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28 Days to HEALTH


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 28 Days to HEALTH

28 Days to HEALTH
What to bring
  • Fiber shake
  • Dixie cups
  • Protein shakes in all flavors
  • Chews in all flavors
  • Detox tea
  • GO3 Fizzing tablets
  • Antioxidant Immunity Booster
  • Hybrid power pack/Kids teens
  • Omega 3
  • Digestion Plus
  • 7 day Body Cleanse
  • Client profile sheets, hostess info
  • RE9 samples or demo kits to use for those not
    already on Arbonne skincare
  • Invites to discover arbonne recorded call
  • Arbonne Essentials Pamphlet
  • Ways to Save Sheets

The Arbonne Difference
  • Once you use our products you will see feel the
  • Our company was established in 1980
  • Our health wellness products are all
  • Botanically-based
  • Never tested on animals
  • Formulated without animal products or by-products
  • Formulated without dyes or chemical fragrances
  • Researched on people
  • Certified vegan
  • Certified Kosher
  • Made w/o glutens, no dairy, cholesterol,
    saturated or trans fats
  • All Arbonne products come with a 45 day money
    back guarantee
  • Sweetened without artificial sweeteners, Arbonne
    uses Stevia Lo Han

Have you ever wondered why?
  • There are more obese people today than ever?
  • Why the number of obese people has doubled in the
    past 20 years?
  • Why 67 of the American population is considered
    overweight or obese?
  • Something is VERY WRONG!

A 2006 Study published in the International
Journal of Obesity
  • Looked at 13,000 male and female runners and
    found that regular runners who were not
    overweight still got heavier over a 17 year
    period if the amount of exercise they did
    remained the same
  • Only those who increased their exercise intensity
    were able to prevent getting fatter

Whats the problem?
  • Lack of Exercise? Lack of Education?
  • NO!
  • We are more health conscious than ever
  • We have more health clubs and gyms
  • More books are published on the issue

The problem is TOXINS
  • Toxins are everywhere
  • In the air we breathe the water we drink
  • Processed foods are full of them
  • Our livestock and poultry are fattened up with
  • Pesticides are sprayed all over our produce
  • And there are tons of toxins in personal care
    products like shampoo and shaving cream

Your Liver is Your Key Detoxifier and Premier
Fat Burning Organ
  • If your body is overburdened with toxins then
    your livers ability to cleanse slows down
  • When your liver function slows down so does your
  • In fact, every system in your body is compromised
    if your liver is not functioning properly

University of Occupational and Environmental
Health in Japan says
  • Obesity is more closely related to liver
    dysfunction than any other abnormality
  • Why do we plateau during weight loss?
  • A 15 week study by Laval University in Quebec
    discovered that environmental pollutants
    increased in the blood by a much as 23 during
    weight loss
  • Why?
  • Toxins hide in fat
  • Weight loss frees up these toxins
  • If your liver is overloaded with toxins you will
  • You must detoxify during weight loss to lose

Toxins come in faster than we can process them
  • In our bodies, when toxins come in at a faster
    rate than our bodies can process them, our body
    pulls those toxins away from our vital organs and
    holds them in fat stores.
  • Our bodies will release fat stores only when we
    clear out the toxins.
  • Sometimes our toxic load is so high that it can
    lead to a range of health problems such as
    diabetes, skin irritations, heart disease,
    chronic pain, digestive problems, etc

Arbonnes 28 Days to Health
  • On our 28 Day Program
  • The focus will be eliminating toxins from your
    diet and eating whole foods, to help your body
    detoxify naturally
  • You will lose stubborn toxic fat around stomach,
    hips, thighs
  • You will get step by step instructions, recipes,
    and a simple plan that gets results!

Avoid Allergenic Foods
  • Eating whole foods gives our bodies a rest from
    digesting the processed foods that our bodies
    were not designed to process
  • By not eating highly allergenic foods, like
    dairy, sugar, wheat, and gluten we keep our
    bodies from producing their own toxic responses
    to those foods

Pure Vegan Protien Shakes
  • Product Benefits
  • Helps build and maintain muscle
  • Contains 20 grams of antioxidant-rich cranberry
    rice and pea protein
  • No dairy, soy or whey (Whey is from dairy, harder
    to digest and highly allergenic
  • Lactose Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Cholesterol Free
  • 22 vitamins and minerals
  • Flax seed for heart and brain health
  • Contains ginseng, alfalfa (alkaline), kelp
    (alkaline) coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid, to
    increase energy and metabolism
  • No artificial colors, flavor or sweeteners
  • Sweetened with Stevia
  • Available in powder or ready to drink formula
  • Retail cost 1.86 for powder/2.75 for ready to
  • Arbonne Essentials Ready-to-Drink Protein Shakes,
    are the first-ever, ready-to-drink pea-protein
    shake on the market that is vegan certified!
    With so much of our meat supply contaminated with
    toxins its nice to know we have a safe healthy

Fiber Booster
  • This is the key to staying fuller longer and
    keeping your insulin levels balanced
  • Not just for old or constipated people!
  • 90 of americans get less than ½ the fiber they
    need on a daily basis.
  • 12 grams of odorless, tasteless powder.
  • Put in protein shakes or mix it in any food or

Detox Tea
  • Herbal, caffeine free tea that cleanses and
  • Supports kidneys, liver and blood
  • Milk thistle detoxifies liver by secreting
    medications, alcohol and toxins
  • Skipping this step in good health weight loss
    is like never washing your face and expecting
    great skin!
  • Use when feeling anxious or moody.
  • Drink 1-3 cups per day. Can be used hot or cold

Energy Fizz Tabs
  • B Vitamins give us energy. Stress depletes
    vitamin B so these help replace it.
  • Green tea and herbs for solid, stable, calm
    energy that gets you over the sugar cravings and
    hunger that comes with stress.
  • No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.
  • Helps control hunger appetite.
  • Clinically proven to increase metabolism.

Daily Power Packs
  • Lay the foundation for deep nourishment while we
    detoxify. 1 pack, once a day!
  • They are whole-food based supplements that
    include multivitamin, multimineral, digestive
    enzymes, herbs
  • 20 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Gender specific
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Promotes energy, vitality longevity
  • Maximum nutrient uptake and absorption
  • Bottom line they will give you sustained energy
    and balanced emotions during these 28 days.

7-day Body Cleanse
  • Helps cleanse detoxify
  • Assists with gentle elimination of toxins.
  • Key in eliminating toxins from lungs, kidneys,
    liver, blood GI tract.
  • 7 bottles, mix with 32 oz water drink
    throughout the day.
  • Start on week 2 of the program.

  • What to do between meals?
  • Have a healthy snack such as a green apple and
    almonds or
  • Fit Chewsgreat alternative to candy or junk
  • If you like dessert, eat after a meal to curb the
  • each chew contains 30 calories and gives a gentle
    boost of energy
  • Keep them with you at work, in the car at home.
    Never leave home without them.
  • One bag contains 30 chews

Why will this system work when others have failed?
  • Why will this work when others have failed?
  • You dont get as hungry- due to our herbal
  • You wont feel tired- due to our energy drink
  • Works to keep your blood sugars level- peaks and
    valleys cause hunger
  • Are you willing to change your health in 30 days?
    You can do anything for 30 days!

  • We have talked about some healthy changes for the
    inside -
  • We want to share with you Arbonnes anti-aging
    skincare the RE9 Advanced which will help you
    look and feel better
  • Who here has used or sampled our NEW RE9 Advanced
  • I will give you this opportunity tonight.
  • (During order process offer those who have not
    used a sample or the ability to demo a kit in the
    privacy of their own home)
  • (Making sure to set up an appt to pick up your
    demo or talk to them about their experience)
  • Go through your favorites (pick 2-3)

  • I will teach you in a minute how to get a
    discount on Arbonnes amazing products. First I
    want to share with you why I am a part of this
    company (Your Why Story)
  • We are a network marketing company which is said
    to be the business of the 21st century. It is a
    distribution system or a form of marketing, which
    channels goods or services from the manufacturer
    to the consumer through a network of
    independent consultants. This cuts out the
    middlemen in most industries.
  • All our products are consumable. Which means
    repeat sales and profits.
  • We get to create and incredible income by helping
    others feel better and look better.

Opportunity - Continued
  • Some of the Benefits of Arbonne include
  • Work alongside your current job
  • Free leadership, training, and coaching
  • Earn while you learn
  • Minimal start up costs
  • Mercedes Benz program
  • FREE vacations
  • Unlimited income potential - add income or
    replace and income.

Opportunity Continued(pick 2 or 3 of these to
target your audience)
  • Would additional income make a difference in your
  • Needing extra cash to pay off debit, save for
    retirement or pay for college?
  • Do you hate that feeling you get when Sunday
    evening rolls around?
  • Would you like more flexibility in your life?
  • Is your job creating too much stress in your
  • Want to be your own boss create your own income

Opportunity Continued
  • If you would like to replace an income or earn an
    additional income by working an average of 10
    hrs/week, see me afterwards and I will give you a
    packet like this (hold up sponsoring packet) to
  • I know some of you are thinking I cant afford
    to add this to my budget.
  • How many of you go to Starbucks or Sonic?
  • How many times per week? As I shared with you, a
    healthy protein shake meal at home is less than a
    latte at Starbucks.

3 ways to win with Arbonne
  • 1) Client- pay retail get exceptional customer
  • 2) Preferred Client - sign-up for 29 have your
    own 20 discount on all of Arbonnes products
    for 1 year
  • 3) Business Builder- and receive all the things
    mentioned earlier

Client Profile sheet
  • Please take out your client profile sheet mark
    a 1, 2 or a 3 at the top.
  • 1 if you are interested in products
  • 2 if you are curious about the business and
    would like some more information
  • 3 if you get it are ready to start a business
    with Arbonne
  • Play booking game

Close with 4 square close
  • Hand out the Ways to Save Sheet
  • Go over each option, letting them know these can
    be changed as needed but are some of the most
    popular packages
  • Then tell them while they are sampling products
    grabbing a bite to eat you would now like to meet
    with each person individually to go over what
    works best to meet their goals budget.
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