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Craft Silicon

Description: Product Overview Bankers Realm Islamic Integrated Finance System Craft Silicon Limited, Proprietary intellectual information. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Craft Silicon

Craft Silicon
  • Product Overview
  • Bankers Realm Islamic Integrated Finance System

Craft Silicon Limited, Proprietary intellectual
Bankers Realm
Bankers Realm General Characteristics.
Proven and stable Core Micro Finance Product with installations across the globe.
Easy to learn and use with Online Customizable Help at all stages.
Available in different Languages with full scope of customization
Supports Multiple delivery Channels
Easy integration with other systems including Legacy systems.
Highly Scalable.
Individual, Groups and combinations thereof
Customer centric System
Multi Currency, Multi Company.
Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow Operations.
Strong MIS, EIS including Graphs and Charts.
Integrated To BIO Metrics devices to enhance Security
Ability to new Create Products.
Though Bankers Realm is an off the shelf core Banking Product, it is generally customized to meet the needs of the customer. Banking industry is very dynamic and it is important for the bank and Craft Silicon to work as a team in order to address the needs of a demanding customer.
Craft silicon Products suite
Bankers Realm is a high end internet ready bank
automation software, designed for small to large
sized banks and financial institutions. Under
the canopy of Windows based servers with open
end like MS-SQL Server, and with its inbuilt
intelligence, this product can do wonders to your
bank and your customers! It is an em ready
product with Customer notifications sent either
on E-mail or Mobile, are inbuilt in the system.
At the same time, this system can act as a base
for other add on delivery channels like internet
banking, ATM, Smart Cards, etc.
Banking_at_Home is a value added product that
allows your customers to access their accounts
using the latest internet technology. Your
customers can get access to their accounts from
your web site. The software is secure and uses
128 bit SSL technology to keep the data flowing
on the internet safe from hackers.
BREFT is a full fledge EFT Switch software that
can drive your ATM, POS and other delivery
channels. This switch is specifically designed to
cater for Micro Finance related transactions and
can allow you to perform online Savings / Loans
related transactions using GPRS / GSM / Dialup
networking. System is also capable of BIO
verification and can help you to identify your
customers prior to transactions.
RealmCE is a compact edition of Bankers Realm.
This product interfaces to the main system, and
allows you to transact on the hand held computer.
An ideal product to capture socio Economic
transactions including Credit Scoring details.
This device can update the main database using
either a normal or a GSM connection. The product
can be interfaced with Magnetic cards or SMART
cards too.
bMobile is an add on product that notifies on
your customers mobile phone unit with the account
balance, currency rates and other vital
information. Give your bank an edge over others
with this handy mobile interface. A great
combination of internet and mobile technology.
System can generate events notifications or could
get instant approvals from your customers for
instance transaction above a certain limit .
Trucell This is trully rich mobile banking
application , that provides bank and customers
access to banking services , right from their
mobile phones. It has easy to use menu for bank
employees to process over the counter operations
, loan processing , customer account opening ,
and for the customer , provides easy online
access to accounts , transfer funds and make bank
Bankers Realm CMS (Core Microfinance Solution)
is a dedicated software for Micro Finance
organizations working with either Group based or
Individual based lending methodologies. It is a
web based solutions with thin client platform.
Easy to implement and upgrade. Due to the varied
nature of operations in Micro Finance
organizations across the globe, this product is
highly parameterized. The product is well rated
by major Micro Finance funding agencies and Donor
communities across the globe. This product is
also ideal for Micro Finance organizations who
are planning to convert to a full fledge
commercial bank, since it can be easily upgraded
to Bankers Realm.
Installation Footprints
  • Africa
  • Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia,
    Malawi, Zambia. Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia. Sudan,
    Madagascar, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Niger,
    Cameroon, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Somalia
  • Eastern Europe
  • Bulgaria, Armenia
  • Asia
  • India, Mongolia, China
  • Pacific
  • Micronesia, Papa new Guinea.
  • Central / Latin America
  • Mexico, Argentina
  • Upcoming Clients
  • Our software products are used in more than 30
    Countries and four different languages (English,
    French, Spanish and Islamic), More than 150

Operating Requirements
Component Requirements
Database Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Oracle 9i / 10g
Database Server Operating Requirements Windows Linux Unix Sun Solaris
Middle Tier Windows 2000 / 2003 Server
Client Workstations Windows 2000 Professional / Windows XP / Vista.
Connectivity options Bankers Realm is a SMART client software which can operate on low bandwidth lines. Recommended 64 KBPS connectivity lines across the branches.
Decentralized Mode
Depending on the actual requirement Bankers Realm can operate on Centralized or decentralized Mode. Branches post to local server, which gets replicated to Central Server. Ideal for banks where communication infrastructure is not available or un-reliable. Branches are autonomous, however the Head office get consolidated as and when lines are available. Offline consolidation available where data is physically transmitted via Disks, CD and e-mails.
Centralized Mode
If communication Infrastructure is reliable, a full centralized mode can be implemented. Branches post to Head Office server, which optionally gets replicated to Branch Server. Branch Server is an optional component. Ideal for banks where communication infrastructure is reliable. Centralized Server automatically replicates data to a respective branch server and a disaster recovery server. Craft Silicon recommends this mode.
Core System
Information Dashboard
Information dashboard is a solution designed to
help users access the information and experience
they need to work smarter. They auto update small
sections of your screen that provide you varied
information that matters to you most.
Some examples of Dashboards   Currency rates Excess over limits and Temporary overdraft accounts. Top ltxgt Large Amount Transactions. Cash Flow Deposits that are maturing in near future Installments due Limits Expiring Insurance Expiring Favorite Accounts Accounts Opened / Closed during the day. Personal Appointments and Reminders
Large Amount Transactions
Account Transaction Amount
001-1112346 KENYA AUTO LIMITED Cash Debit 2,500,000.00
001-1112070 CRAFT SILICON Debit Clearing 3,232,140.45
Loan Installments Falling Due
Account Outstanding Amount Installment
001-3727182 DHIMANT SHAH (540,650) 23,550.00
002-1102910 SHABBIR HAKIM (120,045) 4,950.00
002-0102180 Craft Silicon Limited (5,405,880) 210,550
Customer Relationship
Bankers Realm have a detailed Customer Relationship management Modules. Personal Details, Address Location including GPS, Business Information, Employment Details, Bank Details, Relationship Management, Photographs, Signature, Alerts and much more. System capable to send PUSH / PULL SMS E-Mails automatically based on various conditions.
Options  General De-Duplication Rules embedded in the system. De-duplication warnings based on BIO Details. User Defined Fields Allow you to manage user defined information. One point information view and management. System allows you to create own customised fields and screens without any programming.
Customer Relationship
Signature / Photographs / BIO Details. System is equipped to connect to Webcam and take live pictures at the point customer is opening the account.
Options   We capture multiple Finger BIO Details for security reasons. BIO Details integrated to Internet Banking, ATM and POS to ensure security. Images, Signature and BIO Details are stored in database in compressed format to save disk usage. Account Operating and Joint Signature details available at every financial transaction.
Product Definition
Banking Industry is very dynamic. For a bank to stay ahead, they have to provide efficient and customer friendly financial products to their customers. Bankers Realm allows the bank to design their own products providing complete flexibility on how it operates, charges, Legal Requirements, PLS, General Ledger interface, provisioning, etc.
Options  Charges and fees are defined user defined and can automatically recover from customers. Product Documents allow you to get full control of legal frame work. Documents can be scanned and stored with its inbuilt imaging solutions.
Product Analysis
Bankers Realm allows the Bank to analyze the various product into different sections which enables the bank to conclude on the performance of each products.
Options   Following sample Bankers Realm screen provides insight of the YIELD based on the weighted Average Interest rate based on the actual recovery month by month. Selection of different Graphs and Charts available in the system. For example PIE Graph, BAR Graphs, LINE Graphs. Product comparison module would allow Bank to compare various products in terms of profitability, geographical coverage, genders and other different parameters.
Product Budgeting
Budgeting is a standard module in Bankers Realm. With respect to the Budgeting at product level, it can be done in terms of amount and clients. Sample screen allows you to compare the Accounts opened in a specified product in comparison with Last year, Current Year and the Budgeted value.
Options   Budgets can be captured in terms of an absolute figures or an increase / decrease in terms of a percent values. Various reports are available that highlights variance between Actual vs Budgeted figures. Multiple Budgets can be defined. For example CEO Budget, OPERATIONS Budget, BRANCH Budget
Deposits Overview
Savings Deposits Wadia Al Damania ,Mudaraba and Quard Hasan Savings
Current Deposits Wadia and Quard Hasan
Fixed Deposits Mudaraba Deposits and Islamic Time Deposit
Flexible PLS Rates
Average PLS Rates
Fixed PLS Rates
Floating PLS Rates
Automatic provisions
Maturity Options
Block / Freeze
Lien Deposits
Penalties on premature withdrawals gtApplies only to Sadqat A/C
Asset based Advances
Debt origination System includes Murabaha , Ijara ,Ijara Wa Iqtna , Istisna , Parallel Isistna , Salaam ,Parallel salam and Qard Hasan.
Equity Origination System Include Mudaraba Finance ,Diminishing Mudaraba, Musharaka Finance , Diminishing Musharaka
Debt/Equity Origination system including Application process , Purchase contract , Debt/Equity contract and disbursement PLS Fixed / Floating PLS Rates / LIBOR Rates
Term Debt /Equity/ Revolving Debt / Call / Notice Debt
Partial disbursements / Full disbursement / Appropriation of Installments Partial Payments / Early pay off
PLS, Collateral, Document Plan
Non-performing Debt /Equity processing
Index rate/Product A/c variance
Accrual Capitalization frequency
Penalty Post-maturity PLS Rates
Reminders to customers on letters, SMS, e-mail
Debt /Equity Classification and Automated Risk classification based on performance
Credit officers and linkage with Debt performance tied to the Appraisals and HR System.
Graphs / Charts / reports
Murabaha - Application
Mudaraba - Purchase
Mudaraba Fund Pool
Mudarabah -Contract
Murabaha Installment Schedule
Maintain Debt Accounts
AAOIFI Standard of Accounting
Log In Screen
Menu Page/Dashboard
Client Maintenance
Account Maintenance
Product Maintenance (CASA)
Debt Product Maintenance
Murabaha Application
Murabaha Contract
Murabaha Accounts
Collaterals Overview
Can be tied to account or a group of accounts.
Store images of collateral for onsite management.
Location, Ownership, Transfer management of collateral.
Market Value, Net Book Value, Force Sale Value
Margins and allowable value against a credit.
Automatic Depreciation of collaterals to reflect true exposure.
Under exposed and overexposed collaterals.
Transfer of security would allow you to track the exact location of the physical security.
Security Documents.
Options  System can store images of Collaterals in the software and linked to a customer account against his credit facility. Security Movement can be tracked. Security owner can be maintained. Ability to place a CAP on certain types of Collaterals.
NPA / Write offs Overview
  • Bankers Realm have integrated module to track and
    process Debt accounts during their life. Accounts
    can be automatically classified into various user
    defined categories depending on their
  • Based on the classification of accounts, system
    can provide provision as per the requirements of
    the Central Bank. Below we have shown some
    conditions that you can set in the System.

Condition System behavior
Account in arrears from 0-30 days Normal Debts
If Account is in arrears from 31-60 days Move to Sub-Standard category.
If Account is in arrears from 61-90 days Move to Watch category.
If Account is in arrears from 91-120 days Move to Doubtful category.
If Account is in arrears from 121 days Move to Debt category.
Category Provisions
Normal category Accounts 1 General Provision
Sub-Standard category accounts 10 Specific provision
Watch category accounts. 20 Specific provision
Doubtful category accounts. 50 Specific provision
Loss category accounts. 100 Specific provision
General Ledger
A very comprehensive General Ledger module which is integrated to the system seamlessly. General Ledger / Sub-Ledger are designed in a smart way so that there are no discrepancies at any time.
Opinions   Chart of account and reporting of Balance Sheet / PL is no longer dependent on the coding structure. User can define structures as shown here in using simple DRAG DROP technology. Multiple General Ledger Formats can be defined to suite requirements of different individuals. For example Balance Sheet - CEO, Balance Sheet Audit, Balance Sheet Central Bank You can also create your own Ratios in the formats. Example liquidity Ratio, Asset / Liability Ratio, etc.
P L Expenses
Income/Expenditure PLS
Bankers Realm is been used by 100 Micro Finance organizations globally. Our customers keep growing, so does their requirements.
Options   System have more than 500 settings that you can select from in order for it to behave as per your requirements. Anytime a new requirements come, we add new parameters. Our customers can take a benefit of wide parameters in order to take advantage of our knowledge base.
System Security
Database Security Log Security Login Security
All important data tables in the system are encoded with a checksum of fields. This checksum is derived using a hopping encryption method. Thus any data modification done outside the scope of the system can be detected automatically. Security officer can get message of such fraudulent attempts, and he can act accordingly. The system keeps a log of every thing that a user does. The usage and event logs are maintained as a part of database, so the system administrator has a greater control when it comes to locating as well as reporting. Visual security where an administrator can actually see on his screen what an user is doing online real time. System equipped with BIO Metrics Authentication. Conventional Security like Password Length, Expiry, No Repeat passwords, etc
System Security
Bankers Realm security settings is very comprehensive. It allows you to control user on Module by Module. Each modules also allows further rights to VIEW/ADD/EDIT/DELETE. Various modules that are linked to Amount ( Example Cash Deposits ) also have amount limits pegged to it.
Options  Create ROLES, which makes it easy to create users. For example a role template CASHIER can be copied easily to users with cashier levels. Access Level can allow the system administrator to control a user with more precision. A User can have different set of permissions across different branches. Security Violence can be notified to System Administrator via e-mail or SMS.
System Security
Certain study on System Banking Frauds, it is indicated that most of the Frauds of this nature take place after working hours or on a non working day. In order to enhance the security and control the cases, we provided where the login hours can be controlled in detail in hour by hour slots.
Options   Precise control hour by hour each day of week. This gives a greater control of system security, System sends alerts to users when their time is getting close to end.
Other Options
Core System
A very comprehensive Standing Instructions module.
Integrated HR / Payroll / Fixed Assets / AR / AP module. This is inline with our vision to make Bankers Realm a truly enterprise core banking system.
SMS / e-mail technology integrated to core system at all levels. This helps the Bank to send automated communications to customers like Loan Installment falling due, etc
A very unique and helpful option for System Administrator to get details like System Status, Performance Monitor, etc on their mobile phones, even when they are not physically around the System. For example System Administrator can send a request SMS to Bankers Realm and get the status of the system on his mobile phone.
Integrated Letter module allows Bank to define specific letters that are used to make official communications to the customers. Example send letters ( or emails ) to customers then they miss their installments.
Automatic Backup, Archiving and management of database.
Automatic cross check to ensure integrity of the system.
WHAT IF options allows you to simulate real life scenarios to derive best financial results.
Graphs, Charts and visual reporting allows you to better analyze the information.
Highly parameterized to ensure flexibility.
Automatic report spooling and scheduler server to get a better control on your reporting requirements.
And Finally very easy to use !
Craft Silicon
  • More details of the product available at

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