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Creating DAISY Content with Word 2007 and


Creating DAISY Content with Word 2007 and Save-as-DAISY plug-in Amy Salmon, Hadley School for the Blind Korey Singleton, GMU Assistive Technology Initiative – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Creating DAISY Content with Word 2007 and

Creating DAISY Content with Word 2007 and
Save-as-DAISY plug-in
  • Amy Salmon, Hadley School for the Blind
  • Korey Singleton, GMU Assistive Technology
  • AER Virginia Conference
  • March 3rd-5th, 2010

Todays Agenda
  • Introductions Amy Korey
  • Brief overview of DAISY
  • Overview of how to install Save-As-DAISY
    plug-in into MS Word 2007
  • Overview/demonstration of creating content using
    MS Word and Save-As-DAISY plug-in.
  • Overview/demonstration of AMIS DAISY-playback
  • Content created through MS Word 2007 and
    Save-As-DAISY plug-in will be read
  • Accessing DAISY content through Hadley website.
  • Where can I get DAISY books?
  • Question/Answer

What is DAISY?
  • Stands for Digital Accessible Information SYstem
  • It is a standard for producing accessible and
    navigable multimedia documents.
  • DAISY Consortium founded in May 1996

  • To lead the worldwide transition from analogue to
    Digital Talking Books (DTBs)
  • To produce written materials in digital voice
    output format
  • To provide a structure for easy navigation
  • To provide print disabled readers access to more
    written information
  • To ensure talking books produced anywhere can be
    played anywhere around the world
  • Deriving large print and Braille versions of
    books from the same files which comprise a DAISY
    digital talking book The single master file
    concept for alternative format information
    Duxbury Braille Translator now supports this

DAISY book components
  • Wave or MP3 audio source files
  • NCX or NCC.HTML Navigation control file
  • SMIL (pronounced "smile"), the Synchronized
    Multimedia Integration Language W3C recommended
    XML markup language for describing multimedia
  • A textual content file (XML) containing some or
    all of the text of the book with appropriate

What is XML?
  • XML - eXtensible Markup Language
  • Designed to carry data, not to display data like
  • XML provides the producer with the ability to
    structure a DTB book in great detail. Compared to
    HTML markup, XML increases markup options and
    makes more detailed structure and proper nesting

Types of DAISY Books
  • The DAISY Standard allows the producing agency
    full flexibility regarding the mix of text and
    audio ranging from
  • Type 1 Full audio with Title element only 
  • Type 2 Full audio with Navigation Center (NCC or
    NCX) only
  • Type 3 Full audio with Navigation Center and
    partial text
  • Type 4 Full audio and full text
  • Type 5 Full text and some audio
  • Type 6 Text and no audio

Ways to listen to DAISY files
  • Stand alone DAISY Players
  • Computer playback software
  • Mobile phones
  • MP3 players - limited navigation

DAISY (text and audio) books
  • DAISY Allows for identification of elements of
    print books to enable navigation within a DAISY
  • Table of contents
  • Chapters
  • Headings
  • Index
  • Footnotes
  • Side-bars
  • Full Text search

DAISY (text and audio) books cont
  • Examples of features
  • Font size and font colors
  • Software menu can accommodate multiple languages
  • Background colors and contrast
  • Playback speed and pitch
  • Highlighting of text while playing back
  • Bookmarking
  • CD/DVD can store up to 4.5 GB of book information
  • No need for multiple volumes

Save-As-DAISY plug-in for MS Word
  • MS Save as DAISY Plug-In (authoring tool)
  • Plug-in allows the user to create DAISY DTBooks
    from MS Word documents. You can select to
    generate the DAISY XML for further processing, or
    you can generate a fully conforming DAISY file
    set with full navigation and full text
    synchronized with audio.
  • The audio is generated by the default
    text-to-speech (TTS) engine on your Windows
  • Pros
  • Free
  • Allows the user to create their own DAISY DTBook
    out of one document or several documents
  • Easy to use
  • Most current version (v2.1.1), released Dec. 2009
  • Works with major screen readers (i.e., Jaws,
    WindowEyes, Hal/Supernova)
  • Supported in Word XP, 2003, and 2007
  • Cons
  • Only creates DAISY 3.0 books. This is an issue
    for individuals using devices that only play
    DAISY 2.02 books (e.g., Victor Wave)

Downloading Installing plug-in file
  • Download plug-in file from DAISY website .
    Fairly straightforward file will install an
    Accessibility tab in the MS Word ribbon
  • During installation, it is recommended that user
    be connected to Internet. Installation requires
    components from MS Word 2007 compatibility pack
    (if using Word XP or 2003), latest Java updates,
    MS Word Primary Interop Assemblies (PIA), and
    .Net framework 3.0 for proper installation. The
    files are rather large, so it is best that it be
    a broadband connection and not dial-up.

Downloading Installing plug-in file cont
  • Confirmation Procedure After Installation is
  • After the set up is complete user can confirm
    that the installation is successful by following
    the steps given below
  • Open a new word document
  • Click on Office button or hit Alt F key
  • Press down-arrow to ensure Save As DAISY
    appears in the menu
  • Press Alt key to access ribbon tabs and ensure
    Accessibility tab appears in the menu

Creating a Digital Talking Book (Demo)
  • Start with a short document (3-5 pages) with some
    structure to it for practice
  • Important Use styles to identify different
    components in the document. Automatic generation
    of footnotes, paragraphsmost of styles in MS
    Word are mapped in DAISY
  • e.g., Title, headings - Headings should be nested
  • Think of it in terms of how you would lay out an
    outline.Roman numeral I, then A, then 1,
    then lowercase a
  • Highlight 1st heading, press Control Alt 1
    for heading 1

Creating a Digital Talking Book cont
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations allows you to
    accurately identify acronyms and abbreviations
  • e.g., IBM should be pronounced I-B-M, St.
    should be pronounced street
  • MP3 bit rate should be 32, 48, or 64. Higher the
    rate, the better the quality. Also means that
    file is larger.
  • Automatic (uses automatic pagination that MS Word
    uses) or custom page-numbering
  • Important There is a known problem with this
    feature If there is a page break in MS Word,
    then there needs to be text directly after the
    page break. This ensures that pagination works
    as intended

Creating a Digital Talking Book cont
  • Validator will do automatic check of document to
    see if it finds any problems. (E.g., if you have
    Heading 1 followed by Heading 4)
  • Save as .docx file (Word 2007)
  • Save as DAISY features (DAISY XML or
  • DAISY XML (from Single docx) This sub menu will
    translate word2007 format to DAISY XML format.
  • Full DAISY (from Single docx) This sub menu will
    show a sub menu DAISYPipelineTTSNarrator which
    will translate word 2007 to DAISY DTBook.
  • DAISY XML (from Multiple docx) This sub menu
    will translate a group of documents into a single
    DAISY XML format.
  • Full DAISY (from Multiple docx) This sub menu
    will show a sub menu DAISYPipelineTTSNarrator
    which will translate group of documents to DAISY

DTBs using MS Word
  • Method supports mathematics
  • Design Science has MathType application. They
    have provided a COM add-in to DAISY consortium,
    where it will properly convert MathML for
    incorporation into the DAISY talking books
    created with MS Word and Save As DAISY plug-in.
  • What kind of DAISY book is produced?
  • Output is DAISY 3 publication
  • Any players that support DAISY 3 will work with
    output files some of older players do not
    support DAISY 3, like the Victor Wave, others may
    just need firmware upgrades.

Demo AMIS Playback software
Free Available Software
  • AMIS player
  • FS Reader (also comes on PacMate)
  • ButterCupReader Online DTB player
  • VictorSoft (free with

Hardware Playback devices
  • Portable Notetakers
  • FS Reader (on PacMate)
  • Built-in software on BrailleNote
  • CD-playback devices
  • Victor Reader Classic
  • Portable Devices
  • Victor Reader Stream
  • BookSense
  • Plextor Pocket

Where else can I get DAISY Books?
  • Bookshare,
  • DAISY 3 text file
  • Talking book format (DTB)
  • Various voice-out methods (reading software,
    reading devices, screen readers)
  • BRF (Braille Refreshable Format)
  • Hard copy embossing
  • Refreshable Braille devices

Where else can I get DAISY Books?
  • National Library Service,
  • Web-Braille Available Information
  • Many books are in Braille
  • Some music scores are available.
  • All Braille magazines are available.
  • Where to locate books
  • Online Catalog
  • Keyword search (title, author, or subject)
  • User ID/password (download protection)

Where else can I get DAISY Books?
  • Braille Book Review
  • Links are setup for incoming books
  • Can search here for new books
  • NLS Web-Braille
  • In what format are the files?
  • All files are format in contracted Braille
    (ASCII-computer Braille)
  • Each file contains one volume
  • Each volume contains a BR number
  • All files on Web-Braille are .brf files
  • Web-Braille files may be read online or
    downloaded for viewing offline or embossing with
    a braille display, braille-aware notetaker, or
    braille embosser.

Where else can I get DAISY Books?
  • Recordings for the Blind Dyslexic,
  • File Format
  • Audio textbook files Windows Media Player
  • Audio DAISY files
  • Downloadable DAISY files (.zip)
  • Downloadable WMA files (linear audio)
  • RFBD Member Benefits
  • Free access to large audio book library
  • Human-narrated with description of images
  • 24/7 online member services
  • Various downloadable formats

Where else can I get DAISY Books?
  • Hadleys DTB program
  • Human voicing with built-in navigation
  • Online webinar in next 2-3 months (downloading
    from BART)

  • Questions??

  • DAISY Standards (PDF file)
  • DAISY Implementations, Tools and Utilities
  • Save As DAISY Microsoft Word add-in
  • Audio file of How to download, install, and use
    Save As DAISY add-in for Microsoft Word (MP3)
  • AMIS software DAISY player
  • ButterCupReader Online Digital Talking Book
  • National Library Service for the Blind and
    Physically Handicapped
  • Recordings for the Blind Dyslexic
  • Hadley School for the Blind
  • Bookshare