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Spanish American War


Spanish American War Learning Target: Identify the Causes and Effects of the Spanish American War US History Unit 2 Spanish American War Causes of Spanish ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Spanish American War

Spanish American War
  • Learning Target Identify the Causes and Effects
    of the Spanish American War
  • US History Unit 2

Spanish American War
Causes of Spanish American War
  • American Sympathy towards Cuban Fight for Freedom
    against Spanish Rule
  • Butcher Weyler forced 300,000 Cuban Rebels into
    concentration camps
  • Monroe Doctrine chance to get Spain out of
    Western Hemisphere
  • Economic Interests sugar plantations
  • Yellow Journalism American Press got Americans
    behind going to war
  • Spark Sinking of the USS Maine

Yellow Journalism
  • A type of journalism that distorts and
    exaggerates the news to create sensations and
    attract readers

William Randolph Hearst vs Joseph
Pulitzer. New York Journal
New York World
1.What is most noticeable about the example? 2.
How is this media making people feel? 3. How
would this influence or change peoples mind?
Characteristics of Yellow Journalism
  • Characteristics of Yellow Journalism
  • Headlines in huge print, often of minor news
  • Many pictures, or imaginary drawings
  • use of faked interviews, misleading headlines,
    and false information from so-called experts
  • dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the
  • Emotional words and symbols scare tactics

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Does Yellow Journalism Still Exist?
Important Events
  • Sinking of the USS Maine
  • 266 US Servicemen are killed
  • Blamed on a Spanish mine
  • Admiral Dewey Surprise attack on the Spanish
    Fleet in Manila Harbor
  • All Spanish Ships are Sunk
  • Spanish Defeated in Battle of San Juan Hill
  • T. Roosevelt led the Rough Riders to victory
  • Spain signs Treat of Paris Ending the War

Effects of the Spanish American War
  • US becomes an Imperialist Power
  • Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines become
    colonies of the US
  • Cuba gains its independence from Spain, but
    becomes a US Protectorate
  • US will protect and partially control Cuba
  • Philippine rebels wanting independence declare
    war on US

What really happened to the Battleship Maine?
Which of the following is not a cause of the
Spanish American War?
  1. Desire to get Spanish out of Western Hemisphere
  2. Sinking of the Battleship Maine
  3. Economic opportunity
  4. Sympathy for the Spanish

Which of the following was not an effect of the
Spanish American War?
  1. US became and imperialistic power
  2. Cuba became a US Protectorate
  3. Spanish colonies were set free
  4. Filipino Rebels declared war on the US

Which of the following defines Yellow Journalism
  1. Factual, unbiased news
  2. Distorted, exaggerated news
  3. A type of news that no longer exists
  4. Proven news written by experts

  • From some event in Ch. 7.4 or the Spanish
    American War video clip, design the front page of
    a newspaper in the sensational style of Hearst
    and Pulitzer. Use a blank 8 ½ by 11 inch piece
    of paper include headlines (both large and
    small) and include some pictures.
  • Ideas Purchase of Alaska from Russia, Mexican
    American War, Butcher Weylers treatment of
    Cubans, Annexation of Hawaii