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What is a totalitarian state?


What is a totalitarian state? A totalitarian state is a society which is contolled by a few powerful people where any criticism of the state isn t allowed. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: What is a totalitarian state?

  • What is a totalitarian state?

  • A totalitarian state is a society which is
    contolled by a few powerful people where any
    criticism of the state isnt allowed. For example
    Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe

  • What is a dictatorship?

  • A dictatorship is where one person holds absolute
    power for example Hitler

  • Whats the difference between Conservative and
    the Labour Party?

  • Labour Party believes in society sharing its
    wealth so they believe in a free NHS and schools
    which are paid for through people paying higher
    income tax.
  • Conservatives believe in a society where people
    are free to spend their money where they wish and
    so income tax is lower. This means people pay for
    their NHS and schools (though some schools and
    health care is free for the poor).

  • In what way is the media politically powerful?

  • The media is powerful because it influences the
    way people vote as its the only way most people
    find out about politics and politicians. For
    example The Daily Mail, The Daily Express and The
    Daily Telegraph are all Conservative newspapers,
    so its readers tend to have conservative views on
    the UK. In contrast The Guardian and The Mirror
    are all Labour newspapers so their readers tend
    to think socialist views.

  • Which General Election was said have been won by
    a newspaper headline?

  • The Sun newspaper in 1997 told its readers to
    vote for Tony Blair Labour just days before the
    1997 General Election.
  • The Sun was traditionally Conservative but its
    new owner Rupert Murdoch had become friends with
    Tony Blair. Its believed that most of The Suns
    readers decided to vote Labour, which helped end
    18 years of Conservative rule

  • Identify as many ways people are politically

  • People learn about politics and what the values
    of each political party are through
  • The media
  • The family
  • Schools
  • Their peers

  • Which is the most influential type of political

  • As you can imagine it could be any of the four
    areas identified in the previous slide.
  • But the media is seen by some as the most
    powerful because of the points identified in the
    previous slides.
  • But others argue its the family as your family
    is has a specific social class and your social
    class helps decide whether you vote Labour or
    Conservative because your parents might have a
    good job and so they want to pay lower income tax

  • Yet some people think a persons peer group is
    more influential as the people you mix with tell
    you what is or isnt important so you might live
    on a poor estate like Kurts and so everyone
    wants free health-care and school so they would
    encourage you to vote Labour
  • But schools are important as you might be taught
    by a lot of middle-class teachers whos prefer to
    teach in private schools and so these teachers
    talk about the benefits of voting Conservative
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