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State School QQQ-1


State School QQQ-1 2601 Northeast 151st Street North Miami, Florida Sally J. Alayon, Principal State School QQQ-1 2601 Northeast 151st Street – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: State School QQQ-1


State School QQQ-1 2601 Northeast 151st
Street North Miami, Florida Sally J. Alayon,
State School QQQ-1 2601 Northeast 151st
Street North Miami, Florida 33130 Sally J.
Alayon, Principal

  • Your Gateway to
  • a First Class
  • Education

  • State School QQQ-1 is a new multi-story,
    state-of-the-art high school designed to relieve
    the overcrowding of schools at the north end of
    Miami-Dade County. The school is adjacent to the
    City of North Miamis Stadium and just around the
    corner from Florida International Universitys
    Biscayne Bay Campus. State
  • School QQQ-1 and FIU are working collaboratively
    to a deliver a first class, rigorous curriculum
    which centers around the School-Within-A
    School/Academy Model concept.
  • State School QQQ-1, a comprehensive high school
    with 1638 student stations, will afford its
    students endless opportunities to succeed both in
    and out of the classroom to best prepare them to
    successfully transition to post secondary
    education. The school will proudly open its
    doors to students entering 9th and 10th grade in
    August, 2009.

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  • To provide the highest quality of education
    through small learning communities and challenge
    our students to achieve and demonstrate academic
    excellence by acquiring the knowledge and skills
    needed to succeed in a competitive, ever-changing
    global society.

School Vision
  • The faculty and staff at State School QQQ-1 is
    committed to providing opportunity and
    educational excellence for all.

Philosophy and Goals
  • All students can learn and achieve and they will
    find success as they embark on their educational
    journey at State School
  • QQQ-1.
  • A challenging and interactive , first class
    education at State School QQQ-1 will create the
    foundation to ensure that all students meet high
  • The academy model focus at State School QQQ-1 is
    to assist students in defining their career
  • The faculty at State School QQQ-1 is committed
    to professional growth, educational innovation,
    and technological advancements to enhance
    teaching and learning.
  • Every student at QQQ-1 can acquire the knowledge
    and skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing

Educational Facilities Naming Process
  • A community meeting took place on Thursday,
  • March 12, at 630 p.m. at David Lawrence Jr. K-8
    Center, where recommendations were made in
    regards to the naming of State School QQQ-1.
  • On Monday, June 8, an Educational Facilities
    Naming Committee will convene to consider the
    community input and make recommendations to the
    School Board for final approval.

Small Learning Communities/Academy Model
  • State School QQQ-1s curriculum will center
    around the School Within-a-School concept with
    an emphasis on Small Learning Communities.
  • Academy of Marine Environmental Science
  • Academy of Legal Studies
  • Academy of Info. Technology Mass Comm.
  • Academy of Hospitality Tourism Management
  • Scholars Academy

Academy of Marine and Environmental Science
  • Students enrolled in the Academy of Marine
    Environmental Science will have the opportunity
    to pursue a rigorous course of study that
    emphasizes various levels of science in order to
    provide a thorough introduction to the physical
    and biological basis for aquatic and
    environmental life. The curriculum focuses on the
    physical and chemical characteristics of the
    oceans and the adaptive nature of life against
    this backdrop. A balanced academic program
    emphasizes scientific inquiry, hands-on
    applications, critical thinking, cooperative
    learning projects and technology integration
    which is designed to prepare students for college
    and careers in this field of study. Advanced
    Placement courses and Dual Enrollment
    opportunities for college credit are available.
  • Marine Science Culture
  • Oceanic Biology Technology
  • Physical Biological Basis for Aquatic Life
  • Oceanography and Environmental Issues
  • Ecology Zoology

Academy of Legal Studies
  • Students enrolled in the Academy of Legal
    Studies will engage in a comprehensive college
    preparatory curriculum in the areas of pre-law,
    public law, public administration and public
    policy. This rigorous program will also prepare
    students for employment in law enforcement and
    criminal justice. The legal component will use
    the drama of the on-campus courtroom as well as
    Miamis Governmental system as a laboratory for
    students to learn about government and the
    promotion of individual and public welfare.
    Students will observe trials and commission
    meetings and conduct research using the same
    databases used by judges and lawyers. Advanced
    Placement courses and Dual Enrollment
    opportunities for college credit are available.
  • Pre-Law
  • Court Procedures
  • International and Entertainment Law
  • Voice and Diction
  • Criminal Justice
  • Comprehensive Law Studies
  • Constitutional Law

Academy of Information Technology Mass
  • Students enrolled in the Academy of Information
    Technology Mass Communications will be
    introduced to the ever-expanding digital
    workplace, field of mass communications and to
    the career opportunities offered in these
    disciplines. The rigorous curriculum is focused
    on information technology and mass communications
    which applies project-based learning and
    integrates literacy instruction through an
    extended inquiry process that simulates
    professional knowledge and workplace behavior.
    Advanced Placement courses and Dual Enrollment
    opportunities for college are available.
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • New Media/Digital Imaging Fundamentals
  • Digital Video and Sound Fundamentals
  • Web Design
  • Programming/Database
  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • Television/Broadcasting

Academy of Hospitality Tourism Management
  • Students enrolled in the Hospitality Tourism
    Management Academy will learn real-life lessons
    in related businesses outside of school that are
    consistently connected to rigorous curriculum
    inside their classrooms. This concentrated
    program demands that students build a strong
    academic foundation in social studies, business
    and language arts which prepares them for
    post-secondary studies in hospitality and tourism
    and other disciplines as well. Advanced
    Placement courses and Dual Enrollment
    opportunities for college credit are available.
  • Introduction to Hospitality Tourism
  • The Business of Hospitality and Tourism
  • Economics
  • Geography and World Culture
  • Computer Applications for Tourism
  • Travel Tourism Marketing Management
  • Sports, Entertainment and Event Management

Scholars Academy
  • Students enrolled in the Scholars Academy are
    enrolled in honors, advanced placement courses
    and dual enrollment courses.
  • Such courses include core and elective
    course offerings.

Additional Electives Offerings
  • Fine Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Foreign Language

Additional Program Offerings
  • State School QQQ-1 is committed to providing
    opportunities for all students to succeed.
    Additional courses and programs will include
  • Honors Program
  • Gifted Program
  • Advanced Placement
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Special Education Program
  • English Language Learners

Advanced Placement (AP)/Dual Enrollment Courses
  • Students enrolled in the Advanced Placement (AP)
    courses can acquire college credits while
    completing their high school education. The AP
    curriculum focuses on developing the whole
    student, building both good scholars and good
    citizens. These academically talented students
    can develop greater critical thinking skills, and
    participate in research projects and classroom
    presentations. Students who successfully
    complete these courses will be eligible for the
    Superintendents Diploma of Distinction.
  • State School QQQ-1, in conjunction with Florida
    International University, will offer students a
    variety of opportunities for Dual Enrollment
    through all of its Academies.
  • Dual enrollment allows students to
    simultaneously earn college or Career technical
    education credit toward a post-secondary degree
    or certificate and credit toward meeting their
    high school graduation requirements

State School QQQ-1/Florida International
University Partnership
  • Student dual enrollment opportunities
  • Student research/internship opportunities in FIU
    research labs, respective programs work in
    conjunction with FIU professors and graduate
  • Professional development for QQQ-1 Faculty
  • Guest lectures and demonstrations provided to
    students by FIU professors/faculty
  • FIU students work in collaboration with QQQ-1
    students to enhance student achievement, build
    clubs and organizations
  • Grant writing collaborative efforts
  • Facility utilization opportunities

State School QQQ-1/North Miami Stadium Joint Use
  • Exclusive use of the Joint Use Facilities during
    school hours for the benefit of the student
  • Right to use the Joint Use Facilities during
    non-school hours for the benefit of the student
    population for scheduled events and activities.

  • State School QQQ-1 will participate in the
    varsity and junior varsity sports sanctioned by
    the FHSAA and/or the GMAC.
  • Bowling (Boys and Girls)
    Boys Basketball (JV) Baseball
  • Cross Country (Boys and Girls)
    Girls Basketball (JV) Softball
  • Football (JV)
    Boys Soccer Boys/Girls Tennis
  • Golf (Boys and Girls)
    Girls Soccer (JV)
    Boys/Girls Track Field
  • Swimming (Boys and Girls)
    Wrestling (JV) Boys/Girls
  • Girls Volleyball (JV)

    Boys Volleyball (JV)

School Clubs
  • All students are encouraged to participate in the
    wide array of extra-curricular
  • activities and clubs that State School QQQ-1
    will offer. A variety of academic,
  • social and community service related clubs will
    be available for students. The
  • following are a portion of the clubs which will
    be offered based on student
  • interest
  • National Honor Society Art Club Literary
  • Mu Alpha Theta Music Club Photography Club
  • Speech Debate Club Computer Club Philosophy
  • Student Government Chess Class of 2012
  • Environmental Club Book Club Class of 2013
  • Key Club SECME International Club

Dress Code/Uniform Policy
  • State School QQQ-1 adopted a modified a Uniform
    Policy / Dress Code for the 2009-2010 school
    year. The policy was designed to create an
    environment that is conducive to learning while
    instilling pride and respect. The policy in full
    is noted on the home page of our website. In
    additi0n to this policy, QQQ-1 will have
    regularly scheduled dress down days and special
    school spirit days.

  • Students enrolled at State School QQQ-1 and who
    reside two miles or more outside of the school,
    are eligible for Miami-Dade County Public
    Schools bus transportation.
  • Beginning with the 2010-1011 school year,
    provisions will be made for students who wish to
    drive to school and meet all of the requirements.

Registration for QQQ-1
  • Registration for State School QQQ-1 takes place
    Monday through Friday at David Lawrence Jr. K-8
    Center from 830 a.m. noon. David Lawrence is
    located just across the street from QQQ-1.
  • See our home page on the website for full
    registration details.

Parent Teacher Association
  • Get involved!

Student/Parent input is important!
  • Your input is important!!!
  • Complete QQQ-1 Survey
  • Access survey on school website
  • http//

  • State School
  • QQQ-1
  • Opening August 2009