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BM0803: Essential IT Infrastructure


BM0803: Essential IT Infrastructure Presented to: Mr Terence Ong Group Members: Guo Li Kenneth Yeo Chang Wen Koh Wei Liang Joleen Xie Li Ting Winston Tan Kah Lun – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: BM0803: Essential IT Infrastructure

BM0803 Essential IT Infrastructure
  • Presented to Mr Terence Ong
  • Group Members
  • Guo Li
  • Kenneth Yeo Chang Wen
  • Koh Wei Liang
  • Joleen Xie Li Ting
  • Winston Tan Kah Lun

Company Profile
  • FuWell Pte Ltd
  • Located at Sim Lim Square
  • Founded at year 2000
  • Selling computer hardware and software

Proposed e-business model
  • Business to Consumer (B2C) model
  • Good website can help facilitate business
    transactions and reinforce the existing channels
  • Fuwell aims to provide excellence in product and
    services in the IT sector

Areas for improvements
  • Systems security
  • Website enhancements

Evaluation of the existing web-based e-business
  • E-commerce maturity phase 1.
  • The basic requirements present in the companys
    informational website includes their products,
    prices, promotional schemes and location on the

Flowchart of the existing architecture of Fuwell
Current Hardware
  • CPU
  • Casing - MacroView 7788 casing with 1 fan.
  • Motherboard Intel Petium 845PE motherboard with
    an integrated sound card built on it.
  • Processor - Pentium 4 2.4A processor.
  • Hard disk - Seagate 40GB hard disk
  • Graphic card - Nividia FX 4800 with 64 MB video
  • Memory card - Two pieces of 128 MB memory card
  • Monitor
  • Philips 17-inch CRT 107S61
  • Printer
  • Epson black and white printer C50
  • Scanner
  • Epson scanner 660
  • Modem
  • 56k external modem

Current Software
  • Operating System Windows 2000 Microsoft office
    (words, excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage),
  • POS system
  • Norton Anti-virus 2003

Implemented hardwares and softwares
  • CPU
  • Motherboard - MSI 865PE NEO2-PLS motherboard with
    an integrated sound card built on it, bundle with
    Pentium 4 3.0 E processor.
  • Hard disk - Seagate 400 GB 7200 rpm 8MB (sata)
    hard disk
  • Graphic card ATI Radeon 9600 pro with 256 MB
    video ram
  • Memory - Two pieces of 512 MB kingston memory
  • Monitor
  • Philips 17056FB 17-inch LCD.
  • Printer
  • Canon IP1000 Pixma printer
  • Scanner
  • Canon Lide 20 scanner
  • Modem
  • ADSL 2 modem with USB and Ethernet
  • Router
  • Linksys 4 ports broadband router
  • Operating System windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft office (words, excel, PowerPoint,
  • Norton Anti-virus 2005
  • The total cost of implementation is 2766.

Available IT systems and architecture in the
  • Networking Technology
  • Hardwares that are used to connect several people
    using one network.
  • Linksys wireless router.
  • Enables users to connect via Wireless-G (802.11g)
    or Wireless-B (802.11b)
  • Securely share a network with high-speed cable
  • Compact size with Built in 4-port full-duplex
    10/100 switch
  • Reason?
  • Cost 199 ONLY
  • Life time warranty.

Available IT systems and architecture in the
  • Netgear Wireless Router
  • Deliver up to 10 times the coverage and speed of
    standard 802.11g-based solutions
  • and provides performance increases of up to 50
    percent for existing 802.11g (wireless G) clients
  • Is optimized for use with the Netgear Product
  • Reason?
  • Cost 149.99 ONLY
  • 2 Years warranty

Available IT systems and architecture in the
  • Security infrastructure
  • Softwares that are installed into the computer to
    prevent it from being affected by virus
  • Norton Anti-virus 2005(multi-user pack)
  • Automatically removes viruses, worms and Trojan
  • Includes email and instant message attachments
  • Detects virus infections in compressed file
  • Defends against Spyware and other emerging
  • Reason
  • The most secure anti virus software in the market

Available IT systems and architecture in the
  • Norton personal firewall(multi-user pack)
  • Confidential Information Blocking and Enhanced
    Program Disabling
  • Guards Against Hackers and Intrusions
  • Keeps Protection Up-to-Date with Live Update
  • Protects your private information
  • Blocks banner ads, pop-up windows, and other Web
  • Reason
  • The most secure anti virus software in the market

Available IT systems and architecture in the
  • Servers for e-business
  • Mainly operating system to navigate applications
    in the computer system. One of the major player
    in the market is Microsoft.
  • Microsoft window small business server 2003
    premium edition
  • Get shared access to the Internet, a firewall to
    help protect your local network,
  • You can accommodate an increasingly mobile work
    force through the new Remote Web Workplace
  • Your mobile users can access their e-mail,
    schedule, calendar, and task information from
    their cell phones and other portable devices.
  • Reason
  • Microsoft is one of the biggest players in this
  • After sales support such as help-desk is

Available IT systems and architecture in the
  • Gentoo Linux 2005.0
  • Automatically optimized and customized for just
    about any application or need.
  • Extreme performance, configurability and a
    top-notch user
  • Reason
  • Cheap and affordable
  • One of the biggest players in the IT industries

Available IT systems and architecture in the
  • Infrastructure solutions
  • Hardwares that are used to solve problems
  • Seagate hard disk (Cheetah 15k.4)
  • Data rates up to 75 Mbytes per second, seek times
    as fast as 3.6 msec
  • 1.4 million hour MTBF is the highest reliability
    rating in the industry
  • Lower drive count than 3.5-inch 10K solutions
  • Partners with NL35 Series nearline-ready drives
  • Reason
  • Best after sales support of 5years warranty

Available IT systems and architecture in the
  • Hitachi hard disk (Deskstar 7K500)
  • 500GB capacity
  • High rotational speed 7200RPM
  • Average seek time - 8.5 ms
  • Rotational vibration safeguard
  • Reason?
  • 500GB High storage capacity
  • after sales support of 3 years.

Available IT systems and architecture in the
  • Web enhancing technology
  • The use of software to improve on the visions of
    the applications.
  • Macromedia Flash MX 2004
  • Allows designers to integrate video, text, audio,
    and graphics into immersive, rich experiences
    that deliver interactive marketing and
  • E-learning, and application user interfaces.
  • Used by over one million professionals and
    reaching more than 97 of Internet-enabled
    desktops worldwide
  • Reason
  • More user friendly
  • Used by more people

Available IT systems and architecture in the
  • Dreamweaver MX 2004
  • Is the professional choice for building web sites
    and applications.
  • Provides a powerful combination of visual layout
    tools, application development features, and code
    editing support.
  • Enables web designers and developers to easily
    create and manage any website.
  • Reason
  • Easy to create and manage websites

Available IT systems and architecture in the
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard 7.0
  • Simplest way to create and share more secure and
    reliable Adobe PDF documents.
  • Accurately represent the original document
  • Take advantage of robust tools for sharing
    information and commenting on electronic files.
  • Reason
  • Abode PDF files can be shared easily with secure
    and reliability
  • Reason to choose the vendor?
  • Largest retail shop in Sim Lim Square
  • provide a 1 to 1 exchange within 7 days
  • Price is lower

Proposed e-business infrastructure plan
  • Problems?
  • Lack of functions to increase interactivity with
    its customers
  • Solutions?
  • Shopping Cart
  • Provides shopping in a convenient way
  • There are 2 soft wares on shopping cart currently
  • shopping cart

Proposed e-business infrastructure plan
  • Shopping cart
  • Provides 4 types of shopping cart services
    bronze, sliver, gold, platinum.
  • The higher amount customers pay, the higher
    amount of items can be put in the shopping cart.
  • Recommend Fuwell to buy the sliver plan shopping
    cart that can put 20 to 99 items
  • Fee would be 69.99 per month.
  • Have a fast MySOL database to support the
    Shopping cart.
  • Able to accept different forms of payment
  • Shopping cart have multi language capability
  • Provide 24x7 support
  • Fee would be 149.95.

Proposed e-business infrastructure plan
  • Conclusion?
  • Recommend Fuwell to buy shopping cart directs
    shopping cart
  • Why?
  • The price is cheaper
  • Free installation and free web design
  • Shopping cart capacity is sufficient for normal
    household users

Proposed e-business infrastructure plan
  • Personalization
  • Able to address the customer by its surname
    whenever customer log into the system.
  • Able to update latest products on the website
  • Able to recommend software or hardware according
    to customer latest purchases
  • Result?
  • Allows customer to constantly purchase from
  • Achieve customer delight
  • Suppliers of Fuwell can login into the system
  • Suppliers can enjoy different set of services
    from Fuwell
  • Result?
  • Increase interactivity
  • Enhance supplier buyer relationship

Proposed e-business infrastructure plan
  • Recommended Software
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2003
  • Helps in the following 3 areas in web
    development, which are design, coding, and
  • includes ready made professional template design,
    authoring, data, and publishing tools that are
    required to produce websites with sophisticated
  • Allows users to upload web pages just by using
    the MS Front Page program
  • DreamWeaver MX
  • Propose powerful and rich CSS support
  • able to cut and paste data from MS Excel and
  • has built in graphic editor program, and most
    importantly, able to create secure FTP web pages.

Proposed e-business infrastructure plan
  • Applications and infrastructures that are needed
  • Anti virus programs
  • deter the database from being attack by viruses
    and worms
  • programmed for daily check to ensure system is
    free from viruses
  • Firewall
  • protect the system against hackers from hacking
    information during transaction
  • protect the system against hackers from hacking
    personal information of customers from database
  • Dream weaver program
  • Create a website and store information in online

Proposed e-business infrastructure plan
  • Consideration if in house development is chosen
  • Cost
  • Initial cost equipment and maintenance cost and
    cost related to website would require high
  • if overall cost is cheaper as compared to
    outsource, we would choose in house development.
  • Skills Expertise
  • The website might not be comparable to
    professional 3rd IT experts
  • if we have IT and design experts within company,
    we might decide to have in house development.

Proposed e-business infrastructure plan
  • Concentration diverted
  • Concentration might be unfocused
  • We would accumulating experiences on IT might use
    one of our competitive advantage if we have in
    house development
  • Training and Turnover
  • High turnover rate and training of staff for
    maintaining the IT system would results in high
    cost, and labor hours wasted.

Proposed e-business infrastructure plan
  • Consideration if outsource proposed plan
  • Lost control over IT capacity
  • when we outsource out IT system, we would lost
    the say in what IT system should we use, the
    programs used, and the design of the website
  • IT company might reveal data to competitors
  • IT Company might reveal confidential data to our
    competitors when managing our customer database.
  • Affect our company integrity and overall
  • IT company might put emphasis on higher paid
  • 3rd parties IT company are mainly helping
    organizations to create and maintain their IT
    system and websites, they might pay more
    attention to bigger organization or better paid
    projects, and neglect our IT system.

Proposed e-business infrastructure plan
  • IT company might outsource part of the system to
    sub contractors
  • As 3rd parties IT company might handle too much
    projects, they might just outsource part of our
    projects to sub contractors, without our knowing.

Chart for propose e-business
Web Server
Application Server
Fire Wall
Database Server
WorkStation (Fuwell)