Welcome to 5th Grade Mrs. Andersen: ELAR/Social Studies Ms. Greenlees: Math/Science - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to 5th Grade Mrs. Andersen: ELAR/Social Studies Ms. Greenlees: Math/Science


Welcome to 5th Grade Mrs. Andersen: ELAR/Social Studies Ms. Greenlees: Math/Science Remember, Gold Medals aren t made of gold. They are made of sweat and determination. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to 5th Grade Mrs. Andersen: ELAR/Social Studies Ms. Greenlees: Math/Science

Welcome to 5th GradeMrs. Andersen ELAR/Social
StudiesMs. Greenlees Math/Science
Remember, Gold Medals arent made of gold. They
are made of sweat and determination. Go Team
General Information
  • Take Home Folders Take Home Folders will come
    home every Tuesday. Please sign and return
  • Tennis shoes should be worn everyday for PE and
    recess. There is no changing of shoes for PE or
  • Students are allowed to bring water bottles and a
    healthy snack to eat daily between 930 and 935
  • TLC. Room 115, is open 730 745 for help on
  • Support is provided for students in reading and
    math during the school day. Through testing,
    students will be identified and will begin to
    receive support the week of September 23.

Take Home Folders
  • Many of the district policies are recorded on
    your childs Take Home Folder.
  • If you are not sure about a policy, please refer
    to the Take Home Folder first.
  • Previous weekly behavior grade will be in Take
    Home Folders. (Please sign return weekly)

  • We will send home a Newsletter every Tuesday in
    your child's Tuesday Folder.
  • Concepts from each subject being taught that week
    will be in the newsletter.
  • Important events/information will also be in the

Behavior Management Plan
  • Class Dojo
  • Cooper Store and Cooper Dollars
  • Block Parties

Rewards and Consequences
  • Rewards
  • Feedback and Praise (verbal/written)
  • Cooper Dollars
  • Dojo Points
  • Consequences
  • One verbal reminder
  • Loss of Dojo Points
  • Parent contacted by phone/email if behavior does
    not improve.
  • Parents will be contacted by homeroom teacher if
    student receives a U or N as their weekly
    behavior grade/
  • Tune-Up to see the Assistant Principal
  • Office referral
  • (some of the above steps may be bypassed due to
    the severity of the behavior)

  • Check your childs assignment book each evening.
    It is a way for us to communicate.
  • Please be sure to sign nightly after homework is
  • Please write any comments or questions that you
    might have for the Teachers.

  • Monday through Thursday
  • Math almost every night
  • Spelling (every night)
  • Reading or Writing (every night)
  • Social Studies or Science (about every night)
  • Friday
  • No additional assignments
  • However, incomplete assignments may be sent home
    for completion
  • Reading Log minutes

Make-Up Work
  • It is the students responsibility to ask for
    missed work.
  • Students are given one day for each day missed to
    complete work and turn in.
  • Please call office for work by 900 am We will
    place it in the office for pick up by 300 pm.
  • If needed, teachers will ask students to come in
    between 730-750 or during recess to make up

By all means stay home if you are sick, throwing
up, running fever, etc. Unexcused absences
include family trips, vacations, and non-school
sponsored activities during school days. Make
up work for unexcused absences shall be a maximum
of 70 for each assignment and test that is
missed. Please send a note with your child when
they return to school. We need the note for
documentation on all excused absences! Once a
child is absent 4 times throughout the year, you
will receive a phone call from the teacher. If
absences continue to be a regular occurance, Mrs.
Marsuka and/or Mrs. Peacock will also call.
Late Assignments/Work
  • Late work is work not turned in on time.
  • 1st day late is 10 points
  • 2nd day late is 20 points
  • 3rd day late is 30 points
  • 4th day late is a 0

  • The following percentages apply for report cards
    and progress reports. (Math, Science, Social
    Studies, and Reading)
  • Homework and class work 40
    Assessments/tests 60
  • Language Arts grades
  • Writing, grammar, listening, speaking, and
    handwriting 80
  • Spelling 20
  • If your child fails any assignment, they can take
    it home and make corrections for a maximum grade
    of 70.

5th Grade TEKS
  • For a list of 5th grade TEKS, please visit the
    GISD website under Academics Curriculum and
  • TEKS are located - http//www.georgetownisd.org/cu

Throughout the year, there will be a series of
checkpoint or benchmark tests administered
district-wide in Math, Reading, and Writing. The
scores are used by teachers to identify the
objectives each student has mastered and what
objectives require more support. Teachers then
adjust and modify lessons so that every student
has every opportunity to learn and successfully
master all objectives. Near the end of each year,
STAAR tests are administered state-wide and are
intended to measure a students mastery and
growth on grade level objectives. The test dates
are as follows
  • STAAR Math April 1st
  • STAAR Reading April 2nd
  • STAAR Science April 23rd

STAAR Testing
  • If a student fails the first round of STAAR
    Reading or Math, then they will have to re-take
    the test again.
  • If after the 2nd round of STAAR testing, the
    student does not pass, then the student will have
    to attend summer school and re-take STAAR for the
    3rd time.
  • The dates for re-test are listed below.

2nd Round of STAAR Re-takes STAAR Math May 13th
STAAR Reading May 14th 3rd Round of STAAR
Re-takes STAAR Math June 24th STAAR Reading
June 25th
Additional Resources for Home Use
  • Access some programs below, by logging in to
    passkey on the GISD website.
  • Reading Programs
  • Istation
  • Reading Street (Pearson SuccessNet)
  • Learning.com
  • Math Programs/Science
  • Think Through Math
  • Discovery Education

Odds and Ends
  • Birthdays- You may send cupcakes or cookies.
    Drinks or candy are not permitted. We do not
    celebrate until after 245 p.m. No
    invitations are to be passed out at school.
  • Parent/Teacher conferences- Conferences are
    scheduled for October 14th. Please sign up for a
    conference. I have made available days and times
    prior to the October 14th day.
  • Volunteering Opportunities- 3 parties
    Christmas, Valentines and the End of the Year.
    We will need chaperones for our field trip. A
    background check is required in order to assist
    with students. Please go to the Cooper website to
    complete as soon as possible. (www.georgetownisd.o
  • Change in Transportation- Make sure if your child
    is going home a different way in the afternoon
    that you call or send a note! Please do not leave
    a message. Be sure to talk to someone. If your
    child is to ride the bus home with a friend, a
    note is required.

Contact Us
  • Please contact us if you have any questions or
    concerns about anything! We are more than willing
    to help you in any way we can.
  • Websites
  • Go to the Cooper website www.georgetownisd.org
  • Click on the Our Faculty Staff tab
  • Under Fifth Grade, click on the Teacher of your

Thank You for joining us at Cooper tonight!
Your support and involvement are appreciated!
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