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Enabling India using Telecom Technologies


... DM talks to multiple villages on video Technologies that makes this possible Technologies that makes this possible corDECT WiLL Midas will enable 100/200 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Enabling India using Telecom Technologies

Enabling India using Telecom Technologies
  • Dreams of TeNeT Group

Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, IITM, Chennai,
India ashok_at_tenet.res.in
TeNeT Group
  • An interdisciplinary group of 15 faculty members
    at IITM
  • started in 1994 with a dream of enabling India
    have 100 million telephone connections
  • when India barely had 8 million connections
  • target revised somewhere along the way to 200
    million telephone and Internet Connections
  • worked on technology, policy and operations level
  • India today has 90 million connections
  • but more important, the stage is set to get the
    200 million target

India with a billion people is a large market,
but60 of Urban households can spend less than
7 per month on Telecom
Monthly telecom expenditure (assuming 4 income
can be spent on telecom) 4 7.2
10.4 14.4 20.8 33.6
52 144
65 million Urban homes
India needs Telecom CAPEX to go down to 165 per
line requires disruptive technologies
TeNeT Group at IITM took up the challenge
  • Incubated/ supported a dozen plus product
    companies and worked with operators to drive down
  • Midas Communications Banyan Networks
  • NMSWorks Tejas Networks
  • Nilgiri Networks Chennai Kavigal
  • OOPS NeuroSynaptic
  • Jataayu Nextge Systems
  • Benchmark Systems Indus technolgies
  • Vortex Technologies iSofTech - Blooma
  • Capex per line down from 1000 per line seven
    years ago to270 per line
  • Telecom is booming in India
  • India will add 150 million lines in the next 7
    years as CAPEX is driven below 165

corDECT Wireless in Local Loop
IITM - Midas
  • 35/70 kbps Internet plus simultaneous telephone
  • 165 per line price
  • 2 million lines in 03-04

Fibre in the Loop Last meters on copper
DIAS (DSL on copper)
  • Always ON Internet connection on
    not-so-good-quality existing copper lines
  • providing 128 kbps connection in 90 cities at 16
    per month

Multi-lingual Office Package CK Shakti
IITM - Chennai Kavigal
Tejas Networks
  • Next-Generation SDH Transport
  • cost-effective transport network for voice as
    well as Internet traffic preferably on Ethernet
  • Advanced software for easy management of networks
    and providing bandwidth-on-demand
  • Advanced software features such as auto-discovery
    and point-and-click provisioning
  • Network Management System
  • A must with distributed deployment of Intelligent
  • Convergence of Telecom and Internet management
  • Manage traffic, subscribers, subscriber equipment
    and network health from management centers

  • Softswitch Technology
  • Full suite of 100 J2EE powered, Communications
    Convergence Infrastructure
  • Packet-Switching technology in Carrier Grade
    Enterprise Grade
  • H.323 Stack and H.323 Gatekeeper
  • SIP Stack and SIP Proxy
  • Enabling wireless Internet
  • handset software
  • WAP2 browser, MMS client, Sync client, IM Client,
    IOTA client
  • Gateways on infrastructure
  • SIM Platform, IM Server, OTA provisioning server

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Going Forward
  • TeNeT Group dreams
  • provide Internet connection to every village of
    India and use it to drive Rural economy
  • can we double the per capita rural GDP in ten
  • Drive Broadband Internet Connectivity to homes,
    small and medium offices and IT enable them
  • Drive to create a couple of a billion dollar IT
    and Telecom PRODUCT company from India
  • Become world leaders in a couple of technology
    areas (wireless could be one)

Center for Excellence inWireless Technology
  • 4G Technology innovation
  • Test bed demonstration
  • Creation of IPR portfolio and licensing
  • engagement with standards activities worldwide
    (ITU, TIA/ETSI, IEEE) to include Indian IPRs in
  • Standardization and Licensing
  • standardisation and driving the regulatory
    aspects (along with the supporting technical
  • Orchestration of value creation for India
  • trial of 4G technology demonstrator by operators
  • launch of commercial 4G systems
  • applications development

The (Un)Affordability ofComputing
  • IT Tipping Point
  • Software costs more than Hardware (Dana
  • USD 484 for white box
  • USD 546 for MS-Windows and Office
  • Piracy is not the solution
  • (90 piracy levels in India in key verticals)...
  • .....and neither is non-consumption
  • Alternatives TVSTB, Cell-phones...? Really?
  • Broadband Growth depends on Computer Growth!

What do we need
  • TCO for Computing with Broadband Internet
  • 50 to 70 per month
  • not affordable to more than10 million families
  • We need TCO of 10 to 15 per month
  • to target 100 million Indian homes
  • low cost thin clients
  • Broadband connectivity

Dream of enabling Creation ofRural Wealth
Rural India has700 million people
  • represents average of developing economies in
    terms of Population Vs Income
  • in 600,000 villages in India (about 1000
    people per village with per-capita income of
    0.40 per day)
  • Can technologies make a significant difference in
    life of such people?
  • Can it bring to them health Education
  • Can it significantly enhance their incomes?

To Scale to all the villages in India
  • One needs
  • Technology
  • Sustainable Business Model
  • Organisation which thinks and acts Rural

Innovative Technology to connect Rural India
  • BSNL (state owned incumbent) has fibre
    connectivity to most county headquarters (taluka)
  • CorDECT Wireless in Local Loop developed at IITM,
  • provides a telephone line and Internet connection
    in a 30 Km radius
  • can connect 85 of Indian villages
  • start-up costs very low

Business ModelUse Local Entrepreneurs to drive
  • Entrepreneur-driven operator assisted telephone
    booths (STD PCOs) introduced in India in 1987
  • Today in urban areas
  • 950,000 such PCOs covering every street of
    smallest town
  • generate 25 of total telecom income
  • 300 million people use these PCOs
  • Lesson for Rural
  • To serve Rural people with incomesless than
    1/day, aggregate demandand let Entrepreneurs
    drive it

Aid/ Grant does not scale Successful Enterprises
can scale to all villages
Innovative Business Models
  • n-Logue A Rural Service Provider
  • aggregate demand into a kiosk
  • owned driven by a local entrepreneur
  • 1000 (including taxes) per Kiosk providing
    telephone, Internet, multimedia PC with
    web-camera, printer and power back-up for PC
  • plus Indian language software, video conferencing
    software, training and maintenance
  • set up by a village entrepreneur on the lines of
    urban PCOs
  • provides telephone, stand-alone Computer and
    Internet services
  • needs 75 per month to break even (7cents per
    person per month)

(No Transcript)
The Kiosk Owner
  • Should have studied up to Class 10
  • Need have no prior computer Training
  • Should be able to communicate to the people in
    the village

Top Suganya from Madurai Dist,TN Left
Anishaben from Banaskanatha Dist,Guj
Kiosk Bouquet of Services (besides telephony)
  • Learning typing
  • Computer education
  • Photography
  • movies on CD
  • DTP work
  • Email/voice video mail
  • E-Government
  • Video conferencing providing
  • Tele-medicine
  • Vet Care
  • E-learning
  • E-Agriculture

The Vet is on the Net ...
Rural Magic The next few slides contain true
stories which have magically impacted the
lives of people in Indian villages .
Saving Crops and Agri-consultancy
Remote Eye Care
An Online Clinic
Dr Mala Fenn is a leading Gynecologist in Madurai
Web- Durbar DM talks to multiple villages on
(No Transcript)
Rural Children create computer drawings for
greeting cards
All drawn on a PC
  • Technologies that makes this possible

Technologies that makes this possible
  • corDECT WiLL Midas
  • will enable 100/200 dedicated and2 Mbps shared
    connection next year
  • RAS Router Banyan
  • Minnow ISP in a box Nilgiri
  • Billing System Nilgiri
  • Network Management NMSWorks
  • Indian Language Office package CK

Office package in Indian Languages
IITM - Chennai Kavigal
Major New Initiatives
  • Multi-party multi-rate video conferencing OOPS
  • Live Lecture OOPS
  • Rural ATM Machine Vortex
  • Finger print detection HP-IITM
  • Medical Diagnostic kit Neurosynaptics
  • LCD projection system TeNeT
  • Web Terminal MeTeL Midas
  • Entertainment Terminal TeNeT
  • Rural Banking SW TeNeT
  • On-line eye-testing HP-IITM
  • Sparse Area Comm System TeNeT
  • TeNeT faculty and 10 companies incubated by it
    (1000 engineers) working to make the dream true

Low bit-rate multi-party Video Conferencing
(audio video chat at 20 kbps onwards)On-line
lecturing at low bit-rates
Financial Services with ICICI Bank
  • Kiosk operators to have Credit cards
  • Collect cash from villager and pay online
  • Govt. payments, Telephone bills
  • Kiosk operator to be an agent for
  • agri-crop loans
  • Rural Insurance, Health and Crop
  • Rural low cost ATMs at kiosks
  • Works along with the PC already existing
  • Breakthrough pricing envisaged of 800

IITM - NeuroSynaptic
  • Remote Monitoring of patients health using
  • A kit consisting of BP, Temperature, ECG
    measurement and Stethoscope for 200

Sparse Area Communications where there is no
fibre backbone
  • 8-10 voice channels 64/128 kbps Internet
    satellite backhaul
  • Each hub supports 16 to 20 remote sites with 2
    Mbps download
  • 150 corDECT 200 backhaul cost per

  • Internet Connectivity is only a beginning

Tomorrows kiosk
  • Tomorrow the kiosk should become
  • a communication hub providing 50 telephone and
    Internet connections in a village
  • a center for virtual university / training center
  • technology support center
  • a support center for Entrepreneurship
  • a banking outlet
  • micro-finance outlet
  • a trading outlet
  • agri-support center
  • a medical support center
  • and more

Rural Micro-Enterprises are the Wealth Creators
  • Micro-enterprises need
  • Finance
  • Knowledge and Training
  • Buying Selling
  • Insurance
  • Can Communications Enable these ?

The Dream
  • Current Rural GDP in India 150 Billion
  • For a Population 700 million people
  • GDP / Person 200 per year

Rural Prosperity
DOUBLING per-capita Rural GDP
400 per person per year
To Sum Up
  • Technologies can impact lives provided there is a
    big enough Dream behind it
  • Dream of Doubling per capita Rural GDP
  • Finance, Commerce, Training Information are key
  • Driving Education, Health and Entrepreneurship
    isthe means
  • Power Supply will be key bottleneck
  • Entrepreneur sets up (20-50KVA) back-up power
    plant and distribute in the village
  • initially with diesel, later with bio-diesel
  • Large number of innovative technologies and
    applications need to be developed catering
    specifically to Rural areas
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