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Title: ACDSee Photo Manager 12 Reviewer

ACDSee Photo Manager 12 Reviewers Guide
  • Introduction 3
  • Whats New in ACDSee Photo Manager 12? 4
  • Managing 5
  • FTP Uploader tutorial 7
  • Viewing 9
  • Visual Tagging 11
  • Editing and Enhancing 13
  • Online 14
  • Storing and Social Networking tutorial 15
  • About ACD Systems 18
  • Pricing 19
  • Contact Information 20

ACD Systems International Inc. Page 2
  • Designed for avid amateur photographers,
    scrapbookers and crafters, ACDSee Photo Manager
    12 is fast, flexible and affordably priced
    organization software available for at-home use.
    Users enjoy real-time viewing, management,
    editing and sharing of multiple image files,
    whether they be treasured family photos or
    digital design elements for creative projects.
  • The program gives photographers easy-to-use
    functions such as drag-and-drop capability into
    Windows file folders, finding favorites with
    keywords and calendar dates, and fixing exposure
    levels and common problems, likered-eye, with

ACD Systems International Inc. Page 3
Whats New in ACDSee Photo Manager 12?
  • Optimized for Windows 7 and netbooks
  • Convenient FTP uploader
  • Free online photo sharing and storage
  • Easy image transfer to social networking sites
  • SMTP e-mail support
  • Enhanced intuitive interface
  • One-click visual tagging capability
  • Improved noise reduction
  • Filmstrip in View mode
  • Search and sort by edited state

Manage Mode
  • Organize, find and publish photos in Manage mode.
  • Browsing is simple and instantaneous. Unlike
    catalog-based photo applications, theres no need
    to spend valuable time importing files that are
    already on a computer and connected devices.
  • Access folders and files live, in real time.
    Sort, group and filter photos by camera
    information, edited state or other criteria for
    super-fast scanning. Users can also browse by
    date or event to see photos from a specific
  • Unlike other photo software, ACDSee offers the
    ability to manage a collection the way that works
    best for the user. For example, they can create
    custom categories, add keywords, edit metadata,
    rate shots, plus tag their best photos and bring
    them all together for further editing or sharing.

Manage Mode
  • ACDSee Photo Manager 12 allows users to specify
    categories, set keywords and create backups as
    photos are uploaded from the camera, card reader
    or other device. When images are loaded onto the
    users system, they are already organized.
  • When it comes time to finding photos, use one of
    the fast search options, including the Quick
    Search bar, or create detailed searches that can
    be used over and over again.
  • Key features include
  • Live access to file system, no need to import
  • Speed of browsing
  • New FTP uploader and support for SMTP-enabled
    e-mail services
  • Visual tagging capability

Manage Mode FTP Uploader
  • Conveniently upload images to the Web spaces you
    manage through file transfer protocol (ftp).
    ACDSee Photo Manager 12s new FTP uploader is
    optimized for images, unlike standalone FTP
  • To connect to the FTP site
  • In the Select FTP profile drop-down, select a
  • Click Connect. A progress bar opens to show you
    the progress.
  • To choose a destination folder, do one of the
  • To upload the images to a new folder at the root
    level of the FTP site, in the Destination text
    box, type the name of the new folder.
  • To upload the images to an existing folder, click
    Browse. Select the folder, and click OK.
  • To upload the images to a new folder that is a
    subfolder of an existing folder, click Browse.
    Select the folder where you want to create the
    new folder, click Make New Folder, type the name
    of the new folder and then click OK.

Manage Mode FTP Uploader
  • To handle duplicate files
  • In the Duplicate files drop-down, select one of
    the following
  • Rename Renames the uploaded file. For example,
    if you are uploading a file called wedding.jpg,
    but a file with that same name exists in the
    folder on the FTP site, the uploaded file is
    renamed wedding(1).jpg.
  • Replace Replaces the existing file on FTP with
    the uploaded file. This overwrites the existing
    file on the FTP server with the one you are
    currently uploading.
  • Skip Skips the file, so that it is not uploaded.

View Mode
  • Display and examine images at full size, at any
    magnification in View mode. ACDSee Photo Manager
    12's viewing speed is second to none, and opens
    photos from anywhere on a computer or e-mail with
    the fastest image viewing technology available.
    That means spending less time waiting for photos
    to load and more time enjoying them. Users can
    zoom through their latest shots, browse instantly
    in slide-show mode, and enjoy full-size previews.

View Mode
  • View mode allows images to be seen in full size
    at rapid speeds. Quickly scan through selected
    images with click advance or Auto Advance
    features, or flip between images using the new
    filmstrip window and remain oriented within a
    large group of files.
  • Key features include
  • Ability to organize files as you scan
  • Accelerate workflow with Visual Tagging
  • Speed of viewing, even large files

Visual Tagging Tutorial
  • To tag a photo when you are comparing images, do
    one of the following
  • Click the image in the Compare Images Viewer,
    then click the Tag button in the Image toolbar.
  • In the Comparison List, select the check box in
    the bottom right corner of the image thumbnails.
  • Click OK. The Compare Images Viewer closes. You
    will see a checkmark in the check box of the
    images that you tagged.
  • To display a tagged photo
  • In Manage mode, click View Organize to display
    the Organize pane, then click Tagged.
  • Tagged photos from all your folders display in
    the File List pane.

Visual Tagging Tutorial
  • Visual tagging is a fast and easy way to identify
    your best photos or to separate them for editing
    or review. The ACDSee Photo Manager tagging check
    box is at the bottom-right corner of the
    thumbnails. Click the check box to tag or un-tag
    photos. Photos remain tagged until you clear the
    checkmark from the check box.
  • You can display all your tagged photos with one
    click. Tagging, like categories and ratings, is a
    way to set aside, organize and group photos
    without moving the files into different folders.
  • To tag a photo in Manage mode or View mode, do
    one of the following
  • In Manage mode, select the check box in the
    bottom-right corner of the thumbnail.
  • In View mode, select the check box in the
    bottom-right corner of the status bar.
  • In View mode, click View Properties to display
    the Properties pane, click the Database tab, then
    select the Tagged check box.

Edit Mode
  • Fix and fine-tune photos with easy-to-use tools
    in Edit mode. Users can instantly fix exposure,
    correct common problems like red-eye and
    blemishes, and erase unwanted objects. Additional
    capabilities include rescuing photos that are too
    light or dark with a single click, changing
    photos to black and white, adding text, and
    putting a finishing touch such as a vignette,
    border or drop shadow. ACDSee also saves a copy
    of originals, so users can go back and start over
  • Key features include
  • Improved Saturation tool for rich, true-to-life
  • Enhanced Selections tool to isolate a specific
    area with editing and artistic touches.
  • Improved Noise Reduction tool

Online Mode
  • Store and share photos through a free online
    account in Online mode. Online mode is a
    convenient way to create, store, share and manage
    albums and access images without leaving the
    application, and connects to a free 2 GB account,
    valid for two years, on the ACDSee Online Web
    site. Users can easily transfer images to other
    sites, beginning with Facebook, using this new
  • For added convenience, folders can quickly and
    easily be dragged and dropped, with metadata,
    directly on the secure, password-protected online
    storage space.
  • Key features include
  • Fast and convenient uploading
  • Password-protected albums
  • Print with fotoflot (North America only)
  • Transfer images Facebook

Online Mode Tutorial
  • To upload your images
  • In Online mode, click Login.
  • Login to your account.
  • Click Upload to switch to Transfer. Your screen
    splits in two, with the bottom part of the screen
    displaying images on your computer, and the top
    part of the screen representing your images
  • Set your resolution from the drop-down list in
    the top right corner.
  • Do one of the following to select an image to
  • Click and drag an image into the top part of the
    screen to upload it to your ACDSee Online
    account. To select multiple images, press the
    SHIFT or the CTRL key and click on the images to
    select them. You can also click and drag your
    cursor to select multiple images.
  • Drag a folder of your images to the top part of
    the screen.
  • Select images and click the up arrow icon beside
    Transfer Manager.
  • When upload is complete, images are displayed in
    the order they were uploaded.

Online Mode Tutorial
  • In and Transfer, you can create
    folders and make them private or public. Once you
    make your folders public, other ACDSee Online
    users can see your images. You can also copy the
    URL for your public folders and share the URL
    with someone.
  • When you create a new folder, it is set to
    private by default.
  • To create a folder and make it private or public
    in Transfer
  • In Online mode, click Transfer.
  • In the Folders pane, right-click your user name,
    and select New Online Folder.
  • In the New Online Folder dialog box, enter a name
    for the new folder.
  • Click OK. By default the new folder is Private.
  • To change the folder to Public, right-click on
    the folder, and then click Make Public.

Online Mode Tutorial
  • Share images with friends and family
  • In the tab, in Manage, find and
    select images you want to share.
  • Click Edit Copy to share basket
  • Click the drop-down arrow next to Tools and
    choose Share.
  • Enter the e-mail address for the person you want
    to share your images with and enter a message.
    You can optionally enter a password for the
    recipient to access your images. Click OK, and
    the recipient will receive a link to your images.
  • Note You can view and delete your shares in
    Profile, then Shared Photos.

About ACD Systems
  • Headquartered in British Columbia since 1993, ACD
    Systems International Inc. is one of the world's
    leading developers and marketers of digital
    imaging software, including the renowned ACDSee
    image management tool and Canvas, an advanced
    cross-platform technical illustration and
    graphics program. ACD Systems has millions of
    consumer and business users, and more than 33,000
    corporate customers including many Fortune 500
    companies.  For further details, please visit  
  • ACD and ACDSee are trademarks of ACD Systems
    International Inc. or its subsidiaries and may be
    registered in Canada, the United States, the
    European Union, Japan or certain other
    jurisdictions. Canvas is a trademark of ACD
    Systems of America, Inc. and may be registered in
    certain jurisdictions. Trademarks of ACD Systems
    of America, Inc. are used under license by ACD
    Systems International Inc. or its subsidiaries.
    All other marks, products and company names are
    the property of their respective owners.

  • ACDSee Photo Manager 12 is available for a free
    30-day trial and for purchase at 69.99(USD) by

Contact Information
  • For Media
  • Genevieve Lambert or Melanie Wood Julie Yamamoto,
  • ACD Systems International Inc. CMD Agency
  • TEL (250) 419-6700 TEL (503) 223-6794
  • FAX (250) 419-6745
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