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District/School Assessment Coordinator Training


District/School Assessment Coordinator Training. September 20, 21, and 22, 2011. Fall 2011 Computer-Based Tests. FCAT Mathematics Retake. FCAT Reading Retake – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: District/School Assessment Coordinator Training

District/School Assessment Coordinator Training
Fall 2011 Computer-Based Tests FCAT Mathematics
Retake FCAT Reading Retake FCAT 2.0 Reading Retake
  • September 20, 21, and 22, 2011

WebEx Procedures
  • All phones will be placed on mute.
  • To ask a question, type in the QA box and
    address the question to All Panelists.
  • For a longer question, type Phone Question in
    the QA box and the moderator will call on you to
    ask your question during a break.

Statewide Training for CBT (WebEx)
  • Fall 2011 Retakes
  • (FCAT Reading Retake, FCAT Mathematics Retake,
  • FCAT 2.0 Reading Retake)
  • Technology Coordinator Training September 13, 14,
    and 15
  • District/School Assessment Coordinator
    Training September 20, 21, and 22
  • One training will be recorded and posted for any
    districts or schools who cannot attend. This
    PowerPoint is also available at the website

  • Computer-Based Testing (CBT) Glossary
  • Support Information and Resources
  • Administration Schedule and Timing
  • Accommodations Updates
  • Students To Be Tested
  • Training Test Administrators
  • Proctors
  • Required Administration Information
  • Seating Charts, Session Roster, Attendance Codes,
    Accommodations Codes
  • Student Authorization Tickets

Overview contd.
  • Seal Codes
  • Other District Assessment Coordinator Tasks
  • District Readiness Activities
  • Practice Tests (ePATs)
  • Test Materials for Students
  • Four-Function Calculators
  • Student Comment Forms
  • Note about Exiting TestNav
  • Notes About Creating Test Sessions
  • Questions

Overview contd.
  • PearsonAccess Filters and Search Fields
  • Demonstration
  • Before Testing
  • During Testing
  • After Testing
  • Contact Information
  • Evaluation
  • Questions

CBT Glossary
  • PearsonAccess www.pearsonaccess.com/fl
  • A website used for almost all test preparation
    (e.g., PreID), setup, administration, and
    reporting tasks.
  • Correct test administration must be selected each
    time you log in.
  • Requires a username and password.
  • Links to support materials www.FLAssessments.com
    /FallRetake www.FLAssessments.com/AdditionalReso

CBT Glossary
  • PearsonAccess Training Center
  • Accessed from the Training Center tab on
    PearsonAccess Home page or at www.FLAssessments.co
  • Provides an opportunity to
  • Practice PearsonAccess tasks
  • Manage the Infrastructure Trial in preparation
    for testing
  • Requires a username and password.

CBT Glossary
  • Proctor Caching
  • Florida schools are required to use Proctor
  • Pearson will provide the software and the
    instructions necessary to install and run Proctor
  • Benefits
  • Enables schools to download encrypted test
    content to a local computer.
  • Can run from any workstation on the network that
    meets minimum requirements.
  • Does not require a separate server.
  • Reduces test delays due to network congestion.

CBT Glossary
  • TestNav 6.9 (TestNav)
  • Platform that Florida will use for high-stakes
    computer-based statewide assessments.
  • Software application installed either on a file
    server or on each computer that will be used for

CBT Glossary
  • TestHear
  • The computer-based platform that Florida will use
    for CBT accommodations beginning in Fall 2011.
  • An application that must be installed on each
    computer that will be used for testing. Only
    operates on Windows or Macs that are also running

CBT Glossary - Test Code vs. Test Group Code
Test Code Test Group Code
A six-digit code created by PearsonAccess and printed on Student Authorization Tickets and Session Rosters. The Login ID and the test code are required to log in to TestNav. A unique four-digit number used to identify groups of students tested together, which is created by district assessment coordinators or by school assessment coordinators. The Test Group Code is entered after the Welcome screen and student pledge in TestNav and before students see the first question.
Support Information
  • Where to find Support Resources
  • www.FLAssessments.com/FallRetake
  • Fall 2011 Computer-Based Test Administration
    Manual (Fall CBT Manual)
  • www.FLAssessments.com/AdditionalResources
  • TestNav Technology Guidelines
  • TestNav Early Warning System Reference Manual
  • Proctor Caching Guide
  • Infrastructure Readiness Guide
  • FDOE website
  • Computer-Based Testing http//fcat.fldoe.org/fcat
  • Note Most www.FLAssessments.com links are simply
    redirects to www.PearsonAccess.com/fl.

Support Information
  • Contact Pearson Support
  • Phone Number 1-877-847-3043
  • Appendix C in the manual provides the following
  • PearsonAccess
  • User Accounts
  • District assessment coordinators received
    instructions for setting up user accounts from
  • Browser requirements
  • Logging in for the first time
  • Resetting passwords
  • Training Center
  • Test Setup Exercise
  • Appendix D in the manual is a CBT Test
    Administrator Quick Reference Guide.
  • Note PearsonAccess will timeout after 14 minutes
    of inactivity.

Administration Schedule and Timing
Test Testing Window Duration
FCAT Reading Retake (CBT Optional) October 10 21, 2011 Untimed
FCAT Mathematics Retake October 10 21, 2011 Untimed
FCAT 2.0 Reading Retake October 10 21, 2011 2 sessions up to ½ school day each, over 2 days
  • Districts have selected one week within the
    administration window(s) to administer
    paper-based test(s). For security purposes,
    testing at a school should be completed in this
    one-week window if possible however, up to two
    consecutive weeks will be allowed to accommodate
    computer-based testing needs.
  • October 24 October 26 Additional make-up days
    for CBT tests
  • For the FCAT 2.0 Reading Retake, districts may
    schedule one or more sessions per day, depending
    on school-level circumstances.
  • Any deviation from this schedule requires written
    approval from the FDOE prior to implementation.

FCAT 2.0 Reading Retake Timing
  • Test will be administered in two sessions over
    two days. Each session will last up to ½ school
  • School administrators should determine the length
    of ½ a school day and communicate this timing
    information to test administrators.
  • Students may not work in Session 2 on Day 1, or
    go back to Session 1 on Day 2. Seal Codes will be
    in place for CBT non-accommodated forms.
  • Students will exit the test at the end of Session
    1 and will need to be resumed in PearsonAccess
    prior to the start of Session 2 on day 2.

Accommodations Updates
  • TestHear accommodated forms (e.g., large print,
    screen reader, color contrast, zoom, assistive
    devices) are available for this administration.
    Any student who requires an accommodated CBT form
    will need to test using TestHear software.
  • Paper accommodations are also available for the
  • Students requiring administration accommodations
    can test on the computer (see the Fall 2011
    Computer-Based Test Accommodations Guide).

Students To Be Tested
  • FCAT Reading
  • In general, all students who entered Grade 9
    prior to Fall 2009 and are pursuing a standard
    Florida high school diploma must pass the Reading
    portion of the Grade 10 FCAT, or obtain
    concordant scores on the ACT or SAT, as one of
    the requirements for graduation.
  • FCAT Mathematics
  • Students who entered Grade 9 in Fall 2009 or
    earlier and are pursuing a standard Florida high
    school diploma must pass the Mathematics portion
    of the Grade 10 FCAT, or obtain concordant scores
    on the ACT or SAT, as one of the requirements for
  • FCAT 2.0 Reading Retake
  • In general, all students who entered Grade 9 in
    2009 and beyond and are pursuing a standard
    Florida high school diploma must pass the Grade
    10 FCAT 2.0 Reading test as one of the
    requirements for graduation.

Training Test Administrators
  • Test administrators must contact the school
    assessment coordinator if the following occurs
  • A student has not participated in a practice
  • A student has trouble logging in the first time.
  • A student cannot see the shading on the Test
    Group Code screen.
  • A test administrator does not have a Student
    Authorization Ticket.
  • A students name or student ID number is not
    correct (e.g., misspelled) on the Student
    Authorization Ticket.
  • A test administrator is concerned that a student
    is unable (e.g., too ill) to finish the test.
  • A student exits the test to finish later and logs
    out of the test session.
  • A student is in the wrong session.

  • It is recommended that a proctor be assigned to
    a room with 25 or fewer students whenever

1-25 students Test Administrator
26-50 students Test Administrator and 1 Proctor
51-75 students Test Administrator and 2 Proctors
Required Administration Information
  • Students assigned to each test administrators
  • Attendance information
  • Accommodations provided
  • Test group code
  • Signatures for when secure materials are received
    and returned
  • Session Roster can be used to record most (if not
    all) of this information.

Seating Chart
  • Test administrators are asked to complete a
    seating chart for each test session (they will
    need to complete two for Reading Retake 2.0
    sessions). The seating chart should include the
    following information
  • Room name/number
  • Student names and their location in the room
    during testing
  • Date
  • Time
  • Subject tested
  • Test Administrators name
  • Names of proctors (if applicable)
  • Test group code
  • Session name in PearsonAccess

Session Roster
Attendance Codes
  • Attendance
  • P Present
  • A Absent
  • W Withdrawn
  • P/I Present but Invalidated

Accommodations Codes
  • (Directions are provided in the Fall 2011 CBT
    Accommodations Guide)
  • For ESE/504 students
  • 1-FP Flexible Presentation
  • 1-FR Flexible Responding
  • 1-FSC Flexible Scheduling
  • 1-FSE Flexible Setting
  • 1-AD Assistive Devices
  • For ELL students
  • 2-FSC Flexible Scheduling
  • 2-FSE Flexible Setting
  • 2-AHL Assistance in Heritage Language
  • 2-ADI Approved Dictionary

Student Authorization Tickets
  • If the Last Name, First Name, or ID number are
    incorrect, the student cannot use the ticket.
  • The ID number will show the last five digits of
    the Florida Student Number OR the last four
    digits of the Social Security Number and an X.
  • If the Date of Birth is the only incorrect field,
    the student may use the ticket and the birth date
    can be updated after testing with the student
    database manager.

Seal Codes (FCAT 2.0 Reading Retake only)
  • 4-digit code for students to enter Session 2 on
    Day 2
  • One Seal Code per session that all students will
    enter (similar to Test Group Code)
  • Available in PearsonAccess under
    Authorizations. Auto-generated in the system.

FCAT 2.0 Reading Retake Seal Code
  • In Session 1, students will only be able to click
    Next Section from the Go To screen.
  • Once they proceed beyond the Go To screen, they
    cannot return to Session 1.
  • TestNav will show 3 sections of the test with
    answered/unanswered questions.
  • Section 1 is the Welcome screen/student
    pledge/test group code section.
  • Section 2 is questions 1-27 (Session 1).
  • Section 3 is questions 28-53 (Session 2).

FCAT 2.0 Reading Retake Seal Code
  • The Session 2 Seal Code screen includes a stop
    sign and a box to enter the seal code. Students
    cannot return to Session 1 from this screen. Test
    administrators should not post the seal code
    until instructed to do so in the script on Day 2.

Other District Assessment Coordinator Tasks
  • Creating PearsonAccess Accounts See email from
    Susie Lee sent on 8/30/2011
  • Includes CBT Test Administrator accounts.
    Districts should distribute these instructions to
    schools if they will be responsible for creating
    these accounts.
  • Arrange for Special Program Students to Test
    See Fall 2011 CBT Manual for more information
  • District Readiness Activities See email from
    Chancellor Grego sent on 8/15/2011

District Readiness Activities
  • Complete Computer-Based Assessments Certification
  • All schools who will participate in the FCAT or
    FCAT 2.0 computer-based assessments this fall
    must complete the survey in the tool.
  • Email sent from Chancellor Grego on 8/15/2011
    includes instructions and reference materials
    (forwarded to districts by Susie Lee).
  • Guide to the 2011-2012 Computer-Based Assessments
    Certification Tool is also posted to
  • District-level submission is due two weeks prior
    to the first day of the test administration
    window. Districts will establish school survey

Practice Tests (ePATs)
  • Students are required to participate in a
    practice test at the school using the script
    provided in the Fall 2011 CBT administration
  • Practice test is delivered using an ePAT
    (electronic practice assessment tool).
  • ePAT is available for students to practice on
    their own.
  • After participating in a practice test, students
    can request a four-function hand-held calculator.
  • TestHear ePATs are available for students who
    will use accommodated CBT forms (e.g., zoom,
    screen reader, color contrast, large print,
    assistive devices).

Test Materials for Students
  • Student Authorization Tickets (secure materials)
  • Students need a Login ID and Test Code (password)
    for each test session.
  • Students need a pencil or pen to sign their
  • FCAT Mathematics
  • Florida Computer-Based Testing Work Folders
  • Four-Function Calculators
  • Reference Sheets (schools can provide paper

Student Comment Forms
  • Student comment forms can be accessed at
  • This feedback is important to the FDOE and the
    contractor. Please encourage all test
    administrators to have their students complete
    comment forms.
  • Technology coordinators may create shortcuts to
    the comment forms. If so, test administrators
    should be updated on how students should access
    comment forms.

Note About Exiting TestNav
  • There is a final close screen, after which the
    student returns to the desktop. If the school
    permits this, test administrators can add an
    instruction at the end of the scripts to tell
    students NOT to close the final screen.

Notes About Creating Test Sessions
  • PreID Upload
  • Districts were able to create sessions during the
    PreID upload.
  • FCAT Reading sessions will have the prefix RRT
  • FCAT Mathsessions will have the prefix MRT
  • FCAT 2.0 Reading sessions will have the prefix

Notes about Creating Test Sessions
  • Create Test Sessions
  • Three ways of organizing test sessions
  • By Test Group only includes students in a
    particular group (e.g., class, testing room) who
    will be testing together. You will need to use
    this option with TestHear sessions. Advantage
    PearsonAccess can be used to manage the testing
    groups and session rosters will include only one
    group of students testing together Disadvantage
    will require setup and management of more
  • By Test Day includes all students in a school
    to be tested in a subject on a particular
    day Advantage greater security because a session
    can be started and stopped on the same
    day Disadvantage it requires coordination of
    testing groups at the school

Notes About Creating Test Sessions
  • Create Test Sessions (continued)
  • By Test Administration includes all students
    scheduled to be tested in a subject during the
    entire test administration Advantage limits
    setup and management to one session and
    additional make-up sessions do not need to be
    created Disadvantage test sessions are open and
    active during the entire testing window, which
    may present a security concern greater
    coordination of testing groups at schools and
    may be cumbersome to locate and manage specific

Type in QA
PearsonAccess - Filters and Search Fields
  • Any column with this button can be
  • To filter data, click the symbol and enter the
    filter criteria.
  • The column will be filtered according to the
    search term.
  • Clicking on the column heading also allows you to
    sort the data in descending or ascending order.
    Once the data is sorted, an up or down arrow
    appears after the column heading.

Demonstration Before Testing
  • Logging in to PearsonAccess
  • Verifying Student Information (Creating a
    Session, Verifying Student Data, etc.)
  • Deleting a Student
  • Adding a Student
  • Adding a Test Assignment and Changing Tested
  • Verifying All Students are in Test Sessions
  • Moving a Student to Another Session
  • Removing a Student from a Session
  • Assigning a Specific Form (Accommodations)
  • Printing Authorization Tickets, Seal Codes, and
    Session Rosters

Demonstration During Testing
  • Starting a Session
  • Monitoring Sessions
  • Resuming Student Tests

Demonstration After Testing
  • Marking tests complete
  • Invalidating tests
  • Recording accommodations
  • Instructions provided in the Fall 2011 CBT
    Accommodations Guide.
  • Stopping a Session

Note Recording accommodations, invalidating
tests, and any updates to student information in
PearsonAccess must occur by 459 p.m. on Friday
of the week of testing. For the makeup days of
October 24 26, updates must be completed at the
end of each day.
Contact Information
  • Pearson Support
  • 877-847-3043
  • Florida_at_support.pearson.com
  • Monday thru Friday, 700 am - 830 pm (EST)
  • FDOE Bureau of K-12 Assessment
  • CBT Specialists
  • Jenny Black, 850-245-9470, jenny.black_at_fldoe.org
  • Tara Gardner, 850-245-0742, tara.gardner_at_fldoe.org

  • Please provide feedback on the session today
  • (Google Form)
  • https//docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?hlen
  • or
  • http//goo.gl/yKT65

This PowerPoint and one recorded training session
will be posted to www.FLAssessments.com/Training
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