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Film School Confidential Get in. Make it out alive.


Hollywood s best and most influential films were ... In 1980 a pack of graduates from Southern California Film Schools got the chance to make movies ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Film School Confidential Get in. Make it out alive.

Film School ConfidentialGet in. Make it out
  • Tom Edgar Karin Kelly
  • 2007

  • Introduction to the Second Edition
  • 1st edition was already ten years ago!
  • During the course of ten years.
  • The emerging of digital video as an accepted
  • The growth of Internet Cellphone culture
  • MFA in film may be what the MBA was not long ago
  • Revolution of Documentary

  • Film Schools and Hollywood A Brief History
  • Film schools were campus jokes.
  • Hollywoods best and most influential films were
    rooted in existential despair..(Think Bergman,
    Polanski, Kurosawa)
  • In 1980 a pack of graduates from Southern
    California Film Schools got the chance to make
    movies. (Speilberg, Lucas)
  • Their films became a hit, and so did the school
  • The next megahit V.S. the low budget
  • In general, you dont get to make a big movie
    until youve made a small one.

  • Why go to film school ?
  • Time
  • Structure
  • Freedom
  • Guidance
  • Contacts
  • Insurance
  • Teaching Credentials
  • Community

  • What about undergraduate film school ?
  • Its great if youre going to college anyway
  • But you may not be ready to make a film the time
    you get the opportunity
  • Suggestion dont get both BFA MFA in film.

  • What about the film schools that advertise in the
    back of magazines ?
  • New York Film Academy Los Angeles Film School
  • Just a short course about how to use a camera
  • Best as a prerequisite

  • What about skipping film school entirely ?
  • If you want to be a technician, move to
  • If you want to be a director, go to Film School
    or make your first outstanding feature yourself,
  • Take some classes to write direct SHORT films
  • Take some acting classes
  • Direct a one-act play for the stage
  • Watch as many great movies as you can
  • Hire experienced crew be willing to accept
    their advice

  • Why are there so many film schools anyway ?
  • Personal computer has made it much easier to be
  • During the gold rush, few of the gold miners
    struck it rich, but the businessman did very
  • Schools that do not offer classes in filmmaking
    are at a disadvantage in attracting new students

  • Four kinds of film school
  • Industry
  • Independent
  • Experimental
  • Documentary

  • Industry Film School

  • Independent Film School

  • Experimental Film School

  • Documentary Film School

  • University of Southern California (USC)
  • (209,508 ext. total cost - Industry /
  • 4 years curriculum in directing, 2 years
    curriculum in screenwriting, producing, or
  • Oldest Most famous film school in the U.S.
  • Technically flawless, a bit soulless
  • Best things the name, the technical training,
    better facilities, top-notch documentary program,
    well-prep. for Hollywood
  • Worst things its a program about the
    technology and business of film any art that
    happens is usually incidental.

  • New York University (most expensive -
  • 4 years curriculum, est. total cost 216,740
  • Very demanding, very concerned with storytelling
  • Best things embodies the spirit of independent
    filmmaking, best facilities, graduate employable
    students with marketable skills, very
    prestigious, and living in NY can be a
    life-altering experience.
  • Worst things The bill and the stress.
  • 24 Arriflex SRs, 1 Arriflex 35 mm, 8 Panasonic
    DVX100s, 4 Sony PD150s, 6 Avid Media Composers,
    ADR Foley Mixing stage, large soundstage,
    recording studios, two large state-of-the-art

  • California Institute of Arts (CalArts)
  • (most expensive - focused on experimental film
  • 3 years curriculum, est. total cost 165,370
  • An Art School for creative, motivated individuals
    with a strong personal vision, techno-cool
  • Best things small size funky attitude, great
    atmosphere to be creative, strong programs in
    dance / design / computer animation, connection
    with Pixars
  • Worst things depressing town, too much freedom

  • Florida State University (least expensive -
  • 2 years curriculum, est. total cost 89,316
  • More about learning through hands-on experience
  • Best things Students get a lot for their money,
    graduate employment rate is very high, plentiful
    equipment, extremely active supportive network
  • Worst things exhausting, no guarantee to direct
    a thesis film, a little bit too supportive for
    the real world

  • University of New Orleans(least expensive -
  • 2 years curriculum, est. total cost 53,720
  • Very strong connection with drama program, not
    nearly demanding or fast-paced,
  • Best things The price, The equipment is
    available when needed, Students could make a lot
    of film under a tight budget
  • Worst things Hurricane Katrina has complicated
    things, and the faculty is not always around to
  • few CP-16 , Arri SR, 6 Panasonic DVX100s,
    plentiful light sound packages, 2 nice-sized
    soundstage, 7 Avid stations, Audio finishing
    Suite, Whisper room for Voice ADR

  • More about the schools
  • Visit
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