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Building Your Leadership Team


Building Your Leadership Team Module 1 Membership and Structure Building Your Leadership Team Roles What roles can team members play? Team members can: Help us in ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Building Your Leadership Team

Building Your Leadership Team
  • Module 1
  • Membership and Structure

Building Your Leadership Team
RolesWhat roles can team members play?
  • Team members can
  • Help us in determining
  • Assist us in implementing
  • Interpret
  • Promote
  • Expand
  • Communicate
  • Serve as advocates

  • Team Members are
  • Ambassadors
  • Legitimizers
  • Counselors
  • Managers

  • How do I determine goals for my team?

Selection Process
  • How do I determine who I should consider as team

Selection Process
  • What Criteria do I use in selecting team members?
  • Commitment
  • Diversity
  • Skills
  • Relationships
  • Experience
  • Network
  • Characteristics

Selection Process
  • How do I ensure that my committee is
  • of my county and encompasses the selection
  • One way to simplify the process is to use a
    member matrix that includes as many of the
    criteria as possible.

Selection Process
  • How big/small should my leadership team be?
  • Group Size 9-12
  • Is small enough to create good atmosphere for
    group discussion
  • Is large enough to provide representation from
    several areas
  • Provides an ample number of people for
    subcommittees of 3-5 people
  • Allows for absentees or non participators

Selection Process
  • How and where do I find team members?
  • Use your
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Mouth

Recruiting MembersWhat points should I make when
asking someone to serve on my team?
  • Do
  • Make personal contact
  • Explain importance
  • Discuss expectations
  • Be positive personal
  • Be brief clear
  • Invite, but dont beg
  • Be honest about time
  • Share tasks, responsibilities
  • Stress qualifications
  • Allow them to think about it
  • Provide information

Recruiting MembersWhat points should I make when
asking someone to serve on my team?
  • Dont
  • Mislead them saying what you think they want to
  • Play on guilt
  • Ask them to do you a favor
  • Say
  • You wont have to give much time
  • We just meet every now and then
  • We really dont do much
  • There is no problem if you skip a meeting.

Recruiting Members
After I make my initial contact with prospective
team members, how should I follow up?
  • Within a week
  • Call or visit
  • Send thank you/appointment letter
  • Provide notification of orientation process,
    meeting dates membership roster etc.
  • Provide more information
  • Obtain contact information
  • Share new member information with existing
  • Ask existing member to make welcome call or visit

Recognizing New Members
  • How do I begin recognizing new members?
  • Consider
  • Taking a picture of new members
  • Provide picture to newspaper with article
  • Send a picture to spouse, parent, employer of
    member with a note regarding importance of
    leadership team
  • Provide name tags
  • Give them a visible role in programs
  • Introduce new members at programs and events

Communicating with Members
  • How can I set up a good communication system with
    my team members?
  • Remember
  • Two weeks before each meeting send agenda,
    information about issues for discussion and team
  • After each meeting send minutes and notice of
    next meeting , send a We missed you note to
    absent members.
  • Set up.. email address, distribution list add
    members phone numbers to your office and cell
    phone lists Ask each member how they prefer to
    communicate (phone, email, letter etc.)

Member Orientation
  • How can I orient my members without overwhelming
  • Member Orientation should be
  • Concise
  • Only provide info to put
  • members at ease
  • Reaffirm your belief in them
  • Encourage and excite them

Member Orientation
Important items to cover
You might also include
  • Why you were asked to serve
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Job description
  • Requirements and Expectations
  • Whos Who members contact information
  • Term/Rotation Schedule
  • Team building activity
  • Assignment to complete before first meeting.
  • Team Structure
  • Operating Guidelines
  • Extension Overview
  • Membership skills and Networks
  • Overview of Meetings

Types of Leadership Teams
  • Extension Program Committee
  • Standing Committee
  • Special Committee
  • Issue Committee

Operating Guidelines and Procedures
  • How do I establish operating guidelines for my
  • Consider including
  • Statement of purpose
  • Job descriptions
  • Description of structure/composition of team
  • Terms of service
  • Official year
  • Number and length of meetings
  • Officers
  • Criteria for membership and selection process
  • Resignation process
  • Relationship to staff and supporting boards
  • Attendance requirements

Length of Service and Rotation
  • How long should a member serve on the team and
    how do I set up a rotation system?
  • Service staggered terms of three years
  • Rotation System start with a rotation system
  • Reappointing members off team at least one year
  • New members keep one third new

  • How do I document my leadership team efforts?
  • Document membership
  • Should be representative of population
  • Should have rotation system
  • Maintain list of current member information
  • Document minutes maintain
  • Minutes of all meetings including attendance
  • Send copies of minutes to all members
  • Correspondence to/from members

How Can My Team be Successful?
  • Do
  • - choose a varied group, particularly those with
    knowledge of the organization and those without
  • - write job descriptions
  • - delegate meaningful parts
  • - take the time to do this right
  • - thank and recognize (doesnt have to be costly)
  • - be prepared to share ownership
  • - be prepared to accept feedback
  • Dont
  • - just go through the motions
  • - be afraid to ask for help
  • - just ask people you are comfortable with
  • - do it all yourself
  • - micromanage

Program Development Team
  • 4-H Program Development Coordinators
  • Marilyn Poole NE District
  • Lori Purcell NW District
  • Laura Perry Johnson SW District
  • Teresa Harvey SE District

ANR Program Development Coordinators Norman
McGlohon NE District Sheldon Hammond NW
District Ken Lewis SW District Phil Torrance
SE District
FACS Program Development Specialists Janet
Valente NW SW District Laurie Cantrell NE
SE District
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