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The American alligator


The American alligator BY: Keaton Bartz The American Alligators anatomy/ appearance The average size spane is 10 to 15 feet long. The average weight is 1000 pounds ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The American alligator

The American alligator
  • BY Keaton Bartz

The American Alligators anatomy/ appearance
  • The average size spane is 10 to 15 feet long. The
    average weight is 1000 pounds. they have long
    body's and short legs there thick skin is covered
    with horny scales called scutes. American
    Alligators are usually black ,brown ,or gray.
    There eyes ,nose and ears are on top of its head.

The American Alligators locomotion
  • The American Alligator swims sleeps and hunts
    and thats all. They are so lazy because they are
    cold blooded so they are just getting some sun.

The American Alligators diet
  • An American alligator is a carnivore it eats meat
    such as birds, fish, dear, almost anything that
    comes in its site. Alligators do not chew its
    food they tear of peaces and swallow them whole.

The American Alligators habitat and range
  • Alligators spend time in water they live in
    swamps and rivers ,marshes ,canals and lacks.
    Alligators make burrows they use there tails
    ,feet and nose to dig deep.

The American Alligators adaptations
  • Alligators go 30 mph when on a speed chase when
    not alligators go about 5 mph hats in water on
    land an alligator they can run like a hourse for
    30 feet.

The American Alligators life cycle/reproduction
  • Mother lays eggs takes months than hatches grow
    bigger than starts over.

The American Alligators behavior
  • The American alligator will hide until it finds
    some food or if it sees an enemies and if a boy
    sees a girl he will show all he gots by dancing
    his tail of.

The American Alligators defense/offense
  • The American alligator defends its self by his
    strong teeth and by its death role. Offense it
    uses its speed and power to catch it prey.

The American Alligators enemies
  • The enemies of the American alligator is snakes
    some humans big cats racoons and some large birds.

The American Alligators survival status
  • American alligators were in danger now there
    recovered. Alligators will get killed because
    they will be by houses by roads and eminently
    they will be killed because the are so dangerous.

Something special about the American Alligator
  • The special thing about this animal is when they
    go under there eyes dont hurt them because they
    have a clear eye lid and they can see right
    through it.

The American Alligators classification
  • The dinosaurs are the closest animal to the

Extra about the American Alligator
  • The American alligator was the only kind in the
    world for hundreds of years until they were
    discovered in china. Alligators are dieing every
    second from people killing them and making them
    into stew shoes wallets and purses.

  • Thanks for listening.