect e.g.
  • ??????????
  • Science physiological indicators ????????
  • Ethics introduction to ethics ???????
  • Law protection legislation ????????
  • Other presentations cover all 3 aspects e.g.
  • Farm animal husbandry ??????

Scientific research the basics
  • Hypothesis??
  • Experiment / Observational study??/?????
  • Control bias????
  • Sample size ????
  • Control groups ???
  • Randomisation????
  • Blinding??
  • Correct statistical method and interpretation?????

What is the welfare status of this dog????????????
  • Oral tumour ????
  • Has spread to local lymph nodes
  • ??????????
  • Current welfare?????
  • ????????
  • ?????
  • Future welfare?????
  • ????????
  • ???? ?????

Two animal welfare concepts ??????????
Three animal welfare concepts ??????????
Naturalness ??
Restrict natural behaviour??????
Diagram after Appleby, MC. In Appleby, MC and
Hughes, BO. 1997 Animal Welfare. CAB International
Example sows in stalls ????????
  • Naturalness??
  • ????
  • ????
  • Physical??
  • ?????????
  • Mental??
  • Frustration? ???
  • Pain from mouth injuries????????

Three welfare definitions ??????
  • Physical status (fitness) ?????(??)
  • Biological indicators including reproduction and
  • Mental status (feelings)?????
  • Positive and negative emotional states??????????
  • Naturalness (telos)??(?????)

Definitions Physical status ???????
  • Fraser Broom, (1990)Welfare defines the state
    of an animal as regards its attempts to cope with
    its environment. ????????????????
  • McGlone, (1993)I suggest that an animal is in a
    poor state of welfare only when physiological
    systems are disturbed to the point that survival
    or reproduction are impaired. ????????????????????
  • Moberg, (1985)..the only defensible measurement
    of well-being in animals is to determine if the
    animal is suffering from stress. Furthermore, I
    believe that the most appropriate indicator of
    stress is the appearance of a pre-pathological
    ??????????? ?

Definitions Mental status ???????
  • Duncan(1993)?????????????????????????????????????
    ??? (..neither health nor lack of stress nor
    fitness is necessary and/or sufficient to
    conclude that an animal has good welfare. Welfare
    is dependent upon what animals feel. )
  • Dawkins (1988) ?????????????????,?????????????(To
    be concerned about animal welfare is to be
    concerned with the subjective feelings of
    animals, particularly the unpleasant subjective
    feelings of suffering and pain.)
  • Bentheam (1789) ???????????,???????,?????????(The
    question is not, can they reason? Nor, can they
    talk? But, can they suffer?)

Definitions Naturalness ???????
  • Rollin, (1993)???????????????,???????????????,???
    ???(Not only will welfare mean control of pain
    and suffering, it will also entail nurturing and
    fulfilment of the animals nature, which I call
  • Brambell, (1965) ???,????????????????????????????
    ?????????(In principle, we disapprove of a degree
    of confinement of an animal which necessarily
    frustrates most of the major activities which
    make up its natural behaviour.. )
  • Kiley-Worthington, (1989) ????????????????,?????
    ????????????,?????????(If we believe in
    evolution in order to avoid suffering, it is
    necessary over a period of time for the animal to
    perform all the behaviours in its repertoire
    because it is all functional )

Relationship between the three definitions????????
Natural Behaviour
Mental Suffering
Physical Fitness
Combined definition?????
  • Some definitions combine two or three aspects
  • Welfare consists of the combined state of the
    animals mind and body, and the extent to which
    its nature is satisfied ?????????????????????????
  • Fit and feeling good ????????(Webster 2005)
  • The Five Freedoms (Farm Animal Welfare Council,
    1992) are often used as a framework to assess
    animal welfare????(????????1992)??????????????
  • ???????(hunger and thirst)???
  • ????(discomfort)???
  • ???????(pain, injury and disease)???
  • ???????(express normal behaviour)???
  • ???????(fear and distress)???

The concept of needs ?????
  • Need a requirement, fundamental in the biology
    of the animal, to obtain a particular resource or
    respond to a particular environmental or bodily
    stimulus (Broom Johnson, 1993)????????????????,
  • If a need is not met, this will affect physiology
    or behaviour. E.g.?????????,?????????
  • If you can link a physiological sign to the
    absence of a certain resource, the animal lacks
    humane care in that area??????????????????,???????

Hierarchy of needs???????
  • Some needs may be more important than others
  • Provision of food and water is a fundamental
  • Provision of a comfortable lying area may be
    less fundamental???????????????
  • ?????? gt ?????? gt ?????? (Hurnik Lehman,

Needs e.g. legislation ?????
  • The owner and keeper of the animals shall have
    regard to their physiological and ethological
    (behaviour) needs in accordance with established
    experience and scientific knowledge??????????????
  • Council of Europe (1976)
  • ????(1976)

Welfare versus death ???????
  • Welfare concerns the quality of animal life
  • ???????????????
  • Death affects the quantity of animal life
  • ????????????(??)
  • Quality and quantity of life may be ethical

When is death relevant to welfare? ???????????????
  • The manner of death is relevant
  • ?????????
  • e.g. method of slaughter is important
  • ????????
  • High death rates can indicate poor welfare
  • ?????????????
  • Poor husbandry conditions can cause disease and

Anthropomorphism Should we assign human
attributes to animals? ???????????
  • Humans are animals with similar
  • However, each type of animal has different
    behavioural needs????????????????
  • Using a human-based assessment may be a useful
    first step ???????????????????
  • This assessment must be qualified with the
    individual animals needs???????????????

Conclusions / Summary ??/??
  • It is important to distinguish between the
    various components of animal welfare
  • Science
  • Ethics
  • Legislation
  • Animal welfare definitions are derived from three
    basic concepts ???????????????---????????
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Natural

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