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Internet Marketing


Affiliate Marketing Process Affiliate Networks Affiliate networks provide tracking solutions, reporting on programmes to both affiliates and merchants, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Internet Marketing

  • Internet Marketing

Session Outline
  • Overview
  • Market Niches
  • Keywords
  • Online Presence
  • Optimisation
  • Web Analytics

This Session
  • Weekly Activity Internet Market Forecasting
  • If market demand for a product or service is the
    total value that would be bought by a defined
    consumer group in a defined geographical area
    during a defined time period in a defined
    marketing environment under a defined level and
    mix of industry marketing effort, how would you
    calculate this for products sold over the
  • Think how the concepts of market potential,
    industry market demand and organisation potential
    would be applied.

What is Internet Marketing
  • Internet marketing, also known as web marketing,
    online marketing, webvertising, or e-marketing,
    is referred to as the marketing (generally
    promotion) of products or services over the
  • Internet marketing is considered to be broad in
    scope because it not only refers to marketing on
    the Internet, but also includes marketing done
    via e-mail and wireless media

What is Internet Marketing
  • Internet marketing ties together the creative and
    technical aspects of the Internet, including
    design, development, advertising and sales.
  • Internet marketing also refers to the placement
    of media along many different stages of the
    customer engagement cycle through search engine
    marketing (SEM), search engine optimization
    (SEO), banner ads on specific websites, email
    marketing, mobile advertising, and Web 2.0

Topic Example Video
  • The following video explains what is Internet
    marketing and its various forms.
  • Take note of the key points.
  • http//

Niche Marketing
  • A form of target marketing in which companies
    tailor their marketing programs to the needs and
    wants of narrowly defined geographic,
    demographic, psychographic or behavioural

Topic Example Video
  • The following video is an explanation on what is
    niche marketing.
  • Take note of the key points.
  • http//

Market Niches
  • To find market niches, look for stories or
    articles in magazines, newspapers, social media
    or the television that relate to
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Self-improvement.
  • Focus on stories or articles where people are
    highlighting issues, needs or problems.
  • For this niche market, list down 4-6 keyword

Keyword Research
  • Search volume
  • How many searchers are using that phrase to find
    what they want?
  • Competition
  • How many other web sites out there are targeting
    that same phrase?
  • Propensity to convert
  • What is the likelihood that the searcher using
    that key phrase is going to convert on your site?
  • Value per conversion
  • What is the average value per prospect attracted
    by the keyword?

Keyword Searching
  • Using the keyword phrases identified from your
    magazine research, find out how many searches are
    being undertaken using these keywords.
  • Use the free Google Easy Search
    ( or other keyword
    search software to calculate the amount of
    searches (traffic) undertaken per month locally
    and globally.
  • Try (https//
    olExternal) for monthly global search groups with
    between 30,000 70,000 hits for specific

Website Ranking
  • Webpage ranking factors is synonymous with the
    term offpage backlinks or links
  • To rank highly in Google you NEED lots of quality
    links. (i.e. you need other websites linking to
    your website)
  • You can rank highly in Google for a keyword and
    not even have that word anywhere on your web
    page, IF your off page optimization is good.
  • A good example of this is looking up the word,
    Click Here on Google and then seeing how
    adobes PDF reader page is ranked highly and the
    word Click Here is nowhere on the web page.

Off Page Ranking
  • If your domain name is the keyword itself, youre
    going to instantly get an advantage in Google.
    (i.e. your keyword is gift baskets, and you own
  • Use the Yahoo Site Explorer to get a list of any
    websites backlinks (i.e. a list of sites linking
    to whatever website you input). You can visit the
    Yahoo site explorer here
  • http//

Off Page Ranking
  • When looking at Offpage ranking, some of the
    things that need to be considered include
  • Website
  • Outbound Links
  • Inbound Links
  • Page Rank
  • IP Address
  • Anchor Text
  • Page Title
  • Website Age.

Web Analytics Metrics
  • There are three types of web analytics metrics
  • Count these are the raw figures captured that
    will be used for analysis
  • Ratio this is an interpretation of the data
    that is counted
  • KPI either a count or a ratio, these are the
    figures which help you to determine your success
    in reaching your goals.

Conversion Metrics
  • Event a recorded action that has a specific
    time assigned to it by the browser or the server
  • Conversion a visitor completing a target action
  • Impression each time an advert or a page is
  • Open each email that is deemed open. Usually if
    the images are loaded, an email is considered
  • In order to test the success of your web site,
    you need to remember the TAO of conversion
  • Track
  • Analyse
  • Optimise

Web Analytics Approach
  • Avinash Kaushik, author of Web Analytics An
    Hour A Day, recommends a three prong approach to
    web analytics
  • Analysing behaviour data that infers the intent
    of a web sites visitors
  • Analysing outcomes metrics that shows how many
    visitors performed the goal actions on a web site
  • Testing and analysing data that tells us about
    the user experience

Topic Example Video
  • The following video provides on overview about
    website analytics and how it is used.
  • Take note of the key points.
  • http//

Search Engines Overview
  • As search engines go, Google is by far the
    leading player in the market. A comScore study
    showed that Google has just over 60 of the
    global search engine market share. In Europe,
    almost 80 of searches are on Google.

Topic Example Video
  • The following video explains how Google search
  • Take note of the key points.
  • http//

Organic Searches
  • Organic search results are the primary product of
    a search engine. These results are the listings
    generally found on the left hand side on the
    search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • They are not influenced by financial payment and
    are therefore also called natural search results.
    Organic search results need to be consistently
    reliable to attract (and keep) users.
  • Googles growth and success as a search engine
    can be directly linked to its superior search
    algorithm which returns highly relevant organic

Search Engines Functions
  • Search engines have four main functions
  • They crawl the Web (via spiders).
  • They index the Web documents and pages they find.
  • Search engines process user queries.
  • They return ranked results from the index.

Social Media
  • Social media has changed the world we market in,
    and can be used as an integral part of an online
    marketing campaign.
  • Social media is all about the ways that we
    create, connect and share online.

What is Social Media?
  • Social media are media (from written to visual to
    audio to audio visual) that are designed to be
  • Sharing means that it is easy to comment on, that
    it is easy to send, and that there are no high
    costs associated with viewing the media.
  • Due to the connected nature of the Internet, it
    means that sharing, commenting and viewing can
    all be tracked and measured.

Social Media Popularity
  • The Internet, and the software developed to run
    on it, has made it simple for anyone to publish
    and distribute.
  • It has also made it simple for anyone to access
    the content that has been published.
  • The realm of social media is about collaboration,
    users generating content, sharing and, most of
    all, it is about connecting.
  • Blogs are probably the best known example of
    social media.

Affiliate Marketing Process
Affiliate Networks
  • Affiliate networks provide tracking solutions,
    reporting on programmes to both affiliates and
    merchants, hosting of creative banners,
    commission payment options and support to both
    affiliates and merchants.
  • Affiliate networks have many affiliates, and many
    merchants, signed up to them, so they are an
    ideal source for recruiting affiliates if you are
    a merchant, or for finding merchants to promote
    if you are an affiliate.
  • To the merchants, they provide a one-payment
    solution, as the merchant will be invoiced for
    all the commission collectively owed, which is
    then dispersed to the affiliates.

Affiliate Networks
Finding an Affiliate Product
  • To select an affiliate products you are
    interested in promoting in the marketplace, go to
    one of the affiliate networks such as ClickBank
  • You will need to set up your Affiliate Account
  • Affiliate products are already web-hosted which
    means you dont have to arrange your own web
  • View the pitch page (sales page) to see if there
    are no opt-in pages. These are those pages or
    boxes that ask you for your name and email

Affiliate Product Selection
  • Select an affiliate product that
  • a) does not have an opt-in page and
  • b) has a lot of images and graphics
  • You use these images and graphics as well as
    those from other Clickbank competitors to use in
    making a video with
  • With those affiliate products that dont have an
    opt-in page, it is easy for you to add your own
    opt-in box and thereby begin to build your
    prospect database for future sales.

Affiliate Product Selection
  • To assist in the selection of appropriate
    Clickbank products to promote, use software that
    can make recommendations for you.
  • Basically, the software analyses each product
    against specific criteria and identifies those
    with sales potential and little competition
  • A good example of such software is cbsurge
  • cbsurge video review
  • http//

Domain Name
  • Select a domain name with an exact keyword
  • Look for 3 word phrases for keywords, ie dog
    gift baskets, acne pillow cases.
  • This phrase needs to form part of your Domain
  • It is important to check a number of domain name
    registration websites so you may obtain your
    domain names at the cheapest prices.

Domain Name Choice
  • Normally you would choose two domain names
  • one for your blog and
  • one to link to the affiliate product
  • Ideally, youd like the blog domain name to be a
    .com whereas the link to the affiliate product
    to be a .net
  • When the .com domain is taken try for the
    .net and .org domains.
  • If the .net domain is taken try for the .org
    and .info domains.
  • When all of them are taken use a hyphen (-)
    between one of the keywords in your phrases.

Domain Name Preferences
  • When you know what domain names are available,
    keep in mind
  • .org sounds official
  • .info usually indicates an information website
  • Keep away from .biz as this suggests internet
  • If the .com, .org and .net domain names have
    already been taken, go and check those specific
    websites as they might be your direct competition.

Video Creation Reason
  • The reason for creating a video to promote your
    affiliate product is to obtain a good Google
  • Pictures and music is good for this and videos
    can get you to the top of the rankings
  • How we are going to do this is to use Animoto
    which offers a free 30 second video
  • We want to create between 10 12 powerpoint
    slides that can then be put into a video.

Video Slide Ideas
  • Write down 10 questions that potential buyers
    would frequently ask about your product topic
  • Go to the affiliate product pitch page for ideas
  • With the video you are going to make, you only
    want to include information
  • The video is not to be a sales pitch
  • The questions you can use as prompts for seeking
  • You could just use the questions for your slide
    text if need be.

What is a Blog?
  • Blogs allow people to quickly and easily publish
    their thoughts/ideas on the web without needing
    to know HTML or web design software

What is a Blog?
  • Short for web log
  • Type of website
  • Series of entries on a single page
  • Reverse chronological order newest appears on
  • Personal, online journal
  • Can also be a group blog
  • Frequently updated, like a diary
  • Intended for public consumption viewer needs to
    know the blog address

What Makes A Successful Blog?
  • You will want to start posting to it every day or
    two. Your blog posts can be about anything
    relating to the topic of your blog, but the rule
    of thumb is to generally stick to your blog
  • You do not have to be an expert writer to have a
    successful blog. In fact, most bloggers just
    write for the sake of their blog.
  • Be interested in the topic you are posting about
    and post regularly with interesting and engaging
  • Creating engaging content is not hard to do if
    you are interested and somewhat knowledgeable
    about the topic of your blog.

Writing Articles
  • Plan Ahead - Before you write your first article,
    think about your expertise and what specific
    wisdom you can bring to your readers. Then draft
    a list of articles that will share this wisdom.
    Finally, jot down an outline of each article to
    be sure you're delivering the information in a
    clear, concise manner.
  • Just Write! - Sometimes the best thing you can do
    is just get started. Accept the fact that you're
    going to make mistakes, but that you're also
    going to learn a lot along the way. Don't expect
    perfection - just write!

Article Writing
  • When you write an article, it is important that
    you have your affiliate links at the bottom of
    the article.
  • The key is to write articles with good content,
    information or answers to what people are
  • Digg ( is similar to ezine articles
    however it groups the articles by topic
  • On average, the super expert authors write
    about 6 articles a day.
  • EzineArticles ( is the
    200th most visted website in the world.

Article Marketing
  • Traffic coming to your site from articles is
    pre-qualified. That means visitors are already
    interested in the knowledge you have in your
    niche. Articles boost your exposure and traffic
    in the here and now, as well as in the years to
  • In the past, 10 or so articles in one niche would
    make a big difference in the traffic you'd get
    back to your website. Now, the times are

What is Email Marketing?
  • Utilising email to deliver professional
    communications to an interested audience
    containing information the recipient fids
    valuable in order to
  • establish regular, ongoing relationship
  • educate
  • promote identity awareness
  • stay top-of-mind with subscribers
  • spark immediate action
  • broaden your audience

Email Marketing
  • Email marketing is a form of direct marketing
    which utilises electronic means to deliver
    commercial messages to an audience. It is still a
    powerful eMarketing tactic. The reasons that it
  • Extremely cost effective due to a low cost per
  • Highly targeted
  • Customisable on a mass scale
  • Completely measurable
  • Takes advantage of a customers most prolific
    touch point with the Internet their inbox. (main

Why eMail Marketing?
  • Cost Savings
  • Quick Response Cycles
  • Generates Revenues
  • Popular Medium
  • Effective Medium
  • Results are Measurable
  • Builds Customer Relations

Next Session
  • Weekly Activity Hot Niche Market
  • Find a hot niche market by looking for stories or
    articles in magazines, newspapers, social media
    or the television that relate to
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Self-improvement.
  • Focus on stories or articles where people are
    highlighting issues, needs or problems.
  • For this niche market, list down 4-6 keyword