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Unit Eight


Teaching Objectives Enlarge vocabulary Talk about creativity Learn to read efficiently with the reading skills of scanning and predicting Learn to write a paragraph ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Unit Eight

Unit Eight

Teaching Objectives
  1. Enlarge vocabulary
  2. Talk about creativity
  3. Learn to read efficiently with the reading skills
    of scanning and predicting
  4. Learn to write a paragraph by contrast

  • Section A Birth of Bright Ideas
  • Section B Ways of Increasing Creativity
  • Section C Great Ideas

Section A
  • Birth of Bright Ideas

Table of Contents
  • Background Information
  • Warming-up Activities
  • Text Analysis
  • Vocabulary and Structure
  • Vocabulary Testing
  • Writing

Background Information
  • "Did you think of that?" , "How did you
    think of that ? " Those are typical comments you
    might hear if you come up with a great idea.
  • No one knows where the great bright ideas
    come from even now. The great bright ideas appear
    unexpectedly after peoples long-time aspiration,

Background Information
  • a fleeting thinking, or even in a
    dream. Some psychologists assume it is the the
    unconscious that give birth to the creative
    thoughts. In fact many examples in almost every
    field of culture have already proved this.

Warming-up Activities (1)
  • Group discussion
  • 1. Where do good ideas come from?
  • 2. Is it just the great creative personalities
    like Thomas Edison who have new and bright ideas

Warming-up Activities (2)
  • The following questions are concerned
    with the author's foreign language learning
    experiences in four stages. Read the questions
    carefully and choose the best answer to each

Warming-up Activities (3)
  • 1. Which of the following statements best
    expresses the main idea of the passage? _____.
  • A) No satisfactory ways exist to explain how
    to form a good idea.
  • B) Creative thought depends on what was
    unknown becoming known.
  • C) The conscious in creative activities is
    responsible for the production of new organized
    forms from disorganized elements.
  • D) The more highly insightful the person is,
    the sharper and more dramatic the signals become.

Warming-up Activities (4)
  • 2. What does the author mean by unconscious in
    paragraph 2 ? _____
  • A) people who are not aware of the mental
  • B) people who are mindless
  • C) mental process which is unknown to the
  • D) mental process which is known to the

Warming-up Activities (5)
  • 3. What can be inferred from the Descartes
    examples ? _____.
  • A) The dream can determine ones life path
  • B) The dream filled Descartes with intensive
    religious enthusiasm.
  • C) Dreams play an important role in the birth
    of bright ideas.
  • D) Cogito ergo sum

Text analysis (1)

  • In the reading passage, the writer
    presents through contrast different ways of
    forming bright ideas one is the conscious mind
    knows nothing about the process of idea
    forming(paragraph 4, the story of Wagner), while
    the other is the conscious mind observes the
    process of idea forming(paragraph 5). By making a
    contrast, the writer is , in fact, telling us how
    big ideas are formed.

Text analysis (2)
  • It is quite natural that we are making
    contrasts or comparisons every day. Through
    contrasts and comparisons, we make our own
    choices, express different ideas or just tell
    others there are different ways.

Text analysis (3)
  • To make a contrast, the things you are to make a
    contrast with must have something in common.
    People will not likely make a contrast between
    the duties of a university with the rules of
    playing football. In the reading passage, the
    common base for making a contrast is some ways of
    forming bright ideas.

Text analysis (4)
  • To development a paragraph of contrast, or to
    introduce two opposite ideas, the following
    phrases may be of some help on the contrary, on
    the one hand, on the other hand, otherwise,
    unlike, in sharp contrast, whereas, rather than,
    conversely, instead, by contrast, however.

Text analysis (5)
  • Another notable way of presenting ideas in the
    passage is that both paragraph 4 and 5 have a
    subject, a process and a result, which produce a
    logic and well-organized structures.

Text analysis (6)
  • Introduction (Para. 1-3)
  • All truly creative activities depend in some
    degree signals from the unconscious.
  • main body
  • The experiences of three famous people can be
    taken as examples to illustrate the birth of
    bright ideas.

Text analysis (7)
  • (Para. 4-6)
  • 1. Richard Wagners experience (Para.4)
  • 2. Henri Poincares experience (Para.5)
  • 3. Descartess experience(Para.6)
  • Conclusion (Para. 7)
  • These three examples are just representative of
    countless others in every field of culture. All
    these examples show that the unconscious is the
    source of creative thoughts and it gives birth to
    bright ideas.

Vocabulary and Structure
  • You should memorize the following core vocabulary
    and useful structure.

compose ??,????(??,??? (1)
  • ??be composed of ???
  • ??China is a country with a very large
    population composed of many nationalities.
  • ?????????????????????
  • It was in 1764 that Mozart composed his first
  • ?????1964????????????

compose? (2)
  • ????????????????(???????)
  • be composed of be made up of constitute
    comprise consist of
  • 7 days constitute a week???????
  • The committee comprises five persons. ??????????
  • The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain and
    Northern Ireland?
  • Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen.

contrast ??,??
  • ??in/by contrast ????
  • in contrast to/with ?????
  • ?????????,??????????????
  • In contrast with the modern quality-oriented
    education, the traditional exam-oriented
    education seems very old-fashioned. ?

  • ??combine with???/??
  • in combination with??????
  • ??????????????,??????????
  • If improved education is combined with other
    factors, dramatic results can be achieved.

  • ??observe sb. do sth. ???????
  • observe sb. doing sth. ????????
  • under observation ???,??????
  • carefully/closely/keenly
  • strictly/conscientiously/meticulously

  • ????,??????????????????
  • Its well-known that all animals have to
    observe the jungle law.
  • ??????,?????????????
  • In diplomatic relation with other
    countries, we observe the five principles based
    on peaceful co-existence.

exemplify ??,?????
  • ???????????????????????
  • The recent oil price rises exemplify the
    difficulties which the motor industry is now

certainty??, ??(?) ????(????)
  • It can be said with certainty that ???????
  • It can be said with certainty that diligence is a
    key factor to success.
  • It can be said with certainty that nothing is
    more important than good health.

  • ??be responsible for sth. ??????
  • be responsible to sb. ??????
  • take responsibility for sth.
  • ?????????????????????
  • He feels that the media should be more
    responsible for what they report.
  • ?????????????????????
  • He insisted that his solid foundation was
    responsible for his present success.

be occupied with ???,???
  • Being fully occupied with business matters, I
    find no chance to clear up the misunderstanding
    between us.
  • I am afraid you wont be able to see the doctor
    for he is fully occupied with appointment this
  • ??????????,????????????????

sleep on sth.???????,??????
  • We will have to sleep on your invitation until
  • we know whether we will be free next week.
  • There is no need to make a decision now why
    dont you go home and sleep on it?
  • ?????????,?????????????????

depend on ??,???
  • ????????????????????
  • The success of the company depends in some degree
    on the quality of the staff.
  • Whether a person can succeed or not depends, to a
    great extent, on determination(self-confidence,
    persistent efforts, diligence and so on).
  • ????????????????????(???,???????,???)?

take shape??,??
  • ???????????,??????????????
  • A great idea slowly took shape in his mind during
    his business trip to Shanghai.

fill sb. with sth.???
  • ?? sb. be filled with sth.(sth.?????????)
  • The sight of the poor boy filled her with a
    motherly sympathy.
  • He looked at me without speaking, and for the
    first time I could see that his eyes were filled
    with pride.

form a good idea ?????????(L.1)
  • ?? form an(a) idea/ opinion/ judgment/ plan/
  • One of the most important tasks for a school is
    to help and promote forming a students
  • ?????????????????????????.

a gift from the gods??????? (L.3)
  • ???????????,????????????????
  • After experiencing so many ups and downs in his
    life, the old man doesnt believe in the gift of
    the gods.

  • These lines from Shakespeare just flashed into my
  • ??????????????? My mind flashed back to last
  • The car flashed by so quickly that I could not
    see the car number.??????,??????????
  • ????????????????,????????????The policeman
    flashed his I.D. card at me, but I could not read
    his name.

all ideas dont occur like that(L.4)
  • occur(?to??)??????????????
  • ?? sth. occur to sb. it occurs to sb.
  • The idea never occurred to me. ???????????
  • It suddenly occurred to me that going skiing in
    northeast China during winter vacation might be a
    very good idea. ????????????????????

glow with??????(L.5)
  • ??????????,??????????My fathers face glowed with
    satisfaction when he saw my school report.
  • Our life glows with the heat of peoples
    affection for each other.
  • ?????????????????????????

in . . . degree ????(L.15)
  • in the slightest degree ?????
  • -- A large number of young people are not in the
    slightest degree interested in classical music.
  • in some degree ??????
  • --I suppose that each one of us is, in some
    degree a prisoner of material greed.

in . . . degree ????(L.15)
  • in varying degrees ??????
  • --Production of fruits and vegetables has also
    risen in varying degrees.
  • ???????????????????

to do /be sth. without and sth. else
within?????(L. 23)
  • ????????,????????????
  • She is
    at peace
  • without and at
  • within.

be unknown to????(L.7)
  • In the program Arts and Life, Chen Kaige
    described his growing process unknown to the
  • ?????????????,?????????????????

mighty flood of water (29)
  • flood. n.????
  • ???? a flood of tears
  • There was a flood of complaints from the press
    about the bad language used in the special TV
  • ?????????????????????

to take its shape within him (L.31)
  • The whole picture had taken its shape within the
    painter before he moved his brush on the paper.
  • ?????????????????
  • A great idea slowly took shape in his mind during
    his business trip to Shanghai.
  • ???????????,??????????????

arrive at no results ????(L.38)
  • Their efforts to bridge the gap between the two
    generations arrived at no result in the end?
  • ???????????????????????????
  • ? arrive at an agreement ????
  • arrive at a conclusion ????
  • arrive at a decision ???

to be contrary to ones usual habit (L. 39)????
  • Contrary to his usual habit, he got up early
    this morning to get ready for this decisive
    negotiation with his business partner.
  • ??????????????????,???????,??????

at work (L.37)
  • ????????????????,??????????????
  • Having stood out from so many candidates, she
    guessed her overseas educational background was
    at work.

to keep surging in ones head (??)?????(L.40)
  • Though years have passed since our departure, my
    teacher smiles still keep surging in my head.
  • ???????,?????????????????

the sudden explosion of (L.45)
  • ????????????,????????????
  • We are living in an age of knowledge explosion
    we have hardly had the time to learn the new
  • ????explosion of anger ????
  • explosions of laughter ????
  • a considerable explosion of public

  • ????

be representative of???(???????)(L. 52)
  • ?? to be representative of to be
    typical/characteristic of
  • ???????????????????????
  • Her optimistic opinions are typical of the
    mentality of the majority towards this move.

Difficult sentence paraphrase (1)
  • ??All of us have experienced this sudden
    arrival of a new idea, but it is easiest to
    examine it in the great creative personalities,
    many of whom experienced it in an intensified
    form and have written it down in their life
    stories and letters. (L10-12)
  • ??All of us have the experience that a new
    idea comes to us suddenly, but it is easy to
    study and understand the examples of those great
    creative people, their impression towards such
    case was very strong and they have written down
    their experience in the life stories and letters.
  • ?????many of whom???????,??personalities,
    ????????experienced?have written?????

Difficult sentence paraphrase (2)
  • ??He recognized that the orchestral opening
    to the "Rhinegold", which he must have carried
    about within him yet had never been able to put
    it into form, had at last taken its shape within
    him. (L29-32)
  • ??He realized that the orchestral opening to
    the Rhinegold had finally been formed in his
    mind. Before this, the music must have existed in
    his mind, but he had never been able to express
    it in a clear form.
  • ?????????that?????????????which???????????,???
    ??the orchestral opening to the

Difficult sentence paraphrase (3)
  • ??Here, we see the conscious mind observing
    the new combinations being formed in the
    unconscious, while the Wagner story shows the
    sudden explosion of a new concept into
    consciousness. (L43-45)
  • ?? Here we can find that the conscious mind
    was watching the new combinations being formed in
    the unconscious mind, but from Wagner story we
    find that a new concept bursts into consciousness
    without his knowing it is there.
  • ????while???????????,???????

Vocabulary Testing (1)
  • 1. His white hair was in sharp___with his dark
  • A. contrary B. contrast
  • C. compose D convince
  • 2. Steel___ iron and a number of other elements.
  • A. is composed of B. is consisted of
  • C. makes up of D. insists on

Vocabulary Testing (2)
  • 3. We asked Judy if she would join our club and
    she answered that she would__ it and let us know
  • A. depend on B take on.
  • C run on D. sleep on
  • 4. It suddenly occurred ___him that he had met
    this man before.
  • A. with B to C. of D .for

Vocabulary Testing (3)
  • 5. Good health depends ___balanced diet ,proper
    exercise and getting enough sleep.
  • A.to B. with C. upon D .by
  • 6. I'm not in the slightest ____interested.
  • A. extent B. scope C .limit D. degree

Vocabulary Testing (4)
  • 7. I wish you could ___a logic solution.
  • A. arrive at B. get at
  • C. arrive in D. give
  • 8. Important people don't often have much free
    time as their work ___all their time.
  • A. takes away B. takes over
  • C. takes up D. takes in

Vocabulary Testing (5)
  • 10.What you have done is__ the doctor's orders.
  • A. attached to B. responsible to
  • C. resistant to D. contrary to
  • 19. After four years' study in college, his mind
    and character began to ___.
  • A. share with B. take stock
  • C. stamp on D. take shape

Vocabulary Testing (6)
  • Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrases
  • be occupied with at work responsible for
    representative of surge depend on
    in contrast stable In the slighted
    degree take advantage of as if
    contrary to

Vocabulary Testing (7)
  • be occupied with at work responsible for
    representative of surge depend on
    in contrast stable In the slighted
    degree take advantage of as if
    contrary to
  • 1. We must see that our spare time ______________
    meaningful activities
  • 2. He still felt ________________ her sudden

is occupied with
responsible for
Vocabulary Testing (8)
  • be occupied with at work responsible for
    representative of surge depend on
    in contrast stable In the slighted
    degree take advantage of as if
    contrary to
  • 3. The success of the factory __________ the
    worker. chances to speak English in class at
  • 4. He was not _________________________

depends on
in the slighted degree
Vocabulary Testing (9)
  • be occupied with at work responsible for
    representative of surge depend on
    in contrast stable In the slighted
    degree take advantage of as if
    contrary to
  • 5. She looks almost ______ she were drunk.
  • 6. The crowd ______ out of the stadium.

as if
Vocabulary Testing (10)
  • be occupied with at work responsible
    for representative of surge depend on
    in contrast stable In the slighted
    degree take advantage of as if
    contrary to
  • 7. Their marriage was ______ until he started
    drinking again.
  • 8. ___________ all advice he gave up his job and
    left for the south..

Contrary to
Vocabulary Testing (11)
  • be occupied with at work responsible for
    representative of surge depend on
    in contrast stable In the slighted
    degree take advantage of as if
    contrary to
  • 9. Scientific research indicates that parents
    attitude is ___________ in forming childrens
  • 10. He _____________________ living with an
    American to catch a glimpse of western culture.

at work
took the advantage of
A Brief Guide to Writing A Comparison/Contrast
  • A Comparison or Contrast essay is an essay in
    which you either compare something or contrast
    something.  A comparison essay is an essay in
    which you emphasize the similarities, and a
    contrast essay is an essay in which you emphasize
    the differences. 

A Brief Guide to Writing A Comparison/Contrast
  • When you choose a topic, be sure not to choose
    two totally unrelated subjects.  You must start
    with subjects that have some basic similarities. 
    For instance, you could choose to
    compare/contrast two movies, two authors, two
    modes of transportation, or two sports figures,
    but you would not want to try to compare train
    travel and a tiger!

A Brief Guide to Writing A Comparison/Contrast
  • Transitions are important in comparison/ contrast
    writing, especially with the point by point
    organization, to avoid confusion. Without
    transitions, the points you are
    comparing/contrasting may blur into one another.
    Also, a variety of transitions prevent monotony.

A Brief Guide to Writing A Comparison/Contrast
  • A list of transitions follows
  •  For comparison like, same, both, the same as,
    similar, in the same way, most important,
    similarly, as, too, have in common, as well as.
  •  For contrast although, however, differ,
    unlike, even though, yet, but, instead, on the
    contrary, on the other hand, whereas, while,
    unless, contrary to, the reverse.

A Brief Guide to Writing A Comparison/Contrast
Essay an example
  • Read the following essay, Two Dads Are Better
    than One, in which a freshman composition student
    contrasts her stepfather with her biological
    father in order to decide which she should care
    about more. Which organizational style does she

A Brief Guide to Writing A Comparison/Contrast
Essay an example
  • I've always envied people with only two
    parents.  They never have to feel sorry for their
    real father because he is lonely, and they never
    have to feel they should care more about their
    stepfather because he is the one who has provided
    them with the necessities most of their lives. 
    Since I have two fathers, I have known these
    feelings.  I know what it's like trying to decide
    which father I should care about more so that I
    could tell my friends the next time they asked. 
    It really should be a clear-cut decision.  My two
    fathers are so different in everything that I
    should be able to look at these differences and

A Brief Guide to Writing A Comparison/Contrast
Essay an example
  • A major difference between the two is
    how responsible they are.  My stepfather has
    always had a steady job. He enjoys going to work
    each day and knowing that at the end of the week
    he'll get a paycheck.  With this paycheck he pays
    bills, buys groceries, and makes sure we all have
    clothes to wear.  On the other hand, my father
    doesn't particularly care for steady jobs.  He is
    a singer and has worked three or four nights a
    week in nightclubs most of his life.  With his
    money, he buys things like new guitars and
    amplifiers.  His idea of providing for us, as Mom
    tells me, is to send ten dollars a month, which
    is to be divided three ways.  He only does this,
    however, when he's out of state. 

A Brief Guide to Writing A Comparison/Contrast
Essay an example
  • Discipline is another major difference
    between my two fathers.  My stepfather, who can
    be very strict at times, believes that children
    should obey their parents, do what they are told
    when they are told to do it, and respect their
    elders.  My father, who was never disciplined
    himself, has quite different views.  He has
    always encouraged my brothers and me to rebel
    against rules, to ask why we had to do certain
    things, and to resent being made to do things we
    thought were stupid.  (Going to bed at ten was
    stupid.)  My mother always told us that our
    father only did this to cause trouble, but I'm
    not so sure about that.  Maybe he did, but then
    again maybe he thought going to bet at ten was
    stupid, too!

A Brief Guide to Writing A Comparison/Contrast
Essay an example
  • Education is another big issue my
    stepfather is concerned about.  He believes, like
    many people, that to be able to succeed in life,
    one has to have a good education.  He always told
    us that he didn't want us to turn out like he
    did, a truck driver who had to be away from his
    family for weeks at a time.  He used to punish me
    and my brothers for making C's on our report
    cards. His theory is that a C is average, and his
    kids are not average.  I wouldn't place any money
    on that.  My father believes that an education is
    good to have, but one doesn't have to have it to
    survive.  He always says, "Look at me I made
    it."  I don't think, however, that I would call
    sleeping in the back of a station wagon "making

A Brief Guide to Writing A Comparison/Contrast
Essay an example
  • So here I have it.  All their
    differences down on paper, and I can look at them
    objectively and decide which father to love more,
    but it isn't that easy.  I love my father because
    he is just that, my natural father.  I respect
    him I am obligated to him, and I want to make
    him proud of me.  Then there is my stepfather,
    whom I respect very much whom I feel obligated
    to whom I want to make proud of me and, most
    important of all, whom I have grown to love as
    much as any child could possibly love a parent. 
    I guess I'll never really know which father I
    love more.  I don't see why I should have to love
    either more.  I think I'll just love both of them
    in almost equal amounts.

Section B
  • Ways to Increasing Creativity

Table of Contents
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Vocabulary Study
  • Vocabulary Test

Reading Comprehension (1)
  • Read the following statements. Are they true (T)
    or false (F) according to the text? Correct the
    false statements then.
  • ____1. The guests applauded because they would
    have perfectly cooled wine to drink.
  • _____2. The average people are different from
    genius in intelligence.

Reading Comprehension (2)
  • _____3. As long as you can be with your thoughts
    undisturbed, you will find ideas come your way.
  • _____4. By giving the college students example,
    the writer intends to tell readers how clever he
  • _____5. The author thinks socializing with people
    of different kinds benefits creative thinking.

Reading Comprehension (3)
  • _____6. When you have a good idea, you should
    decide cautiously whether it has any value
  • _____7. Dali Salvador was so hard-working that he
    always held a spoon as not to fall asleep.
  • _____8. The phrase seek the challenge in
    paragraph 6 means actively try to answer new

Vocabulary and Structure
  • You should memorize the following core vocabulary
    and useful structure.

applaud??????, ??
  • The people applauded with joy as the singer waved
    to them.??????????,???????????
  • ?????????????????????????????
  • The residents in the neighborhood all applauded
    the council's decision to close the small dye

convince ???,??
  • ??convince sb. of sth.
  • convince sb. that ?????
  • convince sb. to do sth. ???????
  • The general public are convinced of the
    rightness of the scientists views on
    environmental protection.
  • ??????????????????????
  • No one can convince the old lady to take the
    plane she is afraid of height.
  • ????????????????????,??????

impulse??, ????? ??,??
  • on impulse ????,??????
  • a man of impulse ?????
  • act on impulse ?????
  • We should try to avoid making impulsive decisions
    on important matters such as career, marriage and
    so on. ????????????????,????????????????

  • to develop ones potential ????
  • to tap the potential of sth. ???????
  • to have/show potential as/to be ??/??????

scarcely???, ????
  • Scarcelywhen??.. ? ?????????.?????? hardly...
    when... ,no sooner... than...
  • I had scarcely stepped out of the house when I
    heard a scream within.
  • Scarcely had I stepped out of the house when I
    heard a scream within.

  • ?? take advantage of ??
  • How to take advantage of the solar
    energy, the everlasting source of energy, remains
    a problem that puzzles the scientists.
  • ??(????)????????
  • The advantages of surfing the
  • Internet outnumber its disadvantages.

  • ?? claim to do / that ?????????
  • claim sth. ?? It is claimed that
  • The motorcyclist claimed that it was the car
    driver who should be responsible for the
    accident. ??????????????????
  • It is claimed that the prices of home-made cars
    will fall dramatically after China enters WTO.

transfer ??????
  • ?? transfer at ???(??)
  • transfer from into/to ???, ???
  • The chances of the disease being transferred to
    humans are extremely remote. ???????????????????
  • He has been transferred from the Manchester
    branch to the London branch. ???????????????????

act upon ????,??
  • ????????????????,?????????????,???????????????????
  • It no use telling grownup children to act on
    experience, not only because they dont believe
    you but also because making mistakes is an
    essential part of education.

back and forth?????, ???
  • --He sat in his usual basket chair rocking back
    and forth, enjoying a moment of peace.
  • --They discussed their plan back and forth,
    without arriving at an agreement.

come ones way??, ??
  • ???????????????,????????????
  • You have to get yourself ready for any
  • time when a chance comes your way you can
    surely capture it.

the reservoir of ideas ????? (L.10)
  • reservoir n. ??,???(?)(???????)??
  • a reservoir of facts
  • a reservoir of hope ????
  • a reservoir of manpower ??????
  • a reservoir of information ???????
  • a reservoir of wise thinking ???????

expand your world (L.39)
  • ????????,?????????????????
  • We used to have one teacher who instructed us in
    reading, English and history.
  • ??????????????????,??????????
  • Effective communication is very important
  • when a boss instructs his people to do
  • what he wants them to do.

set in motion?......???? (L.43)
  • Press the button as to set the machine in motion.
  • Her sharp, aggressive tone set in motion the
    events that led to her defeat.
  • ?????????,?????,????????

this principle works elsewhere as well(L.50)
  • work (??????)???,???
  • ????????????
  • Your idea wont work in practice.
  • ??????????,???????
  • It is no good trying that method, because it
    wont work.

the endless flow of ideas ???????(L.54)
  • flow n. ???? ??, ??
  • a rapid flow of speech ?????
  • a continuous flow of information ???????
  • the flow of traffic ???????
  • a rising flow of foreign investors to

Difficult sentence paraphrase (1)
  • ??Most of us seldom achieve our creative
    potential but the reservoir of ideas hiding
    within every one of us can be unlocked. (L9-11)
  • ??Many of us do not use our creative mental
    abilities but the huge creative capacity within
    us can be brought into play.
  • ??hiding within every one of us?????????????

Difficult sentence paraphrase (2)
  • ??Shocked awake by the sound, he would
    immediately sketch the images seen in his mind in
    that fertile world of semi-sleep. (L23-25)
  • ??The sound woke him up, and then immediately
    he made a quick drawing of the images in his
    mind. He had the images when he was almost
    asleep, which is a good source of creative ideas.
  • ??shocked awake by the sound???????????,seen
    in his mind in that fertile world of

Difficult sentence paraphrase (3)
  • ??Edwin Land, one of America's most
    productive inventors, claimed the idea leading to
    his invention of the Polaroid camera came from
    his three-year-old daughter. (L33-34)
  • ?? One of the Americas most productive
    inventors Edwin Land said that it was his young
    daughter made him have the idea to invent the
    Polaroid camera.
  • ??one of America's most productive
    inventors???????,leading to??????????,??the

Vocabulary Test (1)
  • Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrases.
  • expand right away take advantage of
    applaud scarcely back and forth
    act on take up evaluate come ones
    way productive on impulse
  • 1. Not carefully taking the price into
    consideration, I bought the dress ___________ .
  • 2. You are sure to be regretful if you dont
    _______ your fathers advice.

on impulse
act on
Vocabulary Test (2)
  • expand right away take advantage of
    applaud scarcely back and forth
    act on take up evaluate come ones
    way productive on impulse
  • ____________________ of on-line information
    is of great significance to social science.
  • 4. The residents in the neighborhood all
    _________ the council's decision to close this
    chemical plant.

Taking advantage of
Vocabulary Test (3)
  • expand right away take advantage of
    applaud scarcely back and forth
    act on take up evaluate come ones
    way productive on impulse
  • 5. "Now, there is _______ a student who does
    not want to earn a little money to help cover the
    increasingly higher college costs.
  • 6. Having not got any news from his son, the
    worried mother moved _______________ in the room.

back and forth
Vocabulary Test (4)
  • expand right away take advantage of
    applaud scarcely back and forth
    act on take up evaluate come ones
    way productive on impulse
  • 7. It took her parents a lot of time to ________
    Anne to further her study abroad rather than find
    a job at home.
  • 8. If you meet with any difficulties, please let
    me know ____________.

right away
Vocabulary Test (5)
  • expand right away take advantage of
    applaud scarcely back and forth
    act on take up evaluate come ones
    way productive on impulse
  • 9. Have you _________ any part-time jobs during
    the summer vacation?
  • 10. The research project has only been under way
    for three months, so it's too early to ________
    its success..

taken up
Section C
  • Great Ideas

Reading Comprehension (1)
  • Choose the best answer to each of the following
  • 1. Hoover vacuum is ________________.
  • A.  powered by steam engine
  • B.  named by the designers name
  • C.  being sold nowadays
  • D.  a huge device

Reading Comprehension (2)
  • 2. Gideon Sundback ____________________.
  • A.  got the patent on the hookless
    fastener in 1893
  • B.  is the inventor of zipper, which makes
    our life more convenient
  • C. designed zipper by chance
  • D. is a Canadian businessman

Reading Comprehension (3)
  • 3. ___________ improved previous innovation.
  • A.     Richard Drew
  • B.     Percy L. Spencer
  • C.     Alexander Graham Bell
  • D.     James Murray Spangler

Reading Comprehension (4)
  • 4. The writer says that Bell didnt know much
    about electricity is probably a good thing,
  • A. he thinks Bell is a genius
  • B. he thinks Bell is even better than
    other electricity masters
  • C. he thinks Bell is not like those
    electricity masters, whose imagination have been
  • D. he thinks geniuses need not apply

Reading Comprehension (5)
  • Read the text first and then provide short
    answers to the following questions.
  • Q What kind of qualities do you think these
    inventors have in common?
  • A First of all, they all have creative
    imagination for example, the idea of vacuum
    cleaner came from air pump. Secondly, most of
    them, like the inventor of microwave oven, are
    specialists of a certain area. Last but not
    least, they are all hard working and persevering
    for instance, Sundback spent almost six years on
    improving the old hookless fastener.
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