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Title: The RAMS Reporter

M. Agnes Jones Elementary School
Atlanta Public Schools
The RAMS Reporter
School Reform Team 1
Spring Edition
March 11, 2011
Linking the School, Home and Community
Continuing the Pursuit of Excellence
Spring Testing Is Upon Us - Dont Succumb to
Test Anxiety By Melanie Johnson, Leadership
Support Specialist
Our Principal Speaks
The days are getting longer, the weather is
warming up and flowers are beginning to bloom.
The signs of spring are all around us! Spring
brings new life but it can also prove to be an
anxious time for students as it signals the start
of testing season. We want students to
understand the importance of working hard and
trying their best but we do not want them to be
stressed!   These strategies can help with test
taking anxiety Develop good study habits. One
of the best ways to handle test taking anxiety is
through proper preparation. Besides preparing you
for the questions on a test, practice will also
build your confidence, which will decrease
anxiety. Be prepared. If youre completely
prepared for a test to the point of being
familiar with any question that could be asked,
anxiety will dramatically decrease. There is
little reason to experience anxiety for a test
you didnt study for. Get adequate exercise.
Exercise relieves stress and increases mental
function. It can also increase energy. Get plenty
of sleep. Not only is receiving adequate sleep
necessary for good health, it is also a way to
decrease anxiety. This is why it is recommend to
get enough sleep the night prior to a test. If
you do not get enough sleep prior to a test, you
will be fatigued and more anxious. Get plenty to
eat. Never take a test if youre hungry. You need
the nutrients necessary for proper brain function
and physical energy. Although many neglect to eat
prior to a test because they dont want to take
time away from last minute studying, it will
increase test taking anxiety. Stay positive. Do
not be overly pessimistic. Remain positive and
concentrate on doing well on the test. If you
dwell on negative thoughts, it will increase
anxiety and make it more difficult to
perform. Stay relaxed. Be sure to relax before
taking a test. If you are struggling to relax,
take deep breaths.
Heart to Heart
Dear Parents, Thank you for the opportunity to
have open conversations during the Principals
Fireside Chat/Heart to-Heart event. Your
willingness to become involved in making Jones a
school that educates the whole child is
commendable. I look forward to seeing even more
parents next year and hearing your voice in
shaping M. Agnes Jones into a highly competitive
and cutting edge school for all students. As you
know, we are quickly approaching the Georgia
Criterion Referenced Competency Test (GCRCT)
administration period. We need your help in
reinforcing the importance of reading lengthy
passages, solving real world math problems, and
researching science and social studies, grade
level specific, topics (see I
am convinced that if we become committed partners
in educating OUR students, they will make
tremendous academic and social gains. I look
forward to hearing from you! Your committed
MAJ Math Masquerade
By Tyrone Hankerson, Math and Science Coach
Making A Difference at MAJ! Georgia-Pacific
continues to be an important part of our school
and community. This year, approximately 133
employees from throughout the company volunteer,
mentor and tutor at our school. Students eagerly
await their Buddies each day
with assignments in hand for extra
support. Our Buddies come prepared to
teach and mentor our 3rd 5th grade
students. Our
partnership activities for this year include our
annual trip to the Governors
mansion, new computers for the
perfect attendance incentive (6), Job
Shadowing at GP, and many, many more!
Georgia-Pacific also provides the school with a
full- time, on-site technology person
to support the school in their daily
computer needs as well as
publications and communication. GP has been a
part of the MAJ family for many years
and many more to come!
The Second Annual MAJ Math Masquerade was held on
February 24, 2011. The Math Masquerade was an
opportunity for parents and students to explore a
variety of fun math activities on each grade
level. The Math Masquerade started with grade
level math sessions. The classroom sessions
provided an opportunity for teachers to model
strategies that parents can use at home to assist
their child with math. Mrs. Howard, our school
counselor, provided an overview of the CRCT and
attendees were given an opportunity to view the
types of questions that students are exposed to
on the CRCT. After the CRCT information session,
the Math Masquerade commenced.
  When parents and students
entered the building they were given beads which
added to the festive atmosphere. A variety of
math stations from all grade levels were set up
in the gymnasium for students to discover and
explore. The math stations include activities
such as Skittles Math, Measure Up, and
Tantalizing Tangrams and Backdoor Multiplication.
There were also interactive games such as Fifth
Grade Jeopardy and Are You Smarter than a Third
Grader?   After visiting the math stations and
exploring rigorous math activities, the staff at
M.A. Jones were offered A Taste of New Orleans
which provided the opportunity to sample
authentic New Orleans cuisine.   The MAJ Math
Masquerade was truly a wonderful informative
educational experience. I hope to see everyone
at the next MAJ Math Masquerade.  
The Cascade-Buckhead Links, Inc.
The Links have developed year long self-
enhancement and service learning projects with
our school. Students meet monthly to
discuss and take part in such activities as
self-esteem building, public speaking and
participate in service learning projects. Our
major projects this year is continuing our work
with our adopted school in Haiti and implementing
United Nations day. MAJ students look forward to
working and learning with these extraordinary
Dogwood City Chapter Links, Inc. The Dogwood
Chapter of the Links, Inc. continue to share
their energy, resources and commitment as they
serve as catalysts for positive change at Jones.
We are happy to have them join our efforts to
curb childhood obesity through project Walking
Fete, the Keep It Moving Project, and our new
breast cancer awareness initiative.
Community Churches Support School Friendship
Baptist, Warren Memorial United Methodist and
Shiloh Baptist continue to support Jones. They
provide uniforms, tutoring, supplies and
chaperones for trips. We are pleased to have
these wonderful supporters for our students.
Making Masks for the Math Masquerade
MAJ Remembers our History By Louis Childers,
School Social Worker
The Black History Museum at M. Agnes Jones
presents an exciting, wonderful and valuable
opportunity for us to keep Black history alive
every day. It provides a place for staff,
students and parents to see our history come
alive and unfold in front of our eyes. The MAJ
Black History Museum will feature various themes,
arts and crafts, music   sports, military, and
education. The M. Agnes Jones Black History
Museum will also provide us with a most exciting
forum to share with others our Genealogy, our
Ancestral Beginnings.    Dr. Larry Spruill a
leading historian and professor led a lecture
with the following introduction, ancestors are
real people, everyone has ancestors our
ancestors were Africans. Ancestors and elders
possess genealogical and cultural memory which
must be excavated and preserved.When I was asked
to contribute to the MAJ Black History Museum I
was excited and I felt like this was another
opportunity for me to share my treasure of
Black history artifacts. But more than my
sharing, the museum will give us all the
opportunity to share something about ourselves
and our history. The MAJ Black History Museum is
a dream come true for all of us. Our students
will have the chance to see and appreciate all
that is good and positive about who they are and
what they can become.
By Francine Stowe-Sinkler, Art Teacher
The Math Masquerade began before the night of
Mardi Gras, with the students using shapes and
colors to create their own original masks. Fifth
graders developed masks while exploring the use
of symmetry in art. The other grade levels used
the mathematical concepts of shapes and patterns
to develop their own original masks. The masks
were created in the original colors of Mardi
Gras green representing faith, purple
representing justice, and gold/yellow
representing power. The important relationship
between math and art was emphasized in this
activity, re-enforcing the math lessons of the
classroom and encouraging the students to
participate in the Masquerade on February 24th.
Communities in Schools Sponsors Programs at
MAJ!?? By Michael Thomas, CIS Coordinator
Spelman Afterschool Mini Mentor Program The
Spelman College Residence Hall Association is an
on-campus organization that fosters growth,
leadership, and unity for all of its residents
and surrounding communities. The CLC members of
Abby Hall participated in a mini mentor program
that allowed the residents to interact and engage
with the children of M. Agnes Jones Elementary
School. This was a two day program that included
a range of activities such as board games, arts
and crafts, and fingernail painting.  Project
Pay it Forward  This project was an extension of
Project Pay it Forward which was a one-day
destination project to impact the community in
order to foster lasting relationships. M. Agnes
Jones Elementary School worked with the Spelman
Bonners to present art paintings and projects to
the members of the New Horizons Neighborhood
Senior Center. The target populations were 20
senior citizens, and 20 elementary school-aged
students. The students were 4th and 5th graders,
10 boys and 10 girls. This project served as a
bridge between the two generations, who live in
the same community, but do not interact with each
The words, "Mardi Gras", is in the French
language. Broken down, the words are, "Mardi",
French for "Tuesday". "Gras", in French, means
"Fat". In translating French to English, the last
word spoken should be, (more or less) the first
word translated. Therefore following this loose
rule, the translation comes to mean, "Fat
Media News By Gigi Miller Media Specialist
Success for All Implementation visits By Alicia
Walton, Reading and Social Studies Coach
M. Agnes Jones has a lively media center where
the focus is on reading, research and Accelerated
Reader. The students of MAJ have been doing a
wonderful job at reading. I think we have some
record numbers for AR points and books being
checked out. Thank you for encouraging them to
read. Reading can help with comprehension,
vocabulary, and writing skills which will help
them in every avenue for the rest of their
lives.   Highlights Princess Read-A-Thon- On
February 25, 2011 the MAJ media committee hosted
an overnight event, The Princess Read-A-Thon. The
purpose of the Princess Read-A-Thon was to help
our students discover all the joys of reading and
to realize books can be a constant source of
pleasure. The young ladies had a fantastic time!
Yes, it was incredible to witness these young
inquisitive minds grab hold of new people, places
and ideas that books bring. Readi
ng Is Fundamental-Im proud to announce that M.
Agnes Jones has received funding from Reading Is
Fundamental (RIF) which is the largest nonprofit
in the United States. RIF provides new, free
books for children to choose from and make their
own. Students will receive a minimum of three
free books to build their home libraries. The
seeds of inspiration in these books have
motivated children to follow their dreams and
achieve their potential. Six Fags Read to
Succeed- Read to Succeed is a free educational
program sponsored by Six Flags to inspire kids in
grades K through 6 to engage in recreational
reading. Students who complete six hours of
recreational, non-school related reading are
eligible to earn a free admissions ticket to a
participating Six Flags theme park. Also,
parents are a key component of Read to Succeed,
as they can encourage their students to read
Visits from the SFA Consultants support and
celebrate our teachers with their implementation
of the Success for ALL Reading Program. Our
teachers work tremendously hard to ensure that
optimal learning experiences are evident and
impact student success. KinderCorner Learning
Labs---During our KinderCorner Visit, the
kindergartens were engaged in a variety of
creative art activities, exploring and
reinforcing Reading and Writing Skills with
Science, Math and Social Studies theme-based
integration. Reading Roots Fluency----During our
Roots Visit, partner readers were exhibiting
fluency as they read with expression and
smoothness and helped each other decode
words. Reading Wings Rubrics---2nd 6th Grade
ReadersDuring our Wings visit, students were
engaged in rich discussion, utilizing the rubrics
to substantiate their comprehension.
We continuously refine our
instruction through Professional Learning
Communities, where we strengthen our teaching
craft from one another. A special thanks to all
of our volunteers who have invested their time
and energy in supporting the needs of our
We have technology and Spanish classes for our
parents at MAJ?
Classroom News
Update from the Kinderkids By, The Kindergarten
Contd   Students are beginning to understand the
kindergarten skills and knowledge. They are truly
blossoming and making wonderful progress!
Parents, thank you for partnering with us in
laying the foundation for your childs future
success in school!!
In this issue, the Kindergarten Team would like
to give you an update on what our Kinderkids are
learning, as we work hard to prepare them for
first grade! Lets go subject by
subject   Reading At this point in the year,
almost all of our students have become emerging
readers. They know their letter sounds and they
are improving in their ability to blend these
sounds together to read words. We are currently
reading book 12, The Jumping Sack. Please
remember to read with your child for 20 minutes
nightly. By the end of the week, your child
should be able to read the weekly KinderRoots
book to you with confidence. In addition, the
children should be able to answer the
comprehension questions in the back of the book
correctly. Please encourage your child to read,
read, and read some more books, words in the
newspaper, magazines, billboards, road signs,
anything they see or can get their hands
on!   Writing Almost all of our kindergarten
students can write their name in addition to all
upper-case and lower-case letters of the
alphabet. Furthermore, the children are growing
in their ability to write their very own stories
using inventive spellings, sight words, and words
they see around the classroom. We highly
recommend the use of a home writing journal to
help improve overall writing ability. First, ask
your child to think of a topic or story theyd
like to write about. Then, have your child draw
a picture/illustration showing what happened in
the story. Finally, ask your child to write a
few sentences to go with the picture. By the end
of the year, we would love to see students
writing short stories with a simple beginning,
middle, and end progression. Math
The children recently spent three weeks
learning about coins and their values.
Specifically, our children are required to know
the name and value of the penny, nickel, dime,
and quarter. In addition, they learned how to
count sets of pennies, sets of nickels, and sets
of dimes. Finally, we taught the students about
how to make fair trades with coins (5 pennies for
a nickel, 10 pennies for a dime, 5 nickels for a
quarter, etc). Money is a challenging concept
for our kids, so please practice with them at
home. Simply let them explore change that you
have around the house and ask them to identify
the various coins and let them practice counting
coins. You could set up a home store in which
you let your child buy items with small amounts
of change. Our next unit in math focuses on
addition and subtraction!
Just What the Doctor Ordered By, The First Grade
The First Grade has been given a prescription by
the doctor. He has given us a plan for success
to help us finish out the year. What is the plan
you ask? Well lets review the plan as given to
us by Dr. Knowledge. The first step of the plan
is to pay attention in class. We have been
working hard and making progress this must mean
we are focused on being good listeners, and yes
paying attention in class to gain all of the
first grade knowledge. This step has helped us
build our fluency and comprehension. Many of us
can now use text from a story to help us answer
questions about the story. This shows we
understand what we have read.  
The second step in the plan is to get a good
nights rest. We are coming in bright eyed and
ready for the day. No time for rest and certainly
no time for play unless we are doing it while we
are learning how to make fair trades in 10 Land
using cubes for our ones column, longs for our
tens column, and flats for our hundreds column.
We also play fair trades with money, learning
that a nickel can be traded for five pennies, and
a dime can be traded for two nickels or one
nickel and five pennies. But there are so many
more trades we can make.   The third part of
the plan is to eat a healthy breakfast and make
good food choices when we eat our meals. First
grades visitor in January, Dr. Knowledge, gave
us the initial prescription and encouraged us to
eat a healthy breakfast every morning. Our
teachers and administration team also encourage
us to eat breakfast when we get to school. Our
cafeteria employees prepare scrumptious healthy
meals to help our brains think better and to get
us through the day. We also had Kaiser
Educational Theatre introduce us to the food
pyramid and choices we can make that will help
keep us healthy and strong.  
Classroom News
First Grade - Contd The fourth step definitely
includes doing our homework. First grade is doing
a great job bringing in our Read and Response
forms, completing our clock projects in math and
finishing up our heroes projects on George
Washington Carver, Harriet Tubman, Thomas
Jefferson, and Lewis and Clark, just to name a
few.   Step five in our plan for success is
listening to our teachers. We are doing just
that! Mr. Gale, Mrs. Moon, Mrs. Freeland, Mrs.
Logan, Ms. Jacob, Mrs. Roberts and Ms.Sanford all
encourage us to try our best, stay focused and
think questions through before we answer. This
will also add to our success on tests. If we
continue to follow the plan that was given to us
by Dr. Knowledge first grade will certainly have
success on our end of the year exams and be
outstanding second graders in the upcoming school
year. The plan is good and it is just what the
doctor ordered.
Third Grade Celebrates African American
History By, The Third Grade Team
During the month of February, students connected
Black History to third grade content by doing
outside research on Frederick Douglass, Mary
McLeod Bethune, and Thurgood Marshall. They
worked on their research skills as they studied
these famous African Americans. Students
researched facts about these African American
heroes' lives and what impact they've made on
American rights. They were able to choose their
own way of presenting what they learned to their
class, whether it was a poster, mobile, a diorama
or more. Next up, students will pick a different
American hero from the third grade curriculum to
research and present to their classes.
We're in the final months before the CRCT.
CRCT prep is being infused into their classes and
tutorials. At home, students can practice on
Study Island and GOAS. Additional resources,
including a parent brochure and study guide for
each grade, can be found at the Georgia
Department of Education website. Students will be
given a copy of the Third Grade Study Guide. They
can use this guide to practice and study at home.
Make sure that your student gets plenty of sleep
during the week of the CRCT and gets to school
early so that they have plenty of time for
breakfast before taking the test. If you have any
questions or want more tips, be sure to ask your
childs teacher!
Whats new in grade two? By The Second Grade Team
During our last issue Mrs. Walkers class was
leading second grade in First in Math stickers.
This team continues to be ON FIRE leading the
grade level with thirteen thousand, one hundred,
twenty two stickers. In other news around
second grade, students are learning how to
regroup while adding and subtracting. Second
graders have stepped up to the plate using base
ten blocks as a source of mastering this
concept! Science skills are becoming
ELECTRIFYING! Students are learning about energy
and how it works. Second grade scientists have
conducted several experiments about energy
specifically about light. Students were excited
to see how light reflects off objects such as
mirrors.   Great things are
happening everyday in second grade! Nothing can
stand in the way of these students as they reach
their goal of transitioning to third grade!
Dont miss the next issue of Whats New in
Second Grade? as students showcase their
accomplishments during this school year!
Classroom News
News from the Fantastic Fourth Grade By The
Fourth Grade Team
Contd Kamryn Roland from Mrs. Hills homeroom
is leading the 4th graders in Accelerated Reader
(AR) points. They are reading books and taking
quizzes on what they've read.  How many points
does your 4th grader have?   Please be on the
lookout for an upcoming 4th grade parent meeting
to be held in March. The date and time will be
The Fantastic 4th Graders are moving at a fast
pace, and they're heading towards the upcoming
CRCT!! Currently, they are learning all sorts of
new methods and ways to multiply and divide. 
Ever heard of the lattice method or backdoor
multiplication?  Ask your 4th grader to show
you.  Those are just two of the ways in which 4th
graders are solving complex multiplication
problems. They are also being introduced to
traditional multiplication and division methods.
Ask your child which method they prefer. Students
in 4th grade are also learning about fractions,
decimals, and place value in the hundredths and
thousandths places. This would be an excellent
opportunity for you to expose your child to
adding and subtracting monetary amounts using
decimals points.     In science students have
been learning about light, sound, simple
machines, and forces.  In social studies,
students have been learning about our government
and how America's early government was formed. 
We've been reading stories about space, the old
west, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in reading
classes.   After school tutoring continues on
Wednesdays and students are moving along. 
Parents, please help your students at home
memorize their multiplication facts, regrouping
across zeros and place value concepts.  Numerous
notes have gone home asking for support.  They
will continue to struggle in 4th (and soon to be
5th grade math) if they haven't mastered skills
they should have entered 4th grade knowing.  Help
your child help themselves.   Fourth Grade
buddies had an opportunity to shadow their GP
buddies on Ground Hog Day and got to experience
life in the business world for the morning. 
Several 4th graders were chosen to go on a field
trip to a Duke Ellington Performance based
on their excellent behavior. Fourt
h Graders continue to lead the school in First in
Math stickers.  Students need to "play" and
practice on at least once a
week.  If you don't have a computer at home,
please take your child to the library at least
once a week to practice. The Math Masquerade was
a huge success last week. Many parents came out
to support the students and the math programs
here at Jones.  
Fifth Grade Survivor News!
by, The Fifth Grade Team  
The fifth grade team has been working hard to
prepare your children for the upcoming CRCT.
Students who have been identified as approaching
the standards for math are receiving extra
tutoring during the school day to assure their
success on the CRCT for math. We encourage
parents to send their child to Wednesdays
tutorial and all of the other tutorial services
provided for the students at M. Agnes
Jones.   Math News This quarter, students have
been learning about adding and subtracting
fractions with unlike denominators, finding the
area of regular and irregular polygons,
calculating the circumference of a circle, and
finding the area of a circle. The standards for
5th grade math are rigorous and we ask that you
have your child master his or her multiplication
facts from 0 to 13 as these are the basic skills
needed to perform mathematical problems
successfully.   Reading As you are aware,
students are to read at least twenty minutes per
night. This is critical as students will be
faced with the challenge of reading long passages
on the CRCT reading test and will be required to
answer approximately fifty questions within a
sixty to ninety minute block. The Fifth grade
team has created weekly reading log packets to
assure that all students have access to reading
materials. These packets must be completed
nightly and turned in at the end of each week.
We also encourage you to allow your child to read
a variety of text such as magazines, news
articles, poetry, novels, etc Students should
be well rounded readers. Also this quarter, we
are launching the Six Flags Read to Succeed
program. All students are eligible to
participate. Students can win a free Six Flags
ticket at the end of the school year if they log
six hours of reading beyond their regular twenty
minutes a night commitment. Student log sheets
have been distributed to students. All logs must
be completed and signed by a parent or guardian
and turned in by March 4, 2011.   Social Studies
This quarter students have been learning about
the Westward Expansion, World War I, The Great
Depression, World War II and the Holocaust. Be
prepared to see your child coming home with
projects highlighting these time periods.
  Science Students are having a fantastic time
learning about plant and animal cells! They are
serious scientists investigating, comparing and
contrasting different types of cells with
microscopes. We are also learning about the
benefits and harmfulness of microorganisms. King
Phillip Came Over For Good Spaghetti! Ask your
students what that means! They should be able to
recite to you the seven levels of classification
and explain how scientists classify all living
organisms. Be on the look out for students
raiding old photo albums as we will be delving
into heredity and DNA! .
School Calendar
April April April April April April April
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2
3 4 Spring Break 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 Culminating CADRE Activity 100pm 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 CRCT Begins April 19-29 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 CRCT Final Day 30
May May May May May May May
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 9 10 GP Buddy Appreciation Day 11 Whats in a Lunch? Assembly Group A -115 Group B- 150 12 13 FIELD DAY! 14
15 16 17 18 19 MAJ Awards Day 1st 2nd 930 3rd 4th 1100 20 Asthma Workshop 3 Shows Pre-K, 1-2, 3-5 21
22 23 Pre-K Promotional Ceremony 3pm Kindergarten Promotional Ceremony 9am 24 5th Promotional Exercise 9am Last Day of School 25 26 27 28
29 30 31
Creating Assemblage Art Saving the
Environment By Francine Stowe-Sinkler Art
Give Peas a Chance By Lance Irvin Physical
Education Teacher
April 22nd is Earth Day! The first Earth Day was
in 1970, created by Senator Nelson of Wisconsin.
He wanted to bring awareness to the damage that
contemporary society was doing to earth and its
resources. Today, it has become a day of honoring
the earth and preserving its resources. One
significant way of preserving the earths
resources is to recycle and reuse products in new
and different ways instead of creating more
trash. Assemblage art is one way that
contemporary artists have expressed themselves
and reused items within their environment.
Assemblage art is non-traditional sculpture, made
from re-combining found objects. Some of these
objects are junk found in the streets. Artists
like Betye Saar, Louise Nevelson, Man Ray and
Michelle Stitzlein have taken old items and found
new ways of using them to create art. We will be
studying the work of these artists and their
techniques this semester. In honor of Earth
Day and these artists, the students of M. Agnes
Jones will also be developing art using found
objects and recyclable items. This project
development helps our students in two ways. It
requires them to think creatively, developing
both their higher-order thinking and
problem-solving skills. It also helps students
become more aware of waste management and taking
care of the environment. We will also be
reinforcing the mathematical/geometric skills of
line segments, shapes, and forms, comparing and
contrasting two-dimensional and three-dimensional
artwork. In addition to creating great art, these
activities will help prepare the students for
their upcoming CRCT testing as well. Want to
help? Please feel free in donating the following
items to the art room for recycling toilet paper
rolls, paper towel rolls, egg cartons, Styrofoam
meat trays, and plastic bottle caps. Please clean
all items before delivery. Thank you for your
  • The Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre visited
    MAJ to perform Give Peas a Chance, an
    educational puppet play that focused on
    nutrition, physical activity and obesity
    prevention. The characters of the play
    consisted of Wanda B. Healthy, Cris P. Broccoli
    and Slim, the fat-fighting carton of skim milk!
    The Educational Theatre was sponsored by the
    Dogwood City Chapter of the LINKS Incorporated.
  • Obesity rates have soared among children of all
    age groups, increasing in large rates among those
    ages 6-11.
  • March is National Nutrition month. Use March and
    the entire year take the necessary steps to be
    more active and eat healthier. Diet and exercise
    are dependant on each other. The wellness
    committee at MAJ is encouraging ALL families to
    incorporate an additional serving of fruits and
    vegetables daily. These small and manageable
    steps can produce big results. Listed below are
    ideas that will get you and your family off on
    the healthy track.
  • Skip the sodas, drink water and juice!
  • Cut back on sweets!
  • Offer fruit for dessert!
  • Put a vegetable on your dinner plate!
  • Make healthy snacks with dried cereal, fruits and

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Celebrate Read Across
America Day By, Gigi Miller, Media Specialist
March 2nd was the birthday of Theodor Seuss
Geisel, known to many young readers as Dr.
Seuss. In his honor, we celebrated Read Across
America Day with the help of Ms. Jenkins our
public librarian. She read stories by the famed
author and gave away prizes to Pre-K- 1st grade
students. The event coincided with Theodor Seuss
Geisels birthday, whose 107th birthday was
Wednesday. Over the years Dr. Seusss fun with
rhyming words has helped students gain reading
confidence. Also, Ms. Jenkins reminded students
to read when their done reading.
LINKS, Inc. Supports Artist Expression!?? By
Francine Stowe-Sinkler, Art Teacher
The Founder and CEO of Teach for America visits
MAJ! By Lance Irvin Physical Education Teacher
On Thursday February 24th, , the Links
Organization hosted their annual Walking Fete
poster art competition at M. Agnes Jones
Elementary School. The students were required to
create a poster that depicted people walking to
be healthy. In art class, students were taught
how to draw people from a profile view. After
observing people in motion, students learned how
to use the basic shapes and letters that they
already knew, and organize them in a way to
create people in motion. Then they had to create
an original background that expressed an
environment for the people they drew. Once that
was complete, they had to color or paint their
image. The project took a little over a month to
complete. While all of the students, first
through fifth grades, were given the opportunity
to participate in the contest, sixty-six students
worked hard to successfully complete their
posters for the competition. The effort of the
Jones Elementary School artists was celebrated on
Thursday with a reception of cake, and healthy
snacks, graciously provided by the LINKS. The top
thirty-five students won prizes of lunch bags,
book bags, hula hoops, and games. Four students
won trophies for their works. Our grand prize
winner was Jazz Henderson, a fifth grader in Ms.
Loves class, who created a painting of a girl
and a boy walking around the world. First place
was awarded to the beautiful work of Alaa
McClain. Our second prize winner was a talented
fourth grader named Ryan Parker. And Kijari
Boyds outstanding drawing was awarded third
place. All of the participating
art works will be on exhibit in the back entrance
hallway for the semester. Please congratulate the
artists for their fantastic efforts Taryon
Sweet Asasha Reese Lorenzo Mumphery Edderick
Walker Kijari Boyd Brandy Williams Destiny
Key Jacquez Weston Mecca Rogers Cyentae
Jackson Shawn Feliciano Kamahl Stone Dontay
Weston Jaukya Davis Jalyn Baker Timia
Johnson Ashanti Atchison Amanda Brydson Tyler
Smith Rebecca Mosely Demarko Williams Nina
Codd Brian Thomas JaCorey Harper Tyresha
Smith Keiara Gooden Quincy Upshaw Ladayisha
House Haley Whetstone Demetrius Stone Sekani
Watson Ariyonna Smith Nile Maynard JKobe
Jackson Miliyan McLean Sean Pemberton Libya
Ross Amarion Clay Jamaya Brown Alaa
McClain Angel Grier Jaiden Couto Yakia
Edmonds Devonnia Willis Atta Giop Ryan
Parker Jerrell Norwood Julian Warren Michael
Graves Damany Brown Kyunie Cain Breanna
Gentry Asia Smith Shenelle McCrary Jazz
Henderson Janae Bell Kelsey Gearing
The founder and CEO of Teach for America, a
non-profit organization that strives to ensure
an excellent education for every student
Wendy Kopp was accompanied by Donna Lowry from
WAGA to Jones on Monday, March 7, 2011. They
began their visit by observing students working
in Ms. Franklins fifth grade class. Ms. Franklin
is a Teach for America corps member and was very
excited to have the CEO and founder of the
organization visit her and her students. After
going to Ms. Franklins class, Mrs. Lowry visited
the schools Black History museum and spoke with
kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Nevers-Williams about
the artifacts and their origin. Following the
visit, the two conducted an interview. Wendy Kopp
was visiting Atlanta in preparation for a
community discussion with Spelman College
President, Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, about the
current status of education in the Metro Atlanta
And the Winners are By Michael McMillian,
Technology Specialist
Fifth Graders, Keshunna Parker and Destiny
Williams received a third place win for their
technology project, Texting and Driving Danger
at the district-wide technology fair held at Best
Academy on February 9, 2011. These young ladies
showed superior knowledge of the use of
technology and dazzled the judges with their
spectacular presentation. Their project was
judged on originality, creativity and content
knowledge. We are very proud of these young
ladies and want to get them a yes, yes, yes
cheerHere it is, yes, yes, YES! Congratulations
on a job well done!
Counselors Corner By Mrs. Petrina Howard -
YMCA News By Coach Q- YMCA Coach
Basketball   The 2010 2011seasons of M.A.J
basketball has been a very exciting one so far.
Our junior rams started their season off on a
mission to win it all and made sure that all the
other teams in the league knew it with a 44 0
victory over the Centennial Place Falcons in
their first game of the season. With four new
members of the team returning members Jaiden
Couto and Davion Kates have been the cornerstones
of the junior rams. Amarion Clay and Demarko
Williams have been key parts of the team along
with 1st graders Martez Johnson and Antavious
Willimas. The junior rams will continue their
winning streak this season and into the playoffs
as they try to win their third junior division
championship in four years. The senior rams
basketball team started their season off with a
22 16 victory over the F.L. Stanton Tigers.
With a true home court advantage of playing in
our very own M.A.J gym, they then won their next
two games of the season without allowing the
opposing teams to score a single point. A 53 0
win over the Bethune Eagles and a 32 0 victory
over the Centennial Place Falcons. The senior
rams are the first team to ever have back to back
shutouts victories in the senior division. I try
to playing hard and I want to win the
championship, said Dontay Weston in Ms.
Bullards class. The senior rams have set the
tone for the rest of the season and are prepared
to try to win the senior division
championship.   Cheerleading   Our M.A.J rams
cheerleaders have shown why they are the best as
they cheer on the basketball teams at the games.
They have given wonderful halftime performances
and spectacular dance routines. Performing at the
junior games is fun, but when it is time to put
on a show for the M.A.J faculty, staff and fellow
students at the senior games our rams
cheerleader turn it up a notch. When asked what
it feels like to perform in front of her
classmates fourth grader Corelle Hill said, I
like to go out on the court and do our routines
in front of my sisters. Being a rams
cheerleader is a great learning experience for
this group of very talented students. I like
being a cheerleader, its a lot of fun and I have
made so many new friends, says Alaa McClain a
second grader in Mrs. Walkers class about her
first season as a rams cheerleader.
Elementary School Test Taking Tips
  • We are now in the season of testing. Teachers
    have spent the past months teaching the Georgia
    Curriculum in Reading, Math, Language Arts,
    Science and Social Studies. Now its time to
    measure just how well our students have acquired
    the skills and knowledge taught to them.
  • Tips to give your child about taking tests
  • Relax. Just do the best you can.
  • Your first choice is usually correct. Don't
    change an answer
  • unless you have a good reason to do so.
  • Be aware of key words such as "all," "now,"
  • "never," "only," "exactly."
  • In multiple-choice questions, dont skip the
    longest answer.
  • It should be considered, since test writers
    want to be sure
  • the correct answer is accuratethey may add
    lots of details
  • to insure accuracy.
  • Watch for negative words like "not," "no,"
  • Look for information in some of the questions.
  • information may help you answer other
  • You can assist your child prepare for testing by
    doing the following
  • Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep
    before a test,
  • and make sure your child eats properly the day
    of a test.

Brenda J. Muhammad (District 1) Khaatim Sheerer
El (District 2) Mrs. Cecily Harsch-Kinnane
(District 3) Ms. Nancy M. Meister (District
4) Ms. LaChandra D. Butler (District 5) Ms.
Yolanda Johnson (District 6) Mr. Reuben R
McDaniel III (Seat 7, At Large) Mrs. Courtney D.
English (Seat 8, At Large) Mr. Emmett Johnson,
President (Seat 9, At Large)     ATLANTA PUBLIC
SCHOOLS   Dr. Beverly Hall Superintendent   Ms.
Kathy Augustine Deputy Superintendent Curriculum
and Instruction   Dr. Sharon Davis-Williams Execut
ive Director School Reform Team 1   LOCAL SCHOOL
LEADERSHIP   Mrs. Margul Retha Woolfolk Principal
  Mrs. Melanie Johnson Leadership Support
Specialist   Ms. Alicia Walton Success for All
Facilitator   Mr. Tyrone Hankerson Project GRAD
Math Facilitator   Mrs. Petrina Howard
Counselor CMCD Facilitator  
Ways to Help Improve Your Childs Math
Skills Promote a positive attitude about
math. What you say influences how your
child thinks. Incorporate math into your
childs daily life. Have your child count
out change or help with recipes that are halved
or doubled. Help your child appreciate
how math is used in everyday life for
example, in sports, or when making purchases and
paying bills. Make math fun. Dominoes,
cards and board games that use counting and
paper money to improve mental math skills.
Ask for explanations of math assignments so
you know that concepts are understood.
Challenge your child to be persistent about
solving difficult math problems. Review
your childs homework and discover together how
mistakes were made. Encourage your child
to do extra problems to build upon math
skills. Talk with your childs teacher about
how you can help with the learning
process. Praise your childs efforts and
math accomplishments. REMEMBER
Practice in mathematics is the same as for sports
it helps if your child masters new
Test Taking Tips
  • Be Positive
  • Do your homework
  • Do your best on benchmark and practice tests
  • Sleep eight hours each night
  • Eat Right
  • Dress Right
  • Be on time
  • Be Alert, Calm Confident
  • Listen carefully and follow directions
  • Answer what each question asks
  • Answer questions you know first
  • Work at the right pace
  • Smile after each testing session
  • When you have done your best on the test, BE
  • PROUD!

Staff LaVasia Bullard, Second Grade
Teacher Michael McMillian, Technical
Assistant School Photographer Yolanda
Shorthouse, Paraprofessional
M.Agnes Jones Elementary School 1040 Fair Street,
SW Atlanta, Georgia 30314 (404) 802-3900 (404)
The Atlanta Public School System does not
discriminate on the basis of race, color,
religion, sex, national origin, age, disability,
veteran status, marital status, or sexual
orientation in any of its employment practices,
educational programs, services, or activities.
For additional information about non-
discrimination provisions, contact the Office of
Educational Opportunities Coordinator, 2930
Forrest Hill Drive, S.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30315.
APS Website at
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