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Daily Oral Language


Daily Oral Language 5th Gr. Show the following s each day during Daily Oral Language. Have students make corrections in their notebooks. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Daily Oral Language

Daily Oral Language 5th Gr.
Show the following slides each day during Daily
Oral Language. Have students make corrections in
their notebooks. Then as a class add the
proofreading marks to make corrections using the
pen tool. You can use the pen tool when you are
viewing the slideshow. To do this, hover your
mouse in the lower left corner. You will see a
slightly hidden rectangle tool appear. Click on
the tool, go to Pointer Options and select the
pen color to something that will show in black.
Red or yellow are good choices. Then, use the
mouse to draw the proof reading marks.
Index by Weeks
Week 1 Week 10 Week 19 Week 28
Week 2 Week 11 Week 20 Week 29
Week 3 Week 12 Week 21 Week 30
Week 4 Week 13 Week 22 Week 31
Week 5 Week 14 Week 23 Week 32
Week 6 Week 15 Week 24 Week 33
Week 7 Week 16 Week 25 Week 34
Week 8 Week 17 Week 26 Week 35
Week 9 Week 18 Week 27 Week 36
Week 1 - Day 1
  1. my cousins went two the fairway supermarket for
    some fruit to
  2. she has knowed her classmates neighbors and best
    friends for a long time

Week 1 Day 2
  1. there is two copies of the mouse rap, a funny
    novel, on the shelf
  2. has maria hitted the baseball yet

Week 1 Day 3
  1. jamil and me havent never rode on a motorcycle
  2. this is the most friendliest dog i have ever met

Week 1 Day 4
  1. she gots many presents for hanukkah this year
  2. josé has began to e-mail his friend and im
    repairing my computer

Week 1 Day 5
  1. mom she growed roses their in the garden
  2. my sister has took the lost world, a short story,
    to School with her

Week 2 Day 6
  1. the pool in there backyard hasnt no water in it
  2. did she write winder footsteps, a short poem

Week 2 Day 7
  1. the Company hes working for is amsco
  2. she has took the brighter color from the box of
    paints every time

Week 2 - Day 8
  1. mr and mrs c w gonzalez 2632 parma
    road philadelphia pa 19131
  2. them hikers could of ate a large dinner after
    they finded the way out of the forest

Week 2 Day 9
  1. the bus leaves st paul at 210 in the afternoon
    and it arrives in new york at 947 in the evening
  2. an cousin of mine plays the guitar good

Week 2 Day 10
  1. there anniversary party will be held in june
  2. you didnt tell me that mi soong moved to albany
    new york

Week 3 Day 11
  1. he had came too the library to right a short
  2. this morning i seen the biggest of the two dogs

Week 3 Day 12
  1. i and my brother should of build the tree house
  2. mom finished the book dinosaur in a haystack and
    said this author is a wonderful writer

Week 3 Day 13
  1. this afternoon i drawed a beautiful landscape and
    now i feel well about my ability
  2. i wont never hear prof rothsteins lecture

Week 3 Day 14
  1. she dont have no recent photographs in her album
  2. there is children and bicycles on mercer street

Week 3 Day 15
  1. jason and me gots a baseball game today at
    richmond park
  2. my Brother has went to football games but he wont
    have nothing to do with swimming meets

Week 4 Day 16
  1. ms sarah link 1299 oakhurst drive los angeles ca
  2. i wish i could right a magazine article like the
    one called the new computer age

Week 4 Day 17
  1. 127 south greene street miami fl 17240 april 4
  2. why doesnt youre friends go too the Movies

Week 4 Day 18
  1. dear sir or madam please send me too copies of
    how to start your own business, a book by mr
    kwan sincerely yours lisa rodriguez

Week 4 Day 19
  1. there was a great review of the new movie in teen
    people, my favorite magazine
  2. mrs samantha berger 123 lenape road phoenix
    arizona 10024

Week 4 Day 20
  1. next spring we will fly two spain or we will go
    too visit friends in california
  2. her friend has chose a ice blue sweater from the

Week 5 Day 21
  1. theyre friends will wait hear for felix and i
  2. theyre going to research the history of the
    hewlett packard company

Week 5 Day 22
  1. he want to read cats tongue, a short poem, even
    though he cant read good
  2. mr kwon should of saw that musical but he wasnt
    feeling good

Week 5 Day 23
  1. she dont want no roast beef sweet potatoes or
    stuffing for christmas
  2. ms rhymer, our teacher, has learned us how to
    identify the theme in the open window, a short

Week 5 Day 24
  1. mom left me take her Computer to jefferson
    elementary school
  2. some professional singers have gave copies of the
    song somewhere over the rainbow, to our drama club

Week 5 Day 25
  1. i knew that doctor ryan had took his tape
    recorder along and had sang some songs
  2. the doorbell had rang five times before she
    answered it for i

Week 6 Day 26
  1. mr and mrs frank clancey 1904 sunset avenue tampa
    fl 20841
  2. them workers have leaved hammers nails and wood
    in there truck

Week 6 Day 27
  1. the largest of the two paintings arrived on april
    2 2001
  2. i cant find my skateboard jacket or running shoes

Week 6 Day 28
  1. my sister she has growed three inches since last
  2. i havent no grades in the following subjects
    science math literature and art

Week 6 Day 29
  1. she has began to read the road not taken, one of
    my favorite poems
  2. my father looked at my homework and said please
    learn pablo how to do this work good

Week 6 Day 30
  1. i seen the most old building in the city and then
    i sent a photograph to lisa and she
  2. my parents are spending there anniversary at
    friends House

Week 7 Day 31
  1. dr garibaldi leaved for san diego yesterday
  2. them movers had sat the crates on the front porch
    of the house

Week 7 Day 32
  1. the unicorp company has did the electrical
    rewiring of our apartment
  2. our class visited waverly park and i took an

Week 7 Day 33
  1. i know that mountain view resort is beautiful
    because i went their for my vacation
  2. juan has gave his favorite video to yvonne and i

Week 7 Day 34
  1. andrea sat taking care of pets, her new book, on
    the shelf
  2. how had you knowed which box was the more heavier
    of the two

Week 7 Day 35
  1. my sister she has gave me her old bathing suit to
  2. she had hid in the Library so that other students
    would let her along to study

Week 8 Day 36
  1. tom and i was gonna ride two the mall too rent a
  2. lucy the three of us wants to run with

Week 8 Day 37
  1. im working on the school paper but tony said that
    jill and he isnt interested
  2. after the artist had began her painting, she knew
    it would turn out good

Week 8 Day 38
  1. bill left us his Computer but the batteries
    runned out
  2. he dont play his guitar or practice them song

Week 8 Day 39
  1. larrys sister drunk the orange juice after she
    had ran the marathon
  2. leanne will you learn me how to send this e-mail
    on my computer

Week 8 Day 40
  1. have you took those too cassettes to ryan and she
  2. theyre wasnt no sugar left, so aunt stephanie had
    to lend some to make this birthday cake

Week 9 Day 41
  1. i and my friend were learning shauna how to
    develop the film
  2. the boy and his sister isnt going to set on the
    hot sand all morning

Week 9 Day 42
  1. lee im thinking of going to the community pool
    this morning
  2. yesterday i taked my Dog to the vet at 930 AM

Week 9 Day 43
  1. karem and me sat all the old copies of the
    magazine called consumer reports over their
  2. My brother he enjoyed reading hurt hawks, a poem
    by jeffers

Week 9 Day 44
  1. we have took them campers to boulder colorado
    several times this summer
  2. you should of realized that this science project
    wouldnt work so good

Week 9 Day 45
  1. frank was to have sang in the summer music
    festival with the greenwhich village chorus this
  2. simon can you be at work tomorrow morning by 645AM

Week 10 Day 46
  1. my mom she started law school on monday september
  2. sam and her walks to the movie theater on prince
    street every weekend

Week 10 Day 47
  1. rosie her cat did not here the driver honk his
  2. the vegetables should have grew in the garden to

Week 10 Day 48
  1. i and my Sister planned carefully and our picnic
    turned out good
  2. josh and me will be graduating from park slope
    elementary school next spring

Week 10 Day 49
  1. did you watch joyces video last wednesday asked
  2. he is going to invite carlos and i to attend the
    seminar at the plaza hotel

Week 10 Day 50
  1. dear miss lopez your application for employment
    at the seaview hotel have been received sincerely
    henry gomez

Week 11 Day 51
  1. may i ask your opinion to make sure i have chose
    the write present
  2. sam had took there membership cards as they
    entered the club so that he would have an record

Week 11 Day 52
  1. there are to tables available at the sea harbor
  2. them new students have brug all their books on
    the first day of school

Week 11 Day 53
  1. vicky and her goed to the sheraton hotel for the
    computer convention yesterday
  2. the fastest way to get there is to drive west on
    freeport road said will

Week 11 Day 54
  1. non of your friends would steal your totebag but
    maybe another student have took it by mistake
  2. have the drama club members knowed that we have
    been rewriting street live our newest play

Week 11 Day 55
  1. if you want to write good this semester complete
    them assignments every week said the Professor
  2. my friends were away and i decided to go to
    battery park to skateboard

Week 12 Day 56
  1. the movers have broke the largest of the too
  2. ling will you be taking a creative writing course
    at williams school next year asked sarah

Week 12 Day 57
  1. she had chose to lay down for a nap at 400 PM on
    wednesday april 11 2001
  2. ignacios grades begin to raise as he worked more
    harder on his homework

Week 12 Day 58
  1. the fax machine didnt work good but i was able to
    send the forms by the deadline
  2. have you ever grew plants in a greenhouse as i
    and my father are doing

Week 12 Day 59
  1. theres still a lot for tom and she to do on the
    science project cried amy
  2. jon and her had took the most big boxes to a
    recycling Center

Week 12 Day 60
  1. leo dont have to tutor me and david in math until
    later this afternoon
  2. she had grew more vegetables this year but she
    dont think they will survive the fierce storm

Week 13 Day 61
  1. when the bell has rang, please sit youre coats
    and totebags on the table near the door
  2. the hikers wanted to drive to monroe park but the
    Park didnt have parking space for there cars

Week 13 Day 62
  1. at exactly 730 the hunter school chorus began the
    concert by singing we are the world
  2. because shes researched her term paper so
    thoroughly, im sure it will turn out good

Week 13 Day 63
  1. dear ms reinhardt your order of april 30 2001 has
    just been mailed sincerely lc wu

Week 13 Day 64
  1. yes you may play in the backyard but dont leave
    avas puppy run into the street
  2. mark he visited museums parks and monuments in
    houston texas

Week 13 Day 65
  1. 8160 bedford lan seattle wa 98101 november 10
  2. no they could of went their to buy them video
    tapes for she and jerry

Week 14 Day 66
  1. local news gary sotos book of stories is a
    excellent collection
  2. i havent never attended any school except beverly
    glen elementary school

Week 14 Day 67
  1. ryans family goed to mexico for there vacation
    this summer
  2. since you only answered too questions write on
    the entire Test wouldnt you need to reread the
    book sylvia

Week 14 Day 68
  1. molly walked with her dog max in the parade on
    memorial day
  2. doesnt marta chris and cynthia paint beautiful

Week 14 Day 69
  1. frank and me were laying on our bunk beds
    listening to music when dad said its time to go
    to sleep
  2. there having his surprise party at the casa taco

Week 14 Day 70
  1. mr sam mendes 1077 lincoln avenue boulder co
  2. if your going to dance good at the school concert
    youll have to practice more hard every day

Week 15 Day 71
  1. they should of ate some of them oat bran muffins
    this morning
  2. rags noras cat loves to lay on her bed on a cold
    winter night

Week 15 Day 72
  1. laura might of drew those buildings more small
  2. on tuesday september 19 2000 well visit prof
    smiley and she

Week 15 Day 73
  1. dear max my sister and me will arrive at the bus
    station at 230 PM we hope you can meat us there
    best wishes sarah

Week 15 Day 74
  1. i will have ate the pizza by the time you get
    hear said tanya
  2. no you mustnt worry because you left the cat run

Week 15 Day 75
  1. melissa and i lied on the Grass and read during
    our trip to walford state park
  2. no i cant leave you lay down on the bed without
    clean sheets

Week 16 Day 76
  1. i have sang i will remember you your favorite
    song many times
  2. my sister she has began to repair computers at
    toms computer and video company

Week 16 Day 77
  1. leos short stories i believe have became more
    interesting this Semester
  2. consequently i have took to more weeks to finish
    the mural for the school art fair

Week 16 Day 78
  1. her decision to leave school however wasnt write
    said lorraine
  2. as tim handed the pile of magazines to meg and i,
    the school bell rung

Week 16 Day 79
  1. i might of wanted however to set their after the
  2. he always wanted to work at the steak house the
    best restaurant in the west

Week 16 Day 80
  1. if i had knew this project would be so difficult
    to complete i might of started it sooner
  2. were going to visit the east during july

Week 17 Day 81
  1. no we are not planning to attend the big apple
    circus on sunday
  2. students at elmwood elementary school felt that
    there school paper deserved its award

Week 17 Day 82
  1. 1017 south street chicago illinois 60611 march 3
  2. she wrote a Review of your latest book the
    mystery of sleepy hollow

Week 17 Day 83
  1. i and joe should have read graces report about
    fort sumter before we visited south carolina
  2. jorge either you can help me study or you can
    stop talking to me in the library

Week 17 Day 84
  1. this new computer dont have a modem said frank
  2. sam will you make copies of rachels homework
    assignments while she is in south america

Week 17 Day 85
  1. it had began to snow heavily and i was not
    wearing my boots
  2. we bought the following food three roast chickens
    one tomato a cake and three peaches

Week 18 Day 86
  1. the tell-tale heart a short story by edgar allen
    poe is the most scary of the three
  2. its our responsibility to send them these clothes
    two Sweaters three hats and a jacket

Week 18 Day 87
  1. i like to read a birthday my favorite poem to
    clare and she
  2. i have went to fairmount park for picnics several
    times during the summer

Week 18 Day 88
  1. beth is more old than marisa and beth should have
    been more responsible at the party
  2. laura you could have gave your old jeans to your
    younger cousin said mom

Week 18 Day 89
  1. professor mitchels the archaeologist found the
    area where the mummy was hid
  2. i laid down after my workout until mom said time
    to start dinner michael

Week 18 Day 90
  1. dear ms pavati my book order of july 1 2002 was
    damaged in the mail please replace this order as
    soon as possible sincerely t m maricotta

Week 19 Day 91
  1. yes i will put my skateboard over their
  2. mother she read saving our planet a magazine
    article about ecology

Week 19 Day 92
  1. yes i have tore my jeans
  2. them children sat the video Games on the living
    room table

Week 19 Day 93
  1. selena and me left on august 10 2000 to go to our
    grandmothers house
  2. i can go to the movies with you said anya after i
    feel my dog

Week 19 Day 94
  1. there three cats have always tore the curtains to
  2. i know donna will chose the red motorcycle said
    nell instead of the blue one

Week 19 Day 95
  1. jan and me ate the pizza but we didnt like the
  2. she brung the running shoes to rose and I

Week 20 Day 96
  1. the vietnam was taked place during the twentieth
  2. i will graduate from parker elementary school
    next june

Week 20 Day 97
  1. dear sir or madam please send me your new
    computer software catalog sincerely yours michael
  2. last tuesday mayor reinhardt comed and speaked to
    our class

Week 20 Day 98
  1. since you would of found there puppy in the alley
    behind the store
  2. president and mrs george washington are famous
    People from the eighteenth century

Week 20 Day 99
  1. i and my younger sister have went to uncle ralphs
    store many times
  2. my mother is going to right a postcard from green
    lake resort

Week 20 Day 100
  1. sam and me would of gone their with you but i
    cant play volleyball good
  2. and aunt willa taked our family to the veggie
    supreme restaurant hear in sacramento

Week 21 Day 101
  1. i will lie these books on the desk and you may
    sit your books on that desk
  2. ms sullivan couldnt see the Concert in
    broadhurst park very good

Week 21 Day 102
  1. buddhism christianity judaism and islam are four
    of the major religions in the world
  2. i had gave the poster to andryea and she lay it
    on her desk

Week 21 Day 103
  1. have you tore them pieces of cardboard even
  2. tara has ringed the doorbell too times

Week 21 Day 104
  1. the buddhist religion was founded by gautama
  2. there going to give the bread crumbs to the
    birds over theyre

Week 21 Day 105
  1. dear carlos thanks for the ticket to the football
    game best wishes david
  2. please bring this medical chart downstairs to
    nurse ryans office

Week 22 Day 106
  1. seth and me will stay at the plaza hotel next
  2. arco electric company 4028 oakdale avenue newark
    nj 07101

Week 22 Day 107
  1. i and juan slept at the park century hotel in
    california last Summer
  2. because she had lain the suntan Lotion on a bench
    at greenville park

Week 22 Day 108
  1. mom will bring me to the riverdale elementary
    school on thursday
  2. claire didnt do very good when she tried to lie
    the books on the bottom of the crate

Week 22 Day 109
  1. father said take the sports equipment to the car
  2. mom she left to bring the party decorations to ed
    and she at the park

Week 22 Day 110
  1. 7199 south fork road fort worth texas 76101 may
    14 2003
  2. mr mondans to daughters are awful tall for their

Week 23 Day 111
  1. i have chose the most good artist in this exhibit
  2. we all gone to there Shop to by some jeans

Week 23 Day 112
  1. your not running very good today
  2. we have went to visit the museum on lenape road
    in philadelphia before

Week 23 Day 113
  1. your going to interview rev. hanson this morning
  2. we you bring them bathing suits out of the toe
    bag for marie and i

Week 23 Day 114
  1. i and my sister will go to bryan park to attend
    the concert this evening
  2. ms garcia will set over their with the video

Week 24 Day 115
  1. have you took carl to the new village café for
    breakfast yet
  2. dad has gave me three birthday gifts a calculator
    a video game and an bike

Week 24 Day 116
  1. the christian religion is based on the belief
    that jesus christ was gods son
  2. i would have went to jasons birthday party last
    night but i didnt receive my invitation in time

Week 24 Day 117
  1. youre computers software was written in the
    twentieth century
  2. please return the track suits to joan and he

Week 24 Day 118
  1. youre neighbors have went to the columbus jazz
    festival at the columbus civic center every year
  2. there teacher had taught at wisdom elementary
    school in greenville south carolina

Week 24 Day 119
  1. that there girl hitted me again
  2. our mother she went to the law conference at the
    beverly glen hotel in los angeles

Week 25 Day 120
  1. joyce and me saw that there movie we had heard so
    much about
  2. may i go to the tennis match at fairfield resort
    with tims Family this week

Week 25 Day 121
  1. ladies and gentlemen please send me ten copies of
    the house of dies drear immediately sincerely
    yours ms r santini
  2. put them tennis rackets in youre closet before
    you lay down

Week 25 Day 122
  1. i didnt repair this here computer very good
  2. the man had stole money from the Bank but he was
    catched by the police officer

Week 25 Day 123
  1. i and my friend have took this history course
  2. i will put this video back on the rack and than
    chose another video to watch

Week 25 Day 124
  1. will and me traveled through the south with our
    parents last Summer
  2. youre the to students who could of caused all
    the trouble in the gym this morning

Week 26 Day 125
  1. they ate at mamas pizza house after seeing muir
  2. we oughta of went with them to the jazz concert

Week 26 Day 126
  1. my mom learned me to ride a horse
  2. larry throwed an new volleyball to mia and i

Week 26 Day 127
  1. i will not be able to e-mail harold my brother
    this Winter
  2. i had drank all the yogurt shake already and i
    was still thirsty

Week 26 Day 128
  1. do you think i is following your directions very
  2. ally has leaved and has went to sarahs house to
    study for the exam

Week 26 Day 129
  1. you have been teached youre part in the jazz
    routine already
  2. the students were learned a new Song and have
    sang it hear for the rest of the class

Week 27 Day 130
  1. them trees have grew hear for years without being
  2. those letters musta been written during the
    nineteenth century

Week 27 Day 131
  1. lings dog run away last week after the strom
  2. grace has gots a more nice skateboard than carlos

Week 27 Day 132
  1. yes theyre computer demonstration will be
    presented at walker elementary school
  2. tara aint going to leave me learn her how to do
    yoga exercises

Week 27 Day 133
  1. we gots to go to see them people at the outdoor
    rock oncert at hamilton park
  2. have you saw this here new movie yet

Week 27 Day 134
  1. ms soto drawed money out of her checking Account
    to buy these items an air conditional a lawn
    mower and a computer
  2. she hasnt growed nothing and hasnt took no
    flowers from the garden

Week 28 Day 135
  1. janice might of slided into home plate but she
    arent experienced enough to try
  2. dad he stopped their and eats at ocean grill a
    good restaurant

Week 28 Day 136
  1. im not sure however about to of them answers to
    the questions
  2. jolene and me read the dream keeper a poem by
    langston hughes

Week 28 Day 137
  1. i went to the school library to research my
    report about the book great expectations
  2. yes either well go to the Mall this afternoon or
    well go to the pool tomorrow morning

Week 28 Day 138
  1. we must plan the class trip now said sasha or
    well miss our deadline
  2. i and my cousin seen the fireworks display last

Week 28 Day 139
  1. cindy please check your information in that
    magazine called consumer reports on the library
  2. no he dont have enough time to do the carpentry
    job good

Week 29 Day 140
  1. that is as a matter of fact one of my favorite
    cities in the us
  2. the space station wont orbit mars until the
    twenty-second century

Week 29 Day 141
  1. the students will set on the computer chairs and
    lie theyre book bags on there desks
  2. rose and me doesnt want no more homework this

Week 29 Day 142
  1. mr ed rosen 1299 sycamore avenue pittsburgh pa
  2. lou should of took his running shoes with him to
    the track

Week 29 Day 143
  1. dr wu come to our hospital from china
  2. that there child gots an fleece snowsuit

Week 29 Day 144
  1. your gonna visit emma in atlanta during the
  2. cousin tim he went snowboarding with robert his
    friend this winter

Week 30 Day 145
  1. roxie my dog dont like the sound of fireworks on
    the fourth of july
  2. aunt ellie teared a Article out of the paper and
    faxed it to father and i

Week 30 Day 146
  1. dad has took me two the west to times for
  2. marla and me runned to the Field where our
    softball team hitted the balls

Week 30 Day 147
  1. carls mom works for the digital electronic
  2. them football players was playing near the oxford
    middle school

Week 30 Day 148
  1. target construction company 2904 south bedford
    drive dallas, tex 75205
  2. there friend are training his dog at childrens

Week 30 Day 149
  1. all of us went to marias grand burrito restaurant
    on thursday for dinner
  2. their too famous women astronauts of the
    twentieth century

Week 30 Day 150
  1. we seen them tourist eating at old home
    restaurant during the visit to our city
  2. i and my sister is going to feed pretty pete our

Week 31 Day 151
  1. us students printed the school newspaper their
  2. rachel has broke her leg and the Doctor will have
    to sit it at the hospital

Week 31 Day 152
  1. pam and him have leaved for my party said laura
  2. i and my dog doesnt like to lay still in the park

Week 31 Day 153
  1. he dont like nothing in mr sinclairs review of
    the new play
  2. youre going too here there rock concert at the
    rockland music festival

Week 31 Day 154
  1. she sun that song called as time goes by quite
  2. he had taked the election results and had gave
    them to jeff and i

Week 31 Day 155
  1. i doesnt think jenna plays volleyball that good
  2. they have began to build a playground in
    grammercy tenants park

Week 32 Day 156
  1. mr peter molinari 2003 farley avenue hartford ct
  2. phil gots a sweatshirt that jack didnt realize
    was missing

Week 32 Day 157
  1. i read a great magazine article called how to
    save the rain forest
  2. the Comet will be saw again in the twenty-first

Week 32 Day 158
  1. ms andretti our teacher dont see good without
  2. no traci and me cant study with you tonight

Week 32 Day 159
  1. our class read on the pulse of morning a powerful
  2. they will need to tables for the book fair on
    saturday april 7 2001

Week 32 Day 160
  1. my brother he is coming to the pool at 230
  2. his uncle come from spain to the use on a plane
    after a long vacation

Week 33 Day 161
  1. she would of rang the doorbell but them girls
    were eager to leave
  2. martha took her tennis racket to tompkins park
    and leaved it their by mistake

Week 33 Day 162
  1. yesterday we drived to old mill restaurant for
  2. sit them books down and lay on the couch until
    you feel better

Week 33 Day 163
  1. me and pablo seen there motocycles at the parking
  2. will we read lees great adventure a short story
    in class today

Week 33 Day 164
  1. youre sister hasnt none of the cassettes we need
  2. mai wont never send an invitation to monica and i

Week 33 Day 165
  1. my older sister and me have chose an awful good
    place to set at the rock concert
  2. i and my dad seen that there Musical last night

Week 34 Day 166
  1. had you knowed that she was a famous poet in the
    eighteenth century?
  2. our school glee Club has sang this land is your
    land at several concerts

Week 34 Day 167
  1. we rode horses at my friends ranch in cheyenne
  2. shes buying computer paper floppy disks and

Week 34 Day 168
  1. my brother gots many of franks old jeans and
  2. i havent never saw dr soto in the emergency room

Week 34 Day 169
  1. john is driving said meg in this snowy weather
  2. i like training dogs but this here one is too

Week 34 Day 170
  1. i hope david dont burn nothing in the kitchen
  2. anna hasnt practiced her guitar very good this

Week 35 Day 171
  1. we celebrate martin luther kings birthday in
  2. Tony and me want two go to this weekend

Week 35 Day 172
  1. no i have not read remembering a poem by myra
    cohn livingston
  2. 9264 sheridan road little rock ar 72214 july 19

Week 35 Day 173
  1. it were professor smollers by the way who
    presented the lecture to the class
  2. my brother he could skateboard in the park or he
    could go to the Café at the mall

Week 35 Day 174
  1. i bought a old book from the eighteenth century
    called sailing ships
  2. their almost at the finish line yelled tamara

Week 35 Day 175
  1. i and to students will attend the meeting hear at
    larchmont middle school in los angeles
  2. sams brother designed the shelbourne hotel in

Week 36 Day 176
  1. joe and me plays Basketball at hanks house
  2. the too of us enjoyed hearing the cassette of
    believe a popular song

Week 36 Day 177
  1. him and her have always rode motorcycles together
    on the weekend
  2. yes their reading guide to healthy living an
    informative magazine article

Week 36 Day 178
  1. i and my sister writes funny stories good
  2. ne he hasnt read the shimmershine queens a novel

Week 36 Day 179
  1. there studying a long poem called the civil war
  2. on september 2 2000 i read adventure in the
    blizzard a new short story

Week 36 Day 180
  1. katherine tell mr weinberg our new boss that i
    will unpack the boxes soon
  2. mom said tonight youre going out to eat at
    marylous seafood diner
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