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???? ???????: Sport and Games


... the ancient Olympic Games were held in Olympia, ... Could women take part in the ancient Olympics? At about what time were the ancient Olympics officially ended? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: ???? ???????: Sport and Games

???? ???????Sport and Games
  • ???? ???????
  • 1.????????? ? ???????? ????????
    ?????????? ???
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  • 3.????????? ?????? ? ?????? ?????????? ????

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??????????????? ?????? ? ??????? ????????
  • Good morning, everybody
  • Im glad to see you.
  • How are you?
  • Today we are going to speak about sports in Great
  • You will learn a lot of interesting things from
    the history of the Olympics

O???????? ???????????? ? ?????? ????? ????
  • Look at these coloured rings, please.
  • What do they symbolize?
  • The Cup Final
  • The Olympic Games
  • Tennis Championship at Wimbledon

Read the new words
  • Greece
  • Greek athletes
  • Baron Pierre de Coubertin
  • The international Olympic Commitee

Now listen to Lena and Egor to answer their
The Olympic Games
  • AD-?.?
  • BC-?? ?.?.
  • Currently-?????????
  • Comprises-??????????
  • Torch-?????
  • Feature-??????????
  • IOC-????????????? ??????????? ???????

  • NOCs-???????????? ??????????? ???????
  • Ifs-????????????????? ?????????? ???????
  • Movement-????????

  • The Olympic Games are an international event of
    summer and winter sports, in which thousands of
    athletes compete in a wide variety of events. The
    Games are currently held every two years, with
    Summer and Winter Olympic Games alternating.
    Originally, the ancient Olympic Games were held
    in Olympia, Greece, from the 8th century BC to
    the 5th century AD. In the late 19th century,
    Baron Pierre de Coubertin was inspired by Olympic
    festivals to revive the Games. For this purpose,
    he founded the International Olympic Committee
    (IOC) in 1894, and two years later, the modern
    Olympic Games were established in Athens. The IOC
    has since become the governing body of the
    Olympic Movement, whose structure and actions are
    defined by the Olympic Charter.

  • The evolution of the Olympic Movement during the
    20th century forced the IOC to adapt the Games to
    the world's changing social circumstances. Some
    of these adjustments included the creation of the
    Winter Games for ice and snow sports, the
    Paralympic Games for athletes with physical
    disabilities, and the Youth Olympic Games for
    teenage athletes. The IOC also had to accommodate
    the Games to the varying economical, political,
    and technological realities of the 20th century.
    As a result, the Olympics shifted away from pure
    amateurism, as envisioned by Coubertin, to allow
    participation of professional athletes. The
    growing importance of the mass media created the
    issue of corporate sponsorship and
    commercialization of the Games.

The Games have grown in scale to the point that
nearly every nation is represented. Such growth
has created numerous challenges, including
boycotts, doping, bribery of officials, and
terrorism. Every two years, the Olympics and its
media exposure provide unknown athletes with the
chance to attain national, and in particular
cases, international fame. The Games also
constitute a major opportunity for the host city
and country to promote and showcase themselves to
the world.
  • Olympic sports are governed by international
    sports federations (IFs) recognized by the IOC as
    the global supervisors of those sports. There are
    35 federations represented at the IOC. There are
    sports recognized by the IOC that are not
    included on the Olympic program. These sports are
    not considered Olympic sports, but they can be
    promoted to this status during a program revision
    that occurs in the first IOC session following a
    celebration of the Olympic Games. During such
    revisions, sports can be excluded or included in
    the program based on a two-thirds majority vote
    of the members of the IOC.There are recognized
    sports that have never been on an Olympic program
    in any capacity. Some of these include tug of
    war, chess, golf, and surfing.

  • The Olympic Movement comprises international
    sports federations (IFs), National Olympic
    Committees (NOCs), and organizing committees for
    each specific Olympic Games. As the
    decision-making body, the IOC is responsible for
    choosing the host city for each Olympic Games.
    The host city is responsible for organizing and
    funding a celebration of the Games consistent
    with the Olympic Charter. The Olympic program,
    consisting of the sports to be contested at each
    Olympic Games, is also determined by the IOC. The
    celebration of the Games encompasses many rituals
    and symbols, such as the Olympic flag and torch,
    as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.
    There are over 13,000 athletes that compete at
    the Summer and Winter Olympics in 33 different
    sports and nearly 400 events. The first, second,
    and third place finishers in each event receive
    gold, silver or bronze Olympic medals.

  • The Olympic Games program consists of 33
    sports, 52 disciplines and nearly 400 events. For
    example, wrestling is a Summer Olympic sport, it
    is comprised of two disciplines, Greco-Roman and
    Freestyle. It is further broken down into
    fourteen events for men and four events for
    women. These events are dileneated by weight
    classes. The Summer Olympics program includes 26
    sports, while the Winter Olympics program
    features 7 sports. Athletics, swimming, fencing,
    and artistic gymnastics are the only summer
    sports that have never been absent from the
    Olympic program. Cross-country skiing, figure
    skating, ice hockey, Nordic combined, ski
    jumping, and speed skating have been featured at
    every Winter Olympics program since its inception
    in 1924. Current Olympic sports, like badminton,
    basketball, and volleyball, first appeared on the
    program as demonstration sports, and were later
    promoted to full Olympic sports. Some sports that
    were featured in earlier Games were later dropped
    from the program.

  • The 114th IOC Session, in 2002, limited the
    Summer Games program to a maximum of 28 sports,
    301 events, and 10,500 athletes. Three years
    later, at the 117th IOC Session, the first major
    program revision was performed, which resulted in
    the exclusion of baseball and softball from the
    official program of the 2012 London Games. Since
    there was no agreement in the promotion of two
    other sports, the 2012 program will feature just
    26 sports.

  • Where did the Olympic Games begin?
  • How often did the Games take place in ancient
    times? How often are they held now?
  • Did the original Olympic Games consist only of
    sports competitions?
  • What was the only athletic event that was held in
    the ancient Olympics?
  • Could women take part in the ancient Olympics?

  • At about what time were the ancient Olympics
    officially ended?
  • Whose idea was it to bring the Olympics Games
    back to life?
  • In what city were the first modern Olympics Games
    held? And what country hosted the second modern
    Olympiad? Where were the latest Olympic Games
  • When are the Winter Olympic Games held now?
  • What committee organizes the Olympic Games?

The Presentation of Yulja Levtchenko
Listen the new words on topic
  1. Section-??????
  2. Go in for sports- ?????????? ???????
  3. Jog- ?????? ???????
  4. Contest- ??????????
  5. Soccer-??????
  6. Rugby- ?????
  7. Lawn tennis- ??????? ??????
  8. Table tennis- ?????????? ??????
  9. the Highland Games- ?????????? ???????????
  10. putting the weight ???????? ????
  11. Tossing the caber- ??????? ?????
  12. Row-??????
  13. Racing-?????
  14. Cricket-??????
  15. Participant-????????

  • Sport is very important in our life. It is
    popular among young and old people. Many people
    do morning exercises jog in the morning and train
    themselves in clubs in different sections and
    take part in sport competitions .National sports
    in Great Britain It is a very interesting
    question, because many kinds of sport have taken
    the origin in England .
  • The Englishmen love sports , they are called
    sports-lovers in spite of the fact that some of
    them neither play games nor even watch them .
    They only like to speak about sports
  • Some kinds of sport are professional in England .
    Popular and famous players have a lot of money .

  • We must speak about the Highland Games in
    Scotland . All participants wear Highland dress .
    There are such competitions as putting the weight
    , tossing the caber and others . The English are
    great lovers of sports .

  • Now football is the most popular game in Britain
    . It is a team game . There are some amateur
    teams but most of the teams are professional ones
    in England . Professional football is a big
    business . Football is played at schools too . If
    we speak about football we can mention an
    interesting fact in American football , called
    soccer. The captain of the team must be the
    oldest or the best player.
  • Football has got a long history . Football was
    played by the whole village teams in Middle Ages
    in England .

  • Many traditional sporting contests take place in
    England , for example , cricket . It is played
    from May till September . This game is associated
    with England . There are many cricket clubs in
    this country . English people like to play
    cricket . They think that summer without cricket
    isnt summer . Cricket is the English national
    sport in summer . If you want to play cricket you
    must wear white boots , a white shirt and white
    long trousers .
  • There are two teams . Each team has eleven
    players . Cricket is popular in boys schools .
    Girls play cricket too .

  • Rugby football . You can see a ball in this game
    , but it is not round . It is oval . This is a
    team game . There are fifteen players in each
    team . It is a popular game in England . There
    are many amateur rugby football teams .
  • Table tennis . Englishmen heard about table
    tennis in 1880 . Then the International Table
    Tennis Association was formed and the
    international rules were worked out .
  • Many people like to play table tennis . This is
    played by men and women too . There are some
    tennis clubs in England , but if you go and play
    there it is necessary to pay money for it .
  • Englishmen like playing tennis but many of them
    prefer to watch this game.

  • There are some racing competitions in England .
    They are motor-car racing , dog-racing ,
    boat-racing , horse-racing . All kinds of racings
    are popular in England . It is interesting to see
    the egg -and-spoon race . The runner , who takes
    part in this competition , must carry an egg in a
    spoon . It is not allowed to drop the egg .

Thank you for attention!
  • Thank you. Youve done that quite well.
  • Sport is very important in our life, isnt it?
  • Do you go in for sport?
  • Do you take part in any sport competitions?
  • Does sport help people to keep in good health?
  • What new information have you learnt today?

  • As for me, sport is an essential part of my daily
    life. As I want to keep fit I go in for skating
    in winter and running and swimming in summer. All
    my friends like different kinds of sports, such
    as tennis, boxing, gymnastics and others and
    spend much time at the stadium or on the sports
    grounds. Of all-outdoor games I prefer football.
    I never miss a single match played by Rotor, I
    am a Rotor fan. Sport makes people strong,
    healthy and gay and I like it very much.
  • Do you go in for sports?
  • Yes, I do, I go in for basketball.
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