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Part 1 Listening


2005-2007 . Part 1 Listening 1 2 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Part 1 Listening

?. ??????????
  • Part 1 Listening
  • 1.????
  • ??????????????.
  • 2.?????
  • ??????.

Dialogues and questions
  • 1)?????
  • 2)????
  • 3)????,??????
  • 4)?????

  • 1. W Paul, how many countries have you been to
  • since you became a tourist guide?
  • M Mm, let me see. Ive been to France,
    Canada and New Zealand.
  • W Wow, cool! Which country do you like best?
  • M They are all wonderful, but still I like
    Singapore. Its my home. My parents and friends
    all live here.
  • Q Which country do the mans parents live in?
  • A) Canada B) France
  • C) Singapore D) New Zealand
  • (05)

  • 2. M Are you in the dancing club, Mary?
  • W Yes. M How often do you practise there?
  • W Twice a week. We meet on Tuesday and Friday
    afternoons, but well take part in a competition
    this Sunday.
  • Q When will the competition take place?
  • A) On Tuesday B) On Friday
  • C) On Saturday D) On Sunday
  • (06)

  • 3. M Diana, are their enough chairs for the
    meeting this afternoon?
  • W Oh, yes. Therere twenty.
  • M Im afraid we need five more.
  • Q How many people will probably attend the
  • A) 5 B) 15 C) 20 D) 25
  • (05)

  • 4. W Mike, I heard that you had moved into a new
    flat. Didnt you like your old one?
  • M Yes, I did. But my neighbours hold parties
    very often and their dog makes much noise at
  • W Oh, I see.
  • Q Why did Mike move into a new flat?
  • A) He disliked hid old flat.
  • B) He hated the noise.
  • C) He wanted to give more parties.
  • D) He wanted to have a dog.
  • (05)

  • 5. W Hello, may I speak to Frank?
  • M Speaking, who is that?
  • W This is Kitty. Whats up?
  • M Hi, Kitty. Whats up?
  • W Would you like to go fishing with us
  • M Go fishing? Great! What time?
  • Q What are they doing now?
  • A) They are having a meeting.
  • B) They are fishing.
  • C) They are making a phone call.
  • D) They are talking about the time.
  • (06)

  • 6. M Excuse me, madam?
  • W Yes?
  • M Does this bus go to the Peoples Square?
  • W Sorry. Im not sure. You can ask the
    policeman over there.
  • Q Where are the two speakers?
  • A) At a bus stop. B) At a post office.
  • C) At the Peoples Square. D) At a police
  • (07)

  • 1.?????
  • 2.????170-200??(05?), 06. 07?130???,????,??????
  • 3.????
  • ??????????,??????????????
  • ?????????????????.

  • 1. ?? W Hello, this is Rose restaurant. Can I
    help you? M Hello, this is Peter Johnson, your
    customer. I want to make a suggestion.
  • ??Peter is making a suggestion to a restaurant
    on the phone.
  • 2. ?? M Last Friday evening, my wife and I were
    enjoying dinner at your restaurant. A woman at
    the next table received a mobile phone call.
  • ??Peter received a phone call while having
    dinner there last Friday.

  • 3. ?? She was very angry with her son for using
    her money.
  • ??The woman at the next table was angry because
    her son had used her money.
  • 4. ?? Her talk continued loudly for ten minutes.
  • ??The woman talked loudly on the mobile phone
    for ten minutes.

  • 5. ?? We didnt pay 47 to listen to another
    customers personal problems.
  • ??Peter was eager to know other customers
  • 6. ??
  • ??The womans mobile phone call made Peter and
    his wife upset.

  • 1. ?? My name is Sandy. My brother and I have
    just been to my cousins house in London.
  • ??Sandy went to visit his cousin in London with
    his brother.
  • 2. ?? We went there by train on Friday morning,
    and arrived at 6 in the afternoon.
  • ??They took a train and arrived at 6 oclock in
    the morning.

  • 3. ?? and then we went to play tennis. It was
    my first time, so I wasnt very good at it and I
    didnt win.
  • ??Sandy often played tennis and was very good at
  • 4. ?? On Saturday we went shopping in Oxford
    Street. I bought some new summer clothes and my
    brother bought a computer game.
  • ??Sandys brother bought some new clothes in
    Oxford Street.

  • 5. ?? In the evening we all went to a nice
    restaurant. I had a pizza and it was delicious.
  • ??They had dinner in a nice restaurant on
    Saturday evening.
  • 6. ?? We came back home on Sunday.
  • ??Sandy and his brother stayed in London until
  • 7. ?? What a wonderful weekend I have had!
  • ??Sandy enjoyed his trip to London very much.

  • ??????????
  • 05?March, Smith, Garden, bike, blue, 187
  • 06?June, shirt, large, red, 20, cake, eggs
  • 07?Ivan, Blue, Monday, afternoon four/4, News,
  • ????
  • 1.????????(???????????)
  • 2.?????
  • 3.??????(?1000???)
  • 4.???????(190-190-110)

Part 2 Vocabulary and grammar
  • 1.????
  • ???????????????????????????????????,????,???????
  • 2.?????
  • ????,??????????????????????????????,??????,???
    ????????,??????????????,?????? .

  • ????20(05) -20(06)- 20(07)-
  • ???????????????????,????
  • ?)????????\??\??\??\??????\??\??\?????\???.
  • ?)???????????????\?????\???\????\?????.
  • ?)???????.
  • ?)???????.

  • ????6(05) -8(06)- 8(07)
  • ????
  • 1.???????-??,???-??,??-????.
  • 2.????????-???,????-????,???
  • ????
  • ????,??????????????????.

  • ??
  • 1. A bus _____ is responsible for the safety of
    his passengers. (drive) (05)
  • 2. More people are getting to know the _____ of
    environmental protection. (importance) (05)
  • 3. I received some Christmas _____ from my pen
    pals. (card) (06)
  • 4. The young man works as a _____ in a five-star
    hotel. (wait) (06)
  • 5. We havent got much _____ for our picnic. Will
    you go and get some?(07)
  • A. apple B. tomato C. bread D.
  • 6. The streets near my house is always crowded
    with cars and ______. (bus) (07)
  • 7. The students had a _____ in the English class
    yesterday. (discuss) (07) ?2-3

  • 1. ?????my fathers friend, a friend of my
    fathers/his (mine) ,the teachers office, the
    Childrens Palace
  • 2. ?????????work , advice, news, water , food,
    information, time, money
  • 3.???????????radios, months, photos, thieves,
    children, feet

  • 1. There is _____ report in todays newspaper.
    Its about the International Film Festival,
  • A) a B) an C) the D) / (05)
  • 2. The old lady teaches children to play _____
    piano at a weekend school.
  • A) a B) an C) the D) / (06)
  • 3. My father usually reads morning papers before
    going to ______ work.
  • A) a B) an C) the D) / (07)
  • ?1

  • 1. ????a house, a European country, an
    8-year-old boy an old man, an hour,
  • 2. ??the earth,the west, the tallest girl, the
    third year, the Huangpu River, the Great Wall,
    the girl in red, play the piano, the poor, by
    the way
  • 3. ???Chinese, December 25, in July,
    breakfast, play basketball, Lesson One, Tom, by
    bus (in a bus), Beijing, next (this) week , my
    other hand

  • 1. Ive read _____ sports news about the F1 race
  • A) two B) pieces C) two pieces D) two pieces of
  • 2. During World War II, a Jewish lady was
    protected by a local family in Shanghai in her
    _____. (05)
  • A) fifties B) fifty C) fiftieth D) the fiftieth
  • 3. Our new flat is on the _____ floor, and we
    have a good view of the park. (ten) (06)
  • 4. Mum made a big chocolate cake for little
    Kevins ______ birthday. (six) (07)
  • ?1-2

  • 1. first, second, third, fifth, tenth
  • 2. five hundred students, hundreds of students
  • five hundred of the students, one-third of the
    students, three-fifths of the students, two
    pieces of news, two hours and a half (two and a
    half hours),
  • in his twenties, ten minutes walk
  • 3. 687, on June 6, 635 a.m.

  • ??
  • 1. When Yang Liwei came back from space, many
    reporters interviewed _____ and got some
    first-hand information. (05)
  • A) he B) him C) his D) himself
  • 2. Liu Xiang and Yao Ming are world-famous stars.
    _____ of them have set a good example to us.
  • A) All B) Neither C) Both D) None (05)
  • 3. Zhang Yining is _____ favorite table tennis
    player. (06)
  • A) I B) me C) my D) mine

  • 4. Mr. Smith is quite busy today. He has _____
    meetings to attend. (06)
  • A) little B) a little C) few D) a few
  • 5. Obey the traffic rules and learn to protect
    yourself. _____ is more important than life.
  • A) Nothing B) Something
  • C) Everything D) Anything
  • 6. Please keep the park clean when you enjoy
    _____there. (07)
  • A) your B) you C) yours D)
  • 7. Ive got two tickets for tonights concerts.
    One is for me, _____ is for you.
  • A) other B) the other C) others D)
  • 8. Would you tell ____ about your trip to
    Russia? the children asked Uncle Joe. (we)

  • 1. ????
  • a) some, any??????????
  • There are some sheep in the fields.
  • Shall we have some fish instead of steak?
  • If you have any questions, please let me know.
  • Any student can join the singing group.
  • Mary is taller than any other girl in her class.

  • b) something (someone, somebody), anything,
  • Someone is waiting for you at the school gate.
  • There is nothing serious.
  • c) one ..., the other (one) ...,some... (the)
    others (ones), another
  • d) few, a few, little, a little
  • e) both, neither, all, none

  • ??????
  • 1. Nowadays science fiction isnt as _____ as
    cartoons among teenagers. (05)
  • A) popular B) more popular
  • C) less popular D) the most popular
  • 2. Were glad to see that Shanghai is developing
    ____ these days than ever before. (05)
  • A) quickly B) less quickly
  • C) more quickly D) the most quickly
  • 3. The cheese cake tasted so _____ that the kids
    asked for more. (05)
  • A) delicious B) well C) bad D) badly
  • 4. It rained _____ last night and the river rose
    two feet. (heavy) (05)

  • 5. The fishermen are told to be more careful on
    _____days. (wind) (05)
  • 6. _____ food is convenient to cook so its a
    craze in supermarket. (freeze) (05)
  • 7. Taiwan is _____ island of China. I hope to
    visit it soon. (06)
  • A) big B) bigger C) biggest D) the biggest
  • 8. The lake looks _____ in the moonlight. I often
    take a walk around it. (06)
  • A) wonderfully B) famous
  • C) beautiful D) well
  • 9. The Russian President paid his first visit to
    Shaolin Temple last March. He had _____ been
    there before.
  • A) never B) often C) usually D) always (06)

  • 10. The children were _____ excited when they saw
    the two pandas, Tuantuan and Yuanyuan. (real)
  • 11. To be lovely Shanghainese, we should be
    helpful and _____ to others. (friend) (06)
  • 12. It is _____ to impossible our English without
    enough practice. (possible) (06)
  • 13. The situation in that country is _____. Youd
    better not go there. (danger) (06)
  • 14. It is _____ of Peter to pay so much money for
    clothes. (fool) (06)

  • 15. The Iraq War made thousands of children
    _____. (home) (07)
  • 16. Listen! The birds are singing _____ in the
    woods. (beautiful) (07)
  • 17. I believe knowledge is more _____ than money.
    (power) (07)
  • 18. Jane can speak English _____. She wants to
    work for the Special Olympic Games. (07)
  • A) correct B) nice C) sweet D) well
  • 19. This motorcycle is not as ____ as that one,
    and it uses less gas.
  • A) expensive B) less expensive
  • C) more expensive D) the most expensive
  • 20. Mr. Smith said to Billy, Your idea sounds
  • A) clearly B) fluently C) good D) loud
  • ?6-8

  • 1.????
  • She is a beautiful singer.
  • The singer looks pretty.
  • She sings beautifully.
  • English is widely used in the world.
  • Luckily, she won the first prize.

  • 2. ??,???????
  • a) so good, too bad, very clever, rather
    difficult, old enough, as often (easy) as, not
    as/so beautiful (beautifully) as
  • b) bigger than, much (even, still, a little, far)
  • better and better, the earlier,the better
  • c) the fastest in our class, the shortest of the
  • the second longest river, one of the longest
    rivers, among the best cartoon films

  • 1. More and more people in Shanghai are able to
    talk and write _____ English these days. (04)
  • A) for B) with C) in D) to
  • 2. It is reported that a small plane from South
    Africa crashed northwest of Changsha _____ May
    28, 2004. (04)
  • A) on B) in C) to D) at
  • 3. A tsunami happened in some southern Asian
    countries _____ December, 2004. (05)
  • A) at B) on C) in D) by

  • 4. Tims mum is worried _____ her sons eyesight
    as he plays online games too much. (05)
  • A) for B) about C) with D) of
  • 5. Its getting warmer and warmer _____ spring,
    and plants start growing. (06)
  • A) to B) in C) of D) for
  • 6. Teenagers are fond _____ cartoons. (06)
  • A) in B) among C) with D) of
  • 7. The train to Beijing leaves ____ eight
    oclock. Lets hurry. (07)
  • A) in B) on C) at D) from
  • 8. The farmers are satisfied _____ their harvest
    through a years hard work. (07)
  • A) in B) on C) at D) from
  • ?2

  • 1. The doctors tried their best to save the
    patients life, _____ failed. (05)
  • A) or B) so C) but D) because
  • 2. A good friend always gives you a helping hand
    _____ youre in trouble. (06)
  • A) when B) before C) until D) though
  • 3. Which would you like to buy, a VCD player
    _____ an MP3 player? (07)
  • A) So B) or C) but D) and
  • 4. Peter was late for the meeting ____ he missed
    the ferry. (07)
  • A) though B) because C) while D) if
  • ?1-2

  • 1. ????and, or, but, as well as not onlybut
    also, bothand, neithernor, eitheror
  • 2. ????(??????,????)that, what, when, which,
    where, who, whose if, whether, unless, as,
    since, than though, although, because, before,
    after, until, as soon as now that, sothat, so
    that, as as, (not) as/soas
  • 3.??(????,????)
  • I dont know when he will come.
  • We will hold a meeting when Mr Lee comes back.
  • I wonder if it will rain tomorrow.
  • He will phone us if he comes tomorrow.

  • 1. Thousands of spectators came to Shanghai to
    _____ the 48th World Table Tennis Championships.
  • A) see B) notice C) watch D) look
  • 2. How magnificent the Bund looks at night when
    all the lights are _____! (05)
  • A) turned over B) turned off
  • C) turned down D) turned on
  • 3. Millions of Shanghai citizens are learning to
    _____ English for the 2010 World Expo. (06)
  • A) tell B) speak C) say D) talk
  • 4. To _____ his sick mother, David goes to the
    hospital after work every day. (06)
  • A) take charge of B) take hold of
  • C) take care of D) take the place of

  • 5. It _____ several years to build Qinghai-Tibet
    Railway, the highest railway in the world. (07)
  • A) spend B) took C) cost D) paid
  • 6. John _____ his passport everywhere, but he
    still couldnt find it. (07)
  • A) looked like B) looked up
  • C) looked for D) looked at
  • 7. My teachers have helped me a lot and Im ____
    them. (07)
  • A) worried about B) surprised at
  • C) afraid of D) thankful to
  • ?2-3.??(??)???????????????.

  • 1.???
  • raise, rise
  • enter for, take part in, attend, join
  • dress, put on, wear, have
  • look for, find, find out, discover
  • see, watch, look at see
  • bring, take, fetch, carry

  • say, speak, tell, talk
  • also, too, either
  • cost, spendon (in) doing, take, pay (for)
  • excuse, reason, cause, make
  • hard, hardly
  • lie, lay
  • much, many, plenty of, a lot of
  • besides, except
  • borrow, lend, keep

  • arrive at (in), get to, reach
  • be made in, be made of, be made from, be made up
  • in all, after all, notat all
  • used to do, be used to do, be used to doing
  • get off, get on, get up, get in, get along
  • give up, give out
  • go on, go out, go over, go up
  • hear from, hear of
  • hold on, hold up
  • in no time, at present, for the time being, later
  • now and then/again, right now, sooner or later

  • keepfrom, keep off, keep doing, keep in touch
  • look after, look at, look for, look forward to,
    look like, look out of, look up
  • make fun of, make out, make up ones mind
  • pick out, pick up
  • put off, put on, put out, put up
  • take away, take care of, take charge of, take
    hold of, take in, take off, take out, take part
    in, take place, take the place of, take up
  • think about, think of, think over
  • turn down, turn into, turn off, turn on, turn
    out, turn over
  • with great care, with pleasure, with one voice,
    with ones own eyes

  • 1. ---_____ fill in the check-in form right now,
  • ---No, you neednt. You can complete it this
    afternoon. (05)
  • A) May B) Can C) Would D) Must
  • 2. My mother _____ make rice dumplings. Shell
    teach me how to do it. (06)
  • A) must B) need C) should D) can
  • 3. Students _____ be careful when they do
    chemical experiments in the lab. (07)
  • A) can B) must C) need D) may
  • ??1

  • 1. Charlie cant go with us because he _____ a
    professor around our company. (05)
  • A) shows B) was showing
  • C) has shown D) is showing
  • 2. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower _____ tens of
    thousands of visitors since 1995. (05)
  • A) attracted B) attracts
  • C) has attracted D) will attract
  • 3. Many old houses around our school _____ next
    year and a large green area will appear. (05)
  • A) pull down B) will be pulled down
  • C) will pull down D) are pulled down

  • 4. We publish our school newspaper twice a month.
  • Our school newspaper _____ _____ twice a month.
  • 5. The 2007 Special Olympic Games _____ in
    Shanghai. (06)
  • A) will hold B) will be held
  • C) were held D) held
  • 6. Jenny _____ with a Chinese family for two
    years. Now shes used to the life in China. (06)
  • A) stays B) would stay
  • C) is staying D) has stayed

  • 7. Most people _____ when the big earthquake took
    place in that area. (06)
  • A) are sleeping B) were sleeping
  • C) slept D) sleep
  • 8. I _____ we see a film about the Anti-Japanese
    War. (suggestion)
  • 9. Nancy ____ lots of charity work in her free
    time since she entered college. (07)
  • A) has done B) will do C) was doing D) is
  • 10. Tara is interested in Chinese culture. She
    ____ Chinese at Fudan University next year. (07)
  • A) studies B) studied C) will study D)
    had studied
  • 11. That building is part of Shanghais history.
    It ____ many years ago. (07)
  • A) built B) builds C) is built D) was built
  • ?5-3-3,??????.?????2?,??1?

  • 1. Professor Nelson wanted to know _____. (05)
  • A) when would the conference begin
  • B) when the conference would begin
  • C) when will the conference begin
  • D) when the conference will begin
  • 2. Our class teacher asked the monitor _____.
  • A) why didnt Bill come to school
  • B) why doesnt Bill come to school
  • C) why Bill didnt come to school
  • D) why Bill doesnt come to school

  • 1. The heavy snowstorm made the mountain climbers
    _____ halfway. (05)
  • A) stop B) to stop C) stopping D) stopped
  • 2. Its time for sports. Lets _____ bowling,
    shall we?
  • A) go B) to go C) going D) goes (06)
  • 3. Tom likes cars. He enjoys _____ model cars of
    all kinds. (05)
  • A) collects B) collecting C) to collect D)
  • 4. Wed better ____off our mobile phones. The
    meeting will start in a minute. (07)
  • A) to turn B) turning C) turn D) turned

  • 1. tell (ask, want) sb. (not) to do sth.
  • in order to / so as to
  • what to do (???to do)
  • 2. make (let, see, hear, watch) sb. do sth.
  • had better (not) do sth.
  • ???
  • enjoy (finish, keep, suggest, go, practise,
    hate) doing sth.

  • 1. The old man realized that too much salt was
    harmful to health. (???)(05)
  • 2. London held the first World Expo in 1851.
  • 3. The poor child was so lucky that she received
    many books from Project Hope. (05) (???)
  • The poor child was ____ ___ to receive may books
    from Project Hope.
  • 4. Sam wants to look for a job in London after he
    graduates from university. (???)(06)
  • 5. The students projects will be on show in
    three days.
  • (06)
  • 6. Tom didnt take part in the after-school
    activity yesterday. (?????)(06)

  • 7. Can you tell me when I should water the
  • Can you tell me ____ ____ water the flowers.
  • 8. Alan often does housework after school. (07)
  • ____ Alan often ____ housework after school?
  • 9. It is convenient to travel by underground.
  • _____ ______ it is to travel by underground!
  • 10. Mr. and Mrs. Brown have already been to China
    twice. (07)
  • ____ ____ times have Mr. and Mrs. Brown been to
  • 11. Will Bob join the swimming club? Please tell
  • Please tell me ____ Bob ____ join the swimming

  • 1. how long, how often, how soon (fast), how many
    (times), how far, when
  • 2. how many, how much
  • 3. how, what, which, whose

  • 1. Betty likes taking a bus to school. She likes
    taking an underground to work better. (05)
  • Betty ____ taking an underground ____ taking a
    bus to school.
  • 2. Laura spent one week finishing reading the
    book Harry potter. (06)
  • It ____ Laura one week ____ finish reading the
    book Harry potter.
  • 3. Mr. Li is our teacher and friend as well. (07)
  • Mr. Li is ____ only our teacher ____ also our

  • tooto ? sothatnot
  • sothat ? enough to do
  • so that ? in order to / so as to
  • preferto ? likebetter than
  • not, not,either ?neithernor
  • , , too ? bothand
  • the most difficult ? more difficult than
  • pay for ? cost ? spendon / (in) doing sth.
  • spendon (in) doing sth. ? It takes sb. some
    time to do sth.
  • If, will ?, and you will
  • Ifnot ? unless/ , or

  • 1. ---Sorry, Tommy. Ive lost your book.
  • ---_____ Ive got another copy. (06)
  • A) Youre welcome. B) Thats all right.
  • C) I hope so. D) Of course not.
  • 2. --- Have a good day, Frank!
  • --- ______ The same to you. (07)
  • A) Thank you. B) Thats all right.
  • C) Not at all. D) Youre welcome.
  • 2. Reading Passage A

Part 3 Reading and writing
  • 1.????
  • ?????3?????????????,????????????????????????.
  • 2.?????????
  • ??????,???????????????????????????????,??????????
  • 3.????54(04) - 48(05) -74(06)

Reading comprehension
  • (A) (05)
  • Many American families live busy lives.
    Every week, the children have sports, music
    lessons, club meetings, and many other
    activities, including (??) hours of homework. The
    parents are busy, too. They work, take care of
    their homes, cook meals, and drive their children
    to activities. Some families do not have time to
    eat meals together more than once a week. One
    American community (??) decided that it was time
    to take a break.
  • T 1. Many American families are too busy.
  • T 2. Children have many other activities
    besides homework.

  • After seven months of planning, the
    community of Ridgewood, New Jersey, took one
    night off. They called it Family Night, a night
    for families to spend time together. Sports teams
    stopped their practices, and teachers did not
    give homework.
  • F 3. It took one night for Ridgewood to plan the
    special Family Night.

  • On Family Night, families agreed to turn
    off their televisions. They also decided not to
    answer the telephone. Answering machines said,
    Please call back tomorrow. Many families
    ordered take-out pizza and other take-out food so
    that they wouldnt spend time cooking.
  • F 4. During Family Night, families watched
    television together.
  • F 5. Parents cooked a big dinner for the whole
    family on Family Night.

  • Popular activities included board games
    and card games. These games gave families a
    chance to spend time together. Children and
    parents werent so busy, and children didnt
    spend so much time playing video games and
    watching television. On Family Night, families
    relaxed and spent the evening together. The town
    hopes to have many more Family Nights.
  • T 6. More Family Nights are expected by the
    people in the town.

  • 06(B)
  • It seems that everybody tell lies
    ---well, not big lies, but what we call white
    lies. Telling white lies isnt that bad. Most of
    the time, people do it because they want to
    protect a friendship. Some studies show that the
    average person lies about seven times a day. The
    only real questions are about when we lie and who
    we tell lies to. A recent study found that people
    often say something different from the facts.
    Here are some ways they do it.
  • F 1. White lies are usually big lies.
  • T 2. People tell white lies in different ways.

  • ? Lying to hide something
  • People often lie because they want to
    hide something from someone. For example, a son
    doesnt tell his parents that hes dating..
  • T 3. Young people may tell white lies to hide
    something from their parents.

  • ? Giving false excuses
  • Sometimes people lies because they dont
    want to do something. For example, someone
    invites you to a party. You think it will be
    boring, so you say you are busy.
  • T 4. People sometimes tell white lies to refuse
    invitations politely.

  • ? Lying to make someone feel good
  • Often we say something different from the
    facts to make someone feel good. For example,
    your friend cooks dinner for you, but it tastes
    terrible. Do you say so? No! You probably say,
    Mmm, this is delicious!
  • T 5. When you taste something terrible, you may
    tell a lie to make the host happy.
  • F 6. From the passage we learn that white lies
    are harmful to friendship. (????)

06 (C)
  • For 99 of human history, people took
    their food from the world around them. They ate
    all that they could find, and then moved on. Then
    about 10,000 years ago, or for 1 of human
    history, people learned to farm the land.
  • 1. 10,000 years ago, people _____.
  • A) learned to farm the land
  • B) cooked different kinds of food
  • C) couldnt find food around them
  • D) transported food from one country to another

  • The kind of food we eat depends on which
    part of the world we live in, or which part of
    the country we live in.In central Europe, away
    from the sea. People dont eat so much fish, they
    eat more meat. In Germany and Poland there are
    hundreds of different kinds of sausages.
  • 2. In central Europe, away from the sea, people
    eat _____.
  • A) More noodles B) much fish
  • C) more meat D) much rice
  • 4. _____ have many kinds of sausages.
  • A) Chile and Spain B) America and Australia
  • C) China and Japan D) Germany and Poland

  • In North America, Australia, and Europe,
    people eat with knives and forks..
  • 3. In North America, Australia, and Europe,
    people _____.
  • A) eat with chopsticks
  • B) eat with knives and forks
  • C) use their fingers to pick up food
  • D) use bread to pick up food

  • 5. Which of the following sentences is Not
  • A) What we eat depends where we live.
  • B) Poor countries are still having food
  • C) Rich countries dont need food from other
  • D) Nowadays we can eat what we like at any time
    of the year.
  • 6. Which is the best title of the passage?
  • A) Ways to find food.
  • B) Food around the world.
  • C) Food choices.
  • D) World Food Problems.

  • 1.?1-4??????????.
  • 2.?5???????????????
  • Which of the following is TRUE / NOT TRUE?
  • 3.?6???????????
  • Which is the best title of the passage?
  • In this passage Payne tries to _____.
  • The story mainly tells us _____.

  • A forest fire that burned 55 square
    kilometres was finally brought under control on
    Wednesday morning. The fire started on Sunday in
    Black Bear State Park and quickly spread to
    nearby areas.
  • 1. When and where did the forest fire start?
  • The fire started ________________________.

  • On Monday, police evacuated (??) the
    small town of Lawson and ordered the people to
    leave their homes. The fire destroyed 20 homes in
    the area and caused heavy damage to 40 others.
    Nobody was hurt. Officials said the damage to
    homes and cars was between l million and 2
    million. The government declared the town a
    disaster (??) area.
  • 2. What did the police order the people to do?
  • The police ordered the people to ______________.

  • The fire spread quickly in the hot, dry
    weather. Fire fighting was difficult because of
    strong winds. Firemen from 55 fire departments in
    the state joined the National Fire Service to put
    out the fire. Some kept fighting for 24 hours.
    Fire engines and helicopters dropped water onto
    the fire. In order to control the fire, firemen
    cleared a way around the fire.
  • 3. Why was fire fighting difficult?
  • Because ________________________.
  • 4. How did the firemen drop water onto the fire?
  • They ______________to drop water onto the fire.
  • used fire engines and helicopters

  • Police closed King Road to traffic on Tuesday
    because of heavy smoke. Thousands of tourists had
    to drive an hour north to Queen Road to pass the
    fire area.
  • 5. How long did the tourists have to drive north
    to Queen Road to pass the fire area?
  • ________________________.

  • Some people did not follow the police order.
    Paul Grayson sent his wife and two children to
    safety, but he stayed. As the fire came within 50
    feet of his house, he started thinking, Am I
    foolish? Did I stay here too long, just for a
  • 6. What kind of person do you think Paul Grayson

07 (F)
  • It was windy when I woke up last Tuesday morning.
    As soon as I set off for the airport, it began to
    rain heavily. What a great day to start a
  • 1.What was the weather like when the writer woke
    up last Tuesday morning?

  • While I was driving to the airport, the storm got
    worse. Suddenly, a huge flash of lightning struck
    the tree. It came straight down just meters in
    front of my car. The fallen tree completely
    blocked the road, so I was stuck. I tried to call
    for help on my mobile, but the line was dead.
  • 2. What did the writer do first after the fallen
    tree blocked the road?

  • I was sure that Id miss my plane, so I turned on
    the radio and tried to get used to the idea. Soon
    there was a loud knock at the window. To my
    surprise it was a young man in leather clothes,
    Need a ride? he asked. My plane was leaving in
    an hour so I didnt think twice. I took my bags,
    climbed carefully onto the motorcycle and
    shouted, To the airport please!
  • 3. The writer thought he would miss the plane
    before the young man appeared, didnt he?

  • It was my first time on a motorcycle so I was
    badly frightened. The young man drove so fast
    that I kept my eyes shut all the way. Suddenly,
    the motorcycle came to a stop. Here we are,
    sir! he said. I looked at my watch and there
    were only ten minutes left. I was just in time
    for my flight. The young man wished me a nice
    trip, then quickly drove away.
  • 4. How did the writer feel when he was riding on
    the motorcycle?
  • 5. How long did it take the young man to drive
    the driver to the airport? (Fifty minutes)
  • 6. What do you think of the young man?

  • 1.?1-3??????????.
  • 2.?4-5???????,????????.
  • 3.?6????.
  • Why did Julia Hill stay in the tree?
  • What kind of person do you think Paul Grayson
  • What do you think the company will do after they
    receive Davids email?

  • There was no restaurant car on the train and
    only a bar with soft drinks(04)
  • 4) What did the bar on the train serve?
  • It served soft drinks. /Soft drinks.
  • She used her mobile phone to talk to her
    family and to news reporters (06)
  • 3. How did she keep in touch with others while
    staying high up in the tree?
  • She kept in touch with others __________.
  • by (using) mobile phone
  • It was my first time on a motorcycle so I was
    badly frightened.
  • 4. How did the writer feel when he was riding on
    the motorcycle?
  • ________________________________ (07)

Cloze test (A)
  • ????
  • 1.????,????????.
  • 2.????,???????????????????????.

  • ????
  • 1.????????????,??????????????,??????????????????.
  • 2.????????????????????,?????????.
  • 3.??????,???????.

  • In 1999, a television company in Britain
    made a very popular programme called The 1900
    House. They changed an ordinary house in a street
    in London so it was _____ a house from the year
    1900. For example, it had no electricity, just
    gas for the lights and the kitchen. The toilet
    was outside in the garden, and all the furniture
    was from 1900 or before.
  • ( ) 1. A) different from B) larger than
  • C) the same as D) as convenient as

  • Then they found a family the Browns
    to live in the house for three months. _____
    people in the family lived in the house Paul and
    Joyce Brown, their daughters, Kathryn, Ruth and
    Hilary and their son, Joe. For three months,
    while they were living in the house, they had to
    wear Victorians clothes and live like people
    _____. For example, they didnt wash their hair
    with shampoo nut with something else like lemon.
    They didnt have a washing machine so they had to
    wash their clothes by hand, and they had to use
    the toilet outside in the garden.
  • 2. A) Six B) Five C) Four D) Seven
  • 3. A) in the future B) at that time
  • C) not long ago D) of modern times

  • But the family didnt have to go shopping.
    _____, the TV company did all their shopping for
    them. There were _____ inside the house to make
    videos of the familys everyday life, and the
    Browns talked on television about their
    experiences. Here are some of the things that
    Hilary said later about her time in the house.
  • 4. A) In addition B) However
  • C) Later on D) Instead
  • 5. A) radios B) cameras
  • C) TV sets D) telephones

  • Some things were _____ - we had to find
    things to do in the evenings, because there was
    no television or computer, and we all had to work
    hard to clean the house and to cook our food.
    Since there werent enough rooms, my sister and I
    had to _____ a bedroom and a bed. It was fun
    and we didnt have to go to school every day,
    that was nice. But I dont want to do _____. I
    think Id like to live in the future, not the
  • 6. A) comfortable B) unlucky C) difficult D)
  • 7. A) build B) decorate C) buy D) share
  • 8. A) again B) either C) at least D) at all

Cloze test (B)
  • ????
  • 1.????????,??????????????????????????
  • 2.???????,????????,??????????????????

  • Reading a book is a good hobby for all
    kinds of reasons. First, reading book is f_______
    . You can always keep yourself amused if you like
    reading. This is especially useful when the
    weather is bad. It is a relaxing hobby too. You
    can really become lost in a book.
  • Next, you can read a book almost a_______
    in a car, in a waiting-room, on a plane, in bed
    even in the bath. All you need is a book!
    Reading is a convenient hobby as it is easy to
    stop and then start again.

  • A_______ good reason for reading books
    is that it is useful. If you read as a hobby you
    will get better and better at it. This m_______
    that you will read faster and will become better
    at understanding what you read. As your reading
    improves, you will probably find your schoolwork
    becomes much e_______. Many school subjects
    depend on good reading and, as you read, you
    learn more and more.
  • Some people say that reading is out of
    date. This is not true. You have to be able to
    read to use a computer and, the better you read,
    the better your computer skills will be, Reading
    is h_______ out of date.

  • Good readers are most likely to be good
    writers, too. They are usually good at spelling
    as well, and more things to write about. Reading
    books is a wonderful hobby, one of the best.
    W_______ other hobby could be more useful, or
    more enjoyable!

  • Some people have problems falling asleep others
    have trouble getting up in the morning. The
    following suggestions may help
  • Dont spend longer than thirty minutes trying to
    fall asleep. If you cant get to sleep after half
    an hour, get up and do s_______ quiet, like
    reading. Only go back to bed when you feel tired.

  • Drink a glass of warm milk fifteen minutes before
    you go to bed---it helps you to relax. But dont
    drink coffee or tea they have chemicals which
    will make it d_______ for you to sleep.
  • Have a bath bath---its a great way to relax. But
    n_______ stay in there too long. More than twenty
    minutes and you will lose all your energy. And
    the bathroom isnt the best place to fall asleep!
  • Listen to some music. However, if you have to get
    up and turn off the recorder when the music
    f_______, it doesnt work!

  • Set all the clocks in the house ten minutes fast
    before you go to bed (and try to forget that you
    d_______ this when you wake up the next morning).
  • Get a friend to phone you in the morning. And
    hope that your friend is better at waking up than
    you are and is able to have an interesting
    t_______ with you on the phone to help you wake
  • Go to bed e_______ than usual. It may not be easy
    at first, but they say that an hour of sleep
    before midnight has the same effect as two hours
    after midnight.

  • 1.????????????,????????.
  • 2.????????????????.????(B, C, D?)?????250????,????
  • 3.????????????,???????????????????????????.

  • ????
  • 1.????.????,???????.
  • 2.60??,??????????????????.
  • 3.????,???????????.
  • ????10-14-16?

  • 1. Write at least 60 words on the topic Leaving
    school.(????) (04)
  • Suggested clues old school life
  • teachers and schoolmates
  • future plan
  • 2. Write a passage of at least 60 words on the
    topic Growing pains and gains. The pictures
    below are for your references only. (?????) (05)

  • 3. Write a passage of at least 60 words on the
    topic I have a dream. (??????) (06)
  • Sentence patterns for reference
  • ? My dream is to be/ to do / to go
  • ? I enjoy / like / prefer
  • ? To make my dream come true, I
  • ? If my dream comes true,

  • 4. Write at least 60 words about the topic
    Things I hate to do.
  • Use the following points as a guide. (?????????)
  • What are the things that you hate to do?
  • What do you hate doing most? Why? (Give at least
    two reasons.)

  • ??????
  • 1.???????????.
  • 2.?????????????.

  • 1.???????? As we all know
  • First,,Second, , After that, Later on, ,Last,
    whats more, in addition, in fact, as a
    matter of fact, as a result, for example, in
    other words, on the other hand, to ones joy/
    surprise in my opinion,anyway, needless to say,
    generally speaking,in a word, on the whole
  • 2.?????????????(???????????????).

  • 1.??????
  • 2.???
  • 3.????(????)
  • 4.???????????????
  • 5.????????????
  • 6.??
  • 7.??
  • 8.??
  • 9.?????

  • 1.????????,?????????????,??????,????????,?????????
  • 2.???????,?????????,????????
  • 3.??????,??????,?????????????????????????????????

  • 4.??????,???????????????????????,??????????????,?
  • 5.????,???????,?????????,?????????????
  • 6.???,?????????????
  • 7.?????????????,??????????????????????????,???????

  • 8.?????????
  • 9.?????,??????,????????????,????????????????

  • Thank you for attending!