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IBM Software Capabilities January 2013 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: IBM Software Capabilities

IBM Software Capabilities
  • January 2013

  • On a smarter planet, everyone is connectedto
    everything. As a result, were all facing
  • An explosion of big data
  • A hyperconnected society
  • Increasingly demanding customers
  • The push for relentless innovation
  • How do you capitalize?

These marketplace shifts represent new
opportunities for growth on a smarter planet
IBM software helps businesses to achieve that
Smarter analytics
Social business
Big data
Application integration
Cloud and smarter infrastructure
Business process
Smarter commerce
Smarter cities
Expert integrated systems
Over the last four years, IBM has transformed its
software portfolio to address clients business
and IT needs by industry and role
Supply chain CSCO
Finance CFO
Human resources CHRO
Marketing CMO
  • Executive
  • CEO
  • IT
  • CIO

Business and IT needs
Turn information into insights
Deepen engagement with customers, partners and
Deliver enterprise mobility
Accelerate product and service innovation
Manage risk, security and compliance
Optimize IT and business infrastructure
  • Enable the agile business

By providing clients with an incredibly rich set
of capabilities
  • Big Data
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Information Integration and Governance

Turn information into insights
Deliver enterprise mobility
  • Mobile Development and Connectivity
  • Mobile Insights and Analytics
  • Mobile Management and Security
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Complex and Embedded Systems
  • Enterprise Modernization

Accelerate product and service innovation
  • Commerce
  • Enterprise Marketing Management
  • Procurement
  • Smarter City Operations
  • Social Collaboration
  • Talent and Workforce Management
  • Unified Communications
  • Web Experience

Deepen engagement with customers, partners and
  • Asset and Facilities Management
  • Cloud and IT Optimization
  • Enterprise Endpoint Management
  • Expert Integrated Systems

Optimize IT and business infrastructure
Enable the agile business
Manage risk, security and compliance
  • Application Infrastructure
  • Business Process Management
  • Connectivity, Integration and SOA
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Data Protection
  • Application Security
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Security Intelligence and Compliance Analytics

Turn information into insights
Improve decision-making, identify and understand
trends to reduce risk by accessing and analyzing
enterprise data.
Business Analytics
Big Data
Data Warehousing
Enterprise Content Management
Information Integration and Governance
Data Management
Full list of capabilities
Turn information into insights
Business Analytics Business intelligence Predictiv
e analytics Performance management Risk
management Analytical decision management
Data Warehousing Data warehousing systems and
appliances Data warehousing software Data
warehouse tools and models
Big Data Stream computing Hadoop system Federated
discovery and navigation
Enterprise Content Management Advanced case
management Content analytics Document imaging and
capture Information lifecycle governance Social
content management
Data Management Database design and
development Database management Database
administration Database application system
Information Integration and Governance Data
integration Master data management Metadata,
business glossary, and policy management Data
lifecycle management Data security and
privacy Data quality management
Turn information into insights
Rizzoli Orthopaedic
  • Italys Rizzoli Orthopaedic hunts the genetic
    underpinnings of hereditary bone diseases.
  • Content analytics extracts and integrates
    clinical, genomic and medical imaging data.
  • Results
  • Gave researchers the power to identify genetic
    patterns for more effective treatments
  • Reduced costs with more accurate screening

reduction in surgery-related hospitalizations
  • IBM Capabilities
  • Application Infrastructure
  • Cloud and IT Optimization
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Data Warehousing

Turn information into insights
Data Management
Deliver proven capabilities for reducing the cost
and complexity of managing your data, improving
business agility, and leverage data as a core
Database management Data serving to applications
with speed, security, reliability, scalability
and compatibility. Database design and
development Integrated design, development and
testing of application and enterprise databases
across heterogeneous environments.
Database administration Integrated end-to-end
monitoring and administration of database systems
for optimal performance and reduced
costs. Database application system Combined
hardware and software offerings upon which
applications are run.
Improvement in transaction processing
efficiency. Banco de Crédito del Peru
Turn information into insights
Enterprise Content Management
Use industry-specific solutions to capture,
activate, socialize, analyze and govern content
for better insight and outcomes.
Advanced case management 360-degree case view
with collaboration, content, process, analytics
and business rules.
Content analytics Access, interpretation and
analysis of unstructured content for business
Document imaging and capture Automated document
capture, imaging and report management, with
enhanced content routing and processing.
Information lifecycle governance Governance
across the information lifecycle, including
archival, defensible disposal, records and
Euros saved yearly by reducing paper used by 40.
City of Helsinki
Social content management Socialization,
collaboration and management of content,
including office documents.
Turn information into insights
Information Integration and Governance
Achieve a single version of the truth, protect
databases and enable regulatory compliance.
Data integration Discovery, transformation,
cleansing and loading trusted information to
multiple business applications.
Master data management SOA-enabled middleware
providing organizations a single, enterprise-wide
view of their critical business data.
Metadata, business glossary, and policy
management Tools that help discover, analyze,
model, define, map and govern information that is
spread across the enterprise.
Data lifecycle management Database archiving and
test data management software to cut
infrastructure costs and improve application
Increase in annual revenues. Automercados Plaza
Data security and privacy Data-focused security
and monitoring to reduce cost of compliance and
risk of privacy breaches.
Data quality management Software to ensure data
is trusted and standards are applied
enterprise-wide to ensure consistent, accurate
Turn information into insights
Data Warehousing
Provide a robust foundation for deployment of
real-time analytics and reporting, while reducing
operating costs.
Data warehousing systems and appliances Pre-built
and performance optimized solutions that
integrate database, server and storage into a
single system.
Data warehousing software Data warehouse
platforms that allow for rapid insight from both
structured and unstructured information sources.
Data warehouse toolsand models Logical industry
data models, ready to load physical data models,
and BI reports for specific business areas.
Payback period with annual benefit of over
US3.8m. XO Communications
Turn information into insights
Business Analytics
Better understand trends, adapt to changing
environments, predict risks or opportunities,
maximize operational efficiency and visualize in
a clean, flexible environment.
Business intelligence Query, reporting, analysis,
dashboards, planning, scenario modeling,
real-time monitoring, and predictive software.
Performance management Planning, budgeting,
forecasting, profitability modeling, strategy
management, consolidation and disclosure
Predictive analytics Analysis of structured and
unstructured information through mining,
predictive modeling, and what-if scenario
  • Risk management
  • Regulatory and policy compliance, financial
    controls, operational risk, IT governance, and
    internal audit.

Reduction in clients overall accident
rates. FleetRisk Advisors
Analytical decision management Integration of
rules, predictive analytics and decision
optimization to support operational
Turn information into insights
Leverage the volume, velocity and variety of
internal and external information in context for
new, deeper insights.
Stream computing Business insight from massive
volumes of data as it streams into the
Hadoop system Open source software that enables
large scale computing that is scalable, cost
effective, flexible and fault tolerant.
Federated discovery and navigation Federated
discovery and navigation software that helps
organizations access and analyze information
across the enterprise.
Reduction in wind forecast response time from
weeks to hours. Vestas
Turn information into insights
Governance, compliance, risk management 2010
Business intelligence and performance mgt. 2008
Business Analytics
Predictive analytics 2009
Financial risk management 2011
Compensation and sales performance management
Financial governance 2010
Enterprise Content Management
Data document capture 2010
Legal information governance 2010
Information Integration and Governance
Master data mgt. 2010
Data discovery 2009
Data Warehousing
Data warehouse appliances 2010
Data Management
In-memory database 2008
Big Data
Big Data 2012
Deepen engagement with customers, partners and
Communicate and collaborate to share knowledge,
anticipate problems, coordinate resources and
increase demand across all channels.
Smarter City Operations
Web Experience
Talent and Workforce Management
Unified Communications
Enterprise Marketing Management
Social Collaboration
Full list of capabilities
Deepen engagement with customers, partners and
Commerce Selling solutions Order
management Supply chain management Decision
Smarter City Operations Planning and management
services Infrastructure services Human services
Web Experience Customer web experience Employee
web experience Electronic forms
Talent and Workforce Management Recruiting Learnin
g management systems Talent management Compensatio
n and rewards
Unified Communications Unified communications
middleware Real-time expertise communities
  • Enterprise Marketing Management
  • Cross-channel marketing optimization
  • Marketing performance optimization
  • Digital marketing optimization
  • Customer experience management
  • Price, promotion and product mix optimization

Social Collaboration Social business
applications Real-time collaboration Mobile
collaboration Office productivity suites and web
  • Procurement
  • Enterprise and category spend management
  • Source to contract
  • Supplier management risk compliance
  • Sales contracts

Deepen engagement with customers, partners and
Boston Childrens Hospital
  • Renowned institution extends specialized
    expertise to children worldwide.
  • Results
  • Created a new teaching environment based on
    social tools
  • Improved patient outcomes while lowering cost of

critically ill children
  • IBM capabilities
  • Application Infrastructure
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Management
  • Security
  • Social Collaboration
  • Unified Communications

Deepen engagement with customers, partners and
Social Collaboration
Increase collaboration and knowledge sharing and
enable flexibility and freedom to employees,
partners and customers by leveraging mobile
Social business applications Software for
communities, blogs, wikis, profiles, business
social networks, and other social business
Real-time collaboration Enterprise IM, online
meetings, audio and video chat, soft-phones,
unified messaging.
Office productivity suites and web
editors Presentations, spreadsheets, word
processing documents and live editing features.
Mobile collaboration VPN clients and mobile
access to social business networks, e-mail and
calendar, documents, IM and meetings.
Fewer status meetings with greater
efficiency Forbo Bonding Systems
Deepen engagement with customers, partners and
Unified Communications
Integrate real-time communications services to
collaborate with colleagues, customers and
Unified communications middleware Integration of
real-time collaboration services including
presence, preference, location, chat, voice, and
Real-time expertise communities Rich profiles and
broadcast communities.
Online applications running on broad
collaboration system Digital China
Deepen engagement with customers, partners and
Web Experience
Provide people with access to critical
information and applications via a personalized
web experience.
Customer web experience Customized and secure
external user access to company information,
social interactions. processes, and transactions.
Employee web experience Customized, personalized
and secure employee intranet access to
information and business processes.
Electronic forms Electronic forms, automated
forms-based business processes.
Annual savings by deploying customer
self-service Crowley Maritime Corporation
Deepen engagement with customers, partners and
Improve the customer experience through a unified
approach to selling and fulfillment.
Order management Management of the order
lifecycle and complex order fulfillment processes.
Selling solutions Seamless, customer-centric
buying experience across all channels.
Supply chain management Supply chain planning and
execution capabilities across the extended
Decision optimization Advanced analytics applied
to decisions to automatically prescribe actions
or strategies.
Increase in e-commerce channel sales
revenue. Bishop Company
Deepen engagement with customers, partners and
Enterprise Marketing Management
Increase engagement and conversions by gaining
customer insights and creating relevant,
personalized dialogs across all channels and
Cross-channel campaign management Customer
engagement in a one-to-one dialogue across
channels to grow revenue throughout the
customer's lifecycle.
Marketing performance optimization Management and
assessment of marketing mix, and marketing
operations to maximize ROI.
Digital marketing optimization Orchestration of
digital interactions to attract and retain new
visitors and grow revenue.
Price, promotion and product mix
optimization Customer buying scenario, trend and
shopper analysis to enable pricing, product mix,
and promotional optimization.
Increase in coupon redemptions vs. previous
campaigns. PETCO
Customer experience management Improvements to
the digital experience to turn visitors into
repeat customers and loyal advocates.
Deepen engagement with customers, partners and
Gain complete management, visibility and control
over procurement spend, sourcing, contracts, and
supplier processes
Enterprise and category spend management Enterpris
e spend analysis across categories, sourcing for
best value and effectively managing complex spend
Source to contract Advanced sourcing and
enterprise contract management capabilities to
maximize and lock in savings.
Supplier management risk and compliance Management
of supplier information, relationships and
processes to ensure compliance and mitigate risk.
Sales contracts Management of sales contracts
throughout the contract lifecycle to reduce time
to revenue.
Amount saved in one year with IBM Emptoris
solutions. Anglo American
Deepen engagement with customers, partners and
Smarter City Operations
Leverage information, anticipate problems, and
coordinate resources to deliver citizen centered
Planning and management services City planning to
realize full potential for citizens and
businesses, while efficiently running daily
Infrastructure services Delivery of efficient
fundamental city services that make a city
desirable for citizens.
Human services Services supporting the economic,
social and health needs of citizens and enable
greater reach of potential.
  • Reduction in serious crime since 2006.
  • Memphis Police Department

Deepen engagement with customers, partners and
Talent and Workforce Management
Manage human capital, including recruiting,
enablement, performance management and business
process transformation.
Recruiting Recruiting process management,
including employment branding, workforce
planning, sourcing, evaluation and on-boarding.
Learning management systems Workforce learning
experience management through multi-channel
enrollment, course administration and online
Talent management Solutions to attract top
talent, speed up time to productivity, enable
continuous learning, and maximize performance.
  • Increase in profit per customer.
  • AMC Theaters

Compensation and rewards Management of salary.
wages, bonuses, commissions, incentives,
retirement plans, and wellness and recognition
Deepen engagement with customers, partners and
employees strategic acquisitions
Selling, order mgmt, supply chain mgmt 2010
Enterprise Marketing Management
Enterprise marketing mgt. 2010
Pricing, promotion and product mix optimization
Web analytics 2008
Customer Experience Management 2012
Procurement and contract management 2012
Social Collaboration
Small business server solutions 2008
Hosted, multilingual e-mail service 2009
Smarter City Operations
Intelligence analytics 2011
Social enterprise management 2011
Talent and Workforce Management
Talent and Workforce Management 2012
Enable the agile business
Improve business agility, optimize performance
and reduce costs with a flexible IT
infrastructure, automating and interconnecting
improved business processes with applications and
Business Process Management
Application Infrastructure
Connectivity, Integration and SOA
Full list of capabilities
Enable the agile business
Business Process Management Process discovery and
design Process automation and integrity Business
monitoring Operational decision
management Industry process accelerators
Application Infrastructure Cloud platform and
application virtualization Elastic
caching Application optimization Application
foundation Transaction processing
Connectivity, Integration and SOA Messaging Integr
ation foundation B2B integration Cloud
integration Managed file transfer
Enable the agile business
  • IndigoVision, a leading manufacturer of
    end-to-end IP video security solutions, needed to
    link on-premise financial systems with
    cloud-based applications.
  • With IBM software, financial and
    data are now automatically synchronized in real
    time, closing successful opportunities and
    updating the sales figures.
  • Results
  • Sales orders have grown almost 400 percent while
    the administration workload as decreased by 25
    of a full-time employee.

Growth in sales orders with reduced
administration workload.
IBM capabilities Connectivity, Integration and SOA
Enable the agile business
Business Process Management
Discover, model, execute, rapidly change, govern,
and gain end-to-end visibility on core business
processes, rules and events.
Process discovery and design Modeling,
simulation, and adjustment of core business
processes for both documentation and execution.
Process automation and integrity Orchestration
and integration of systems to create uniform,
repeatable, mission-critical business processes.
Business monitoring Real time, end-to-end
visibility across business processes and events
to enable rapid change.
Operational decision management Software to
streamline operational decisions by enabling
users to define, change and test business rules
and events.
Faster time to market with 80 less manual
processing. Versicherungskam-mer Bayern (VKB)
Industry process accelerators Industry-specific
assets, methods, and services offerings to enable
rapid time to value for BPM projects.
Enable the agile business
Connectivity, Integration and SOA
Enable flexible and reliable access to processes,
applications and information across the
enterprise or in the cloud.
Integration foundation Fast, flexible
connectivity between processes, applications, and
information for a robust SOA and governance
Messaging Secure and reliable information
delivery across the enterprise.
B2B integration Synchronized information flows
with the external business community to drive
growth and improve performance
Cloud integration Integration of cloud, SaaS and
on-premise applications to maximize the
effectiveness and value of cloud investments.
Lower integration project costs and 10x less
coding needed. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of
North Carolina
Managed file transfer Governance of data
transfers critical to synchronizing systems,
businesses and people across extended value
Enable the agile business
Application Infrastructure
Efficiently deliver applications and services
with robust performance, transactional integrity,
security and control while reducing costs.
Cloud platform and application virtualization On-p
remise cloud deployment to optimize cost and time
to market.
Elastic caching Distributed caching technology to
extend performance and scalability of existing
Application optimization Improved performance and
scalability of web-based applications with
optimized mission critical traffic.
Application foundation Foundation for building,
deploying and managing applications with high
performance, security and control.
Energy and cooling savings plus 10
administration cost savings. Apple Vacations
Transaction processing Industrial-strength,
online transaction management for system z.
Enable the agile business strategic acquisitions
Business Process Management
Business event processing 2008
Business rules 2008
BPM for LOB 2010
Connectivity, Integration and SOA
High speed platforms and data feed connectors
B2B integration, managed file transfer 2010
Cloud integration 2010
Deliver enterprise mobility
Enable, manage and secure access to
collaboration, business processes, and
applications by mobile devices.
Mobile Insights and Analytics
Mobile Management and Security
Mobile Development and Connectivity
Full list of capabilities
Deliver enterprise mobility
Mobile Management and Security Mobile access
management and data protection
Mobile Insights and Analytics Mobile
analytics Mobile customer experience management
Mobile Development and Connectivity Mobile
application development Mobile integration of
data and applications
Deliver enterprise mobility
  • To enhance the Wimbledon experience at the venue,
    the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club
    improved their mobile application, guiding users
    to events using GPS mapping and allowing users to
    watch real-time tennis on any court, from
    anywhere in the venue.
  • Results
  • 30 increase in Wimbledon app downloads and 50
    growth in multiplepage views.

Increase in Wimbledon app downloads and 50
growth in multiple page views.
IBM capabilities Application Infrastructure Connec
tivity, Integration and SOA Data
Management Mobile Development and
Connectivity Web Experience
Deliver enterprise mobility
Mobile Development and Connectivity
Accelerate time-to-value and comprehensive
delivery lifecycle management.
Mobile application development Development of
native, hybrid, and web applications for mobile
Mobile integration of data and applications Integr
ation of mobile platforms with data and
  • Mobile app improves the customer experience and
    adds a revenue opportunity.
  • ING Direct US

Deliver enterprise mobility
Mobile Insights and Analytics
Analyze trends in your mobile channel and
understand how to deliver a better mobile
customer experience.
Mobile analytics Analysis of data from mobile
initiatives to uncover trends and other valuable
Mobile customer experience management Real-time
insights into customers' mobile interactions for
more effective solutions and a better customer
Increased conversions through Improved user
experiences. Sky Bet
Deliver enterprise mobility
Mobile Management and Security
Lower risk and cost of mobile infrastructure
while delivering greater agility.
Mobile access management and data
protection Mobile usage reporting, access
control, and secure data wipes.
Improvement in patch compliance. Concord Hospital
Deliver enterprise mobility Strategic
Mobile Development and Connectivity
Mobile application development 2011
Mobile Management and Security
Mobile management 2010
Mobile Insights and Analytics
Mobile customer experience management 2012
Accelerate product and service innovation
Speed time-to-market for innovative products and
applications by integrating people, processes and
tools across the life cycle, and encouraging
collaborative design, development and testing.
Application Lifecycle Management
Enterprise Modernization
Complex and Embedded Systems
Full list of capabilities
Accelerate product and service innovation
Application Lifecycle Management Portfolio,
demand and delivery management Requirements
management Architecture and design Application
development Software change and configuration
management Build and deploy Quality management
and testing
Enterprise Modernization Application
modernization Application portfolio
management Enterprise and business
architecture Multi-platform development Compilers
Complex and Embedded Systems Systems
engineering Real-time and embedded software
development Product portfolio management Product
line engineering Systems of systems engineering
Accelerate product and service innovation
Schiphol Airport
  • Global transport hub re-architects baggage
    handling processes to meet increased passenger
  • Results
  • Forty percent increase in overall baggage
    handling capacity
  • Greater customer satisfaction through real-time
    baggage tracking

50M to 70M
Bags handled every year
  • IBM capabilities
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Asset and Facilities Management
  • Cloud and IT Optimization
  • Complex and Embedded Systems
  • Security

Accelerate product and service innovation
Application Lifecycle Management
Accelerate continuous delivery of quality
software through collaboration, automation and
governance across platforms.
Software change and configuration
management Planning, tracking and control of
project schedules and resources, change requests,
and software source versions. Build and
deploy Build and deployment automation to
increase software quality and facilitate
collaborative development and operations. Quality
management and testing Quality at reduced costs
through lifecycle quality management and
integrated test automation solutions.
Portfolio, demand and delivery management Prioriti
zation, optimization, governance and
collaboration around portfolio, demand, delivery
and performance. Requirements management Software
and systems requirements elicitation,
definition, prioritization and management. Archit
ecture and design Architecture and design of
flexible, scalable software based on industry
standards aligned to business and infrastructure
needs. Application development Development and
delivery of software leveraging collaborative,
graphical and interactive tools and components.
Reduction in maintenance license costs. Sogeti
Accelerate product and service innovation
Complex and Embedded Systems
Efficiently develop high quality products and
systems with collaborative systems engineering
and software development.
Systems engineering Coordination of engineering
disciplines to facilitate delivery of quality
products which meet customer needs. Real-time
and embedded software development Development and
delivery of real-time and embedded software for
complex products and systems. Product portfolio
management Optimization of products and product
portfolios to deliver on market needs and
maximize returns.
Product line engineering Development of
innovative product lines more efficiently to
optimize differentiation and growth. Systems of
systems engineering Development of diverse and
evolving ecosystems of products, systems and
Reduced time to market for signaling systems
products. Invensys Rail Dimetronic
Accelerate product and service innovation
Enterprise Modernization
Transform business critical systems with
enterprise architecture, portfolio management and
modernization strategies.
Application modernization Modernization
approaches and techniques to transform business
critical systems into flexible applications and
services. Application portfolio
management Application portfolio optimization and
rationalization for simplified IT and room to
drive innovation and business value. Enterprise
and business architecture Effective translation
of enterprise strategy into plans for deployment
of business and IT resources.
Multi-platform development Modern Eclipse-based
integrated development environment for building
multiplatform applications. Compilers Software
to improve system utilization by exploiting IBM
Power Systems, System z and zEnterprise Systems
Reduction in IT operating costs with ROI in one
year. Atos Origin
Accelerate product and service innovation
strategic acquisitions
Application Lifecycle Management
Enterprise architecture, product and portfolio
management, requirements 2008
Complex and Embedded Systems
Tools for Complex and Embedded Systems 2008
Optimize IT and business infrastructure
Enhance business outcomes through automated asset
management, aligned business planning, improved
service delivery, and enhanced management of
enterprise data volumes.
Cloud and IT Optimization
Expert Integrated Systems
Enterprise Endpoint Management
Asset and Facilities Management
Full list of capabilities
Optimize IT and business infrastructure
Cloud and IT Optimization Monitoring and
performance management IT service
management Provisioning and orchestration Scheduli
ng and systems automation Storage management,
backup and recovery
Expert Integrated Systems
Enterprise Endpoint Management
Asset and Facilities Management Enterprise asset
management Facilities management
Optimize IT and business infrastructure
ZON Multimedia
Portuguese cable operator ZON Multimedia needed
to recognize and quickly identify the root cause
of service issues before customers were impacted.
Fewer service issues
IBM capabilities Cloud and IT Optimization
Results With their solution from IBM, they now
receive an average of 22 critical events and 100
major events per week, a 98 percent reduction.
Optimize IT and business infrastructure
Cloud and IT Optimization
Enhance IT agility and optimize the trade-offs of
cost, risk and innovation in the delivery and
management of services.
Scheduling and systems automation Transformation
and automation of dynamic workload provisioning
using cloud services.
Monitoring and performance management Management
and monitoring of application, middleware,
server, and network environments for dynamic IT
Storage management, backup and recovery Automated
backup and restore, centralized storage
management, and efficient movement and retention
of data.
IT service management Service and IT asset
management and process automation across the
Reduction in IT maintenance costs. Ceská
Provisioning and orchestration Deployment and
orchestration of virtual and cloud environments
across the service delivery lifecycle.
Optimize IT and business infrastructure
Asset and Facilities Management
Gain real time visibility into physical assets of
all types to increase operational efficiency and
return on assets.
Facilities management Management of energy, space
and operations for real estate and facilities.
Enterprise asset management Management of
production, transportation, linear and other
physical assets that are critical to business
Gallons of water saved in pilot project, a 6.6
reduction. City of Dubuque, Iowa
Optimize IT and business infrastructure
Enterprise Endpoint Management
Deliver security and compliance management for a
wide variety of devices through a single solution.
  • Enterprise endpoint management
  • Visibility and management of physical and virtual
    endpoints, covering
  • Security and compliance
  • Patch management
  • Core protection
  • Mobile devices
  • Lifecycle management
  • Power management
  • Software use analysis

Annual growth rate over past five
years. Fiberlink
Optimize IT and business infrastructure
Expert Integrated Systems
Fundamentally change the economics and experience
of IT with systems that integrate expertise and
are built for cloud.
  • Expert integrated systems
  • Integration by design - deeply integrating and
    tuning hardware and software in a ready-to-go
    workload optimized system
  • Built-in expertise - Capturing and automating
    what experts do
  • Simplified experience - Making every part of the
    IT lifecycle easier - with integrated management
    of the entire system and a broad open ecosystem
    of optimized solutions

8 min.
Deployment, down from three weeks. OneTree
Optimize IT and business infrastructure
strategic acquisitions
Asset and Facilities Management
Enterprise asset management 2011
Enterprise Endpoint Management
Endpoint management 2010
Cloud and IT Optimization
Automated data migration 2012
Manage risk, security and compliance
Provide an integrated ecosystem of security
capabilities, combined with the application of
security intelligence, to help detect, predict
and remediate breaches that point products might
Security intelligence and compliance analytics
Infrastructure protection
Identity and access management
Application security
Data protection
Full list of capabilities
Manage risk, security and compliance
Portland General Electric
  • Utility meets increasing regulatory and security
    requirements for its expanding smart grid, and
    reduces carbon footprint while gaining faster,
    deeper insight into its systems.
  • Results
  • Gained ability to rapidly analyze security
    events, improving uptime and network latency
  • Retired 125 fleet trucks by leveraging automated
    smart meters

Deploying over
smart meters
  • IBM capabilities
  • Business Process Management
  • Connectivity, Integration and SOA
  • Smarter City Operations
  • Web Experience

Manage risk, security and compliance
Enable approved users to access applications and
data while protecting assets against unauthorized
Data protection Holistic approach for securing
and protecting sensitive data and ensuring
regulations compliance. Infrastructure
protection Threat protection for comprehensive
mainframe, network, virtualization and endpoint
Identity and access management Management of
access privileges and user compliance monitoring
at reduced costs. Application security Management
of vulnerability testing throughout development
lifecycle to help prevents data
breaches. Security intelligence and compliance
analytics Security threat and compliance risk
prevention, detection and resolution via SIEM,
log management and related solutions.
To provision new users, down from five days.
Plus, help desk costs down US20k / yr. Banco
Manage risk, security and compliance strategic
Identity and Access Management
Identity and Access Management 2008
Data Protection
Database Security 2009
Application Security and Compliance 2009
Security Intelligence and Compliance Analytics
Security Intelligence 2011
IBM Global Financing matches costs to expected
future benefits making it easy for you to gain
software capabilities with
  • Flexible multi-year payment plans
  • Attractive Rates
  • Flexibility in managing IT deployment
  • Payment options can help you
  • Surmount budget limitations and get the software
    capabilities you need now.
  • Simplify your planning with predictable monthly
  • Leverage available capital to maximize your
    capability acquisition.
  • Preserve your cash flow and other lines of credit

For more information, please visit
Codorníu, Spains leading sparkling wine
producer, funded their IBM managing risk,
security and compliance capability through IBM
Global Financing, resulting in lower monthly fees
by using a payment structure that resulted in a
cost reduction target of 20 percent.
Meritage Homes, after working with IBM Business
Partner KS2 to help them turn information into
insights with an IBM solution connecting
applications, explains KS2 negotiated a
highly attractive deal with IBM Global Financing
for us, enabling us to take advantage of the
latest technology while cutting down on business
IBM Global Financing offerings are provided
through IBM Credit LLC in the United States and
other IBM subsidiaries and divisions worldwide to
qualified commercial and government clients.
Rates and availability are based on a clients
credit rating, financing terms, offering type,
equipment and product type and options, and may
vary by country. Non-hardware items must be
one-time, non-recurring charges and are financed
by means of loans. Other restrictions may apply.
Rates and offerings are subject to change,
extension or withdrawal without notice and may
not be available in all countries.
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