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Then I realized that the telegraph was a great invention -Thomas Edison (1847-1931)-Introduction The general backgrounds and works of Edison Edison s invention ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Thomas Alva Edison's

Thomas Alva Edison's "Wireless telegraphy"
Then I realized that the telegraph was a great
invention -Thomas Edison (1847-1931)-
"The Complex Interrelation between Science and
Technology in a Contextual Historical
Interpretation of Edison's Invention"
  • Introduction
  • The general backgrounds and works of Edison
  • Edisons invention of wireless telegraphy
  • Critical Reflections/ Historical Interpretations
  • Conclusion

  • Leading Questions
  • 1. Is it important to be aware of the
    interrelation between science and technology?
  • 2. How did the relation between science and
    technology appear in the works of Edison?
  • Method of Analysis critical-historical

  • Literatures (primary and secondary sources)
  • - Russel, Collin A. Approaches to the History
    of Science.
  • - Otto, Mary. The Science and Technology
  • - Dyer, Lewis Frank et al.,EdisonHis Life
    Inventions, vol.2.
  • - Crowther, J.G. Famous American Men of Science
  • - Cowan, Ruth Schwartz. A Social History of
    American Technology.
  • - Kline, Ronald. Construing Technology as
    Applied Science.
  • - Popper, K.R. Objective Knowledge.

II.The General Backgrounds Works of Edison
  • His Life
  • -born in 1847
  • -died in 1931
  • Educational Background
  • -never completed school/ self-study/ no formal
    academic background
  • His Works
  • -1857 started chemical lab
  • -1859 editor
  • -1860 telegraph operator
  • -1875 started the experiment on wireless
  • -1891 his patent of wireless telegraphy
  • his works come from library industrial
    laboratory research

III.Edison's invention of "wireless telegraphy"
  • General Problems--gt insufficient scientific
    explanation in the utilization of electric or
    ether waves in free space
  • How Edison invented wireless telegraphy--gt
  • 1st experiment (1875) in Newark Lab..Edison
    discovered a new manifestation of electricity
    through sparks under conditions unknown up to
    that time--gtthe discovery of the forerunner of
    wireless telegraphy (oscillation)

continuedgt 2nd experiment (1875) further
experiment observation--gt he changed New
Force to Etheric Force
  • Problem after the invention--gta controversy in
    scientific community
  • Impacts--gt
  • - stimulating other scientists to do further
    experiments and observations (Science side)
  • - Edison sold his patent to Marconi--gt
    establishing modern wireless telegraphy of
    Marconi (Technology side)

IV.Critical Reflection/Interpretation
  • Societys opinion toward Edison (positive)
  • - great inventor/ successful technologist/ Man
    of Science
  • Dominant reasons - The principal of Utilization
  • - Commercialization
  • - Social Prestige

- evidences Dyer, Lewis Frank Crowther, J.G.
Scientific communitys opinion toward Edison
(negative) - Edison is an inventor/
technologist/ practitioner without
professional background - Scientists looked
at themselves superior than Edison
--gt Q Why scientists thought negatively?--gt A
Ideology behind this interest status
- evidences Kline, Ronald Cowan, Ruth
  • Our Consideration
  • 1. There is an epistemological meaning in
    Edisons invention.
  • - scientific method
  • - scientific/theoretical implication
  • 2. There is a complex interaction between
    technologist (Edison) and society.

V. Conclusion
I. Professionalization of scientists and
industrial society in Edisons period (R.Kline)
II. Edisons case
III. Our attitudes 1. Edison - created the
fundamental principle of aerial telegraphy 2.
There was the complex interrelation between
society, science and technology in Edisons
case 3. In the context of STS, the complex
interrelation between science, technology, and
society that is still unclear needs to be
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Presented by Mai, Mei, and Joseph (o)!!!
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