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Creating Youth Employment Projects in Emerging Sectors


GRADEL(GROUP OF LOCAL DEVELOPMENT ACTION's) Creating Youth Employment Projects in Emerging Sectors Message from the Executive Director Dear Friends ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Creating Youth Employment Projects in Emerging Sectors


Creating Youth Employment Projects in Emerging
Message from the Executive Director
  • Dear Friends
  • The Group of Local Development Actions
    is a group of research and from action on the
    development was born in 2003. It is given like
    vocation to use new communication and information
    technologies for development ,the eradication of
    poverty, youth employment and achieving the
    Millennium Development Goals.
  • The 4th to 5th of March 2003, OECD,
    within the framework of its world forum on the
    economy of the knowledge organized with the
    United Nations and the World Bank, a forum on the
    topic "To integrate communication and information
    technology in the programs of development was the
    inciting element because ICT play from now on a
    determining part. It revolutionize our way of
    thinking, to work, live by reducing the times and
    the costs of communication, ICT makes possible
    the diffusion and the exchange of information
    abundant, relevant, brought up to date and
    directly useful for the development. Our work
    consists in supporting initiatives of development
    having a strong economic and social impact while
    making available reliable information.
  • Now is the time to strengthen the efforts of
    GRADEL by pulling together ICT4YOUTH, and GRADEL
    will work to build capacity of young people, all
    other partners in the ICTs will stand up and
    play their part. Please view this as just a
    concept note that needs your comments and
  • In solidarity Owalakin B.BELLO

Table of Contents
1. The Twin Opportunities 2. The GRADEL
Campaigns Solution 3. The GRADEL Campaign
Fund 4. Sector Solutions 5. GRADEL Background
1. The Twin Opportunities

The Twin Opportunities
Developing countries currently face two sets of
pressing problems
Sector Development Needs
Youth Unemployment
  • Renewable Energy 2 billion people lack access to
  • Water Sanitation 2.5 billion people lack
    access to clean water and sanitation
  • Rural Development 60 of the developing world
    still live in rural areas
  • Information Communication Technologies barely
    2 of the world population has internet access
  • HIV/Aids 95 of the estimated 38 million people
    infected with HIV live in developing countries
  • There are currently 1 billion young people
    between the ages of 15-24
  • 850 million of these are living in developing
  • Over the next 30 years, this number will increase
    by another 1.2 billion, mostly in developing
  • Young people are cognizant of the inequities of
    the global system, and are susceptible to
    association with the negative forces in their
  • It is critical that youth employment
    opportunities are developed

Imagine if we could solve both of these problems
at once?
Unemployment of youth has far-reaching
implications on the labour market and the society
at large. Youth unemployment contributes to
economic exclusion and poverty and increases the
probability of future joblessness. Youth
unemployment results in the loss of a valuable
contribution to economic activity and growth from
one of the most productive elements in society.
It obstructs the movement of young people from
adolescence to adulthood and in turn is a major
cause of crime and drug abuse. High levels of
youth unemployment can also lead to alienation
from society and distrust of democratic political
processes. As a result, social cohesion is
undermined. International Labour
Organizations World Employment Report 1998/99
2. The GRADEL Campaigns Solution
Introduction to the GRADEL Campaign
  • The GRADEL Campaign was launched in BENIN in the
    the patronage of President YAYI BONI in 8th to
    10 th Mars 2007 by GRADEL delegates.
  • The campaign was launched in response to the
    enormous global challenge of youth unemployment
    affecting millions of young people around BENIN
    the goals to
  • build the capacity of young people to create
    sustainable livelihoods
  • establish an entrepreneurial culture where youth
    will work towards self employment
  • Today, we are planning to establish Networks work
    with stakeholder groups such as the government,
    business, academics, NGOs, UN agencies etc. to
    develop programs, and suggest policies for
    promoting youth employment
  • These GRADEL Networks will be supported by our
    potential partners.
  • Additionally, the GRADEL Campaign works with
    national and global partners to develop and
    deploy effective programs that realize the
    following objectives
  • Develop capacity of youth to lead in-country
    youth employment initiatives
  • Promote (in-country) youth employment to address
    key development challenges
  • Build in-country coalitions to develop national
    strategies addressing youth unemployment

We have placed the issue of youth employment on
the global agenda.
The Evolution of the GRADEL Campaign
  • Identifying the issues
  • Building consensus
  • Generating ideas
  • Creating a platform that inspire youth and
    development of Networks
  • Advocacy with leaders and institutions
  • Identifying sectors for employment and doing
    pilot work
  • Establishing the GRADEL information center hub
    for generating employment
  • Building Partnerships
  • Creating employment generation models in GRADEL
  • Building in-country self-reliance
  • Replicating and scaling up employment generating

We are creating great progress in building
knowledge and infrastructure.
The 10 GRADEL Networks are youth-led
national-level coalitions focused on promoting
youth employment
  • Manifesting two core design principles that drive
    the GRADEL Campaigns work
  • the recognition that no one individual or
    institution can do the work alone working in
    partnership is essential
  • our belief in building self reliance and
    absorption capacity in our GRADEL Network
  • Networks exist from Natitingou to Cotonou!

There is a Youth Event organized somewhere in the
world every other day!
We are establishing new partnership around the
Afghanistan Albania Angola Argentina Armenia Austr
alia Austria Azerbaijan Bangladesh Benin Bhutan Bo
livia Brazil Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroo
Canada Chad Chile Colombia Costa Rica Cote
DIvoire Dominican Republic Egyp El
Salvador Gambia Georgia Ghana Guatemala Guinea
Bissau Guyana Haiti Honduras
India Iran Jordan Kenya Liberia Malaysia Malawi Ma
li Mauritius Mexico Moldova Mozambique Namibia Nep
al Nigeria Pakistan Panama
Paraguay Philippines Peru Romania Rwanda Senegal S
erbia Montenegro Sierra Leone Somalia South
Africa Swaziland Tanzania Togo Uganda USA Uruguay
Zambia Zimbabwe
GRADEL Global Activities
  • Outreach Engagement
  • Building strategic alliances and fostering
    partnerships Over 1000 members of the GRADEL
    Global Alliance
  • Seeking and developing programs Over 100
    programs and projects
  • Communicating information about youth employment
    and the GRADEL Campaign through newsletters,
    press releases, the website, electronic
    discussion groups, toolkits, and publications.
    Partner publication. Over 50 original
  • Organizing regional and national training
    workshops and Forums.
  • Knowledge Development
  • Designing and implementing youth employment pilot
    projects centered around the Campaigns five key
  • Conducting policy analysis and publishing policy
  • Managing the Global Knowledge Resource (GKR) a
    resource database and communication medium where
    all stakeholders of youth employment can share
    and access innovative initiatives, useful
    toolkits, and comprehensive research and
  • Managing the GRADEL, information center hub for
    youth employment initiatives located in Cotonou

We are at the forefront of youth unemployment
advocacy and research.
GRADEL Global Activities
  • Capacity Building
  • Supporting the formation and development of
    GRADEL Networks, youth-led entities comprised of
    diverse stakeholders groups committed to the
    issue of promoting youth employment
  • Creating the GRADEL Networks in the following
  • Consultations Hosting national level
    consultations with governments, private sector,
    academic institutions, education and training
    organizations and NGOS and youth groups to build
    the national coalition for youth employment
  • Partnership Building Building partnerships for
    developing and implementing projects
  • Action Plans Preparing country action plans and
    reports to inform stakeholders
  • Entrepreneurship Development Promoting an
    entrepreneurial culture through workshops and
    materials developing programs to provide
    business development services to young people
    working with banks and government agencies to
    provide credit and to provide credit and other
    services to youth
  • Understanding Markets Understanding the needs of
    the market place and creating products and
    services to serve the market and to help in
    enterprise development
  • Mobilizing Resources Building the capacity of
    GRADEL Network leadership to identify needs,
    develop projects, build partnerships, mobilize
    resources and implement projects
  • Build Absorption Capacity Working to make the
    YES Networks sustainable and effective and able
    to absorb the resources available for its

We excel in a catalyzing youth-led employment
creation programs.
3. The GRADEL Fund For Youth Employment
Our Request Invest in the GRADEL Fund
Let us be clear. Half-educated, unemployed
youth, with no prospect of being integrated into
a better future is a prescription for disaster.
If young people do not have a stake in the
existing social order and political order, if
they do not feel there is a way for them, why
should they sacrifice today for a better
tomorrow? Why should they have an interest in
protecting the stability and social safety of
that system? Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Vice
President, World Bank, 1999
  • The Problem
  • Over one billion youth in the labor market
  • No real jobs in the public or private sectors
  • Solution
  • Creating Markets
  • Unleashing Entrepreneurship
  • What will the GRADEL Fund do
  • Offer a mix of grants, loans and technical
    assistance to young entrepreneurs
  • Support will be offered to those countries that
    have arranged matching funds
  • YOU CAN invest as a
  • A traditional philanthropic donor
  • A micro-finance creditor
  • A venture capital angel investor
  • A private donor at any level comfortable for
    youit will take all of US!

We seek your help in raising a fund to turn our
knowledge into action.
Replicating INITIATIVE
We need a New Deal for Youth Employment What is
Missing is the WILL will we?
  • The YES Campaign recognizes that it is only
    through employment, that we can accomplish
    conditions of freedom, democracy and equity,
    where youth can live in dignity and relate to the
    society and the environment in a truly
    sustainable way.
  • Dr. Mohamed T El Ashry, CEO GEF, September 2002
  • Renewable Energy The UN Industrial Development
    Organization (UNIDO) and the Global Environment
    Facility have worked with us to train and develop
    RE entrepreneurs
  • Water Sanitation With the United Nations Human
    Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) and others, we
    are currently developing a plan to develop
    income-generating programs in this sector
  • Rural Development The United Nations Economic
    Commission for Africa (UNECA), the Youth
    Employment Network (YEN), UNIDO, and the YES
    Campaign are preparing a project for East Africa
    for promoting agribusiness among youth
  • Information Communication Technologies With
    the IT department of the Ministry of Technology
    in India the YES Campaign is proposing to set up
    200 Knowledge Centers to train youth in ICT
    skills, and serve as an information hub for local
  • HIV/AIDS YES Campaign staff has worked with the
    USAID-funded program Equip 3 in Southern Africa
    to prepare a livelihoods based strategy for

The Campaign is uniquely positioned to leverage
your investment.
Overview of the Fund
Fund Goals
To create jobs for unemployed youth in the 5
development sectors
Investment Options
Investment Beneficiary
Knowledge Training
Individual Youth Entrepreneurs
New or Growing Enterprises
Investment Use
  • Fund knowledge and employment centers that
    provide job-skills training classes and practical
  • Provide small loans (with interest return) to
    local youth entrepreneurs looking to start
  • Provide capital and strategic advice to young and
    growing businesses in return for an ownership

Job CreationImpact
  • Prepare youth for the working world
  • Help build youth employment opportunities
  • Create many new jobs as businesses grow

The Fund will offer various avenues for
investment and return.
Donations Investments
  • The GRADEL Campaign needs your investment to help
    strengthen local infrastructure for developing
    young entrepreneurs
  • The donations will be used to create Knowledge
    and Research centers that will offer
  • Youth Leadership Training
  • Green Enterprise Training
  • Social Entrepreneurship Training
  • Fundraising Training
  • Livelihoods Internship Programs
  • As well as supporting youth in
  • Youth Led Innovative Program Implementation
  • Seed Grant Projects for Entrepreneurship
  • Developing multi-stakeholder partnerships for
    program design
  • Building local capacity for program
  • Using new technologies for livelihood generation
  • Community Driven Development
  • Designing Collaborative Projects

Donations will impact scores of youth creating
employment programs.
Loans Investments
  • We will work with you to select the young people
    and train then to design business solutions in
    the five development sectors
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water Sanitation
  • Rural Development
  • Information Communication Technologies
  • The GRADEL Fund seeks to provide the start-up
    capital to help these entrepreneurs launch their
    business ideas
  • Many of these investments will be made in the
    form of micro-credit loans that will offer
    investors both a return of principal and interest
  • Micro-credit has been proven to act as a catalyst
    for both new employment-generating ventures and
    reliable investor returns
  • The GRADEL Campaign will leverage its local
    knowledge and experience as well as commercial
    and government partnerships to implement this
    investment initiative

Loans to young entrepreneurs will spur crucial
development solutions.
Equity Investments
  • In the medium-term, many of the development
    projects inspired and supported by GRADEL
    Campaign initiatives will be in phases of
    fruition and growth
  • The GRADEL Campaign Fund aims to be in a position
    to provide significant capital to young and
    growing enterprises to further our two goals of
    creating employment and developing sector
  • Because the GRADEL Campaign prefers market-based
    solutions and understands that hand-outs are not
    the best long-term answer, the Fund will make
    capital contributions in the form of equity
  • These contributions will ensure aligned
    incentives, long-term sustainability and an
    investment return to our investors
  • Additionally, our investors can leverage their
    business backgrounds and provide strategic advice
    to the youth entrepreneurs
  • Creating a culture of market-driven ownership and
    investment will catalyze long-term systemic
    change in the developing world

Equity investments are the final step in ensuring
lasting enterprises.
GRADEL Fund - Governance
GRADEL will choose the best Bank that profile is
to mobilizes market capital and philanthropic
investment for development enterprise, will be
acts as trustee for funds ensuring compliance
with business standards and regulatory
requirements, screens and selects opportunities
for funding, oversees grant-making and investment
into youth enterprise, and reports back to donors
and investors.
Advisory Board
Bank Trustees
The Board advises on all aspects of philanthropic
market investment and capacity building
Bank LLP
Bank Trustees channels donations to charitable
aspects of GRADEL Campaign network
Bank LLP mobilizes for-profit micro-finance
investment and acts as equity partner for
selected GRADEL enterprises
GRADEL Campaign orchestrates action in the
in-country networks
Strong Governance is critical for investor and
donor confidence
4. Sector Solutions
Renewable Energy
  • Organize young people at the community level to
    assemble, install, service and market renewable
    energy systems
  • Provide renewable energy entrepreneurship
    training and seed grants or access to
    microfinance credit for innovative youth to
    launch their own renewable energy enterprise such
  • providing energy for agro-based industries for
    making fruit pulp and juices, pickles, and drying
  • manufacturing of home lighting systems - lights,
    fans and small refrigerators for storing
    medication, milk
  • Designing and installing small power plants for
  • maintenance of renewable energy systems and
    selling and installing small home systems such as
    solar panels
  • manufacturing of solar lanterns for fishing
    activities during the night and renewable energy
    based ICTs to enhance access to income generation
    opportunities, especially in rural areas
  • solar cookers
  • installation and maintenance of solar powered
    community facilities in rural areas

Rural Development (On-Farm and Off-Farm)
  • Orient agricultural extension programs towards
    youth, which includes
  • preparing then to set up small enterprises
  • working with credit institutions to help youth
    build productive assets such as land, livestock,
    equipment and others
  • vocational training, micro-entrepreneurship in
    the curriculum targeting young women
  • identifying, natural resource based micro
    enterprises, and offering rural youth business
    development services to start such enterprises
  • building an understanding of how agro-business
    value chains work and supporting rural youth
    entrepreneurs in producing value-added farm

Water Sanitation
  • Integrate youth in community management processes
    to improve the availability and supply of clean
    drinking water, sanitation services, and
    environmental conditions through
  • research, develop and disseminate information on
    water and sanitation sector, to inform and
    support behavioral change at the village level
  • support income-generating programs in rain
    water-harvesting, storage and supply
  • organizing community level training for youth to
    build and maintain low cost toilets in rural
    areas and tackle the sanitation needs of people
    in villages
  • training youth to build and maintain hand pumps
    to provide water supply to rural communities

Information Communication Technology
  • Develop programs to support ICT-based
    entrepreneurship through
  • Knowledge Centers that provide information and a
    business development network that seeks to link
    youth entrepreneurs, interns, investors,
    incubators with each other
  • Youth in Business Centers to support developing
    business ideas, explore credit options and
    financial management, and assist in marketing,
    product development
  • training youth in web based services such as
    website development and e-marketing
  • training youth as educators and mentors for
    distance learning and business development
  • supporting agriculture though ICT tools
  • incorporating the use of ICTs to support the
    educational programs for the students of the
    elementary and middle schools in the communities

Reproductive Health HIV/Aids
  • Improve the reproductive health and family
    planning choices of women through
  • life skills and leadership trainings with
    reproductive health messages embedded
  • providing vocational, professional and
    entrepreneurial trainings
  • conducting pilot programs to evaluate the
    correlation between economic empowerment and
    improved reproductive health status
  • improve the livelihood opportunities of youth
    living with HIV/AIDS - training them in
    positive living, peer/educators/mentors,
    establishing a support and mentorship network
  • strengthen services by introducing a greater
    focus on youth livelihood initiatives, and
    supporting the design, implementation, monitoring
    and evaluation of the delivery of youth-friendly
    HIV/AIDS and reproductive heath services

5. GRADEL Background Information
GRADEL Campaign Leadership
  • Campaign Committee
  • Saturnin KOSSOU President ONG DPD( Dialogue for
    Peace and Development) President of DPD Network
  • Gbenga Adebusuyi FOUNDER of WIRE AFRICA President
    of Economic Forum Africa-USA
  • Executive Director
  • Owalakin B.BELLO
  • GRADEL (Group of Local Development Actions)
  • c/1365 Ste-Rita
  • 072BP238 Cotonou-Benin
  • Tel. 229 97898504
  • Fax.229 21302278
  • Email

These Recent Project Successes in YES NETWORK can
be replicate
  • India - The UNIDO/India Renewable Energy (RE)
    project had 4 major outcomes
  • Created a RE Center for Excellence at the SRT
    Rural Institute (SRTRI), in Andhra Pradesh
  • Established a Solar Laboratory at SRTRI
  • Trained about 100 young people as technicians and
    entrepreneurs in RE
  • Worked with Shell Solar and other businesses to
    tailor the curriculum to their needs, and almost
    40 percent of the trainees were hired by private
  • Zambia - UNIDO/Zambia Renewable Energy (RE)
    project had 4 major outcomes
  • The creation of a RE lab at the Elias Mutale
    Training Centre, in Kasama, Zambia
  • Training 50 Master Trainers in renewable energy
    enterprise development, and an additional 250
    youth trained by these master trainers
  • A microfinance plan developed for the government
  • A vibrant RE enterprise development network
    created of institutions, experts, NGOs, youth,
    membership drawn from all 23 districts in Zambia
  • Global Environment Facility (GEF) The Renewable
    Energy Fellowship program
  • 5 Youth selected in competitive process (from
    Georgia, Ghana, India, Malawi, Peru)
  • Training delivered in renewable energy,
    leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Business planning assistance and start-up funding
    provided for businesses in
  • Portable Photovoltaic Panels Production and
  • Wind Power Mills and Turbines for Farming
  • Solar Equipment lanterns, box cookers
  • Wind Energy to Pump Water for Communities
  • Bio-digesters and Solar Cookers through Bio-mass

The GRADEL Framework for Action
Employment Generation
Environmental Sustainability
Empowerment of Youth
Employment Summit)
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