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ESI Corporation Coimbatore welcomes you Submit Form 01 and register your factory or establishment within 15 days of its applicability under ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ESI Corporation Coimbatore

ESI CorporationCoimbatore
  • welcomes you

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Form 01
  • Submit Form 01 and register your factory or
    establishment within 15 days of its
    applicability under Section 2(12) or 1(5) of
    ESI Act

15 days
Regulation 10-B
  • If your factory or establishment has been covered
    and allotted a code number, based on information
    available to the ESI Corporation,

do not fail to submit Form 01
within 15 days
within 15 days
of receipt of communication of such allotment of
code number to you
Regulation 10-B(cc)
  • Employers Registration Form (i.e. Form 01)
    revised with effect from 01.01.05.

  • To apply for employers code number from
    01.01.05, file this revised form.
  • This revised form can be downloaded from our
  • Submit annual return in Form 01-A for every year,
    on or before 31st January of the following year
    effective 01.01.05

Regulation 10-c
  • Have you submitted your first annual return for
    the year 2004?

Last date for submission 31.01.05
Consider and cover all the persons employed for
wages upto Rs. 7500/- p.m. Never discriminate
between your employees in matters of coverage and
compliance whether you call them
  • permanent or temporary
  • regular or casual
  • time-rated or piece-rated
  • male or female
  • willing or unwilling
  • technical or non-technical
  • trainees or apprentices
  • daily rated or weekly/monthly rated

  • Register all employees by submitting declarations

Form 1
to the branch office of
Form 3
ESIC along with
within days
Regulation 14
  • Obtain Temporary Identity Certificates /
    Permanent photo Identity cards of your employees
    on registration then and there

Regulation 17
  • Do not fail to hand over the TIC or the photo
    identity card to the respective employee as soon
    as received from the Branch office of the ESIC
  • Remember, the photo identity card is the property
    of your employee and should be with him. Employer
    has no right or business to detain them

  • Employers are identified by their individual

employers code number
and employees by their individual
  • insurance number

Always quote them in your reference/
  • Pay/Deposit contribution through/at any of the
    authorised branches of State Bank of India,
    either by Cash or Cheque.

When by cheque, deposit sufficiently in advance
to allow for realisation
Register of Employees
  • Register of Employees is the basic and
    comprehensive record of ESI Covered employees.
    Maintain it neatly and properly and close it
    every month over your or authorised
    representatives signature

Regulation 32
Submit Return of Contributions (Form 5) complete
in all respects, with evidence for payment of
contribution (receipted bank challans) within 42
days of the end of the contribution period
  • Return for contibution period ending 30th
    September is due by 11th November
  • Return of contribution period ending 31st March
    is due by 12th May

Regulation 26
Do not fail to indicate/ enclose the following in
your return of contributions-
  • Date of appointment of employee (if new entrant)
  • Date of leaving employment (if so)
  • Name of ESI Dispensary as opted by each employee
    (with changes if any)
  • Insurance number of employee
  • Receipted bank challans, in evidence of
    remittance of contribution

  • If you are closing down your factory/establishment

do not forget
  • to pay contribution on the day of closure
    itself, and
  • to submit RC within 7 days of closure.

This will help early inspection and deletion of
your factory/estt from our records.
  • Pay contribution and submit Return of
    Contributions in time.
  • Serious delay or default on your part

will burden you
embarrass us
and ultimately affect your employees
for no fault of theirs.
  • Penalties are imposed.. prosecutions may be

not because you offend us,
but because you offend your
own employees.
  • Penal provisions are there only to ensure and
    secure compliance with laws.
  • Failure to comply is

when you do not register yourself and your
when you cannot pay contribution
when you do not submit returns
But only when you
to respond to show-cause notices
Do reply to notices
  • Inspection of your factory/establishment is a
    statutory requirement (Section 45 of ESI Act).
    But you can avoid it as and when you comply.
  • If an inspection is round the corner, take it
    that you have done enough default and damage.

  • Should there be an inspection of your
    factory/establishment under ESI Act,

extend your sincere co-operation
with the
inspecting authority
  • Do not obstruct inspection or defer/deny
    production of records. No one can keep on doing

  • Why do you think we are after most of the
  • It is enough indication that almost every
    alternate employer is at fault in one or the
    other aspect.

  • Inspection Book is another important ESI register
    wherein the ESI Inspector records his visit to
    your premises, leaves remarks on discrepancies
    and deficiencies found out during inspection and
    necessary advice on follow-up.

Produce it during inspection and Insist upon a
record of such inspection, every time the ESI
Inspector inspects
  • Take note of observations of the ESI Inspector as
    recorded in the Inspection Book and comply with

  • Do not reduce /discontinue benefits otherwise
    admissible to your employees under the pretext of
    ESI Benefits
  • Do not dismiss, discharge or punish an IP when
    he/she is in receipt of sickness, maternity or
    temporary disablement benefit.

  • Issue certificate of continuing employment in
    Form ESIC-37 on demand, to enable your employee
    to get medical treatment in the absence of
    entitlement confirmation.
  • ESIC-37 is a must for medical treatment if you
    are yet to submit RC for the relevant
    contribution period

ESIC 37 is not required,

  • if the live list and the wanted Ins no. in
    the list, are very much available.

ESIC 37 is required,
  • if you have submitted your RC already in time and
    still the ESI Dispensary has not received the
    relevant live list

  • Indiscriminate demand and issue of ESIC-37 is
    cumbersome and refer to ESI Dispensary
    concerned or to us for remedy.

  • Issue certificate of employment in ESIC-105 to
    your employees while on tour or authorised leave
    at outstation localities to enable your employees
    to take medical treatment
  • (valid for 3 months)

  • ESIC 105 is not required for family of an
    employee if the family resides in a different
    place(either in or out of the State)
  • A separate photo identity card for family
    (ESIC-4A) can be obtained on application from the
    Branch Office

  • Submit Accident Report to Branch Office / IMO
    (in Form 15) within 24 hours in ordinary cases
    and immediately in the event of death of
  • Render first aid to the injured person and take
    him to the nearest ESI Dispensary/ Hospital

Regulation 68
Regulation 69
  • It is the age of manufacturing
  • It is the age of outsourcing
  • And, it is the scene of job-working now
  • Let us produce goods
  • Let us market products
  • Let us negotiate wages
  • Let us co-exist in economy

And above all, Let us make them securein the
field of social security Those men on machines,
who work for uswho work for their familyThe
human resources, simplywe call them employees,
insurable persons.
ESI- a bit in their favour
  • You could be a principal Employer when
    manufacturing or outsourcing
  • You could be an Immediate Employer when say, job

But, there is only one chunk in common.
The Employees on either sideWhether they are
permanent or temporary,
casual or time-rated
factory worker or job-worker
and what not ESI cover
a bit in their favour.
A word to the Principal Employers
  • A job-working undertaker for youis none other
    than your Immediate EmployerYou may not call
    him so

but ESI laws do..
You have a little more to do with him than to
award job-work alone
a little more to do
Yes, ready, get set and go
  • To cover the employees employed by you through/
    the immediate employer also
  • To get to understand that you cannot disown your
    indirect employees as well as your direct
  • To pay contribution (employees employers
    share) in respect of such employees on their
    wages in the first instance on behalf of your
    immediate employer

To recover, of course, such contribution from the
immediate employer in the prescribed manner
To call for the Register of Employees (in Form 6)
maintainable by such immediate employer, under
Reg 32(1)(a) and examine it every month before
you settle payment to your immediate employer
ESIC- in an effort to bring you and your
immediate employer
A word to the Immediate Employers
  • A job-work giver is very much the Principal

Again ESI laws say so..
You may take job-work from the Principal Employer
(an ESI-covered employer)
When you do so, you acquire a few liabilities
  • To keep and maintain a register in Form 6,
    showing the name, Insurance no (when registered),
    wages paid month-wise, employees contribution
    due employers contribution due on wages in
    respect of your own employees.
  • To produce this register to the Principal
    Employer every month when you claim labour
  • To allow the Principal Employer to recover
    contribution from such charges, if he has
    already paid contribution in respect of your
    employees on your behalf.

ESIC- in an effort to bind you both, you and the
principal employer
An appeal to the Principal Immediate Employers
  • Before we call you coverable, call yourselves
    ESI-compliant !
  • All that requires is FORM 01 and a CODE NUMBER
  • Whether you give or take the so called job-work
  • ESI Registration is not only a statutory
    obligation but also a business compulsion today
  • And even part of the much wanted professionalism
    in labour law matters

An appeal to the Principal Immediate Employers
  • The 10th or 20th employee
  • in your premises may be a tie for you
  • You may like or dislike him

But he is the most important person for us
  • It is he who brings both of us together

Let us honour him
An appeal to the Principal Immediate Employers
  • Declare your employees!
  • From the first to the last
  • From the eleventh to the last
  • From the twenty first to the last
  • Because they too work for you
  • They too require protection

Let us not discriminate
Let us cut costs, but not at the cost of labour
  • Have you ever agreed with us?
  • OR rather
  • Are you aggrieved by us?
  • Conflicts will be there ! But

Let us sort them out The way the natural justice
demands it We are always open to you-
Refer to us, talk to us, write to us
Before you get a possibly wrong advice Before
you rush to a court
Though -
  • You have a right
  • to consult and contend
  • to approach the EI Court

Why not keep off cheap counselling? Why not
avoid unnecessary litigation?
  • more messages more queries.. more updates
    more info..

visit our website
Whos who
  • Shri Babu Verghese P, Joint Director

Petitions / representation  (Shikayat
Adalat)  employees/employers
Meet him between 3.00PM and 5.00 PM every
Tel  No. 0422 2233861 Fax No. 0422
Whos who
  • Shri R. Mohankumar Deputy Director

Public Grievances/Complaints (SOS/Registration/S
tatus) Petitions / representation (Shikayat
Adalat)  employees/employers
Public RelationsWorkshops, Seminars, ESI
Events, Projects,Registration/ Banking
Tel  No. . 0422 2236226 Fax No. 0422
Whos who
  • Shri R. Gunasekaran Deputy Director

Revenue Recovery (SOS)
Tel  No. . 0422 2236226 Fax No. 0422
Whos who
  • Shri K.P. Appachan Deputy Director

Registration of factory /estt. code
no.allotment,Inspections, factories estt
Closures, changes in managements, intimation
to ESIC Defaults, dues, status Wages interpret
Personal hearings, employers
Tel  No. . 0422 2231657 Fax No. 0422
Whos who
  • Shri K.Srikrishnan Deputy Director

Wages interpret, Closures, changes in
Managements, intimation to ESIC Defaults, dues,
status Personal hearings (Revenue/employees)
Tel  No. . 0422 2236226 Fax No. 0422
Whos who
  • Shri G. Kittusami Deputy Director

Local Committee Litigation, legal matters
Benefits, Cash - approvals/sanctions/relaxati
Tel  No. . 0422 2231657 Fax No. 0422
Whos who
  • Dr. Dhanalakshmi,Medical Supdt,ESI Hospital,

Medical treatment, Hospital
Tel  No. . 0422 2574391 398 (8 lines)
Whos who
  • Dr. KamalanathanRegional Administrative Medical

Medical treatment, dispensary
Tel  No. . 0422 2595078
Whos who
  • Dr. AnandkumarMedical RefereeDoor No. 384, 2nd
    Floor, Dr. Nanjappa Road, Coimbatore - 641 018.

For referral medical opinions
Tel  No. . 0422 2300441
Sickness benefit 
Payment of contribution for atleast 78 days in the relevant contribution period 91 days in any two consecutive benefit periods Standard benefit rate (not less than 50 of daily wages)
Extended Sickness benefit 
Continuous employment for a period of 2 years and payment of contribution for at least 156 days in 4  contribution periods.  up to 2 years in deserving cases 140 of the standard benefit rate (not less than  70 of daily wages
Enhanced Sickness benefit 
Payment for atleast 78 days in the relevant contribution period 7 days for vasectomy and 14 days for tubectomy extendable in case of post operative complication etc.  Twice the standard benefit rate.
Permanent disablement benefit 
No contributory condition For life Upto 140 of the Standard Sickness Benefit rate. 
Dependants benefit 
No contributory condition To widow/widows for life or until remarriage. To legitimate or adopted son/ unmarried daughter till age of 18 years.To legitimate infirm son.To legitimate adopted son/unmarried infirm daughter till infirmity lasts.   To widowed mother Upto 140 of the Standard Sickness Benefit rate (not less than  70 of  daily wages to be divided among the dependants in the prescribed ratio.
Maternity Benefit
Payment  of contribution for 70 days in immediately preceding two consecutive periods. 12 weeks of which not more than six can  precede the expected date of confinement 6 weeks for mis-carriage and additional one month for sickness arising out of confinement, premature birth of child or miscarriage Double the Standard Benefit rate (Not less than full wages)
Medical benefit 
No condition. IP and his family is eligible from the day one of his insurable employement.   To start with for a period of 3 months or till the spell of treatment lasts whichever is later and thereafter based on payment of contribution Full medical care. Facilities including hospitalisation for insured person and family.
Funeral Expenses  
No condition . Diseased IP should be an IP on the date of death. One time payment Actual expenditure on funeral not exceeding Rs. 2500/-
Rehabilitation allowance 
No contributory condition For each day on which insured person remains admitted in Artificial limb centre for fixation / repair or replacement of artificial limb. Double the standard sickness benefit rate but not less than  full wages
Vocational  Rehabilitation
Insurable employment upto 40 permanent disablement and below 45 years age. Till such training lasts at a recognised centre / institute
Medical Benefit to disabled insured persons 
On payment of Rs. 10 per month in lumpsum for one year in advance Period for which contribution is paid till attaining the age of superannuation Full medical care for self and spouse only. 
Medical Benefit to retired persons 
On payment of Rs. 10 per month in lumpsum for one year in advance (who leave insurable employment  on attaining the age of superannuation after being insured for not less than five years) Period for which contribution is paid Full medical care for self and spouse only.
Confinement expenses
No condition other than insurable employment of self/spouse.  Rs. 1000 is paid as a lumpsum grant towards confinement expenses to an insured woman, wife of insured person. payable for two confinements only
Super speciality treatment  List of hospitals in
Coimbatore where ESI Beneficiaries can avail
Super speciality treatment
  • Lalitha Hospital, Cross Cut Road, Coimbatore
  • The Eye Foundation, RS Puram,Coimbatore
  • Sheela Clinic, East Power House Road, Coimbatore
  • Kongunadu Hospital Private Ltd, Tatabad,
  • KG Hospital, Coimbatore
  • PSG Hospital, Coimbatore
  • Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital, Avinashi Road,
  • Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore
  • KTVR Group hospitals, Coimbatore

  • Super speciality treatment  Procedure

1. The insured person shall approach the ESI
Dispensary to which he/she is attached, and the
Medical Officer shall issue a referral letter to
the IP to approach the concerned empanelled
medical institution.  
2. If the IP/beneficiary need medical attention
during the non working hours of the concerned ESI
Dispensary, they may directly approach the
nearest ESI Hospital for getting referral letter.
If there is no ESI Hospital situation nearer to
the IPs place of living, the IP shall approach
the nearest Govt. Hospital for getting referral
  • Super speciality treatment  Procedure
  • 3. In the case of an emergency the IP/beneficiary
    can get Medical attention just by producing
    his/her ESI identity card at the designated
    private medical institution, shall produce
    necessary referral letter and other relevant
    documents within 48 hours. (If any case referral
    letter is a must to avail treatment under package

4. The IP/beneficiary shall produce the referral
letter along with the ESI Identity Card at the
designated private medical institution and avail
the treatment without paying any amount from out
of his/her pocket. However any facility, other
than the items included in the package deal shall
be borne by the IP/beneficiary. 
  • Super speciality treatment  Procedure

5. While referring the IP/beneficiary to the
concerned Empanelled Medical institution, Medical
Officer incharge has to verify whether the
IP/beneficiary is eligible for treatment. 
6. The IP shall produce all the relevant
documents demanded by the designated hospital and
extend his/her co-operation to the hospital
authorities.   7. The designated hospital after
imparting treatment to the IP/beneficiary shall
raise the claim bill directly to the Directorate
where it will be settled.
Super speciality treatment
Treatment Package rates
    By-Pass Surgery CABG - 126000b) Valve
    Replacement - 126000c)
    Correction of Congenial Complex Heart Diseases -
    126000d) Coronory By-Pass Surgery Post
    Angioplasty - 126000e) Coronory Balloon
    Angioplasty - 83700f) Balloon Angioplasty in the
    Valvotomy - 76500g) Open Heart Procedure -
    126000h) Mitral Valvotomy - 38250i) Open itral
    Valvotomy - 115000j) Mitral Valve  Replacement
    - 120000k) Aortic Valve Replacement -
    126000l) Double Valve Replacement - 126000m)
    Total correction of Tetrology of Fallots -
    126000n) Permanent Pacemaker implementation -
    10000 cost of pacemaker

Super speciality treatment
Treatment Package rates
  • ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY1. Total Hip Replacement -
    61200 implant 2) Total Knee Replacement -
    81900 implant     a) Open Reduction
    Internal fixation of long bones
    - 100003) Amputation of legs     a) Below
    knee - 7650     b) Above knee
    - 10700

Super speciality treatment
Treatment Package rates
  • NEPHROLOGY/UROLOGY1) Renal Transplantation -
    1033002) Lithotripsy -
    100003) Peritoneal Dialysis Procedure per
    sitting - 10004) Haemodialysis Procedure per
    sitting - 15005) Nephroureterctomy
    - 12000

Super speciality treatment
Treatment Package rates
  • ONCOLOGY1) Surgical Management of Malignancy
    (Cancer)    a) Radial Masectomy -
    15000    b) Total Thyroidectomy - 15000   
    c) Transurethrel Resection of Prostate
    150002) Laser or Radiation Treatment of Cancer
    - 200003) Chemotherapy - Per day500 cost of
    drugs4) Total Cystectomy
    - 20000

Super speciality treatment
Treatment Package rates
  • NEUROLOGY1) Emergency Life Saving operation
    on brain and spinal cord -
    400002) Advanced specialized operation on
    brain and spinal cord such as
    cerebrovascular surgery, skull base surgery,
    deep seated tumour of brain,  syntactic
    surgery - 40000

Super speciality treatment
Treatment Package rates
  • OPTHALMOLOGY1) Any cataract surgery with or
    without intraocular Lens(IOL) ECCE/ICCE
    - 72002) Glaucomo
    Surgery (Goniotomy) - 63003) Scleral
    Bulking Retinal Detachment Surgery
    - 108004) Keratoplasty
    - 108005) Laser Treatment
    (Xenon Arc Laser) 15006) Vitrectomy
    - 108007) Fundus
    Flurescein (Angiography of Retina)
    - 8008) Orbitotomy
    - 9000

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