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5th Grade TCAP Review


5th Grade TCAP Review ... like a queen who walks down a corridor the black cat paced Which type of figurative language is used in these lines of poetry? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 5th Grade TCAP Review

5th Grade TCAP Review SPI Specific
Read the paragraph below, then answer the
question.Judy was getting a new kitten. Her dad
helped her get everything ready. First, they
bought a little bed and put in a soft blanket.
Next, they made sure they had kitten food and
water. When everything was ready, Judy and her
dad drove to the pet store to pick out a kitten.
Judy chose a brown and white kitten and named her
A. cause and effect
B. description
C. problem and solution
D. sequence
Which text structure does the author use in the
Answer D
Read the paragraph, then answer the question
below.Yolanda gathered everything she would
need for the job and took it to the
backyard.After she poured warm water all over her
dog, she began to rub the foamy shampoo into his
coat.She poured some more water on Buttons to
rinse all the soap away.Then, just as she reached
for the towel, Buttons shook himself from head to
toe. Now Yolanda was almost as wet as her
dog!Which is the text structure used in this
A. sequence
B. comparison and contrast
C. description
D. problem and solution
Answer A
Select the appropriate concluding sentence for
this paragraph.
When beginning to learn to ride a bicycle, you
should learn about safety.  Also, you need to
wear proper clothing and equipment to prevent
injury.  It will take practice and probably a few
falls before you feel comfortable riding alone. 
Some people learn to ride on grass or other soft
surfaces so when they fall, it will hurt less. 
Don't let a few falls make you stop trying. 
Everyone falls at least once or twice.
A. My grandfather is buying me a bike for my birthday.
B. Remember, practice makes perfect.
C. There are bike racks at my school.
D. I once saw someone build a bicycle from scratch.
Answer B
Many people are afraid of spiders.  What people
don't know is that most spiders are helpful to
the home.  Spiders help make gardens healthier. 
They eat other insects that harm plants and
humans.  Select the appropriate concluding
sentence for the paragraph.
A. They do not have wings or antennae.
B. Look underneath your bed for spiders.
C. Spiders are helpful in many ways.
D. none of the above
Answer C
An article from the Happiness Elementary school
newspaper The winners of the Young Writers
Yearbook contest had a delightful lunch with Mrs.
Angela Badger last week.  Some students were
speechless upon meeting the popular author, but
others actively sought her attention and talked
easily with her.  Mrs. Badger was impressed by
the number of students who read and write for
their own enjoyment.  Everyone had a wonderful
time, and our young writers returned safely to
the school.
Choose the best concluding sentence for the
newspaper article.
A If any students have not yet read the winning stories, copies of the yearbook are available in the school book store.
B Not everyone likes to read!

Answer A
In many cities, newspapers are no longer as
popular as they once were. Which of these
details best supports this topic sentence?
A. Fewer people than ever before say they read a newspaper every day.
B. Newspaper reporters work hard to write stories that people will find interesting.
C. Newspapers can help people learn things about the world around them.

Answer A
Read this topic sentence for a paragraph.
Automobile safety has improved over the years.
Which of these details best supports this topic
A. The first school buses were wagons pulled by horses.
B. Cars today have seat belts to protect the passengers.
C. Trains are a fast way to get from one place to another.
D. Cars that use less gas are becoming more popular.
Answer B
Read this paragraph. Tea is the worlds most
popular drink. It is served in many countries,
from China to India to the United States. People
enjoy it steaming hot or ice cold. Which of
these best supports the first sentence in the
A. More people drink tea than all other kinds of drinks put together.
B. There are several kinds of tea, including green, black, and white.
C. Farmers began growing tea in Asia many hundreds of years ago.
D. To make tea, put dried tea leaves in boiling water for a few minutes.
Answer A
Read this paragraph. If you are thinking of
getting a parrot as a pet, you should prepare
yourself for a long friendship. Parrots usually
develop strong feelings for their owners. Which
of these best supports the first sentence in the
A. Only some parrots can be taught to talk.
B. Parrots have beautiful, brightly colored feathers.
C. Parrots eat seeds, fruits, and insects.
D. Some large parrots can live up to one hundred years.
Answer D
Read this paragraph. Board games have been
around for a very long time. Games like chess and
checkers have been played in almost every country
in the world. Go, a popular game in Japan and
China, has had the same rules for thousands of
years. Which of these best supports the first
sentence in the paragraph?
A Board game was found buried with the ancient Egyptian King Tut.
B Some families play board games on a special night every week.
C The most basic games use just a board and some playing pieces.
D Checkers is an easy board game to learn, but chess is a little more difficult.
Answer A
Onomatopoeia is __________.
A. an apparent contradiction which is nevertheless true
B. repetition of vowel sounds
C. use of words whose sounds suggest their meaning
D. a substitution of the part for the whole
Answer C
Read these lines from the poem. Laughter is
contagious. It can spread right through a crowd.
And as more people catch it, The room becomes
quite loud. The use of the words crowd and
loud in these lines is an example of which of
A. simile
B. repetition
C. rhyme
D. alliteration
Answer C
Davidson's line "She started like a morn-caught
ghost," contains _______.
A. a metaphor
B. a simile
C. onomatopoeia
D. rhyme
Answer B
Choose the word or phrase that would complete the
metaphor most vividly. In October, the poplar
trees dropped their _______, telling us that
summer had gone.
A. green sheen
B. leaves
C. heirlooms
D. dry rain
Answer C
Which sentence contains a simile?
A. His arms were long tree branches.
B. My brother is a walking dictionary.
C. The moon awakened the dark night sky.
D. Our tree reached as high as a skyscraper.
Answer D
Which sentence serves as an example of
A. The buzz of the alarm sounded in our ears.
B. The lone dove sang during the early morning hours.
C. The thorns on the thistles poked through the gloves.
D. There is a small brown moth flying outside.
Which sentence contains a metaphor?
A. The roaring waves sang to me.
B. The trip to the beach was a dream.
C. The sun was as bright as a diamond.
D. The creek was full of clattering creatures.
Answer B
Read the lines of poetry. The buzz of
tomorrows bees will add to the sweet humming
reminder of today.
The underlined portion of the text is an example
A. cliché.
B. simile.
C. alliteration.
D. onomatopoeia.
Answer D
Which of the following is an example of
A. The flower danced in the beautiful field.
B. The cat jumped as lightly as a feather.
C. The small child walked slowly.
D. The day seemed to last forever.
Answer D
Read these lines from a poem. The mountain
stood tall as the sky became dark. Then the
mountain drank up the rainwater, as though it
were thirsty. When the sunshine broke through,
the mountain relaxed in its warmth.
Which of the following does the author write
about as though it is a person?
A. the sky
B. the rain
C. the sunshine
D. the mountain
Answer D
Read the sentence. As the girl gazed out over
the never-ending ocean, she wondered what her
life would be like as an adult.
Which type of figurative language is contained in
this sentence?
A. onomatopoeia
B. hyperbole
C. simile
D. personification
Answer B
Read Lines 1315 from the poem. like a queen
who walks down a corridor the black cat paced
Which type of figurative language is used in
these lines of poetry?
A. simile
B. personification
C. hyperbole
D. metaphor
Answer A
When writing a possessive pronoun, _____ use an
A. do not
B. do
Answer A
Select the word that is spelled incorrectly.
A. accidentally
B. acommodate
C. acquaint
D. acquire
Answer B
Select the word that is spelled incorrectly.
A. describe
B. develope
C. description
D. determine
Answer B
Read the sentence. Who is going to the concert
at the theatr this afternoon ?
Which underlined word in this sentence is spelled
A. going
B. concert
C. theatr
D. afternoon
Answer C
Read the sentence. The latess I can meet you is
seven   oclock .
Which underlined word in the sentence is spelled
A. latess
B. meet
C. seven
D. oclock
Answer A
Which word is spelled correctly?
A. Lovelee
B. lovelie
C. lovely
D. lovele
Answer C
Which is the correct spelling for the plural of
the word baby ?
A. babbies
B. babyes
C. babys
D. babies
Answer D
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