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Online Student Notebook Humanities 3 10th Ditch- Great Falsifiers Sinners- Alchemists, Liars, Impersonators, Counterfeit Punishment- The sinners have scars that itches. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Online Student Notebook

Online Student Notebook
  • Humanities 3

Katiria Florez
  • Florez is from Roman, Spanish origin
  • Florez comes from the Latin word "florus" which
    means "to bloom"
  • Florez is plural for "flor" (flowers)
  • Katiria is from Greek origin.
  • Katiria means "pure, clear"

5 Facts Of Hell  9/13/2011
  • 1) Hell may be located under the Earth's surface
    due to scientists during an experiment hear
    something screaming from underground apparently.
  • 2) People who sinned in life will be tortured and
    tormented in Hell in the afterlife.
  • 3) People get roasted. stabbed, torn apart by
    wild animals, blown by wind, get filthy, burn in
    a river of blood, etc.
  • 4) The point of hell is to scare the sin out of
    the sinners.
  • 5) Apparently, sinners go through a bridge and
    then fall into a pit of fire.
  • Thoughts Of Hell I still don't know whether Hell
    really exists.

Ancient Egyptian Religion 9/14/2011
  • They didn't want other societies to change their
  • The Egyptians are polytheistic. They worship over
    2,000 gods and goddesses.
  • They believe in mythology and numerology.
  • Osiris was the Lord of the Underworld and he
    decides the dead are blessed or go to Hell.
  • They saw death as a way to be in a better world.
  • Pharoahs have immense amount of power.
  • Spirits come to reunite with their bodies.
  • They believe in what happens in the underworld.

Journey To The Afterlife 9/14/2011
  • The Egyptian believes that they start their
    journey to the afterlife by crossing a narrow
    river and after that pass through a gate that is
    guarded by monstrous creatures at least that's
    what some think in "The Book Of The Dead.
  • Some Egyptians believe that their dead gods and
    goddesses welcome them at a gate and entertain
    the dead with music.
  • Peoples' hearts are weighed by a balance against
    a feather which represents truth.
  • It was said that after death, man needed his
    constant companions, his dog 
  • They believe that their life-force, the Ka, leave
    their body when dead.
  • There are three souls, Ka, Ba, and Akh.
  • In Ancient Egypt, the dead passes through an
    actual door in the tomb.

Ancient Mayan Religion 9/15/11
  • They Mayans believed in the pantheon of nature
    gods which had a benevolent and malevolent side.
  • Itzamna was the creator god, the god of fire and
    earth and human sacrifices.
  • The Mayan pyramids were for sacrifice rituals
  • The religion started in the 3rd century and still
    exists today.
  • Practiced astronomy and divination.
  • Universe has lairs between the real world and the
  • They were polytheistic.

Xibalba 6 Houses of The Dead 9/15/2011
  • 1) The Dark House Inside this house, it is
    completely dark. You have to find your way out
  • 2) The Rattling/Cold House Inside this house,
    you will feel either a very chilling breeze or
    hail. You have to keep yourself warm.
  • 3) The Jaguar House Inside this house, they are
    hungry jaguars. Avoid being devoured while
  • 4) The Bat House Inside this house, there are
    bats that are dangerous and loud due to its
    shreiking. You have avoid them and escape.
  • 5) The Razor House Inside this house, there are
    razors and blades that moves on its own. Avoid
    getting hurt.
  • 6) The Hot House Inside this house, it is filled
    with heat and fire. Avoid getting burned.
  • -People who did heroic deeds have passes.
  • -If you passed through all that, you go to
    paradise and be with God.
  • -Xibalba is still a place on Earth because it is

Hades (The Place)
  • There are fiver rivers in the realm of Hades 1)
    Acheron (sorrow), 2) Cocytus (lamentation), 3)
    Phlegethon (fire), 4) Lethe (oblivion), 5) Styx
  • Hades is a misty, gloomy dead world where all
    mortals go.
  • To enter Hades, you enter a crater called
    Avernus, which near Cumae. Aeneas had entered
    through this.
  • It is guarded by Ceberus.
  • Charon took you to the river of Styx into Hades.
  • Judges- Minos, Aeacus, Rhadamantus they judge
    which sub-realm you go to.

Tartarus (The Place)
  • It is the underworld zone of elemental torment,
    where sinners get punished fo their sins.
  • This is where Zeus imprisoned the Titans.
  • It is later the dungeon of the damned souls.
  • You get sent to Tartarus if your soul seems evil.

Do Now 9/19/2011
  • My best friend Randi left Poughkeepsie even
    though she wasn't suppose to. She went to my
    house when no one except me were home. I let her
    stay at my house though I didn't have permission.
    Then my parents came home and I tried to hide
    her. I was able to hide her for a night. Then
    Randi messed up and slept in my bathtub. My dad
    found her and he threaten to beat us and kick us
    out. My mom didn't have a problem but she said I
    should have gotten permission.

5 Scenes Reflection 9/19/2011
  • This girl said that she shoplifted. I stole food
  • I drank beer once, and it was disgusting. I don't
    know why people likes alcohol.
  • This girl said that she passed out from drinking.
    I never drank and passed out but I've been so
    sleepy before that I had no idea what I was doing
  • This girl got into a fight and got expelled. I've
    only been in one fight but it was completely
    stupid. I didn't get in trouble because the
    teachers didn't see. My so-called friends did
    outcast me though.
  • This girl stole a DSi. Someone stole my DS once.
    I'm still pissed at that person. If that other
    girl stole my DS because she wants to be a
    douche, I'll punch her.

5 Ways Prison Is Hopeless9/19/2011 
  • Criminals are in prison too and they can be
  • Prisons looks disgusting and scary.
  • You won't be able to do the things you want to
  • The authority are very military-like.
  • No one in prison will care about you because they
    have their own problems.
  • If the world was prison-free, everybody would be
    running wild and getting into trouble. They would
    get away with it. Parents or some people like
    that won't be able to stop them. The world would
    be in total chaos. 

Juvenile Dentention Center9/19/2011
  • Needed to scare juvenile delinquents.
  • So you can suffer the consquences.
  • So you will learn from your mistakes.
  • Juvenile delinquents do bad things and needs
  • To heal juvenile delinquents,

Dante's Life 9/21/2011
  • Dante was said to be a part of the Guelphs and
    believe that the pope has more power than the
  • He fought with the Guelphs defeated the
    Ghibellines, the ones who believed that the king
    has more power.
  • Dante was part of the White Guelphs because he
    favored the king after the whole Guelph broke up
    into two.
  • Dante was banished along with the other White
    Guelphs after the Black Guelphs and the
    Pope Boniface gained power in Florence.
  • Those are the poltical facts
  • Dante wrote "The Inferno" because he thinks that
    the whole thing with the Guelphs was very bitter
    and the Black Guelphs threatened to burn him
    alive if he comes back to Florence. He also
    wanted to get revenge oft the Guelphs for exiling
    him by sending them to Hell.
  • Dante was trying to accomplish explain what Hell
    is like.
  • Personal Facts
  • Born in Florence, Italy in 1265
  • Greatest writer in Italian literature Italian

Dante's Inferno 9/21/2011
  • While he was kicked out of Florence, he wrote
    "The Divine Comedy"-Three parts The Inferno,
    Purgatory,  Paradise
  • Dante published "The Inferno" in 1307. Every two
    years after, the other parts are published.
  • He wrote it because he wanted to unleash his
    anger on everybody who hated him, he thinks the
    Church is not pure, he wanted to get revenge on
    Pope Boniface and the Black Guelphs for exiling
  • He thinks that society's flaws and corruption
    will one day be judged by God.
  • He wrote it because anybody can end up in Hell at
    some point.

Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God 9/22/2011  
  • Jonathan Edwards gave this sermon in 1700s.
  • Flattery is considered a horrible sin in
    theology. God will not consider flattery because
    person can escape and be not honest. Flattery is
    dangerous to many. If you are a flatterer, people
    will copy you, getting false praise. They will
    end up in Hell because God sees all.
  • God isn't bound by flattery. He did not promise
    anything about heaven unless people have grace
    and believes in Christ.
  • People are always aware of destruction.
  • If you are aware of your sins and think you might
    redeem yourself later on, you might die suddenly
    and suffer in hell.
  • God can destroy the wicked at any point. He is
    that powerful.
  • If you accept God, you won't go to Hell.

Incontinence 9/23/2011
  • Incontinence is the losing control of your body
  • For Dante, this include of
  •      - Limbo
  •      - Lust
  •      - Gluttony
  •      - Greed and Wastefulness
  •      - Anger
  •      - Depression

Virgil The Great Poet 9/23/2011
  • Virgil was born in the year 70 BC.
  • Virgil is the greatest Roman poet.
  • Virgil's best work was called the Aeneid. In it,
    he traveled into Hades and the Greek underworld.
  • Dante chooses Virgil to accompany him in Hell
    because he made the journey already.
  • Virgil represents intelligence and logic Dante
    represents human emotion.

Do Now-Cowardly Story 9/23/2011
  • There was a bunch of times where I acted like a
    coward. I was and still am a paranoid coward. But
    I'm just gonna tell you about one time. In 4th or
    5th grade, during reccess, some douchebag who I
    didn't know ran past me and bumped me. I fell on
    my knees hard. I then decided to just hide my
    scraped knees because I had scraped knees before.
    Also I didn't want to get the dude in trouble
    because then he might become a bigger douchebag.
    So I just walked away and didn't say anything
    about my knees. So I was pretty much a coward
    right there because of some person who I don't
    even know. I know, I got cowardly for something
  • Doing nothing is a bad thing because you're not
    doing anything about a bad situation. Plus if you
    do nothing, it's like a plague. Someone else will
    do nothing.

Ante-Inferno Home Of The Cowards9/27/2011 
  • Sinners Those people who took no moral stance on
    Earth They chose nether good or evil They were
  • Punishment They are neither in Hell nor Heaven.
    They are forced to chase a blank flag. They are
    stung by wasps and hornets. Their tears are
    swallowed by worms and maggots.
  • Contrapasso   Because they chose neutrality,
    they do not have a home in the afterlife. They
    don't represent anything. Because the cowards
    failed to act on Earth, they are forced into
    action in the afterlife. Their tears do not
    matter in the afterlife.
  • Famous People Angels who refuse to take a side
    in the Battle Between God and Satan. Pontius
    Pilate is the greatest coward, famously washed
    his hands from the death of Jesus Christ.

Contrapasso 9/27/2011
  • How does the punishments fit the crime?
  • -Dante's law of contrapasso states that every
    sinner meets a  justly punishment for their sins
    in the afterlife.

Acheron River 9/27/2011
  • The Acheron River is considered The River Of
    Sorrow and Woe.
  • This river renowned in Greek mythology actually
    exists today. It is located in Thesprotia,
    Epirus, Greece.
  • Charon the ferryman takes the newly-dead on his
    ferry to the Greek Underworld Hades and crosses
    the Acheron River.
  • There are 5 rivers in the Greek Underworld.
  • Greeks believed it was the entrance to the
  • In the Inferno, Dante uses the Acheron River as a
    passageway into Catholic Hell.

Charon 9/27/2011
  • Charon is a ferryman of the Greek Underworld
  • He crosses the rivers Acheron and Styx with the
    souls of the dead to the Underworld.
  • He places an obol (coin) in the dead soul's mouth
    as payment/bribe. 
  • Charon's boat allowed heroes that were alive to
    cross into the world of the dead and back. 
  • Had to pay a fee to Charon for passage. Your
    family/friends placed the coins in your mouth.
    You couldn't pay, you have to wander the shores
    of the Acheron River for a century.
  • In the Inferno, Charon takes Dante and Virgil
    over the Acheron RIver into Catholic Hell.

Twilight Zone Ante-Inferno 10/3/2011
  • Would Dante place the banker in the Ante-Inferno?
  • Dante would place the banker from that Twilight
    Zone episode to the Ante-Inferno because he hides
    his books from his wife Helen. He wanted to live
    his life to the fullest by doing what he loves
    but his wife wouldn't let him read at home. So he
    reads at work even though he was supposed to be
    working instead of confronting his wife and make
    her comprehend about the joy of reading. He
    should have also communicate more. Though what
    the wife did wasn't evil, fullfilling her wishes
    will make him represent nothing. Plus, if the
    banker had committed suicide, Dante would
    consider this cowardice because the banker was
    too afraid to live life without doing anything.
    Plus he was hiding from the world.

Mini-Lesson Stereotypes 10/17/2011
  • Research ways that Jews have been discriminated
  • Jews were discriminated for being considered an
    inferior race.
  • Jews were thought to have the Great Plague.
  • Jews were said to have killed Jesus Christ.
  • Jews didn't have a specific country except for
    Israel, not having much representation.
  • Jews were discriminated because of the Diaspora.
  • Why were they constantly a scapegoat for
    society's woes?
  • The Jews were constantly a scapegoat for
    society's woes because they were thought to have
    caused economical problems.

Limbo Purgatory
  • Purgatory is the condition or process of
    purification or temporary punishment in which, it
    is believed, the souls of those who die in a
    state of grace are made ready for Heaven.
  • It was believed that the living on Earth
    prayed for you after death, then it would reduce
    the time spent in Purgatory.
  • Medieval ideas of Purgatory included an actual
    mountain on Earth on the other side of the world.
  • Purgatory is not a part of Hell, but rather a
    place in the afterlife mythology in Catholicism.
  • Limbo is the condition or process of purification
    in which, it is believed, the souls of those who
    were never baptized or lived before the time of
    Christ, went until Christ's redemption makes it
    possible for salvation.
  • Limbo resides in hell.

Harrowing Of Hell
  • According to Catholic Mythology.
  • After Jesus dies, the Earth shakes causing Hell
    to suffer through a massive earthquake that makes
    its infrastructable crumble.
  • During this time, the dead are seen rising to
    life by the people in Jerusalem.
  • Jesus travels through Hell-there He collects
    those virtuous figures from Old Testament and
    brings them to heaven.
  • This travel Hell is seen as a symbol of His
    Divine Power.

Minos 10/21/2011
  • The older Minos, son of Zeus and Europa, was
    known-because of his wisdom and the admired laws
    of his kingdom-as the "favorite of the gods"
  • This reputation earned him the office-following
    his death-of supreme judge of the underworld.
  • In The Inferno, Minos is the judge of Hell-he
    listens to the stories of the Damned and decides
    which Circle Of Hell they go to. He wraps his
    tail around himself to the corresponding Circle
    of sin.

Pathetic Fallacy 10/21/2011
  • The literary device PATHETIC FALLACY is the
    poetic practice of attributing human emotion or
    responses to nature, inanimate objects, or

Bad Relationship 10/24/2011
  • A time when I witnessed people in a bad
    relationship was when my best friend Randi dated
    this guy who she knew from like last century,
    Paul. He's hilarious but he can be a total
    douchebag. He's not always honest, he hangs out
    with his friends more than her, and he can be
    really mean, even if he doesn't realized it. He
    acts like Randi is more like his guy friend than
    his girlfriend. Randi noticed that but she
    doesn't overreact to that. She does sometimes
    complain to me about Paul and his douchebaggery.
    It might not seem like a bad relationship from
    other's views but it seems pretty bad to me. Paul
    mostly only treat Randi as a friend. His friends
    constantly interfered but they like her though.
    Randi stayed with Paul because he has good

Signs Of A Bad Romance 10/24/2011
  • Rebound relationship
  • Communicating on the computer.
  • Mayor of Friendsville friends wanting more
  • Unnecessary anger
  • No trust
  • Dating somebody for looks
  • Other people meddling.
  • Friends getting involved because of jealous.
  • Overprotective/clingy
  • Hit and run
  • Two different lanes in life
  • Substance abuse
  • Jealousy because of insecurity
  • Control

Songs Bad Romance- 10/25/2011
  • Adele-"Someone Like You"
  • Friends wanting more Adele call the guy she
    loved her old friend and say why he was too shy
    to ask her out.
  • Two different lanes in life Adela said that she
    will move on but she'll find somebody like her
  • Lady Gaga-"Bad Romance"
  • Rebound relationships Lady Gaga mentioned the
    guy's and his lover's revenge and she knows it's
    a wrongful relationship.
  • Friends wanting more Lady Gaga said many times
    that she doesn't want to be friends.

Epitaph 10/27/2011
  • An epitaph is an inscription on a tomb or grave.
    It is for to remember the memories of the one who
    died and was buried there.
  • Famous epitaph in history   
  •      Workers of all lands unite. The philosophers
    have only interpreted the world in various ways
    the point is to change it. 
  • -Karl Marx

Addiction 11/1/2011
  • People get addicted because
  • Escape from reality
  • Depression
  • Abuse in past
  • Feels good
  • Relief of stress
  • Habit
  • 2.  Self-Medication
  • 3.  Enablers- person who encourages destructive

Intervention 11/3/2011
  • Donna
  • Self-Medication- She has emotional/physical pain.
  • Escape From Reality- Her parents used to drink
    alot. She was molested by her step-father and
    lost her virginity to him. She was placed in
    foster care. She lost custody of her daughter
    Justina to her sister Candy.
  • Enabler- Donna's former husband was an alcoholic.
    Her mother feels guilty.

Josh Self-Medication- He has many
emotional pain.   Escape From Reality His
parents drank and fought alot. His parents
divorced. He seperated from his wife. He hadn't
bonded with his mother for 9 years.     Enabler-
His mother Donna is an alcoholic. His grandmother
doesn't do much and lets him live with her.

3rd Circle Of Hell- Gluttony 11/7/2011
  • Sinners Those gluttonous who overly consume food
    and drink or over-indulge in life's vices
  • Punishment They lie in their own waste while a
    freezing rain of feces and excrement fall from
    the sky on them.
  • Contrapasso They are forced to lie like a pig in
    the wasteful consumption of their lives.
  • Dante Speaks with Ciacco, an Italian poet, whose
    name means hog. Ciacco gives Dante a prophecy
    of his future in Florence, showing Dantes
    addiction to knowledge. 
  • Mythological Guard Cerberus, a 3-headed dog,
    guards the gluttonous because it is a gluttonous
    dog who is subdued by food.  

Ciacco's Prophecy 11/7/2011
  • Ciaccos prophecy about the fall of Florence
    reveals that the souls suffering in Hell
  • Can see the future events of the world
  • Can see the past events of the world
  • CANNOT see the present events of the world
  • Souls damned in Hell must look toward
  • A world without them and an eternity of
  • A past of sinful behavior
  • No present b/c they only acted in moment on Earth

Cerberus 11/7/2011
  • Cerberus was a 3-headed dog that guards the
    entrance to Hades to prevent those who crossed
    Styx from escaping
  • Described as loud, huge, and terrifying
  • Has snakes rising from his neck and a dragons
  • In Aeneid, the Sybil feeds him a spiked
    honey-cake that makes him fall asleep
  • Each head sees past, present, and future
  • Hungers for live meat, so no one can leave
  • In The Inferno, Cerberus guards the Gluttonous
    because he is a gluttonous creature.

Last Judgement 11/7/2011
  • According to Catholic Mythology
  • Last Judgment is when God comes down as Christ
    to   judge all human souls and to separate the
    Saved from the Damned
  • Blessed go to Heaven Damned go to Hell
  • When this happens, Purgatory ceases to exist
  • Shown and depicted in many forms of art and
    literature in Medieval Ages and Renaissance.
  •  In The Inferno, Dante asserts that the dead will
    be reunited with their bodies at end of time The
    suffering of the Damned and joy of the Blessed
    will increase because the individual is complete
    and therefore complete and more perfect.

Ethos 11/9/2011
  • Ethos or the ethical appeal, means to convince an
    audience of the author's credibility or
  • An author would use ethos to show to his audience
    that he is a credible source and is worth
    listening to.
  • Ethos is the Greek word for "character". The word
    "ethic" is derived from ethos.
  • Ethos can be developed by choosing language that
    is appropriate for the audience and topic, making
    yourself sound fair or unbiased, introducing your
    expertise or pedigree, and by using correct
    grammer and syntax.
  • The speech by Barack Obama is an example of ethos
    because he convinces the audience that he's not
    perfect but he'll do everything he can to make
    right and be fair and that there will bring
    change if the citizens get involved. He is
    creating an image that he's humble and has
    experience and helpful.

Pathos 11/9/2011
  • Pathos, or the emotional appeal, means to
    persuade an audience by appealing to their
  • Authors use pathos to invoke sympathy, pity or
    anger from an audience to get them to feel what
    the writer feels or prompt action.
  • Pathos is the Greek word for both "suffering" and
    "experience". The word pathetic is derived from
  • Pathos can be developed by using meaningful
    language, emotional tone, emotion evoking
    examples, stories of emotional events, and
    implied meanings.
  • The famous "I Have A Dream" speech by Dr. Martin
    Luther King Jr. is an example of pathos because
    King is showing sympathy and pity towards the
    colored because of they have been through for

Logos 11/9/2011
  • Logos, or the appeal to logic, means to convince
    an audience by use of logic or reason.
  • To use logos would be cite facts and statistics,
    historical and literal analogies, and citing
    certain authorities on a subject.
  • Logos is the Greek for "word" or "That by which
    the inward thought is expressed." The word
    "logic" is derived from logos.
  • Logos can be developed by using advanced
    language, citing facts (very important), using
    historical and literal analogies, and by
    constructing logical arguments.

Plutus 11/15/2011
  • Roman god of the Underworld
  • Name in Latin means wealth, so he is
    personification of riches
  • One of 3 brothers who ruled the environment
  • Neptune (Poseidon) watches the sea
  • Jupiter (Zeus) watches the sky
  • Pluto (Hades) rules the underworld 
  • In The Inferno, Pluto resides over the hoarders
    and wasters of materials and riches

4th Circle Of Hell 11/15/2011
  • Sinners The avaricious who hoard wealth and
    greed and the prodigal who waste their material
  • Punishment In a ring, those who are greedy push
    boulders to those wasters who take boulders back
  • Contrapasso The dance of the greedy and wasteful
    represent the opposite of their sins on Earth
    the greedy are forced to give away possessions
    and the wasteful are forced to receive
  • Mythological Guard Pluto watches those who are
    greedy and wasteful because he is the
    personification of wealth in Greek mythology 
  •      Famous Persons Clergymen such as popes,
    cardinals, priests, etc.

Do Now 11/16/2011
  • To me, money means that it has to be spend
    wisely. Money does not come from trees. If you
    spend money unwisely, chaos will occur and it
    would be lost. Some people I know had financial
    and it broke them apart. I want to have a good
    relationship with money. I don't want to be the
    one splurging and begging for money. But I don't
    want people who are like that. Money isn't that
    great. I spend money on the essentials and
    something in moderation.

Food Shopping
  • Problems
  • Couldn't buy name brands
  • Didn't know what to buy
  • Too many choices
  • Healthy vs Yummy
  • Limited choices online
  • Predict how much you need for the week
  • Products go bad
  • Forgetting what to get
  • Estimation of how much to buy and in relation to
    the budget
  • Things Learned 
  • How to manage money
  • Necessity first, wants later
  • How much to buy
  • Family first

Car Insurance
  • What are they asking for?
  • Marriage status
  • Make/color of color
  • Age
  • Leasing vs Owning
  • Type of car 
  • Deductibles
  • What rises/lowers car insurance?
  • If you are single, your rates are higher
  • If you're married or with kids, your rates lower
  • If you choose red or black, they assume you care
    about car more than driving
  • Leasing- higher rates because you have to return
  • The more you age, the more they assume you drive
  • Newer Models- higher rates
  • Sport Car- higher rates
  • More horsepower (speed)- higher rates
  • Deductible from accident

River Styx 12/19/2011
  • One of the 5 Rivers in Hades, Styx is the River
    of Hate
  • It circles Hades 9 times
  • It was believed the god would swear binding
    oaths by it If they failed on their vow, they
    had to drink from it which cost them their voice
    for 1 year
  • Thought the River Styx had miraculous powers and
    could make someone invincible
  • Was believed that Achilles was dipped into Styx
    as a child except his heel which was held by his
    mom to dip him
  • In The Inferno, the wrathful fight by it and the
    sullen are submerged in it

Phylegyas 12/20/2011
  • His daughter Coronis was one of Apollos lovers
    Coronis had an affair with Ischys and informed
    Apollo of the affair. Apollo sent his sister
    Artemis to kill Coronis
  • Phylegyas was irate and torched an Apollonian
    temple he was consumed by rage/envy and cut off
    his toe and cast it into Hell
  • He is shown in Greek mythology tormented in the
    underworld warning others not to despise the gods
  • In The Inferno, Phylegyas takes Dante/Virgil into
    the City of Dis over the River Styx. His boat
    rides on the River of Hate.

5th Circle Of Hell- Wrathful and Sullen12/20/2011
  • Sinners Those who lived their lives in rage and
    those who lived sad and miserable lives  
  • Punishment Wrathful spend eternity fighting and
    beating on each other, while the sullen are
    damned to the bottom of the River Styx 
  • Contrapasso The angry release their fury on one
    another while the sullen are tortured in a dark,
    gloomy place like their lives.  
  • Mythological Guard Phlegyas takes the angry and
    sullen through the River of Styx on his boat 
  • Dante Speaks  with Filipo Argenti, a political
    enemy of Dante on Earth. Dante calls for his soul
    to be torn apart by the sinners of wrath, showing
    his own knack for wrath

Film Focus 12/20/2011
  • A woman hates an old man because he's a drunk
    wise fool. 
  • A dark-skinned guy with glasses didn't get enough
    cheese on his pizza by the white man.
  • Restaurant's Hall Of Fame only features white,
  • White man in car is racist toward two
    dark-skinned kids who were having fun with fire
    hydrant. White guy tried to have them arrested.
  • Spanish kids hating and being racist towards a
    dark-skinned boy with a boombox because he was
    playing hip-hop music.
  • Dark-skinned boy with glasses gets his shoes get
    dirtied by a white guy so he tries to pick a
    fight with him.
  • Mookie and this white guy's brother are hostile
    towards each other.
  • Three dark-skinned men are being racist towards
    an Asian man owning a shop.
  • Old drunk man's own people don't like him because
    he's a ego drunk.
  • White guys calls dark-skinned people the N word.

Atheism 1/3/2012
  • People give up on God or don't believe in God
  • People say that gods are divine beings but yet
    there are many reasons that are contradictory.
  • Evil still exists in the world.
  • People judges and thinks that God don't care
    about them because they pray and don't get what
    they want.
  • Faith is unreliable when it comes to gaining
  • People behave in an immoral way. 
  • There's no concrete evidence of God's existence.

Heresy Atheism 1/3/2012
  •  Atheism is the denial or disbelief of the
    existence of God or supreme beings or deities.
  • Heresy is the belief or opinion contrary to
    orthodox religious  doctrine. It is a sort of
    misbelief. The Catholic church thinks that people
    who goes against the Bible is commiting heresy.

Heresy 1/3/2012
  • Heresy is implied to be an allegiance with Satan.
  • Heresy started in the 380 AD- the Chruch had no
    state-sponsored support for what they deemed
    "heresy" until the Edict of Thessalonica in 380
    AD, which stated that the occupants of the Roman
    Empire had to obey the word of the bishops as
  • This law led to the death sentence for those the
    Church deemed heresy.

Religion/Science Critical Lens 1/4/2012
  • "If God made us, then our lives have meaning. And
    if God did not make us, then our lives have
  • I don't agree with the quote because I don't know
    what is the true meaning of the second part of
    the quote. If God didn't not make us who we are,
    then how can our life have meaning? God not
    making us but having a meaningful life does not
    make sense.

Story Of Erictho and Virgil 1/5/2012
  • Scene here is mind games between Dante and
  • Dante wonders, "Do you know what you're doing?"
    and Virgil testily responds that he does by
    telling the story of he and Erichto.
  • Shows Dante getting his bearings in Hell-starting
    to talk back to Virgil, not afraid anymore.
  • Story of Erictho and Virgil is one that Dante the
    author makes up. Story is an allusion to the
    mystical powers that medieval scholars though
    Virgil the real poet had
  • In a Roman story, Erictho, a blood thirsty witch,
    calls back the soul of a dead soldier to reveal
    future events in the Roman civil war b/w Pompey
    and Julius Caesar.
  • In The Inferno, Erictho uses Virgil to travel
    into the 9th circle of Hell to retrieve a soul
    for her.

Furies 1/5/2012
  • In Greek Mythology
  • Furies were 3 sisters who were supernatural
    personifications of the anger of the dead
  • Alecto unceasing punishment of moral crimes
  • Megaera grudge of the dead
  • Tisiphone the desire of avenging ones murder
  • In The Inferno, the Furies heads are wreathed
    with serpents and their eyes dripped with blood.
    They guard the entrance into the City of Dis
    along with their sister Medusa

Info on Heresy 1/6/2012
  • Definition a contrary belief or opinion against
    common Church doctrine
  • Dante's Assertion denial of the soul's mortality
  • Medieval heresy included Crusades against
    heretical sects and scientific ideas
  • People were accused of heresy for witchcraft or
    sodomy as well.
  • Idea of heresy comes from the division of Jesus'
    robes by Roman guards after his death.

Burned For Heresy 1/6/2012
  • Giordano Bruno- Not believing in the spiritual
    aspects of Christianity
  • Thomas Cranmer- Said King Edward's words were
    better/purer than God's
  • Francisco de San Roman- First Protestant burned
    at the stake in Spain
  • Michael Servetus- non-Trinitianism

Books/Science Banned for Heresy- 1/6/2012
  • Copernicus/Galileo's idea of sun being center of
    the universe
  • Wycliffe's translation of the Bible
  • Martin Luther's 95 Points Thesis (Pointed out
    corruption in Catholic Church
  • Three Musketeers- One of the characters was a
    preist who slept with women
  • Denial of Truth and Universal Ideas

Spanish Inquisition 1/6/2012
  • Started in 1478 and lasted until 1834 in Spain
  • Used for political and religious usage
  • An attempt to rid Spain of non-Catholic religions
    such as Islam, Judaism, and Protestantism
  • An attempt to purify Spain- Spain was undergoing
    a lot of religious turmoil. The Catholic
    hierarchy attempted to create a Catholic Spain
  • You were forced to convert or would be tortured
    until death or exiled

6th Circle Of Hell-Heresy 1/6/2012
Sinners Those heretics who defy or dont
believe in Gods Will or existence   Punishment
The heretics spend eternity in a tomb of iron
engulfed in flames. The tombs shut forever on
Judgment Day Contrapasso The belief of heresy
results in the death of the soul. Their inability
to believe in the souls immortality results in
their death within a death. The 6th Circle is
literally a cemetery of cults whose beliefs
killed the chances of salvation of its
followers.  Famous People Epicurus a Greek
philosopher whose cult believed in Earthly
happiness   Mythological Guard The 3 Erinyes
guard the gate into the City of Dis
Famous Murderers 1/9/2012
  • The Zodiac Killer
  • Kray Brothers
  • O.J. Simpson
  • Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Casey Anthony
  • Jon Binet Ramsey
  • Susan Smith
  • Charles Manson
  • Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Ted Bundy
  • Black Dahlia
  • Amityville Murders
  • Saddam Houssain, Joseph Stalin

Phlegathon River 1/9/2012
  • In Greek Mythology the River of Flames
  • Described as a stream of fire, which coils
    around the Earth and flows into the depths of
    Tartarus (Hell of Greek Mythology)
  • In The Inferno, the Phlegathon River is
    described as a river of boiling blood where those
    violent against neighbors are forced to boil in

Centaurs 1/9/2012
  • In Greek mythology
  • Centaurs were a race of creatures who were
    part-man, part-horse
  • Centaurs have been seen as caught between both
    natures known for reckless boozing and violence
    AND embodiment of natures beauty
  • Chiron wise, civilized, kind and knowledgeable
    of medicine, so he is leader of Centaurs
  • Dante places the Centaurs as guards of the
    Phlegathon which houses the violent because of
    their bestial nature and violent rage

Euthanasia 1/10/2012
  • "Death with dignity"
  • Legal in a few states, ex. Oregon
  • Switzerland and the Netherlands insists
  • Available to those with terminal illnesses.
  • Patients use medication to go into comas then
  • Over 500 people from Oregon used euthanasia.
  • Some insist people to euthanasia.
  • Patients signs a form to get the medication.
  • Terminally-ill people wanted to die because they
    don't want to be humiliated.

Euthanasia Laws In Oregon/Washington 1/11/2012
  • Voted for the euthanasia law to pass in some of
    the states.
  • Non-voluntary Euthanasia is actually illegal in
    all states but assisted suicide, voluntary
    euthanasia is legal in Oregon, Washington and
  • Need a doctor's prescription to get the
    medication, Seconal to do assisted suicide.
  • A woman, Nancy Niecizielski fulfilled passing the
    euthanasia law in Washington.
  • People petitioned for the euthanasia law to be
  • Cody Curtis, Ray Carnay, Randy Stroup

Counter-claim 1/13/2012
  • A claim that negates or disagrees with the
  • Those who deny euthanasia as a necessary law
    believe life is one worth loving until the end
    however, someone in a bed suffering cannot
    accomplish the value of living...
  • Those who support this think it is an end to
    suffering for family survivors but it is not.
    Death is a grieving process
  • Intro with thesis/claim
  • Reason 1
  • Reason 2
  • Counter-claim
  • Conclusion

Minotaur 1/17/2012
  • In Greek Mythology
  • The Minotaur was a creature part man, part bull
  • When Minos became king of Crete, Poseidon sent a
    snow-white bull as a sign of approval. Instead of
    sacrificing it, Minos kept it for its beauty.
    Angry, Poseidon caused Minos wife Pasiphae to
    fall madly in love with it. Using a wooden cow,
    she mated with the bull and she gave birth to the
    Minotaur a monster half-bull, half-man
  • Embarrassed, Minos constructed an elaborate
    labyrinth to hold it
  • Dante places the Minotaur as the guard of those
    violent against neighbors because his bestial
    nature reflects upon the violence that men impose
    on one another

7th Circle Of Hell Outer Ring- Violence Against
Neighbors 1/17/2012
  • Sinners Those who willingly perpetuate acts of
    violence against others  
  • Punishment Those whom are violent boil in the
    River of Blood Phlegathon. The depths of
    boiling blood they stand in reflect the amount of
    blood they shed on Earth. If they try to escape,
    centaurs shoot arrows at them.  
  • Contrapasso They are forced to wallow in the
    blood they spilled on Earth 
  • Famous People Tyrants like Alexander the Great,
    assassins, and highway men who murder  
  • Mythological Guards The Minotaur and the
    Centaurs guard those violent against neighbors
    because their bestiality reflects the animalistic
    nature of violence

Harpies 1/17/2012
  • The Harpies were foul creatures with the head of
    a woman and body of a bird
  • Known for constantly stealing the food of
    others, the word Harpy literally means that
    which snatches
  • In The Inferno, the Harpies are perched on top
    of the trees of Suicides. They feast on their
    leaves and branches thus giving more pain to the
    Damned of Suicide

Violence Against God and Nature 1//18/2012
  • 1) Blasphemy- to speak out or curse God (Violence
    against    God)
  • 2) Violence Against Nature- Sex between man and
    woman homosexuals pedophiles defies it
  • 3) Usury- Lending of money with an interest rate
    (Violence against the economy)

7th Circle Of Hell- Inner Ring Violence Against
God Nature1/18/2012
  • Sinners Those who commit acts of violence
    against God himself and Nature  
  • Punishment The souls whom are violent towards
    God and Nature are punished on the Sands of Fire,
    a beach where sinners endure flaming sands and
    flakes of fire falling upon them. The blasphemers
    lie on the sand, the usurers (violence against
    money) sit, and the sodomites (homosexuals)
    wander about in groups.  
  • Contrapasso The barrenness of the desert
    represents the uselessness of challenging God
    he will respond with vengeance -- the flames of
    fire from the sky are a symbol of his wrath.  
  • Mythological Character  Capaneus, struck by
    Zeus with lightning mid-sentence of a blasphemous
  • Dante Speaks with his mentor, a homosexual,
    showing how Dante recognizes that even his
    friends are in Hell.

I Died And Went To Hell
  • Write a 500 word story in which you have died and
    you must tell Minos your sinful life story.
    Include clear evidence that supports what circle
    of Hell you would end up. The story should end
    with you in the appropriate circle of Hell for
    your sins.

Malebolge 1- Do Now
  • Flattery is excessive, insincere praise, to
    seduce, to win over, attract, to persuade.
  • The times I flattered someone was when I
    flattered my mom with my report card. 

Famous Pimps
  • Pimps
  • Hugh Hefner
  • Dennis Hof
  • Sally Stanford
  • Heidi Fleiss
  • Bobby Davis
  • Katt Williams
  • Jason Of Argonauts
  • Venedico Caccianemico.

  • Boniface is the 1st public enemy of Dante. He had
    Dante exiled from Florence. By placing Boniface
    in hell, Dante gets his revenge. Dante mainly
    wrote the Inferno because of him.

Malebolge 3-Simony
  • Sinners Those that have been accused of Simony,
    sold God's words for money and gold/silver.
  • Punishment The souls are put in pits with their
    entire upper body covered with their feet
    dangling, left to endure the flames that burn at
    the soles. The redder the flames, the more you
    sold yourself.
  • Contrapasso It fits the crime as the hotter the
    flames, the intense your wrong doing. 
  • Famous People Pope Nicholas, Pope Boniface

Do Now- Malebolge 4
  • I have never thought magic made my life good or
    bad. I do kinda believe in magic. Also I read

Malebolge 4 Magicians, Sorcerers, and
Astronomer- 2/2/2012
  • Famous Magicians/Sorcerers/Astronomer
  • Harry Houdini
  • David Copperfield
  • Siegfried and Roy
  • Harry Potter
  • Nicolaus Copernicus
  • Tycho Brahe
  • Galileo Galilei
  • Isaac Newton
  • Edmond Halley 
  • Nostradamus 
  • Criss Angel
  • David Blaine

Malebolge 4- Vocabulary/Notes
  • Sorcery The use of magic gained from the
    assistance or control of evil spirits
  • Prophecy prediction of what will happen in the
  • Sinners- People who practiced magic or sorcery
    and claim to predict the future
  • Punishment- Head turned around, walk in a
    circular valley, crying for eternity
  • Contrapasso- Symbolizes that they can not attempt
    to predict the future

Malebolge 5
  • Extortion the act of violence
  • Blackmail Any payments by threat
  • Malabranche evil claws
  • Do Now Have you ever blackmailed someone?
  • I can't remember a time I blackmailed someone but
    I know I did and I got food in return.

Malebolge 5- Corrupt Politicians
  • Sinners- Corrupt Politicians that made dirty or
    dishonered deals with people without letting the
    public know.
  • Punishment- The people were dunked in a boiling
    lake of tar that was sticky and hot.
  • Contrapasso- The tar is like the sticky deals
    that they made in their life or their sticky
    fingers and the blackness or the darkness of the
    tar was to repesent the darkness of their deals.

Do Now- Malebolge 6- Hypocrites
  • A hypocrite is a person who goes back against
    their words/promises, to have virtues, moral or
    religious beliefs or certain principles that
    he/she does not represent or actually possess.
  • If I was Dante, the type of punishment that I
    would give to the hypocrites will be taping their
    mouth shut or zipping it up or be mouth-less.
  • Blasphemy is impious utterance or action
    concerning God or sacred thing the act of
    insulting or showing contempt or lack of
    reverence for God

  • Caiaphas was a Roman high Jewish priest. He
    arrested Jesus Christ trialed him for a hearing.
    He wanted Jesus to die for the people. He
    condemned Jesus of blasphemy. Jesus was the son
    of God which makes Caiaphas hypocritical and

  • Sinners Those who committed the sin of hypocrisy
    by pretending or practicing or preaching certain
    principles you do not have or feel
  • Punishment Forces to walk around in a circular
    valley wearing heavy robes with lead on the
    inside, gold on outside.
  • Contrapasso Telling lies to make themselves
    sound good and appear to be nice, while inside,
    they have the weight of the lies on them.
  • Famous Person Caiaphas

Malebolge 7- Thieves
  • Name a thief that would go to the 8th Circle Of
  • Bonnie Clyde, Robin Hood, Jesse James, Bernie
    Madoff, John Dillinger
  • Do you think thieves should go to hell? Why or
    why not?
  • Thieves should go to Hell because for taking what
    isn't there.

Thieves- Cacus
  • He used to make his neighbor's great herd his
  • Committed various robberies
  • Pre-Roman god of fire, became a fire breathing
    demon in Inferno
  • Lived in cave
  • Centaur
  • Stole from Hercules

  • Sinners- people who steals from others 
  • Punishment- Vengeful reptiles tortures the
    thieves endlessly, Fire is being thrown at them
    and their remaining of their body is used to form
  • Contrapasso- Creatures steal their bodies.

Evil Counselors- Malebolge 8
  • DO NOW
  • Rhetoric undue use of exaggeration or display
  • Bad Advice giving help that isn't useful at all

Ulysses and Diomede
  • Ulysses and Diomede, the Greek heroes are
    punished for being evil counselors. Because of
    their plot to deceive the Trojans with the wooden
    horse in which they hid until they were in the
    fortress, they opened the gates to their army
    which destroyed the city. They also had Achilles
    abandon Deidamia to join the Trojan campaign
    Ulysses and Diomede stole from the Paladaium.

Guido da Montefeltro
  • Ghibelline leader who persuaded Pope Boniface
    VIII to use treachery to gain the fortress of
  • Unlike Ulysses, made an attempt to change his
    devious ways when he retired from his active
    warrior life to become a Franciscan friar.

Malebolge 8- Evil Counselors
  • Sinners- People who persuade/mislead people to do
    bad things/make bad decisions with their words
  • Punishment- Engulfed in a flame and cannot speak
    louder than a barely audible whisper
  • Contrapasso- They abused their gifts and went
    hiding so they are hidden within the flames.
    Their advice backfires and burned people so now
    they burn as a flame in Hell.
  • Famous People- Ulysses and Diomede

Do Now- Malebolge 10- Great Falsifiers
  • Describe a time you told a lie that resulted or
    escalated into a big situation.
  •       There was a lot of times when I told lies
    that backfired big time, but that's private.
  • Explain what the song is playing.

Vcoabulary- Great Falsifiers
  • Alchemist- falsifiers of metal
  • Impersonators- falsifiers of people
  • Counterfeits- falsifiers of money, coins, goods
  • Liars/Perjurers- falsifiers of words

Level Of Falsifiers
  • 1st Level- Alchemists infected with leprosy. an
    abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin
  • 2nd Level- Impersonators they are angry
  • 3rd Level- Counterfeits infected with dropsy,
    causes permanent damage to the skin, nerves,
    limbs and eyes
  • 4th Level- Liars have fevers

10th Ditch- Great Falsifiers
Sinners- Alchemists, Liars, Impersonators,
Counterfeit Punishment- The sinners have scars
that itches. They are forced to itch it for
eternity. They suffer hideous diseases from
it. Contrapasso- The sinners are forced to have
this punishment because they are covered in lies
and try to change their appearances.
Circle 9- Betrayal Do Now
  • In over 100 words, talk about a time you betrayed
    someone or when someone betrayed you.
  • There was a bunch of times when I betrayed
    someone like my parents and many times when I was
    betrayed by people like my 6th-7th grade friends.
    Those are personal though.

Betrayal Definitions
  • Betrayal- the act of being false or disloyal to
    someone you had established a close relationship
  • Antenora- traitors to the country and political
  • Ptolemy- traitors to guests

Rounds Of Betrayal
  • Round 1- Caina, traitors to kindred lay on the
    ice on their faces
  • Round 2- Antenora, betrayal to homeland
  • Round 3- Ptolomea, traitors to guests are covered
    in ice except for face
  • Round 4- Judeacca, traitors to their lord
    completely covered in ice
  • In the very center of Judecca is the frozen

Betrayal- 9th Circle
  • Sinners- Those sinners who sever a special bond,
    love or friendship for their own personal gain.
    These betrayers includes treacherous acts towards
    kinsmen, guests, countrymen
  • or lords
  • Punishment- Engulfed in the icy realm frozen in
    ice and raining ice.
  • Contrapasso- When you betray others, you only
    have cold thoughts and you are cold-hearted.
  • Famous People- Bocca

Satan And The Area Of Judecca- Do Now
  • As we may all know its Satan who corrupts our
    mind and makes us do bad things like sin. Talk
    about one time Satan got into your head and made
    you commit a sin or made you do something bad.
  • I'm not sure that Satan is in my head and made me
    commit a sin or made me something. There was a
    lot of times I committed a sin. I'm going to Hell
    for sure for committing all seven sins. They're
    all personal but there was a time I drunk sip of
    nasty beer after hesitating.

Satan Definitions
  • Traitors to Masters- Judecca is where Satan is
    munching on Judas, Cassius and Brutus. The
    Judecca is named for Judas Iscariot who betrayed
  • Also includes Cassius and Brutus who betrayed
    their once friend, Julius Caesar, when they
    decided to assassinate him.

Satan Mini-Lesson
  • Antichrist
  •  He is the opposition towards Christ and God
    himself. He comes and claims as Christ and
    everything that he stands for. He wants to
    replace Christ with himself and is driven by not
    love as he claims but by hatred.
  • Apocalypse
  • The apocalypse is the end of the world, Judgement
    Day. Christ enters Heaven and Hell and reunites
    all the souls with their body. Those who are in
    Heaven feel more happiness and those who are in
    Hell feel more pain.