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Sixth Grade Social Studies Assessment


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sixth Grade Social Studies Assessment

Sixth GradeSocial Studies Assessment

The state of Kansas requires that all purchases
include a state sales tax. People are asked to
pay this additional amount of money above the
purchase price when they buy goods. Why does
the government need to collect a sales tax?
  • A. To provide business owners with an additional
  • B. To cover the operational costs of the state
  • C. To pay for the carnivals which come to town.
  • D. To construct a new building for the humane
  • Answer B

Neighborhood residents choose to participate in
trash collection from a local company. The
Butler family refuses to pay for trash
collection, and the trash piles up in their yard.
Why does the action of the Butler family
violate a basic rule for the people in the
  • A. The family didnt care about the individual
    rights of their neighbors.
  • B. The family was not concerned with the
    equality of opportunity for their neighbors.
  • C. The family was not concerned with the common
    good of their neighbors.
  • D. The family was not concerned with the human
    dignity of their neighbors.
  • Answer C

Maria and her brother want to shoot fireworks off
to celebrate the 4th of July. Their city,
however, bans this practice. Why does the city
ban fireworks?
  • A. Federal law considers fireworks to be deadly
  • B. The chemicals in fireworks ca cause allergic
    reactions in many people.
  • C. The resulting smoke pollutes the air.
  • D. The fireworks can cause damage to property
    or injury to people.
  • Answer D

As a member of your 6th grade class you and your
peers have rights and responsibilities. While
presenting your monthly book report your
classmate, Maria shouted out and interrupted
your presentation. Why did the action of Maria
violate a basic rule?
  • A. Because Maria was not concerned with the
    properties of others.
  • B. Because Maria was not concerned with your
    individual rights.
  • C. Because Maria was not concerned with your
    right of privacy.
  • D. Because Maria was not concerned with the
    democratic process.
  • Answer B

Overland Park has traffic lights at all major
intersections. Citizens are asked to follow the
traffic rules for stopping at an intersection.
Why is it important for citizens to follow these
  • A. The prevention of crime
  • B. Conservation of energy
  • C. Safety of the people in the community
  • D. Benefit of the local police department.
  • Answer C

A new highway is needed in a rapidly growing
area. Since Mr. Holmes house is in the proposed
path of the road, the government forces him to
sell his property to them. Mr. Holmes is very
unhappy because the house has been in his family
for many generations. Which concept of law does
this situation show?
  • A. Common good vs. individual rights
  • B. Limited supply vs. unlimited demand
  • C. government power vs. local growth
  • D. personal wants vs. personal needs
  • Answer A

The American Republic System includes freedoms
for all people. As Americans we are able to live
by these principles and ideals. What is the
ideal that each person in guaranteed the same
chance to succeed in life?
  • A. Patriotism
  • B. Equality of Opportunity
  • C. Liberty
  • D. Human Dignity
  • Answer B

The American Republic system includes freedoms
for all people. As Americans we are able to
live by these principles ideals. What is
another word for freedom?
  • A. Human Dignity
  • B. Liberty
  • C. Equality of Opportunity
  • D. Patriotism
  • Answer B

Marcus had the following social studies
assignment.Make a list of groups to which you
have a responsibility. Give an example of the
type of responsibility to each group. When he
looked over his work he realized that he forgot
to list his responsibility to his peer group.
What example could he use for this obligation?
  • A. To help friend skip school
  • B. To share homework or test answers
  • C. To listen politely when other speak
  • D. To loan money to friends who need it
  • Answer C

The United States Government is divided into
different branches. Which branch of the
government makes the laws?
  • A. Executive Branch
  • B. Judicial Branch
  • C. Federal Branch
  • D. Legislative Branch
  • Answer D

The United States Government is divided into
different branches. Which branch of the
government interprets the laws?
  • A. Executive Branch
  • B. Judicial Branch
  • C. Legislative Branch
  • D. Federal Branch
  • Answer B

A state law regulating candy sales is passed and
signed by the governor. A group of citizens feel
it takes away rights guaranteed to the the U.S.
constitution. Who would decide if the law was
  • A. Executive branch
  • B. Congress
  • C. Secretary of Commerce
  • D. The Judicial branch
  • Answer. D

As a member of a community you have basic rights.
Possessing a right means accepting
responsibility. What responsibility should
other students have toward your right to speak?
  • A. The responsibility to agree with the speaker.
  • B. The responsibility to listen to the ideas
  • C. The responsibility to set a personal goal.
  • D. The responsibility to respect authority.
  • Answer B

In Ms. Swartzs class, the students grade their
own papers during math instead of trading papers
with a peer. What student right is Mrs. Schwartz
  • A. Right of private ownership of property
  • B. Right to dignity
  • C. Right of privacy
  • D. Right to justice
  • Answer C

Potential jurors are interviewed to see if they
have previous knowledge about the case to be
tried. The need for a fair and impartial jury
represents which American ideal?
  • A. Equal opportunity
  • B. Freedom of information
  • C. Individual liberty
  • D. Justice for all
  • Answer D

The founding fathers of the Unites States
believed that the people should have a voice in
the government. Why is our government considered
a republic?
  • A. Because one person dictates the laws of the
  • B. Because the government is ruled by a king or
  • C. Because people elect representatives to run
    the country.
  • D. Because the citizens govern themselves.
  • Answer C

Although the Queen of England was not elected to
rule England, she holds a significant position in
the government. What type of governmentoccurs
when royalty is in power?
  • A. Monarchy
  • B. Republic
  • C. Democracy
  • D. Dictatorship
  • Answer A

Which political system was most common in Europe
during the 15th and 16th century known as the
Age of Exploration?
  • A. Democracy
  • B. Monarchy
  • C. Republic
  • D. Feudalism
  • Answer B

Charles is a few points away from making an A in
science. He wants to raise his grade to an A,
so he stays after school for a week to work on an
extra credit science project instead of playing
with his friends. By doing the extra project
Charles raised his grade to an A. What is the
cost and benefit of the decision?
  • A. Cost amount spent on science materials,
    Benefit time spent with the teacher.
  • B. Cost A in science, Benefit not spending
    time with friends.
  • C. Cost impressing his parents, Benefit
    impressing his teacher.
  • D. Cost time spent on science project, Benefit
    better grade.
  • Answer D

Carmen spends six hours a day practicing
gymnastics to achieve her dream of competing at
the Summer Olympics. Because Carmen was
practicing she was unable to join her friends in
many of their social activities. Carmens reward
cam when she qualified for the Summer Olympics.
What was the cost and benefit of making this
  • A. Cost is the time practicing benefit is
    qualifying for Olympics.
  • B. Cost is the public reaction the benefit is
    the hours of practice.
  • C. Cost is the medal benefit is the lack of
    time with friends.
  • D. Cost is the amount of money spent on lessons
    benefit is traveling to the Olympics.
  • Answer A

Manuel decides to keep his fitness center open 24
hours. How would this decision benefit him?
  • A. Increased business
  • B. More use of exercise machines
  • C. Fewer employees needed
  • D. More electricity used
  • Answer A

Susan got money from her grandparents for her
birthday. She wants to buy a new video game and
a new sweater, but she does not have enough money
to buy both. She decides to buy the sweater.
What is her opportunity cost?
  • A. The opportunity to see her grandparents.
  • B. The cost of the sweater.
  • C. The cost of the sweater and the video game.
  • D. The opportunity to buy the video game.
  • Answer D

Your team qualified for the state baseball
tournament. You realize that the tournament is
the same weekend as summer camp. You make the
choice to play in the baseball tournament. What
is your opportunity cost?
  • A. The opportunity to attend summer camp
  • B. The cost of attending the tournament
  • C. The opportunity to play in the tournament
  • D. The cost of transportation
  • Answer A

After the Crusades some European merchants were
willing to make long and dangerous trips to trade
with Eastern countries. Why was this so?
  • A. Europe was overcrowded and the merchants
    wanted to move
  • B. There was a high demand in Europe for goods
    like silk and spices that Eastern countries
  • C. Eastern countries had a surplus of silk and
    spices and were selling the products for a very
    low price.
  • D. European factories that produced silk and
    spices had been destroyed during the crusades.
  • Answer C

Leaders of oil rich countries in the Middle East
have decided to ship less oil to the United
States causing increased gas prices. What
economic term does this describe?
  • A. Cost benefit
  • B. Opportunity cost
  • C. Supply and demand
  • D. Economic interdependence
  • Answer D

When steelworkers in Pennsylvania signed a
contract for increased wages, the price of cars
went up in Kansas. What economic term does this
  • A. Cost benefit
  • B. Economic Interdependence
  • C. Opportunity Cost
  • D. Supply and demand
  • Answer B

A family is shopping for a house. They want a
house with a big yard in a particular
neighborhood. They find an affordable house
they like in the neighborhood they want, but the
yard is small. If they buy the house, what will
be their opportunity cost?
  • A. A big yard
  • B. A small yard
  • C. Cost of the house
  • D. The cost of remodeling the house
  • Answer A

The climate in the United States in unsuitable
for growing bananas, so most of the bananas we
eat are brought in from South America. What
economic term is used to describe the goods that
one country buys from another country?
  • A. Imports
  • B. Resources
  • C. Exports
  • D. Supplies
  • Answer A

The United States grows more wheat than it needs
and sells some wheat to foreign countries. What
economic term is used to describe foods one
country sells to another country?
  • A. Imports
  • B. Exports
  • C. Opportunity Cost
  • D. Supply and Demand
  • Answer B

Which of the following is the best example of an
American export?
  • A. The United States produces steel
  • B. Japan produces excellent cars
  • C. The Untied States is selling wheat to
  • D. The United States is buying salmon from
  • Answer C

Although we have the resources to produce
clothing in the United States, why do we buy
clothing from other countries?
  • A. The clothing is better quality when it is
    made in other countries.
  • B. The clothing is more fashionable when made in
    other countries.
  • C. The clothing requires less fabric when made
    in other countries.
  • D. The clothing costs less to produce in other
  • Answer D

Why does the United States buy oil from the
Middle East?
  • A. The oil from the United States is of poor
  • B. The Middle Eastern oil companies dig deeper
  • C. The United States needs more oil than it can
  • D. The oil technology is more advanced in the
    Middle East.
  • Answer C

In recent years more and mores trip malls has
been built in the suburbs outside of cities. As
people shop more at these malls, how is a citys
economy affected?
  • A. The downtown area declines as business close
  • B. Downtown businesses will raise prices to make
    up for lost sales tax
  • C. Tax revenues increase for the downtown area
  • D. Extra city services are required for downtown
  • Answer A

Which is a public service provided by the
national government?
  • A. Public library in your community
  • B. Military defense
  • C. Snow removal from city streets
  • D. Trash collection
  • Answer B

Which is a service provided by your local
  • A. FBI
  • B. Policemen
  • C. Army and Navy
  • D. NASA
  • Answer B

Which service is provided by the state and local
governments to all children?
  • A. Public education
  • B. Art museums
  • C. College scholarships
  • D. Free transportation
  • Answer A

Betty and Ray were on a family cruise sailing
from Florida to Jamaica. They wanted to know
their exact location while at sea. Which map
essential would help them find out this
  • A. Directional indicators
  • B. Legend
  • C. Latitude and Longitude
  • D. Scale
  • Answer C

Ramon and Louise were traveling around the world
selling and trading their new computer programs.
In order to determine the distance between tow
cities, they needed to use a map essential.
Which of these map essentials would help Ramon
and Louise?
  • A. Directional Indicators
  • B. Symbols
  • C. Latitude and Longitude
  • D. Scale
  • Answer D

The Tigris and Yangtze Rivers are two major
rivers located on which continent?
  • A. Europe
  • B. Australia
  • C. Africa
  • D. Asia
  • Answer D

Which of the following continents are located
entirely in the Northern Hemisphere?
  • A. North America and Australia
  • B. Asia and South America
  • C. Africa and Australia
  • D. North America and Europe
  • Answer D

The Mediterranean Sea is a political border for
the countries of Greece, Italy, and France. On
which of the following continents are these
  • A. Asia
  • B. Africa
  • C. South America
  • D. Europe
  • Answer D

Vegetation commonly grown in Kansas includes
wheat and corm. This same vegetation might also
be grown in which other state?
  • A. Hawaii
  • B. Colorado
  • C. Alaska
  • D. Arizona
  • Answer B

Washington D.C. borders which of these states?
  • A. Virginia
  • B. New York
  • C. Washington
  • D. Massachusetts
  • Answer A

What region of the United States has productive
agricultural areas due to the moist climate,
fertile soil and a relatively long growing season?
  • A. Northeast
  • B. Midwest
  • C. Southwest
  • D. Northwest
  • Answer B

A rich supply of crude oil found in Texas is used
to produce petroleum. This region of the United
States provided an opportunity for many people to
be employed by which of the following industries?
  • A. Farming
  • B. Railroad Building
  • C. Mining
  • D. Manufacturing
  • Answer D

Iron ore is a natural resource found in some
regions of the United States. Iron ore is used
to produce steel, which is an important product
in our country. Regions that produce steel give
many people an opportunity to work in which
  • A. Farming
  • B. Manufacturing
  • C. Railroad building
  • D. Road Building
  • Answer B

Why did the civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia
and China prosper?
  • A. Because the early civilizations lived in the
    vast desert.
  • B. Because the early civilizations settled in
    river valleys with fertile soil
  • C. Because the people of early civilizations
    traveled in wagons
  • D. Because the people of the early civilizations
    crossed the mountains to trade
  • Answer B

What characteristics do the southwest states
(Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona) have in
  • A. They all have areas that are dry or very dry.
  • B. They all have many miles of coastline.
  • C. They all have major oak and maple forests.
  • D. The Grand Canyon crosses through all of them.
  • Answer A

Which region of the United States became one of
the earliest sites of industry and is still a
leader today in manufacturing and commerce?
  • A. Southwest
  • B. Northeast
  • C. Northwest
  • D. Midwest
  • Answer B

Rainforests are located in the southern
hemisphere. Most of them are located between the
Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.
Why are rainforests distributed between these two
lines of latitude?
  • A. Because of their relationship to the North
    and South Poles
  • B. Because of the relationship to the prime
  • C. Because of their relationship to the
    international dateline
  • D. Because of their relationship to the equator.
  • Answer D

Which ecosystem in Africa is actually increasing
in size.
  • A. Desert
  • B. Forest
  • C. Mountains
  • D. Tundra
  • Answer A

Why is most tundra dry and cool all year long?
  • A. Tundra is located near the equator.
  • B. Tundra is full of trees, which keep the
    region cool dry.
  • C. Tundra is located near the Arctic Antarctic
  • D. Tundra is located near the prime meridian.
  • Answer C

Kansas History
Pioneers not only came to Kansas from the Eastern
United States but also from foreign lands. Many
newspapers were written in foreign languages.
They contained articles about this new land and
urged people to come to Kansas. Which reason was
the biggest incentive for the pioneers to make
the long and dangerous trip to Kansas?
  • A. Kansas was a land of freedom opportunity to
    buy land at a reasonable price.
  • B. The Kansas government was similar to the
    government in the homeland of the immigrants.
  • C. The Kansas weather conditions were always
    favorable for farming.
  • D. The Kansas roads were easy to travel without
    the fear of Indians.
  • Answer A

In the 1800s many pioneers traveled from the
eastern United States to settle in the Kansas
territory. Which geographical reason brought
more settlers into Kansas?
  • A. More water available
  • B. More available land for farming
  • C. More forested areas for hunting game
  • D. More mountains for challenging travel
  • Answer B

Why did the German Russian immigrants known as
the Mennonites leave Russia and come to Kansas.
  • A. The railroad companies offered to pay them
    for the cost of moving to Kansas
  • B. They refused to take part in war and Kansas
    would not make them serve in the military.
  • C. The men were recruited by the United States
    cavalry to fill shortages in the many forts in
  • D. Several years of bad droughts had caused
    severe famine in Russia.
  • Answer B

During the journey to the west through Kansas on
the Oregon Trail, the pioneers followed a trail
that wound through steep mountain ranges. What
action did the pioneers take to make travel on
the steep mountain paths possible?
  • A. Pioneers would add additional oxen to the
  • B. Pioneers would throw out heavy household
    items to make the wagon more manageable for the
    oxen to pull.
  • C. The driver would feed the oxen more grain to
    make them stronger.
  • D. Pioneers would wait for another wagon to join
    them and help with their load.
  • Answer B

During the mid 1800s the Santa Fe, Oregon and
California Trails ere a vital part of the western
expansion. However, the pioneers, did not have
an easy road to travel. Which of the following
would have been a hardship that the pioneers
would have faced along the trail.
  • A. Bad water or lack of water caused most of the
    sickness on the trail.
  • B. The hurricanes produced high winds that
    decreased the visibility for the drivers of the
  • C. The Trading Post hours of operation were
    short making it difficult for the pioneers to
    replace their broken wagon parts.
  • D. The hospitals along the trail were only
    located in large cities.
  • Answer A

The Kansas plains were once populated by large
herds of buffalo. Which is one reason that the
large buffalo herds disappeared?
  • A. Europeans brought animals such as horses and
    cattle to the New World and those animals spread
    diseases that killed the buffalo.
  • B. The railroad companies thought the buffalo
    were a nuisance and they paid hunters to kill
  • C. Many buffalo starved because years of drought
    destroyed the prairie grass that they ate.
  • D. The American Indians hunted and killed so
    many buffalo for food and other uses that the
    buffalo almost became extinct.
  • Answer B

Along the Oregon Trail in 1848 there were places
where finding firewood was nearly impossible.
What did travelers burn?
  • A. Wagon wheels
  • B. Buffalo chips
  • C. Coal
  • D. Oil
  • Answer B

United States History
Susie is researching the 1963 march on Washington
where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered an
inspiring message on the steps of the Lincoln
Memorial. Susie found a video in the library of
Dr. King giving his speech. Why is this famous
speech considered a primary source?
  • A. The speech can be found in an encyclopedia.
  • B. The speech expresses Dr. Kings feeling in
    his own words.
  • C. The speech has been interpreted by
  • D. The speech led the government to pass the
    civil rights law.
  • Answer B

In 1492, Columbus left Spain with three ships and
sailed west. During the journey a record was
kept of the actual distance sailed each day.
Why is this document considered a primary source?
  • A. Because Columbus wrote the actual log.
  • B. Because students read about the log in their
    history book.
  • C. Because all ships received a log.
  • D. Because the sailors talked about their
    travels when they returned.
  • Answer A

Which of the following would be a secondary
source for the Battle of Valley Forge?
  • A. A copy of General Washington's original map
    of the area
  • B. An original list of Hessian (German) soldiers
    captured after the battle
  • C. Journal of a soldier form Pennsylvania who
    was wounded in the battle
  • D. A young wifes diary describing her husbands
    letters from the battlefield
  • Answer D

In 1774, the British parliament banned town
meetings, closed the port of Boston and ordered
colonists to house and feed British soldiers.
The colonists called these actions intolerable.
What event led to these actions against the
  • A. The Boston Tea Party
  • B. The Trial of John Peter Zenger
  • C. The Attack on Crispus Attucks
  • D. The Speech by Patrick Henry
  • Answer A

In 1765, the British imposed a tax on the
colonists. The colonists had to pay taxes every
time they bought a newspaper or signed a legal
document. What did this tax become known as?
  • A. The Stamp Act
  • B. The Intolerable Acts
  • C. The Townshend Acts
  • D. The Document Act
  • Answer A

When the Declaration of Independence was adopted
on July 4, 1776, it marked the colonists formal
break from Britain. Why is the Declaration of
Independence considered to be one of the most
important documents in history?
  • A. It gave the people the right to have
    representation in Congress.
  • B. It permitted all people to celebrate
    Independence Day.
  • C. It set up the system of checks and balances
    for the government.
  • D. It gave the people the opportunity to create
    a government recognizing the rights of all
  • Answer D

The Declaration of Independence was written in
1776. It is considered to be one of the most
important documents in history. What impact does
this document have on the citizens of the United
States today?
  • A. The people of the U.S. celebrate July 4th
    with picnics and parades.
  • B. The document states the rights and
    responsibilities of people in our democracy.
  • C. The document is a model for each states
    declaration of independence.
  • D. The people of the U.S. pledge allegiance to
    the flag each day.
  • Answer B

Before the Revolutionary War, the colonists used
a phrase to express their unhappiness with
British treatment of the colonies. What was this
  • A. A stitch in time saves nine
  • B. A penny saved is a penny earned.
  • C. One if by land, two if by sea.
  • D. No taxation without representation.
  • Answer D

The Articles of Confederation, when written in
1776, by the Continental Congress was a set of
laws to govern the United States. This system of
government adopted in 1781 created many problems
for our country. Which statement best describes
a weakness of the Articles of the Confederation?
  • A. States could only send one representative to
  • B. States could send as many representatives to
    Congress as they wanted but each state only had
    one vote.
  • C. States with larger populations could send
    could send more representatives than larger
  • D. States with smaller populations could send
    more representatives than larger states.
  • Answer A

The Articles of Confederation, adopted in 1781,
set up our countrys first system of government.
The weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
created many problems for our country. Which
statement best describes a weakness of the
Articles of Confederation?
  • A. The Articles of Confederation provided a way
    for territories to become states.
  • B. The Articles of Confederation gave most powers
    to the states.
  • C. The Articles of Confederation provided for a
    strong central government.
  • D. The Articles of Confederation provided a
    systematic way for the government to collect
  • Answer B

In 1778, the people established the Constitution
to achieve major goals for our country. These
goals are listed in the opening statement of the
Preamble. How does the national government
achieve the goal of insuring domestic tranquility?
  • A. Establishing a welfare program.
  • B. Establishing a National Guard
  • C. Establishing the legislative branch of
  • D. Regulating trade between states.
  • Answer B

In 1778, the Constitution was ratified. The
Constitution was established to achieve major
goals for our country. These goals are listed
in the Preamble. How does the national
government achieve the goal of insuring justice.
  • A. By establishing a Congress
  • B. By establishing a national defense
  • C. By establishing a national system of courts
  • D. By designing money for educational programs
  • Answer C

Which phrase from the Preamble to the
Constitution could be restated as to help
ensure the well being of the people?
  • A. establish justice
  • B. do ordain and establish
  • C. promote the general welfare
  • D. Secure the blessings of Liberty
  • Answer C

World History
In Ancient Egypt the people built pyramids,
developed hieroglyphics and believed in many
gods. Because of these advanced accomplishments
what were the Egyptians considered to be?
  • A. City-state
  • B. Democracy
  • C. Civilization
  • D. Republic
  • Answer C

In the beginning of time people settled in
different regions of the world and began making
advanced accomplishments in economic, political,
religious, intellectual and artistic ways. What
were these groups of people considered to be?
  • A. Farmers
  • B. Slaves
  • C. Merchants
  • D. Civilizations
  • Answer D

Aristotle, the great philosopher, tutored
Alexander the Great. Alexander learned all about
literature, philosophy and science from his
tutor. At the age of twenty, Alexander became the
King of Macedonia and conquered new lands
creating a large empire. Whose cultural ideas
did Alexander the Great give to the lands
  • A. Greeks
  • B. Romans
  • C. Macedonians
  • D. Persians
  • Answer A

Classical Greece had two developed city-states
Athens and Sparta. Each city-state had its own
developments. Which would best describe these
  • A. Citizens in Athens were trained in the
    military citizens of Sparta were free and open.
  • B. Citizens of Athens were large landowners
    citizens of Sparta did not own land.
  • C. Citizens of Athens were free and open
    citizens of Sparta were trained in the military.
  • D. Citizens of Athens were know for their
    sailing citizens of Sparta were known for their
  • Answer C

This young prince of Macedonia set out to conquer
the known world for the Greek Empire. He
expanded the Greek empire as far as India before
he died. Who was he?
  • A. Alexander the Great
  • B. Darius the Great
  • C. Pericles the Great
  • D. Philip the Great
  • Answer A

In the Roman Republic if one of two consuls
rejected or vetoed an action, the matter was
dropped. Since the government might not work if
both consuls disagreed in an emergency, Roman law
said an individual could be elected for 6 months.
What was the individuals title?
  • A. Monarch
  • B. Patrician
  • C. Plebian
  • D. Dictator
  • Answer D

The ancient Roman government was called a Roman
Republic. Two men led the government for one
year taking advice from the Roman Senate. What
were these two men called?
  • A. Patricians
  • B. Consuls
  • C. Plebeians
  • D. Dictators
  • Answer B

Which of the following was the foundation for
Roman law?
  • A. Magna Carta
  • B. Rosetta Stone
  • C. Twelve Tables
  • D. Ten Commandments
  • Answer C

In the later years of the Middle Ages the
powerful nobles of England forced King John to
sign a document that would protect peoples
rights. This document established the right to
trial by jury. What is this document called?
  • A. Declaration of Independence
  • B. Hammurabis Code
  • C. The Treaty of Versailles
  • D. The Magna Carta
  • Answer D

In the Middle Ages the people lived on manors or
farms. In order to make sure all people were
safe there was a system of loyalties and
protection. What was this system called?
  • A. Vassals
  • B. Feudalism
  • C. Fiefs
  • D. Monarchy
  • Answer B

During the Medieval period there was a strict
class system. Which group made up the lowest
class in the system?
  • A. Lords
  • B. Monks
  • C. Serfs
  • D. Vassals
  • Answer C

One of the three great civilizations that
developed in the Americas was the Mayas. This
civilization made advances in technology. Which
of these was a Mayan achievement?
  • A. Calendar
  • B. Wheel
  • C. Paved Roads
  • D. Aqueduct
  • Answer A

The Mayans, Aztecs and Incas had civilizations in
the Americas. These three groups of people made
advances in technology. Which group of
achievements would best reflect these advances?
  • A. Printing press, sailboat, cuneiform
  • B. Ziggurats, stone temples, silk
  • C. Pyramids, canoe, porcelain
  • D. Calendar, sundial, aqueducts
  • Answer D